Meeting in the Park

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Annalin kicked off her tennis shoes and peeled her t-shirt over her head, dropping it on the seat beside her. Her chest, being on the small side of B, didn’t need a bra for support so she didn’t bother wearing one. She wanted to remove her jeans as well, but since she hadn’t worn any sort of underpants she felt that might be pushing her luck. Taking a deep breath, she opened the car door and turned to step out, pressing her bare feet on the asphalt and pausing a moment to take in the sensation of the warm, gritty surface.

Stepping out of the car and standing, she shivered. A cool breeze caressed the red-brown circles of her areolas, causing them to sprout the little nubbins of her nipples, increasing their sensitivity and sending a secondary shiver through her body. She stretched and looked around, thinking it may have been wiser to look around before exposing herself. The parking lot was empty, and as far as she could see into the park it was equally deserted, which was to be expected at sunset for a remote, unlighted bit of woodland.

Wiggling her toes, she sighed deeply, already feeling the tension of her day starting to dissipate. A few steps along the parking lot and she was able to step up onto the grassy verge, letting the thin green fronds caress her foot gently for a moment before settling onto the cushion of thick lawn. The soft, cushiony surface was only a couple of feet wide, but it was a nice transition from the hard, gritty city, well, small town, environment into the varied and soothing natural one just past its border. Annalin paused to enjoy the sensations on the bottom of her feet, closing her eyes and shifting foot to foot, sliding them across the blades lightly, wiggling at the tickling, then putting weight down again to feel the cushion.

Using the remote on her key fob, Annalin locked her car, watching for the little red flash in the window that let her know it was locked. She’d had the annoying horn noise turned off before she even took delivery, since loud noise for the sake of loud noise bothered her. Turning back to the park she took a deep breath and stepped into the woods, intentionally avoiding the paved path off to the side.

Cathy walked gingerly across the parking lot, the rough pebbles and grit of the asphalt hurting the tender soles of her feet. She considered going back and getting shoes, but didn’t really want to face her parents again. Finding the grassy verge of the parking lot she sighed in relief and paused to look around. She hadn’t been this far from her new home before, even though it was only a few blocks. She almost smiled as she saw how thickly the trees were growing together, running toward them, then giggling as the grass tickled her sensitive insteps.

Being a city girl, Cathy was not prepared for the way the underbrush caressed her bare legs, scraping lightly in some places, roughly in others, as she pushed her way into the woods. She briefly thought about going back out and finding a path, then changed her mind and continued just pushing in, not even sure what she was doing or why. Short-shorts and tank top were not really ideal for woodland wandering, but it was what she’d been wearing when she ran out of the house. Well, they were the reason she ran out of the house, after getting verbally abused for wearing them.

Fussing to herself, she murmured that it wasn’t like she really needed a bra; a size AA would be too big for her flat little chest, and at 18 there wasn’t much chance of it getting any bigger. And there was nothing wrong with her shorts. They were short, but they weren’t snug, and only revealed anything if she sat wrong and someone was trying to look up the legs. She hadn’t expected her father to be looking there, then yell at her for seeing what he was trying to see. If you don’t want to see a pussy you don’t go looking up a girl’s pants. Muttering unladylike words, she pushed deeper into the wood, emotional irritation making it easier to ignore the physical irritation of the scratching and clawing of the bushes and branches.

Making her way slowly through the trees, Annalin moaned softly as her feet were treated roughly by the brambles and briers that had built up away from the paths. A few times she had to stop to pull thorns from the soft skin, sighing at the contrast between her soft touch and the harsh treatment of the plants. Driving home was going to be a bit painful when those holes started to burn. Gradually the wood thinned and she was walking on dead leaves and pine needles. The new feelings made her pause again to wiggle her toes and get the most from the transition.

Darkness slowly took over the wood, sneaking up on Cathy as she slowed her rush, the crackling of the ground underfoot and the breeze sighing through the trees combined to soothe her temper. The trees became shadows, the world fading to gray and black. She was lost in a park. She laughed softly, then stepped more carefully, testing for sharp things poking her feet before putting her weight down. Fewer thorns and canlı bahis more dead leaves, less scraping of her legs, told her she was getting to a thinner part. The blackness ahead lightened to very dark gray. Reaching out for a darker patch, thinking it was a tree trunk, she found something soft and warm. She screamed.

Annalin caught at the arm of whoever it was grabbing her breast. She found a thin wrist attached to a small hand as the person screamed. Making shushing noises, she pulled the hand from her chest, then held it lightly, trying to calm the other person while guiding them into a clearing. The half-light of the clearing was positively bright compared to the forest, and Annalin found herself holding the soft hand of a girl even smaller than her own five foot height. At first she assumed the girl was a child, due to her height and lack of any chest development.

Cathy caught her breath, calming quickly and blushing when she realized what she had grabbed. She kept her hand on the small, soft breast until the owner pulled her away gently, enjoying the feel. In the brighter light of the clearing she could see a young girl not much bigger than herself had her by the wrist. The girl was topless and even in the semi-darkness Cathy could see her nipples were erect on her small chest. Cathy bit her lip, blushing more as she got interested in the body before her, her eyes sliding down the silhouette, admiring the slim waist and trim hips. “You’re topless.”

Chuckling softly, Annalin nodded. “I wasn’t expecting to run into anyone here in the dark.” Her hand slipped down the other girl’s wrist until she was holding her hand. “You know it’s getting late. Are your parents okay with you being out alone in the dark?”

Shrugging, Cathy moved her hand in Annalin’s, enjoying the soft, warm touch. “I’m an adult,” she started, belligerently, then softened her voice. “I’m eighteen, I can be out. They’re jerks anyway, that’s how come I’m out here lost in the woods.” She tightened her grip slightly when it felt like the other girl was loosening hers.

Annalin started walking and the little girl came with her. “So a little bit of family troubles sent you running off into the woods barefoot and under dressed?” She liked the way the girl adjusted her hand and started walking with her, like they were old, close friends. She didn’t have any old, close friends, but she thought she knew how they would act if she did. “Do you … oh yes, you said lost, so asking if you know where you are would be a bit on the silly side.”

“I wasn’t worried about being lost. The park has to end some place, we’re in a town.” Cathy winced as she stepped on a small rock, “more worried about my feet, now.”

Squeezing the other girl’s hand, Annalin smiled softly, “um, this park is actually very large. It’s a finger of a state forest. If you go the right direction you could walk for days without finding your way out.” She looked down at Cathy’s feet and how she was walking so carefully. “Where are your shoes?”

Her blush hidden in the darkness, Cathy looked down sheepishly, “I was mad and ran out without them.” Noticing Annalin was barefoot as well, she added, “What about yours?”

This time it was Annalin’s turn to blush, “I left them in my car. I like going barefoot here. I’m not the one wincing and walking like on hot coals.” She pulled at Cathy’s hand and guided her to walk along beside the paved path. “Here, walk on the grass, it will feel nicer to your feet.” She continued holding Cathy’s hand, swinging it gently, “so want to talk about why you went running out barefoot to get lost in a forest?”

“No. I don’t really know you, and it’s kind of personal. You know, family stuff.”

Walking quietly for a while, Cathy felt comfortable, sneaking peeks at the other girl’s chest and blushing once in while, then looking down at the ground. She liked the way the other girl seemed so confident, even half dressed. Cathy was sure she’d have just run away to hide if anyone else had caught her topless outdoors. She might dress a little naughty at home, but she couldn’t pull it off where someone might see. When Annalin let go of her hand to put her arm around Cathy’s shoulders, Cathy put her arm around Annalin’s back, the smooth skin feeling nice against her own. “Um, I’m Catherine. Cathy.”

“I’m Annalin. Ann, Anna, or Lin all work.” She rubbed Cathy’s shoulder, then walked toward a picnic table that was resolving itself out of the dark. “Want to rest your feet for a minute?” When Cathy nodded, Annalin tugged her up to sit on the table instead of the bench, then sat on the bench in front of her and took her feet in her lap, caressing them lightly and smiling at the moans Cathy made. “I think your feet are going to be mad at you later.”

Snickering, Cathy shook her head. “Nope. They’re mad at me now. I walked on the road and parking lot, then through the trees with all the thorns and stuff. They probly won’t let me walk on them again for a week.” She closed her eyes and enjoyed bahis siteleri the foot massage in peace, letting her mind dwell on how good it felt rather than what had led her to be here in the first place. When the massage moved up her ankles, then her shins, she just shivered a little. When the soft hands started caressing her thighs she moaned softly, only stopping them with a touch when they went inside the legs of her shorts, whispering, “I’m sorry, I don’t know you.”

Leaning forward, Annalin kissed each of her thighs, then left her hands on them, surprised at herself for being so bold, “I’m sorry for making you uncomfortable.” When Cathy put her hands on Anna’s, Annalin just turned hers over to hold them, looking up to the girl. The night sky wasn’t bright enough to get a good look at the girl’s face, only giving an impression of young. “Want to walk some more before I get an urge to do something like that again?”

Giggling, Cathy nodded, “okay. Don’t be sorry. I’m a bit conservative even if I don’t seem like it now. I never even had a girlfriend because it’s bad, or a boyfriend, because I’m not interested.” She slipped off the table and took Annalin’s hand.

“Oh, so my boob was the first one you’ve ever grabbed?” Annalin chuckled, feeling warmed that the girl reached for her.

Looking down at her feet, Cathy nodded, glad she couldn’t be seen clearly. “Not that I was trying to. I just saw dark, though it must be a tree, and went to lean. Was much nicer than a tree.” She enjoyed just walking along in silence for a while, then looked around. “Um, I’m totally lost and I probably should get home before my parents do something stupid like call the police. They think that just because I still look like a kid that they have to treat me like one.”

Annalin stopped and turned Cathy around, then put her arm around her back, slipping it up under her shirt as Cathy’s arm went around Anna’s bare back. “Then let me show you the way out. We’ll take the path, though, so your feet don’t get any more angry with you.”

After a few steps Cathy murmured, “they called me a slut and a whore.”

Stopping suddenly, Annalin pulled Cathy to her chest just in time to catch her starting to cry, then held her as she let out her anguish, caressing her back under her shirt. When Cathy was just sniffling, Annalin loosened her arms and looked into her eyes, seeing nothing but reflection and black pools, then leaned forward to kiss her lightly on the lips. “I’m guessing that in your family those are harsh words?”

Nodding, Cathy returned the kiss, just as lightly, then leaned her head on Anna’s shoulder, kissing at her neck softly. “We don’t use bad words like that. And I’m still a virgin! Just because Father looked up my shorts and saw girl bits all of a sudden I’m a horrible person. It’s not like I go outside dressed like this! I was just sitting on my bed reading. Nobody would see.” She giggled, “well, I wouldn’t have gone out dressed like this if it wasn’t for them, so it’s their fault if anybody sees.” One hand caressed Annalin’s back while the other rested on her stomach.

Annalin pushed her away a little so she could get a decent look, “what’s wrong with the way you’re dressed? It’s a pretty common look for teenagers and college kids.” She let the girl lean on her again, trying to ignore the hands on her bare upper body.

Caressing lightly, Cathy shook her head, “no, it’s indecent. Can see my legs and arms and the shape of my body.” She sniffled, “my parents are fanatical about that kind of thing. Bodies are horrible sinful things to be covered up.” Sighing heavily she let her hand in front play with Annalin’s navel, making her giggle. “I don’t know how much of their religion I really believe, but I know the idea of wearing a ton of clothes even at home is just silly.” She turned to where she could look at Anna’s face, “I just wanted to be comfortable in my own room.”

Leaning forward to kiss the girl again, Annalin nodded, “That has to be rough. Are you going to be okay going home now? They won’t beat you or anything will they?”

Cathy sniffled and lifted her tank top to wipe her face, revealing her stomach and even her chest for a moment, then took Anna’s hand and started following the path again, “probably not. They haven’t spanked me in a couple of years. They just yell and call me bad names and threaten a lot. I suppose one of these days they’ll throw me out of the house, but it hasn’t got to that yet.”

Once at the parking lot, Annalin retrieved her shirt and put it on, getting a good look at Cathy’s face by the car light, and letting Cathy see her as well. The little girl was decidedly pretty. “Would you like a ride home? I promise not to kidnap you unless you ask nicely.”

Giggling, Cathy nodded, her face showing signs of her crying and making her look even younger. “That would be nice. I really never go out dressed like this and now I’m really uncomfortable being seen this way. And now that I’m not so upset I can feel my feet hurt bahis şirketleri a lot.”

Annalin looked down and smiled at Cathy’s cute little feet, “Hop in and we’ll see if we can find your house.”

After only a couple of wrong turns Anna found Cathy’s house and pulled up to the walk a house length away. She slid closer on the seat and pulled Cathy to her for a hug and a light kiss on the lips, then gave her a business card from the glove box, “this is my number. If you ever need to get out, give me a call at work or home. Even if it’s just to talk, okay?”

Cathy nodded, sniffled a little, and leaned over to give Anna a kiss in return, “I will, if you don’t mind. I need a friend.” She got out of the car, then walked up the street hugging the edge of the sidewalk so it wouldn’t look like she was coming from the car, then disappeared through a gate.

Annalin waited a few minutes, then drove home, worrying about the poor little girl. Over the next few days she wished she had gotten Cathy’s number. She couldn’t get the vision of her little face looking sad and desperate out of her head. By Friday afternoon she was considering driving through the neighborhood after work. She got a call just before it was time to leave the office.

“Um, Hi?” The voice sounded like a scared little kid, “Is this Annalin? This is Cathy. From the park?”

“Hi there! I was hoping to hear from you.” Annalin breathed a sigh of relief, “are you okay?”

“Yes, I guess. Um,” the voice seemed to stutter a little, then get quiet, almost a whisper, “can we meet at the park again?”

“Sure. When?”

“I’m already here sitting on a table. I think it might be where we were, but I’m lost again.” The voice laughed but didn’t sound very happy.

“I was just about to leave. I’ll find you.” Annalin wanted to ask what was going on, but felt it would be better in person, so hung up the phone, picked up her things, and walked out to her car.

Once she arrived at the park, Annalin looked around. There were no cars but it was still a little ways from sunset, so she removed her tennis shoes but left her jeans and shirt on and started through the woods, ignoring the path again. She walked a bit faster than the last time and was through the thickest part quickly. Within minutes, and only half an hour since the call, she was looking at the table with Cathy perched on top. She paused to look her in daylight.

Cathy was dressed in shorts and a tank top again, but had a small pile beside her that looked like it might clothing and a schoolbag. Her feet were bare but a pair of tennis shoes was sitting on the bench in front of her. Her legs were crossed and she was leaning forward, her elbows on her knees and her chin in her hands. Annalin thought she looked incredibly small and lonesome.

Hearing the patter of bare feet on the paved path, Cathy looked up, then jumped off the table to run a few steps to throw her arms around Annalin’s waist and press her face to Anna’s chest. After a moment Annalin felt her shuddering and knew she was crying.

“Hey little girl, what’s the matter?” Anna rubbed Cathy’s back listening to the sobs get quieter, “it’s all right, I’m here for you.” Annalin guided the girl back to the picnic table, then sat down, pulling Cathy to her lap and cuddling.

Eventually the sobs turned into sniffles and hiccups. “I’m, I’m sorry. Two times we meet and two times I end up crying all over you.” She wiped her face on Anna’s shirt, then tried to kiss her cheek, but getting her lips as Annalin turned to face her. After a second of shock, she left her lips pressed to Anna’s and let her decide what to do. The feel of soft lips pressed to hers was too new for her to be able to think clearly.

Annalin was caught off guard by the kiss, but quickly realized what happened. Smiling to herself, she allowed the kiss to continue, even parting her lips to lick Cathy’s, holding her snugly on her lap. She broke the kiss and held Cathy’s head to her shoulder. “So, want to talk about it, or just want me to take advantage of your fragile emotional state to seduce you?”

Giggling, Cathy pressed her lips to Annalin’s neck, “maybe both?” She blushed brightly, and without the cover of darkness Annalin was able to see the pretty pink glow it brought to her cheeks.

Smiling reassuringly, Annalin hugged her, “a little eager, are we? You don’t know me, I might be a raving lunatic.” She put a hand on the girl’s thigh, caressing lightly, and the other slipped under the back of the girl’s tank top. “I’m not, really, but I do find you irresistibly cute. I’ll try not to take too much advantage until you’re in a better frame of mind to choose what you really want.” She looked at the thigh she was caressing and realized how white it really was. “Man, you really do stay covered up, don’t you? Has the sun ever seen your skin before?”

The teasing was having the desired effect, and Cathy smiled a little shyly, “I don’t think so. Even today I wore a full dress until I got here.” She sighed and just leaned on Annalin for a few minutes. “I got a little problem though, and I don’t know anybody but you.” She snickered but without any real humor, “not that I know you, either, but you were nice to me.”

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