Mega GB Ch. 02

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Well, the gangbang party on Johns farm was a success. Out of 300+ guys turning up, 244 paid so that’s a lazy $9,760 minus the $200 to pay Emma which is a good deal to get Emma. Jordan and Eve were there for the fun and cocks.

As Jordan and I were reversing down the driveway, Emma was standing on the verandah waving with a couple of guys groping her. Eve was bouncing up and down on some guys cock who was laying on the ground. Another guy was trying to get his cock sucked by Eve at the same time. I smiled and waved back at Emma.

“So whats the deal with you and Emma?” Jordan asked me as she waved to Emma through the side window.

“What do you mean?” I asked innocently.

“You know what I mean.” Jordan said matter-of-factually. “Ive seen how she looks at you. In one night shes gone from condoms only to bareback and anal? Really?”

“Yeah well she didn’t do that much anal.” I replied. “What, maybe 6 guys?”

“You’re missing my point.” Jordan replied sounding a bit more pissed off. “Look you can fuck whoever you want, whenever you want. Same as me. But there’s meant to be no feelings. Just fucking. Not sure if you have them for her, but she has them for you. Be careful with her!!”

“Hey!” I replied pulling over to the side of the road. “Look to me shes just a young slut that wants to be like you and Eve. End of story!”

I’m not sure if Jordan believed my last statement, but I had to at least calm her down.

“So. No feelings for Emma?” Jordan asked softly. “Shes just a fuck?”

“Yep.” I said pulling back onto the road. “Just trying to help her to be like you two and shes gonna get there eventually.”

“Hmmm.” Jordan murmured under her breath. “We will see.”

10 minutes into the trip home, Jordan opened up her handbag and pulled out her butt plug. “Hun.” She said nicely. “Can you pull over. I wanna shove this up while we drive home.”

“Wow!” I replied surprised. “You still horny after all those cocks and 2 and a half days of fucking?”

“Yeah.” Jordan replied. “I just seem to crave anal all the time now. I know the guys love to give it but after this weekend. Dunno. Its like an addiction now. And my cunt is so stretched too. I’m looking forward to looking at the video.” Jordan got out the car, bent over then smiled as she slid the butt plug up her arse. “Hmm that’s better” she said as she got back in the car and sat down.

On the way home Jordan was squirming and having orgasms. We drove close by an area where we had a few gangbangs a while ago at Grahams house.

“Hey wanna see if Grahams home?” Jordan asked in a cute, excited voice. “He might have some of his dirty friends over.”

I detoured and parked in Grahams driveway. There were two cars parked there. Jordan got out the car, removed the butt plug and threw it on the seat. She then ran up to the front door and pushed the doorbell. The door opened and Jordan walked in and closed the door.

I took this opportunity to text Emma, but there was no response. I walked up to the house, opened the door and walked in. Jordan was already sucking Grahams cock. There were two other guys there plus a chick, around 55- 60 years old but very hot looking. She was wearing a dressing gown and watching Jordan give head to Graham with the other two guys watching on.

Graham looked over at me and waved. Jordan stood up, walked into the kitchen and bent over the bench. Graham started fucking her arse. The guys were on their phones texting. I walked over to Jordan and asked “Whats going on?”

Jordan replied, “Well. I’m being fucked.”

“Yes I can see that. Thought we were heading home?” I replied.

“I wanna stay here and be fucked some more.” Jordan panted. “I told you I was still feeling horny. Graham reckons he can get a few more guys. You can go home if you want. I’m sure I’ll get a lift.”

I walked back to the car thinking “what the fuck?” I checked my phone and there was no response from my text so I called Emma.

After ringing Emma twice she picked up panting. “Yeah hi?” she answered.

“Hey Em. Its me. How you doin?” I inquired.

“Yeah good.” She panted. “Still at the farm fucking”

“Cool.” I replied. “Jordan wanted to fuck some more guys so I dropped her off. I thought we could catch up?” I asked.

“Come back to the farm?” Emma suggested. “Eve is still here being fucked by the guys. Shes such a cock whore, ha-ha. She loves cum hey?”

I looked back at my house, jumped into the car and told Emma I was on my way back. Jordan’s butt plug rolled off the seat and onto the floor. As I reversed out I could see and smell the cum from when I fucked Emma and the mess from when she squirted was on the side window.

Back at the farm, everyone was inside as it was getting dark and cooling down a bit. There were quite a few cars still parked down the driveway.

Eve was in the lounge again being double penetrated and giving head. This girl is a sex machine! Her arse was gaping and she had red marks on her arse and back from being scratched and slapped. Ankara escort 10 guys were standing around drinking beer and waiting for their turn at her.

I could hear the sound of Emma being fucked in the bedroom. John was in the lounge watching Eve. He looked over at me then past me, obviously looking for Jordan.

“Where is she?” John asked.

“Another party being fucked mate.” I relied.

“What? You kidding?” John asked. “What the last few days weren’t enough? Then again these two sluts are still going!” He leans in and whispers to me “You did a great job on Emma. Shes filthy mate. Being filled with cum. Fucked up the arse and shes sucking guys clean after they cum in her arse. So hot for a 19 year old. That’s the hot shit Jordan and Eve do.”

I gave John the ‘thumbs up’ and then walked into the bedroom. It was so crowded with guys. I was told to wait my turn and not push in. Emma was doing double penetration and the bed was just soaked in cum. Her hark hair was also covered in cum plus it was on her arms and chest. She looked hot as fuck! Everyone had their mobile phones out either taking stills or recording it. Emma wasn’t phased and enjoying it all.

I watched for a while thinking how hot she was and how she changed in such a short space of time.

After about 20 minutes she rolled out of bed. “Guys.” She said sounding exhausted. “I need a break and to empty out some cum. Maybe take a shower? Oh Hi!” she said after she saw me and smiled. “Glad you came back for me.” Emma winked and reached out for my hand. I grabbed it and lead her to the shower.

“So.” She started. “How am I doing?”

“I said it before gorgeous.” I replied “You. Are. Amazing.”

“Yeah? Well watch this!” She replied. “Hey guys. Before I have a shower, wanna piss all over me?”

Guys stopped fucking Eve and went to follow Emma into the shower. She squatted down in the cubicle and cum poured out of her cunt and arse. Eve came in, opened up her pussy and started pissing on Emma. Guys then just unloaded a torrent on her.

“Hmmm so warm.” Emma said “Not in my mouth though. Anywhere else is good.”

Everyone, including me, gave Emma the biggest golden shower ever! It was great.

Emma asked everyone, except me, to leave as she showered. I asked her how she was feeling. If she was OK. She said she was feeling great but very tired and had university tomorrow. She said she was OK to drive, but asked me to follow her home in case she had to pull over. “Of course” I said yes.

We pretty much left after she got out the shower, much to the disgust of the guys at the farm. First I had to go Johns bedroom to grab my camera which I had forgotten and Jordan’s cum soaked mini skirt which was still on the bed. Pretty much part of the bed really! I held it up and showed it to Emma who laughed.

We safely arrived at Emma’s unit which she shares with two other female students.

Emma parked her car on the street with the engine and headlights still on and walked over to my car. I opened the window.

“Phew!” Emma exclaimed. “Your car smells like sex!”

I laughed and said “Yeah tell me about it. Some of it was when you squirted but most is from this.” I said holding up Jordan’s soaked mini skirt.

Emma grabbed it from me and asked “Can I have it? I’ll wash it.”

“Yeah sure babe. If you want it, its yours.” I replied.

Emma could see the butt plug on the floor shining from the cars interior floor light.

“Big butt plug?” Emma stated. “Can I have that too?”

“I guess so.” I replied a bit surprised. “I mean Jordan’s got a few so she wont miss one.”

“Oh and one more thing.” Emma asked. “Just say you’re my uncle or something when we walk in?” Emma then walked back to her car, put Jordan’s dress and butt plug into her backpack and drove up the driveway to her park.

Emma was waiting for me at the front door of her unit by the time I walked up the drive. She slid the backpack off her shoulder and held her arms out. We hugged and had a deep passionate kiss. We then looked at each other as I stroked her cum hardened hair from her face.

“You are coming in yeah?” Emma asked smiling.

“Yeah of course.” I replied. “But remember, you have uni and I have work.”

“Yes dad!” She replied laughing. Emma took out her phone and looked at the time. “Fuck!” she exclaimed. “Its like quarter to one in the morning. Maybe just come in for a quick fuck?”

I nodded as we both walked in the front door. As we were both about to go into Emma’s bedroom, the hallway light came on.

A sleepy female voice called out “Emma? Fuck. What time is it?”

“Yeah sorry.” Emma whispered apologetically. “This is my uncle Andy.”

I waved and smiled. Her flatmate didn’t seem overly impressed and turned around to go back to bed. “If you guys are gonna fuck, do it quietly.” she said in a grumpy voice as she closed her bedroom door.

“How many guys do you bring back here to fuck?” I asked Emma.

“Yeah a few. OK a lot.” Emma replied kissing me. “That’s Ankara escort bayan OK isn’t it?” she then asked with a worried look on her face.

“Fuck, of course yeah!” I replied smiling and kissing her cheek. “Its fucking hot babe. You keep doing that. Its hot!”

Emma then grabbed my hand and we walked into the bedroom and closed the door.

“Well I was going to keep doing it anyway. Fucking I mean.” Emma whispered and smiled, “And I knew you would like it and think it was hot. That’s why I love you. Wanna fuck?” She whispered.

The next morning Emma woke me up. “Babe.” She whispered. “Its like 8:30.”

I jumped out of bed, got dressed, rubbed Emma’s clit and her cum filled pussy and gave her a kiss. She smiled, blew me a kiss and whispered “I love you.”

By the time I got home it was 9:15 am and I already had two missed phone calls from work. I rang reception at work and advised I had food poisoning, but should be in by 10:30 am.

I jumped in the shower, shaved and got dressed. The bed was still made as obviously Jordan hadn’t gotten home from the weekend orgy. I checked my phone for text messages. There were three from work asking where I was, two from guys asking if the party was still on and a group of emails. Nothing from Jordan. No missed calls. Nothing.

As I drove into work I called Jordan five times. She returned my call just before I got to work.

“Whats up?” Jordan asked in a tired voice.

“Umm its like almost 10:30 on Monday morning. Where are you?” I asked in a grumpy voice.

“Oh fuck!” Jordan replied sleepily. “I fell asleep. Still at the farm. I’ll ring the boss tell him I’m not coming in today. Oh. There’s still like six or seven guys still here. Eve’s gone. Might coffee, shower and fuck some more. See ya hun.” Jordan then hung up the phone.

By the time I got home after work at 5:30pm, Jordan was in bed asleep. I walked in to kiss her and she smelt strongly of cum and urine. Her hair, breath and body. She obviously hadn’t a shower.

I started dinner and I heard the shower running and Jordan talking. She was on the phone saying “OK tomorrow and I can definitely get the afternoon off. Yeah say 2:30?”

I wondered if Jordan was going to tell me who she was meeting as we’re always 100% open about who we fuck and when.

Dinner was pretty quiet. I started the conversation with “So. How are you feeling after that long weekend fuckfest?”

“Hmmm.” Jordan replied smiling. “Ready for the next one that’s for sure. Arse is a bit sore but my pussy wants more.”

“Were you on the phone earlier?” I queried. “I thought I heard you talking?”

“Narr I don’t think so.” She replied. “I may have been singing?”

“Nope.” I replied. “It definitely sounded like you were talking.”

“So you wanna fuck my sore gaping arse hun?” Jordan offered, trying to move on from the earlier conversation. “Oh. Have you seen my butt plug? I usually have that in when I’m driving and at work.”

“Maybe you left it at Grahams?” I responded.

Jordan had a massive smile on her face and looked down at the table. “Yeah possibly. I’ll call him later today.” Jordan replied as she was rubbing her clit. “So about that fuck?”

Jordan stood up and bent over the kitchen bench. Her arse was still red and gaping from last night/this morning. I slipped in so easily and barely touched the sides. I pulled out and fisted her arse and cunt at the same time. Jordan quivered and squirted.

“Mmmm Graham.” She whispered. “That’s how I like it. Force it in deeper. Use a bottle. Fuck me! Fuck me!”

‘Graham hey?’ I thought. Interesting. I went over to the pantry and grabbed a wine bottle and alternated between Jordan’s arse and cunt. She was cumming and squirting. I kept it up until she said ‘please no more’ then I fucked her arse and came. Jordan turned around and sucked my cock clean.

“Hmmm.” Jordan said looking at me. “That was fun. My arse is sore but I still love it. “I might go into the bedroom and shove a dildo up and a butt plug. Wanna join me later?” she pleaded.

“You know I will babe. Gimme 10 minutes. I have to clean up after dinner.” I replied.

“Yeah.” Jordan fake laughed. “That’s OK. Take your time. I have my toys to play with.”

Jordan walked off into the bedroom and closed the door. I to clean up the kitchen when I heard my phone buzz. It was a message from Emma asking what I was doing. I let her know I had just fucked Jordan and was cooking dinner.

‘Did you cum?’ Emma text. ‘Yes. Of course’ I replied. ‘It should have been in me’ Emma replied.

‘What you doing now?’ I text. ‘A guy I met at the farm text said he and his mate wanna fuck me. On their way now.’

I text back ‘Cool. Have fun.’

I could hear Jordan in the bedroom playing with her toys moaning with pleasure. She was also talking on the phone. I went up to the closed door to listen. I could hear her saying “Yes whoever you can get. I’m up for anyone. God I’m coming again! Ahhhhhh.”

She then went silent for a while. Escort Ankara I went to walk away and she continued talking. “I love how rough your friends are with me. That’s what I like all the time. Oh yes. I Could do it everyday. Think you could get your guys everyday? Works good with it coz I’m fucking a few guys there. Ones a manager so if I invite him? OK. Sounds good. I better help in the kitchen. OK bye.”

I went back to the kitchen. Jordan came over, put her arms around me and looked at what I was doing.

“Hey!” She said. “Looking good. wanna chat?”

“Hey yourself.” I replied. “Yeah. What do you wanna talk about?”

“Well.” Jordan said shyly. “Remember when I said I crave more fucking and more anal in particular?”

“Of course!” I replied smiling. “I think that’s wicked.”

“Haha. I thought you would” She laughed. “Anyway. What would you think if I arranged to be fucked very day by different guys? Still as a gangbang, not one-on-one.”

“You would still be working though?” I asked

“Yeah of course.” Jordan replied. “But I would reduce my work hours but. Umm what I was thinking was. I would charge guys to fuck me. Like when I was hooking but not through an agency. Like they show up and I fuck them but cheaper than hooking. It would make up for the lost hours”

“If that’s what you want?” I asked.

“Yeah hun.” Jordan said standing back from me and looking at the floor. “It would mean I wouldn’t be home until late everyday because I would be out fucking more. You would probably be asleep when I come home and sometimes I wouldn’t come home. Just depends. I would just bring a change of clothes with me for work the next day.”

“And is this what you want?” I asked, turning around to face Jordan. She looked at me and nodded. “Like always or for a while?” I continued.

“I’m not sure.” Jordan replied. “I just know I need more sex. Like daily I need more sex. Its all I think about. The weekend just reinforced it. Seriously, I could have kept fucking like that non -stop. I loved it. It was wild! I want to do it again this weekend coming. Can you arrange it with John? But just me. No Emma or Eve.”

“Are you serious Jordan?” I asked in amazement. “That was over 300 guys!”

“Yeah but I didn’t get to fuck all 300!” Jordan replied, raising her voice a little. “I wanted to. I need to. If you think about how many fucked me more than once, I must have done, what 150 guys? Maybe more?”

“Hey but just say you’re there all weekend fucking 300 guys.” I asked. “That’s a lot.”

“You don’t get it!” Jordan replied. “I don’t want it to end. If its 300 or even 500 that’s fine. I just want them to keep fucking me. I just need cock. I love being stretched! I Can’t sleep unless I’ve been fucked heaps. You know that! Look! If you don’t arrange it, I know people that will but I prefer you to!”

“OK hun.” I replied. “Between John and I we can get heaps of guys. It will be the same deal as what happened, but just you and no other girls.”

“Tell you what.” Jordan said hugging me. “To keep Emma away, why don’t you catch up with her? Maybe arrange a mini gangbang?” Jordan took the thoughts right out of my mind.

“So you don’t want me there?” I asked.

“Its up to you but lets face it,” Jordan replied “How many gangbangs have I done without you there? Queensland , Melbourne lots of times, a few in Sydney and that one in Perth? All those ones at Grahams house.”

“Yeah fair call.” I replied. “I know the guys will look after you. I was just thinking of the big numbers you’re looking at. Hate to miss that.”

“Gimme your camera for the night.” Jordan replied. “I’ll set it up and. Hey! We should look at the footage while you fist me?”

Jordan stood bent over at the back of the lounge while we watched the gangbang. She showed a lot of interest in the two bikies that were fucking her, particularly the one with the huge cock that was treating her rough. “That’s Pete.” Jordan said sounding excited. “Oh fist me harder.” She told me as I was standing behind her with one fist in her cunt, the other in her arse.

Half way through the footage which showed the guys being particularly brutal fisting Jordan and shoving bottles and cans of beer into her cunt, Jordan lay down on the lounge with her legs spread wide open. “Double fist my cunt?” She pleaded.

I put some lube over both hands and after only a little bit of effort, I had both fists alternating into her gaping, dripping cunt hole. She must have come four times and then squirted a couple as well. We both went to bed after I fucked her arse one more time.

The next day at work I received a response from Emma from a text I sent her about having a gangbang this weekend at my house. Her text had love hearts and came across as excited. She then asked if I could meet her on Wednesday for lunch in town as the university is in the city. We arranged to meet up at at pancake place which is down a city lane-way at 12:30pm.

I was sitting in a back corner when Emma came in wearing Jordan’s short mini skirt and little boots. She looked so amazing and she new it. The dress just covered her arse. Emma had a massive smile when she saw me and came in and sat next to me giving me a deep passionate kiss. She smelt and tasted of cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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