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You are standing naked in front of me. I see the V of your back, your well shaped firm butt. My hands touch your shoulders and my fingers lightly flow down your back.

I lean up and kiss your neck. My tongue tickles your earlobe. My hands have found your cock, awakening from it’s short slumber. You turn around and we embrace. Your kisses gentle – the passion growing behind them. Your hands reach for my breasts. Your lips begin to suck them. I moan with pleasure. I call out your name.

We move to the couch where I find myself above you. Hunger has now filled our kisses. haramidere escort Your hands stroke my breasts as my breasts travel towards your hardened member. The three find an embrace. Your cock nestles between my hot breasts while your hips move up, down and around. Taunting my mouth – tempting my lips to open. My tongue emerges and swirls lightly on the head before it. My moist lips close around it. You moan with pleasure. You call out my name.

I take you in my mouth, wanting to devour all of you. My içerenköy escort head begins to move up and down…my tongue swirling the head. We change positions. we are both on our side facing each other. Your leg is between mine – your thigh rubbing against my clit. I take you in my mouth, my hands on your hips. Your hands resting on my shoulders. You have taken control now. Every movement of your hips teases me. Your cock enters and leaves my mouth – only to return with more demands. My lips tighten around it. My innovia escort hand reaches for your balls. I caress them.

The aura of the room is filled with sex. I can smell the heat. The sounds of your moans vibrate.

With each thrust of your hips your thigh rubs against my clit. My legs tighten around it. A moan escapes my lips. Faster, faster we travel. Harder, swiftly, stronger. Our destination looms before us. Your cock hardens, your butt tightens. You release – spraying your creamy cum in my throat. Instinctively I swallow – your cock pulsating, pushing more to my throat.

The frenzy of your orgasm has begun mine. I hold you tighter, your thigh now red with friction. My back arches slightly. My body begins to shake. I open my mouth to scream but your cock muffles the sound. Release has found me – release has found us both.

Our bodies now satisfied we lean back and rest in each others arms. Until the next time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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