Mia Masturbates Ch. 01

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Chapter 1

Intuition is a funny thing. It can do wonders if it means you are right about something. Mia knew all about intuition. She loved to act on impulse and feeling, just for the sheer hell of it. Why not – if it bought so much fun into her life?

A security guard named Clay eyed up the black mercedes pulling up to the front of the hotel. It wasn’t unusual to see a slick car on the grounds of the hotel. Today was no exception. A seminar was being held at 2pm. It was entitled ‘Florida E Commerce Investors Seminar’, and although the security guard wasn’t 100% sure what this entailed, so far he had seen mostly suited men checking in at the reception of Highland Hotel, and figured it was somewhat important. He kept his eyes drawn on the black Mercedes, he just had a feeling about this one, and he wasn’t sure why…

The valet duly hotfooted it to the drivers side and waited for the door to click open. As it did so, his eyes grew wider and his motions slowed. Two perfectly shaped, silky looking legs swung out elegantly from behind the car door. They were adorned with show stopping heels that had red soles. What followed was such a sight to behold that the young valet didn’t know what to do with himself.

Mia gracefully exited her Mercedes, despite wearing a tight A line skirt. She stood up and went to greet the young valet. As she did so, his eyes were immediately drawn to the most gorgeous pair of breasts he had ever laid eyes on! That morning, Mia had decided to pair a tight camisole vest with her skirt, and even though she had thrown a small cardigan on, her bust was so pert and sizeable on her slim frame that it was magnetising.

Mia was used to this kind of situation and relished it. It happened virtually every day. Although the valet wasn’t exactly looking at her face, she flashed him a smile as she thrust the car keys into his hand. He awkwardly took them from her, aware that his entire head was burning red. This was possibly the sexiest woman he had ever seen!

The young valet’s jaw was still slack with amazement, as flicked her long, brunette hair over her shoulder and followed the porter up the steps to the lobby of Highland Hotel. She knew quite well that all eyes were being drawn to her, and a wicked smile crossed her sumptuous lips.

The receptionist, Gary, sat behind the desk efficiently checking Mia into her room, and gave her the itinerary for the seminar schedule. Although he was gay, it was all he could do not to keep staring at this phenomenally attractive woman. With her tight outfit hugging her well proportioned frame, her long flowing soft hair that he just wanted to touch, and a beautiful face to boot, Gary almost felt like he was in the presence of a celebrity. He was blushing for crying out loud!

Mia thanked Gary for his help and flashed him that memorable smile, presented of course with perfectly white teeth. Arnavutköy escort Once again she followed the porter who led her to her room, knowing full well that Gary would be telling all and sundry about his new hotel guest!

The porter carried out his duties coolly, although he was slyly trying to get an eyeful of the gorgeous guest following him. He led her out of the elevator and to her room on the second floor. The carpet was a deep blue, flanked by gold speckled walls. Rich burgundy leather armchairs lined the corridor, they wouldn’t look out of place in a CEO’s offices. There were also opulent marble side tables, topped with carefully arranged wildflowers, the bouquet du jour. It was details like these that Mia noticed and made her glad that she chose Highland hotel. The owners clearly invested quite well into the decor in order to give a classy and chic feel to the establishment, one that an investor or CEO would feel at home in. Mia certainly felt at home already.

The porter deftly buzzed the hotel room door open with the card key and carefully pulled Mia’s leather suitcase into the hallway. For a quick second he wondered what was in there. More designer shoes, exotic creams, lacey underwear…this lady sure looked classy. He caught his wandering thoughts quickly and swiftly turned to address Mia. ‘Miss…the bathroom is just through here, coffee facilities on the desk, wardrobe, guest information. But the piece de resistance is just over here’. He gestured over to the far corner of the room where it snaked round in a L shape.

Mia was admiring the plush decor of the room, and wondered what other features there could be? Round the corner was a single door, and as the porter opened it Mia actually gasped. It was a huge marbled balcony. The porter turned again to get a view of Mia’s reaction, and a longer view of her. It was always a highlight of his to show hotel guests particular features of their rooms, but he wanted to get a clearer view of those full lips, those eyes, those breasts…

Mia walked over to the bannister, and there was a sight to behold. Beautifully manicured gardens, surrounded by tall trees of several variety, and made even better by a perfect blue sky. It was breathtaking. As her eyes scanned around to take it all in, she spotted something on the huge balcony covered in tarpaulin.

‘What’s that?’ asked Mia. The porter couldn’t suppress a small smile. He walked over to the tarpaulin and lifted it off. ‘This Miss, is your very own hot tub’. Again, he studied mia’s face for her reaction. Another wicked smile spread across her own face. ‘Now we are talking’ she thought!

‘Only four rooms in the entire hotel have one on the balcony. You can enjoy the view whilst using it, or sit and gaze at the stars…’

He noticed Mia watching him intently as he blurted out this hot tub spiel, and suddenly Avcılar escort bayan looked a little sheepish. He wasn’t sure if he had overstepped the mark with this one.

‘And how do you turn it on?’ Mia asked in a beguiling way.

‘Um, hmmm’ the porter had to clear his throat for this one. ‘Well this button is to heat it up. It takes around 30 minutes to get comfortably warm. And these other two buttons are for the jets, bottom and sides’. He clocked Mia getting gradually closer to him, trailing her slender fingers around the top of the hot tub. As a tall man ,he now had a full view of those luscious pert breasts, and was suddenly very aware of himself.

‘Well that’s a fantastic bonus’ Mia mused at him. ‘Are there any other surprises up your sleeve?’ Again the porter grew more self conscious, but tried to keep it together professionally. He marched off the balcony, back towards the hotel room door. As he did so, Mia followed him and drew a tip from her purse. Placing it in his hand, again she studied the look on his face, and relished it. He was most definitely blushing, being careful where to place his eyes. He thanked her and quickly exited out the door.

‘At last!’ Mia thought. After a long journey she now had this hotel room to herself. She went over to the desk where she had left her itinerary for the day. ‘Do I have any time for some self love’ she pondered. Reactions from people usually got her hot and excited, but in this hotel setting, the possibilities had got her positively burning with desire. Her intuitions about Highland Hotel were right on the money. The grounds, the decor, the room, the balcony hot tub…

She scanned through the schedule for the day and calculated that she had 45 minutes before she had to be at the first seminar. ‘Yes!’ she exclaimed.

She quickly opened her suitcase and reached for a small black zip bag. She couldn’t help but bite her bottom lip in anticipation. As she opened the bag, she pondered about where to get comfortable. The hot tub would have to be warmed up, so that was a no go, no time for a shower either – the bed would have to do.

Mia pulled a small purple vibrator out of the zip bag, the one she always used for travelling. It might have been compact, but it always helped to give her great orgasms. She was extremely fond of it.

As she climbed up on the softest duvet, she grabbed a couple of pillows towards her. She swiftly hoisted up her skirt over her slim hips and as she did so, she felt herself getting even more moist. The sensation was tantalising, especially with a bare arse…

Mia remained kneeling, surrounded by pillows, and pulled her camisole just enough to expose her nipples. By now they were firm and erect. Mia could always tell if she was turned on in a situation by whether her nipples turned hard. They were also her favourite tool in foreplay, Escort Bağcılar she just loved to have them licked.

As it was just her for now, she licked two fingers and fondled her left nipple. She immediately felt the waves of pleasure, and did not hesitate to use her other hand to caress her clit. O how wet she was!

While she stroked her clit she became aware of the afternoon sun beaming through the balcony window. She thought of the hot tub and how quite obviously the porter was trying to keep his own excitement under wraps, despite it showing quite clearly through his trousers. She remembered how turned on the situation made her.

Mia’s thoughts started to run even more wild, she couldn’t help her vivid imagination. She thought of the porter pressing her up against the side of the hot tub and hoisting up her skirt. ‘Mmmmmm yes’ she gently moaned as she imagined his hard dick nudging her legs, wanting to enter her.

By this point Mia was heavily aroused and completely immersed in her fantasy. Her breasts were full and firm from her excitement, and sensitive to every sensation. She gently lowered herself over the pillows so those luscious breasts brushed over them. The feeling was almost more than she could bear!

She slowly widened her legs in the most sexy provocative way .She’d kept those killer heels on as she knew they would become part of whatever fantasy played out in her mind.

As every part of her pussy slid open, Mia reached for her smooth vibrator, switching the button on at the same time. She was relishing the thought of the porter taking her from behind, whilst being bent over the hot tub.

Her pussy was ready for the porter’s hard dick, and so she eased the vibrator inside. ‘Ohhh yess’ how she had been waiting for that! Mia gently and expertly eased her toy in and out, she knew how she liked it. It was one of her favourite positions when having a self session, and she had become adept at flexing her arm over her leg and lifting her pert backside up ever so slightly, so as she could receive her vibrator in the most gratifying way.

Mia continued her thoughts, this time the porter held her with one hand on her breast, the other stroking her clit ever so softly. She licked and bit down on her lips as a reflex to this image. She picked up the pace with her toy dick, getting deeper each time, and softly brushing her hood. She could feel the waves of pleasure getting stronger, starting down at her legs, ‘ooh so good!’

She bit down on her lip as she thrust in and out of herself faster and faster. ‘Yes, yeess’. Images of the porter’s dick entering her from behind were all that was in her head right now. She eased herself up slightly again so the vibrator would go just that little bit deeper.

As she did so, she cupped her breast and stroked her nipple. This was the action that sent her over the edge. An intense and luscious orgasm gripped her hard. Her legs bolted forward, flipping her onto the pillows. At the same time Mia made sure the vibrator was way inside her, so that her orgasm was intensified even further. She could feel the reverberations from her pussy around it, and she basked in the pleasure, ‘Mmmm, yeahhh’…

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