Memories Of Darryl

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The extended school holidays continued, the weekend of week four of the usual seven week break. With the Christmas celebrations over and enjoyed, the exceptional summer heat was becoming very intense. The tradition of our tight circle of friends was to cool off, regularly swimming in the Yarra River. The area was well visited by us all, choosing to swim in the inlet and outlet channels that fed the cooling ponds of the Newport Power Station Complex. Tempting danger was common place, all of us choosing to swim across the wide expanse of the fast flowing river, and the undertow of the inlet channel. More often, we would swim in the less dangerous outlet channel were the water was warmer. It was late afternoon when we were joined by one of our group’s brother.

Occasionally he would join us for various activities, but more likely joining the girls in the surrounding area choosing to associate with them rather than the more boisterous schemes we all got up to. He was very much girl like in appearance, jet black silky hair, full feminine lips and long eyelashes. I was very sympathetic to his ongoing trauma, always taking his side when aggressively chastised by other boys. As dusk approached, I realized that it was gaziantep bayan eskort time to head home for my evening meal. I hadn’t been aware that all of my friends had left, leaving me and Darryl behind. Whilst treading water, Darryl swam towards me and started a conversation of what I have no recollection. He slipped his hand down the front of my swimming shorts, fondling my penis and genitals intimately, he then swam away. I was shocked, but surprisingly thrilled with the feeling that engulfed my body.

No words were exchanged; we then dressed and headed for home. Although Darryl had lived all his life across the street from mine, we were never close me choosing to associate with his older brother.

The vast area adjacent to the river of which had to walk to get home was crowded with trees, large shrubs and bushes. The normal time to travel the distance to our homes would normally take about fifteen minutes, this trip was to take nearly an hour. As we both walked from the limits of river and power station area, the silence between us was very obvious. I was avoiding the circumstance that had just occurred, but in turn my body was tingling with expectancy. The change from day to night became more apparent with the setting of the sun and the shadows of dusk were rolling in. Crossing the verge into the grassed and treed area, Darryl reached down a clasped my hand squeezing it gently.

I eventually found the courage to ask him why he had touched me in such a fashion; his reply was a most definite I Love You. My mind was telling me one thing; the felling engulfing my body was telling me another. Without wavering Darryl drew me to him and kissed me, his lips were full and soft not what I expected. Cautiously I responded but within seconds I was aware that this was something special and wanted it to continue. Darryl parted my lips with his tongue; with my lips parted he pushed his tongue into my mouth hungrily searching for mine. We clung to each other kissing feverously and passionately. I had kissed many girls in the past, but never with so much feeling and desire. As we kissed my mind was racing, was acting like this a moral way, or was the feelings I was experiencing normal but forbidden.

Our lips parted, pausing we looked at each other with me feeling a little embarrassed but not ashamed. My body although not noticeable was trembling with anticipation of what may follow. My penis was erect, stretching the fabric of my tight shorts; Darryl noticed my erection immediately then reached out squeezing it firmly. I whispered to Darryl my hard penis would burst unless I freed it from the confines of my shorts, my desire for Darryl to fondle me further was overwhelming. With some effort, Darryl eased my shorts over my hips pulling them down to my feet. I kicked them away as Darryl knelt in front of me, his moist mouth sliding backwards and forwards on my smooth shaft.

This was the very first time someone had performed fellatio on me, including the few times I had experienced girls a little older than myself. I felt my body stiffen a number of times, when this occurred Darryl stopped momentarily squeezing my penis hard. Before he resuming each time, he sucked on his fingers spread the cheeks of my bottom and stimulated my anus with his wet fingers. Eventually his sucking became more intense, I felt myself begin to ejaculate, more than intense excitement. I call to him that I was about to cum, rather than pulling away he grabbed my bottom cheeks and held me tight. My unbelievable orgasm exploded into his mouth; simultaneously he penetrated my anus with a finger pushing it in and out. I had never experienced anything on this level before, we then fell on to the grass holding and kissing each other.

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