Melissa and Roland Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Real Love – Jan 2008 to Jan 2012

Well the reviews are in and I’m delighted to see the warm reception given to my Chapter 1! Thank you!

Now it’s true that there has been some adverse criticism. Not much but some. And all of it constructive, incisive, and carefully reasoned. I appreciate it. I consider criticism a chance to learn from the reader – in particular the well-known Anonymous, who has now commented 3 or 4 times! Bravo!

There are however one or two things I should have pointed out to these readers before launching Chapter 1. I mean what with these darned porn stories being so darned confusing!

First, and I know I should have said this, this is a work of fiction. That means it never happened to me, will never happen to me, and in all probability will never happen to you or anyone you know. Fiction.

Second, it was after all Chapter 1. If you got confused hold on! It doesn’t all happen in Chapter 1 sort of by definition.

Third, my intro specified the predecessor series to this one and told the reader it was about a cuckold. If you don’t like that sort of thing then: hey! Who does? If you don’t like fictional accounts of it then: hey! Why are you here?

Anyhow, here is Chapter 2. It provides a lot of the back story but has no real sex scenes, only reminiscences of some earlier sex.

Oh! One more thing. The email account I tied to Literotica is busted. That means I cannot receive email feedback. I’ll fix it one of these days but haven’t yet. It probably means I’m missing some more incisive reader commentary but for now that cannot be helped.



You know it wasn’t always like this.

A few years earlier you would have said that ours was a pretty conventional American marriage. Conventional but still better than most. We were deeply in love. We had a nice life, a life of fun, of mutual respect, of cooperation and consideration. Of great sex, exciting sex. Of understanding and trust.

We had money, we had youth and health. We travelled. We played, socialized, worked out and even shopped together. We had good friends but not too many. We had each other.

We loved getting high together, getting high just the right amount and then making love. Together with a few drinks a week it was our only vice. And making love that way just opened me up to where I felt I could really understand her needs. At least sometimes.

Of course we had some problems, just like every other couple. I had some issues with her spending; she had some issues with what she considered my lack of spontaneity. We prided ourselves on overcoming our issues together. We worked at it. We were best friends and lovers as well as being man and wife. And the differences seemed to us to be minor.

Melissa and I had started dating in her junior year of college. I’d been out of school a few years already and had a professional job in the insurance industry. I was earning good money which she liked, and I respected her for liking it. My career was going great and it became obvious that I’d be climbing the ladder over the next few years. I was already a manager and a good one. It came naturally to me.

Melissa gebze escort had wanted someone with a real life. She told me she was just sick of college boys and their childish antics. She wanted someone more mature, more stable, more career and family focused. More grounded. And we both knew within a few weeks that I would be that someone.

The sex was amazing, or maybe in retrospect too amazing. From the time of our 2nd date the only question in my mind was whether I could keep up with her. I know it’s a problem millions of guys wish they had. And I knew how lucky I was. Still, it was the one thing that made me a little nervous with her.

She told me from the start that she liked sex, but the kind of suggestions she made would leave me gasping for air. Like fucking in chest deep water on a public beach in Florida or blowing me in the bathroom at a graduation reception held by her college dean. She liked to be creative, liked taking risks, liked playing the submissive kitten and liked being a little wild. And she liked that I provided the stability that made her wildness OK.

“Go ahead and tame me.” She would say with a sexy smile. And then add “If you can.”

I would think “Now there’s the issue.” But it became a running joke.

“Tame me” she said after I called her wild in her teenage bed when visiting her parents for Christmas. We were married by then. She had just proposed our first ever anal fuck, with her parents just on the other side of the wall, and her stuffed animals spread over the floor to give room for 2 in the single bed.

“I might.”

And she would smile and say “Maybe you will,” smile again and say “If you can.”

It made me wonder about her sexual history, all this energy, all this cheerfully orgasmic try-anything energy. I never doubted her when she said “I just wasn’t like this before. I had to find the right guy first – and believe me they don’t exist in high school or college. At least not for me they didn’t. Then I found you.” She kissed me and I knew it was true.

From our earliest days we were open with one another about our pasts. For her it was 2 guys she’d both sucked and fucked, and 2 other guys who’d got as far as the blowjob level. Not nothing, but not exactly shocking for a girl who was, at that time, a junior in college.

For me it was about the same except the numbers were 3 for both and 2 others who had blown me. I was 5 years older.

After she graduated and we got married, Melissa found an entry-level marketing job with a cosmetics firm. She thought the cosmetics angle would make it glamorous. It didn’t.

It took her about a month at work to break down and cry about it. Her main problem was with her new colleagues.

“You have no idea it’s like working with all women all the time, all the back biting and bitching and complaining.”

“What about that guy Ed? Isn’t he the manager?”

“Oh Ed! H’s the biggest pussy of the group. Sits in the corner on his computer all day and you barely get a word out of him. At least the women speak to one another, even if it’s mostly bitching. They’re like göztepe escort best friends when you meet them. Then the minute there’s a problem they all start blaming one another behind their backs. I find myself starting to do it and it scares me, to think that I’ll become like them.”

She wasn’t happy there but didn’t see any other great options either. I pampered her like crazy to try to make things better for her. To make up for her bad work situation.

After about 8 months, with her career going nowhere, we decided to try for a child. My salary and bonuses were growing rapidly and she would have been happy to get pregnant and leave her job for good. I felt we were on the verge of a dream life: beautiful wife and home, child coming, great job, good money, real love. And the child might tame her even if I never quite could.

For whatever reason the baby plan didn’t seem to work. She was off birth control and it seemed like we were making love non-stop. We pretty much stopped smoking weed before we screwed. Just in case that was a factor. But every month her period just rolled in right on schedule.

Finally after a year of trying we sought out some medical help and got ourselves tested. The results were inconclusive. No major problems were found with either of us. My sperm count was said to be in the low normal range and her insides were found to be problem free. The only advice we got was to keep trying.

So we did. In the following year we twice thought that she was pregnant. Both turned out to be false alarms. I began to think we might have to adopt but didn’t want to say it.

About 6 months after the second false alarm Melissa announced that she wanted to go back on the pill. Someone in upper management had finally noticed how smart and talented and hardworking she was. She was being considered for a supervisory slot in a newly forming group. A more creative marketing group than the one with all the women.

So we decided to put off discussion of a baby for at least a year while she worked though her opportunity.

To be perfectly honest I was a little relieved. Not that I didn’t want children. We both did. It was just that with so many disappointments in that area over 2 and a half years it would be nice to be able to make love the way we had before – just for us and not in order to produce offspring.

Melissa was happier now just being considered for the job. “I like working with the men so much better – they’re straight forward, they tell you what they want and expect you to do it. They know how to be in control. Plus let’s face it all you have to do is flirt just a little and they go crazy.”

I winked at her and said “Oh, flirting on the job are we now? What’s next?”

She stuck out her tongue at me and giggled. “I met with my boss’s boss the other day for 2 hours. He’s the total alpha-male type but he couldn’t have been nicer. I complimented his tie and you would have thought I had sucked his dick.”

So I said, trying to be funny, “Of course you like the men. It gives you a chance to wiggle your little butt for them.”

“You sexist pig! halkalı escort Trust me I don’t need to do that – well…” She paused and her eyes lit up. She giggled again “…maybe just a little. Cause it’s fun to be a girl. And I do think they’re going to offer me the job.”

Maybe I was a bit more worried about it than I could admit to myself. But I’d seen plenty of senior execs at my own company and how they worked on beautiful young staffers. And there was another problem. Privately I worried that the job might not be right for her. She was smart enough and ambitious enough for sure. Smarter than me and I had made a good manager of a much larger group than she would have. But there were differences.

At work I was fond of saying “It is what it is.” I knew my role and knew what made me valuable to the company. Accept what was and do your best to make things better. Work hard every day; accept the screw ups, the management interference, and the office and customer politics. Follow the company and management line. Show genuine respect for superiors – those men got to their positons for a reason. Be helpful to them.

Melissa was different. It wasn’t just in the bedroom that she could be a little wild, a little too creative and experimental, and a little impulsive. I worried that her rather naïve optimism was unsuited to the actual job they needed done.

But I kept it to myself.

We fell into the trap then of starting to make love a little less often each month. I was still completely attracted to her, and completely in love. That was never the problem. It was just the usual – career focus, hard work, exhaustion at night, social obligations, etc. Plus I knew that we both felt relief that we were no longer making love on a baby production schedule.

We still made love, just not as often or as wildly as we had before trying for the baby. I think we had grown out of the weed habit for good, which might have made me a little more inhibited in the bedroom than I wanted to be. For her I mean. Secretly I knew that our love life might have frustrated Melissa more than it did me. Her libido still drove her out of control at times. And it made me more nervous than ever.

Horny and bored were a dangerous combination for her. Once she wanted to suck my cock at my cousin’s birthday party, just “for the hell of it.” We hadn’t made love for five days. She kept egging me on till I agreed out of embarrassment. So we found a private room and I tried to shoot fast before we could get caught. Melissa took the cum in her mouth and then raised a wine glass to her lips to drool semen into her Chardonnay. And brought the cloudy wine back to sip while she batted her eyes innocently at the other cousins and wives.

I wasn’t just worried about her. I was worried about me. It had always been a case of me trying to keep up with her. Now it seemed like there was no longer any hope of that. She made me feel older than I was. I had the nagging thought that I was a disappointment to her, at least sexually.

Still I hardly worried about it day to day. Cause that was one little part of us. The love, trust and respect had never wavered. She and I were as committed a couple as any I knew of.

She had grown up Melissa Thompkins and now she was Melissa Thompkins Boyle and I was the guy who got to wake up next to her every day. That made me the luckiest guy in the world. Did I know it then? Of course I did. I was no one’s fool. I knew it.

Right up until the time I took that trip to England.

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