Method Acting

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**Everyone that appears in this story is 18 yrs or older**


Jourice Theatre, a venue known internationally for their incredible performers and troupes, recently had a falling out with one of their amazing groups, leaving an opening in their schedules for another to fill. To rectify this issue, they decided to hold a competition, where the winning troupe would get a contract with the auditorium along with the nearly limitless resources they’re able to provide. The cast I recently joined has a director with connections that allowed us the opportunity to compete. Today is the day of said contest, and we’re currently in one of the large back rooms of the auditorium doing a final rehearsal before it’s our turn to perform to the judges.

I studied hard and concentrated plenty on my responsibilities for my role and was able to land one of the two leads. I play Michelle, a low class commoner woman that steals the heart of the kingdom’s prince in a medieval romance story. Due to certain… circumstances, we’ve been spending the last several hours trying to get the final scene together and ensure that everything goes well for our performance. I wait as one of the minor actors in our troupe, playing the king, says his lines.

“Unacceptable!” he recites with plenty of flair. “For the sake of this kingdom, you are destined to marry princess Celene of our neighboring country. Not some commoner street rat.”

“It goes against my code to marry a woman I do not love, so I shall not!” Vivian, the lead woman playing prince Sir Donnell, whose heart I am to steal, enacts perfectly. “And Michelle may be a commoner, but she is no street rat. She is the love of my life!”

A woman slightly shorter than Vivian, playing the queen, steps up as our director gives her the cue from the side to say her lines. “My son! You are the only prince we’ve birthed, it shames us greatly for you to make a mockery of us in front of all of our subjects.” She gestures to the other extras playing townspeople that stood around me. “This is only a formality, you’ll still be able to love whoever you wish outside of your marriage to Celene. Won’t you please reconsider? “

Vivian takes on a pained expression that would fool even veteran actors into thinking she was genuinely hurt. “I’m sorry mother, but I do not mean for this to be an insult to you or father in front of the kingdom, only a public declaration of my love to Michelle. And I will not reconsider something I’m absolutely positive about.” Finally getting near my cue, Michelle turns to me with a look of glee and hope. “Michelle,” she says, placing both of her hands on my cheeks and pulling my face closer to hers, “I vow my love to you.”

Lips puckered, she pulls my face closer and closer until I can feel the heat coming from her mouth onto mine. Before I could stop myself, my hand automatically reached in between us and blocked her attempted kiss from making contact, causing our director, Candace, to stop the scene. “Cuuuut! Cut cut cut dammit cut!”

The sounds of disgruntled moans and sighs from all of the tired extras are almost deafening as Candace makes her way directly towards me. “What! The! Hell!” She almost shouts, trying to contain her frustration from me ruining the scene for about the 70th time, and that’s just today. “Layla, this is the biggest scene of the play and the deciding factor of us getting first place in the contest!”

Being so short with puffy cheeks, she tried her best not to get upset to avoid looking like an angry chipmunk, but everyone still didn’t want to get on her bad side. “Sorry, really, I am,” I apologize. “It’s just, I’ve never kissed another girl before, it’s kind of weird for me.”

Candace pinches the bridge of her nose as she glares at me. “Fortunately, you won’t have to kiss a girl, because you’re kissing Sir Donnell, prince of the Ferndale Kingdom.”

“Yeah, I get what you’re trying to say, get into character and all that, but it’s still a girl playing Sir Donnell.”

As I’m having my discussion with Candace, our oh so lovely other lead walks up and makes sure to include herself in our conversation. “I told you stretching your neck out for some rank amateur was an idiotic idea just because she has decent looks.” I look over to see the fairly tall, smooth creamy skinned Vivian smugly drinking from a water bottle as she slights me.

I would never tell Candace, but me never kissing a girl is only half the reason for my struggles with this scene. The other half is the uptight, anal, prissy bitch that is Vivian. I was going to bring up a complaint against her when I first joined, but she’s been a part of the troupe since she was in elementary school, and sets the standard for everyone else that joins with her incredible acting and dedication to upkeep on her beautiful looks. As much as I hate to admit it, there’s plenty of truth in her statement. I’m the newest joining member, and even though I worked hard for my position, there was still a lot of controversy in me getting the lead role for my first play.

“No,” Candace retorts, “the potential is there, we just have to bring it out of her.”

Vivian takes izmir escort no time at all with an insulting rebuttal. “And while you’re trying all of these different tactics for Layla to gain the most basic skill set of any competent actor, what should we say to the judges when it’s our turn to perform?”

I truly hate to agree with her, but we came to the venue much earlier than it started in order to ensure I would be able to do this scene. We don’t know when our turn will be for the actual play, but we need to make sure we have everything ready when it is, and I’m our biggest hold up.

“Dammit, you’re right,” Candace agrees, pondering the situation. After a couple of moments of looking at the annoyed faces of the other actors in the troupe, she finally claps her hands with an idea. “Alright, I need my two leads to come with me.”

I’m a bit confused on what she has in mind, but I can’t argue that we needed to do something for me to get over this hump. Candace begins walking to the empty dressing room attached to our practice performing room with Vivian and I following closely behind. Once we get inside and move some costumes and other props out of the way, Candace faces the both of us but addresses me. “Okay, you’re doing great in every scene leading up to the kiss, but the biggest problem is you thinking too much on the fact that Vivian isn’t a man, despite her amazing costume and makeup.”

“I guess,” I reply, “yeah, that’s it.” Although a bigger issue I had with the casting is that we have plenty of good-looking men with us, yet I have to kiss Vivian. I don’t bring it up with Candace since she always has some weird director quote or something to refute me.

Candace scratches her chin in consideration on how to word her sentence. “I didn’t want to embarrass you in front of everyone else, but your reluctance to kiss Vivian is the biggest obstacle that we’re facing right now with the actual performance being within a couple of hours.”

“I know,” I hang my head in agreement. Even though she was being so nice about it, there was no mistake that I was being chewed out.

“Basically,” Vivian butts in without Candace’s tactfulness or caring tone, “she’s saying that it’s too close to the deadline to replace you, and that she wants you to get your shit together.”

I fucking hate her so much.

“I was trying to put it in nicer terms, but yeah.” Candace looks at me a little apologetically. “Anyway, we’re going to need to break through your limitations of gender that are holding you back. So,” Candace turns to Vivian, “can you kiss her. Start off lightly so she can get used to it.”

“No problem.” Vivian accepts and is grabbing my face once again before I can process what’s happening.

“Whoa, what!?” I panic, breaking Vivian’s grip on my cheeks. “This is kind of sudden, I don’t know if-“

Candace silences me with a raise of her hand. “Layla, I understand that this may be a first for you, but there are other actresses in this troupe that have been here for over 10 years and have never even had the chance of getting a lead role. Everyone else out there would have no problem with something so simple, and I really don’t want to do it, but if you can’t do a scene as easy as this, I will switch you out. Even with the play being in mere hours.”

Fuck, she’s actually considering switching me out for my understudy this close to the deadline for something like this? “Okay…sorry,” I meekly apologize. “I’ll…do it.”

Vivian impatiently smacks her lips and nonchalantly strides back up to me, gripping my face again. “Finally.”

Contrary to my expectations, the kiss was light and quick. Vivian’s lips are unbelievably soft and much sweeter than anything else I’ve ever tasted. I open my eyes to be greeted with the supportive smile of our director and the uncaring glare of Vivian.

“See?” Candace says, looking excited that my roadblock of not being able to kiss someone may finally be over. “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

I touch my lips where they still tingle a little from the kiss. “Yeah, I guess it wasn’t.”

Candace instructs Vivian to place more kisses so I can get familiar with the action, and Vivian obediently obliges. She lightly kisses me more and more back to back, causing me to get comfortable enough to return some kisses of my own, albeit only a little. When our lips meet again, something sticky and slimy is shoved into my mouth and wiggles around my teeth. It takes a couple of seconds, but I finally realize that she had put her tongue in my mouth! I quickly break the kiss off and push her off of me. “What the hell was that!?”

“What’s the matter now?” Candace asks, coming up to make sure I didn’t scuff Vivian’s costume with my push. “You were doing so well.”

“S-She…she shoved her tongue in my mouth!” I couldn’t hide my shock as I pointed at Vivian in disbelief.

Vivian sighs with no intention of hiding her aggravation. “Of course I did.”

What!? Not only did she do it on purpose, but she’s willing to admit sexually assaulting one of her coworkers in front of the director?

“Layla,” Candace adds, “she’s alsancak escort method acting. You know, getting into the role.”

“We’re not going to be French kissing during the play, are we?” I ask, still trying to get the taste of Vivian’s saliva out of my mouth.

Candace waves for me to perish the thought and laughs. “Of course not, but with how reluctant you are, doesn’t it make sense to over prepare in rehearsal so the actual play will be much better?”

I can understand the concept of over preparing, like bringing a lot of cash when leaving the house even though you may not need it, but it seems a little ridiculous to apply the same method to this situation.

Noticing my reluctance, Vivian doesn’t hesitate to add her 2 cents. “If you can’t handle it, we’ll gladly get the understudy. But she hasn’t had much time to practice, so if we don’t win this tournament, guess who all the blame will go to.”

Damn. I worked far too hard my entire life to get into a good acting group that could take me to the next level. If I mess this up, I’m sure Vivian is the type of bitch to ensure that I’m playing a background character for as long as I’m here. “Fine,” I finally say, though lacking in confidence. “Just co-come on. I can handle something like this.”

Vivian puts on a shit eating grin as she walks back up to me and our lips make contact again. Although it’s still shocking, I’m not as surprised when Vivian re-introduces her tongue into my mouth. It takes a couple of moments, but I start getting familiar with having her wet appendage squirming around and brushing against my own tongue and teeth. My face begins to blush heavily due to the intimacy, but before we can continue, Candace claps her hands to get our attention.

“Alright,” she says, clearly happy at the progress being made and our increasing chances of winning the tournament, “let’s do some improv starting right before the kiss scene. And remember, Layla, method acting. Vivian isn’t here, only Sir Donnell.”

It take me a couple of moments to collect my thoughts and get in position to reenact the scene. Candace makes sure that the both of us are ready before beginning. “Unacceptable!” she says, voice lowered greatly to emulate the king in our play. “For the sake of this kingdom, you are destined to marry princess Celene of our neighboring country. Not some commoner street rat!”

After Vivian gives her scripted reply and Candace raises her voice for the queen’s response, I soon see Vivian turning to me with the same dramatic flair as earlier. “Michelle,” she grabs my face, which reddens deeply from knowing of what we’re about to do, “I vow my love to you.” Bringing her lips to mine, I steel myself in a brief preparation and barely react when her lips come in contact with mine. Even with her tongue forcing her way through my lips, I’m able to take it. It’s when I feel rough pressure on my chest and crotch that I open my eyes to investigate… to see her hands aggressively groping me!

“Hmm!?” My voice is muffled against Vivian’s mouth, but I’m able to break from her strong grip after a couple of attempts and try to catch my breath. “What… was that!?” I complain through heaves of air.

“Damn, Layla.” Candace comes rushing over again at my push on Vivian. “You were doing so well too.”

“You call whatever that was doing well!?” No one in our troupe would even consider raising their voice at Candace, but I doubt they’ve been through what I’m going through right now. “Did you not see what she just did?”

“Are you daft or just born this stupid?” Vivian insults. “She already explained that we need to over prepare in rehearsal since you’re so inadequate as an actress to do a simple kiss scene.”

God, I really fucking hate her. “I can kind of understand the tongue, but what does over preparing have to do with you groping me?”

“You have to think about this logically, Layla,” Candace consoles. “The more over prepared you are here will make you more comfortable for the final performance, right? It’s method acting.”

That logic does not apply here, like…at all. But, as I try to think of the best way to explain it to Candace, Vivian speaks up. “Are you gay or something?” I turn so fast in anger at Vivian that my eyes can’t even focus on her and, of course, she has the same emotionless stagnant expression as if she didn’t just say something so ridiculous. “Listen, if you’re having some sort of complex about your sexuality, you need to deal with it after the play.”

I’m completely stunned for a couple moments at the fact she has the fucking audacity to say something like that with a straight face. “You’re the one molesting me,” I argue, calmer than I’d like since I’m still trying to process everything happening. “If anything, you’re the gay one.”

“I’m not doing anything but method acting.” The quickness in her retort catches me completely off guard. “You’re the one getting all flustered and aroused just on some light touching.”

I look over to Candace for some type of backup, which only proves to be a mistake. “Layla, she has a point,” she says. “If you had the abilities of buca escort a great actress, which I know you do, and were confident in your sexuality, something like this shouldn’t really impact you the way that it is.”

“It’s because I’m straight that this is making me uncomfortable.”

Vivian audibly groans with plenty of irritation in her voice. “And there’s the problem. Vivian isn’t doing anything with the useless and mildly attractive Layla. It’s Donnell that’s showing his affection for his beloved Michelle. Your inability to separate yourself from the character you’re portraying is the root of the issue.”

Candace cheers and practically pushes Vivian over with an approving clap on her back. “Perfectly said Vivian! Do you understand now, Layla? Nothing’s happening to you, but to Michelle. Understanding that concept is the root of method acting.”

“I doubt she’ll be able to grasp that by the time it’s our turn to perform,” Vivian says, “let’s just grab the understudy. She’d be able to-“

“I got it!” I interrupt. Even though it was difficult for me to deal with these two, I don’t want to deal with the entire troupe if we had to get the understudy at such short notice. Plus, there was no way I was going to be out acted by such a bitch like Vivian.

“Are you sure?” Candace asks, and once I nod my approval, she has us take our places again to go through the scene once more. “Alright then, let’s start it again. And remember…method acting. You need to BE the character.”

Once again, Candace takes on the role of the queen and the king, and Vivian responds to both appropriately until she is again facing me. “Michelle,” she recites perfectly, with no hint of anger with the amount of times she’s had to repeat these lines. Damn, I don’t want to say it, but she’s such a great actress. “I vow my love to you.”

She must’ve misplaced the irritation from her voice to her actions, because she’s incredibly aggressive with the way she kisses and gropes me once the cue comes. Even with me bracing myself for her grabbing, she still manages to rub with an intensity that almost makes me break character. I gasp in her mouth once I feel her finger rub more roughly against my clothed vagina.

To my surprise, Vivian is the one to break the kiss and stares at me with lust filled eyes. “My beautiful Michelle,” She says with heavy arousal in her voice, “I can’t even hope to contain my love for you.” At her declaration, she snakes her hand through the pants of my costume and brushes it against my bare vagina.

WHOOAA! This definitely is not in the script, but if I ruin the scene again, I don’t know how many more opportunities Candace will give me, or how much time is left until it’s our turn to perform. “M-My word,” I finally say after a couple of moments, constantly repeating ‘method acting’ in my head. “Donnell, my love, you would do such a thing in the throne room in front of all of your subjects?”

“I don’t care who sees or what indecent insults they throw at us,” the intensity in her hand rubbing my vagina picks up, “I just know that I must make love to you now.” Vivian enters her index finger into my pussy and begins to stir it around, making me moan in a combination of surprise and arousal.

Is this girl fucking crazy!? She’s either way too into the role or is just trying to get me to skate out of my part so my understudy can take over. I look over to Candace, hoping that she was going to call scene and let us continue rehearsal with everyone else, but she’s just watching with keen interest. “Sir Donnell,” it takes almost everything I have trying to keep my act together, “don’t you think we should take this to your bed chambers?”

“No,” she answers flatly. “There is no shame in showing your beauty. Especially for those that believe you to be a street rat.” She glares menacingly at Candace. I’m confused on the reason until I realize that Candace is still playing the role of the king.

“You think I will be witness to such an atrocity in my palace!?” She says in her king voice and addresses the ‘others’ in the room. “Come. We shall discuss matters elsewhere.” Candace walks past our standing connected forms and out of the room. I’m so stunned and lost on they’re improving that I’m just stood with my mouth agape as I watch Candace close the door, leaving Vivian and I alone.

I slowly loosen Vivian’s embrace on me and look at her. “A-Are we done?”

I’m almost horrified to see Vivian refocus on me and notice that she’s still very much in character. She pushes me down onto my back and straddles my waist. “I haven’t even started yet.”

How far are we supposed to be taking this? Is there a point in continuing if the director isn’t watching? I’m broken out of my thoughts when I feel Vivian unbuckling the buttons and clasps on my costume. “You were worried about spectators, now I can take my time with you since we’re alone.” With her showing no signs of stopping before I’m butt naked, Vivian continues to disrobe me. Every time she takes off an article of clothing, I think she’s going to cease, but she just keeps going until more and more of my skin begins to show. Just as I’m about to push her off of me again and end this entire impromptu rehearsal, I look over at the entrance of the dressing room and see the door cracked and Candace peeking through. I notice her mouth moving and, with a squint, I see her mouthing the words ‘method acting’.

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