Mia Matsumiya: Her Rapist’s Baby

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(NOTE: This is a setup to a more sexual story that’s coming. There’s some sex here, but it’s a lot of buildup. You may want to read Fucking Mia Matsumiya first, but it’s not necessary to understand this one.)


It’s been 8 months since Stan fulfilled his fantasies of raping Mia Matsumiya, the beautiful young Japanese violinist, in the dingy restroom of a bar. To his surprise, she hadn’t called the cops–or at least, he had been lucky enough that they never found him, if she did. It took him four months to work up the nerve to show up to another one of her band’s gigs, where he took a seat in the rear so he could watch her play, wondering how she’d do on stage; if she would play poorly due to nerves, or had managed to go about her life having put the rape behind her. He had been curious as to how much of an effect his forced penetration of her had been, and hopeful in some ways that her performance would be shaky, which would display the power his cock had over her. To his absolute amazement, when Mia had come forward for her solo, her shirt had ridden up just over her stomach, revealing a baby bump–she was pregnant with Stan’s child! Mia Matsumiya had chosen to have her rapist’s baby!

At the time, Stan couldn’t even begin to comprehend just how surreal the situation was, or how great it made him feel inside, knowing that after such a long time of fantasizing about all the ways he had wanted to make Mia his own, then ambushing her in the women’s room of the Blackstone Bar and Grill and fucking her brains out, that she chose to keep the seed planted within her…! That night after he saw her “in a family way”, Stan rushed home and jerked off at least three times in a row, now dreaming about her raising their child, breastfeeding it and changing its diapers in the very room where she had been taken by its daddy(in his mind, Mia would be doing it for nostalgia’s sake, of course).

But a child needs both its parents…Stan might have been Mia’s rapist, but now he was her baby daddy as well, and wanted to do right by her. He had become an expert at stalking her through the club scene, and after watching her and her bandmates leave a couple of the clubs late at night, Stan soon became an expert at stalking her on a regular basis, eventually finding where she lived. Stan made a fairly good living working construction, even though the market had slowed down considerably, and so he began sending Mia anonymous payments, usually about $300 a month. He used gloves when handling the money and envelopes, wiping both down with a sterile dry cloth just to make sure, and used glue to seal the envelopes rather than licking them and leaving saliva traces. He only wrote one note to Mia, in the initial payment, using his left hand instead of his right, so the handwriting would be unrecognizable if traced to him. It was sloppy, but he explained how much he loved her, thanked her for the “great evening” and told her that he’d be willing to pay as long as she needed because he wanted to care for his baby. He also told her that if she needed anything at all–clothes, a crib–to leave a note sticking out of her mailbox. He labeled every envelope as he did the first: “To my beautiful love, Mia”. Since the lock of the inside entrance door to Mia’s apartment building rarely worked, Stan was usually able to go in and shove the envelopes straight up the thin bottom slit of her mailbox. He couldn’t help but chuckle sometimes when he did, since the act reminded him of how he slid his special delivery into her own little Japanese box eight months ago, also when she wasn’t expecting it.

Mia never left Stan any reply notes, which sort of hurt his feelings, and eventually made him wonder if indeed it was his baby she was carrying. After all, it had been four months since he had fucked her so well, and she could have been with another guy. Her eight bandmates were all guys, so any one of them could have knocked her up in that time. She never seemed too intimate or too friendly with any of them except for her main guitarist, Toby, but Stan thought they could have been just close friends. Still, he had to know if it was his baby Mia was carrying…otherwise, why the fuck should he be paying support for some other guy’s kid? Was Mia playing Stan for an idiot, laughing behind his back while socking away his money? He had to know!

Mia Matsumiya was at the grocery store one day, pushing a shopping cart as she went down the mostly deserted aisles. The 4’9″ Japanese beauty with the large, expressive eyes had on a white t-shirt with the word “BUN” on it with an arrow pointing down to an oven. It was an overly long t-shirt which covered her white shorts, but made it look like she had only the shirt on. This highlighted her beautifully slender legs, her feet covered in moccasins. She had on a long black overcoat, and her long dark hair flowed down over the collar, seeming to mix inkily with the blackness of the coat.

“Hey, beautiful.”

Mia gasped, feeling her body unexpectedly go cold. She recognized the voice instantly, a voice she had hoped gaziantep swinger she’d never hear again. She turned around slowly, as if in a waking nightmare, and felt a warmth between her legs as a trickle of urine ran down one of them at the sight of her rapist–tall, broad shouldered with dark brown hair and intensely brown eyes. He was even wearing the same black leather jacket he had used that night to catch her by surprise, wrapping it around her head and face to muffle her screams as he forced her into the last stall in the women’s room, where he had his way with her.

Mia opened her mouth to scream…

In Stan’s eyes, Mia was just as beautiful as ever. As she turned to him and he caught sight of her nice full tummy, carrying a potential little him inside it, he felt the old familiar hard-on he had gotten when he had laid eyes on Mia the very first time, coming back with a vengeance. She looked absolutely amazing, and he almost thought she was going to smile at him, but then realized she was opening her mouth to scream. Stan moved forward quickly, taking hold of her wrist with one hand and putting his finger to her parting lips, the act causing Mia to pause in her action, fearful of what he might do.

“Ssshhh,” Stan said, shaking his head in a cautioning manner. Mia’s breath was coming in short huffs and fearful tears filled her eyes. “It’s okay, it’s okay,” Stan said quietly, thankful the aisle they were in was deserted at the moment. “You just be quiet, and everything will be good.” He moved his finger in a slow downward motion over Mia’s upper lip, and she closed her mouth. Stan slid his hand down from her wrist, entwining his fingers with her own. “Come with me, ” he told her and turned to lead her out of the store. Mia resisted at first, locking her feet in place and anchoring her other hand to the cart. Stan looked back at her and in a darker tone repeated, “Come on.”

Mia’s lips trembled. Tears spilled down her face but she let go of the cart to wipe them away. Saying nothing, she moved forward, and the two walked out of the store hand-in-hand together like an everyday normal couple, arousing no suspicions from any other shoppers along the way.


There was a park not too far from the supermarket, and Stan took Mia there, the two of them taking a spot on an isolated bench. Mia glanced about anxiously, as if embarrassed to be seen with him. She watched him nervously, not knowing what he’d do to her or the baby, but said nothing as he kept her fingers entwined with his, softly rubbing the back of her palm with his other hand as if he were her boyfriend out with her for an afternoon date.

“How have you been?” He finally asked, after nearly five minutes of looking into her eyes like a lovesick schoolboy.

“Pregnant,” she answered angrily, although even angered, to Stan her voice with its deep Asian accent sounded like the sigh of an angel.

“I can see that,” Stan replied, then added hopefully, “Is it mine?”

“Of course it’s yours!” she snapped at him. “I’m not some slut that just sleeps around all the time without protection. This is your baby ’cause you RAPED ME!”

Now it was Stan’s turn to look around nervously, his instincts at first telling him to bolt–! But Mia’s voice hadn’t carried far, and the kids on the jungle gym and swings with their parents watching them were a good distance away, and no one paid attention. He looked back to her. “Yeah, I did…and being with you was the most wonderful experience of my life. But when I saw you were pregnant, I knew I had to step up to the plate, for you and our baby.”

“Step up?!” Mia said mockingly. “If you wanted to step up, you should turn yourself in! You’re a danger to people! To other women! You’re sick in the head!”

“I’m not,” Stan snapped back, unintentionally tightening his fingers around hers. The wince on Mia’s face made him ease up, and he raised her hand, kissing it. “I’m sorry. Mia, I know this won’t sound right to you, but I love you. You got the payments I made, right? You used the money, right? If you didn’t want any part of me, why’d you keep the baby?”

Mia looked away for a long time. When she looked back at Stan, she had tears in her eyes. “What was I supposed to do? Being raped is a big shame for me! And why should I punish my child for what his father did? Do you understand that?!”

She started to cry, and Stan held her chin in his hand. She shook free, but he grabbed her by the shoulder of her jacket, pulling her toward him as he leaned in. She tried to pull away, but his lips were upon her, his tongue pushing into her mouth as she tried to speak out in protest…rubbing up against hers, trying to dominate it. She put her little hands to his chest, trying to push him off of her as he reached down, rubbing her full, round belly…

The baby kicked.

Stan pulled away as Mia gasped. She looked down at where his hand rested on her stomach, and the baby kicked again. Mia’s mouth dropped open in amazement. “She…she’s never kicked with anyone else before, except me. All my friends have rubbed my belly, and she’s never kicked out for any of them…no one but me, until now.”

Although every guy secretly wants a boy as their first child, Stan was pleased to find out they were going to have a daughter. He smiled at Mia. “That’s because she knows who her daddy is. I know that even though you don’t want to admit it, you do too.”

Mia said nothing. There was nothing she could hope to even think to respond with, at a moment like this. Stan leaned in, put his mouth to hers. She hesitated, then opened her mouth slightly. His tongue entered, tasted and tested her own, and she finally responded. They spent most of the afternoon on the bench, kissing and getting to know each other while he occasionally rubbed her belly, feeling their daughter kick happily against her daddy’s hand.


It was an odd thing for Mia, coming to an arrangement with the man who had raped her almost nine months ago. It had gotten colder out, so against all her good senses, she brought him home, figuring that since he already knew where she lived, there was no sense trying to hide it. Stan was a gentleman, helping Mia off with her jacket, and they sat at her kitchen table and talked for a while about how to proceed with her friends, since a baby did need both its parents. Rather than deal with the shame of being raped, she had lied to her friends, telling her Stan had been a late-night hookup after a gig, and they hadn’t thought to use protection. According to her story, he had moved to another part of the country for work shortly afterward, and after finding out she was pregnant, panicked and denied being the father and wouldn’t have any more contact with her. Now that Stan had stepped forward though and was determined to help raise their child, he and Mia agreed that they would tell her friends he had come back into town in an attempt to redeem himself in her eyes.

It was only sort-of a lie, if one thought about it.

Mia half-heartedly took Stan on a tour of the apartment, which was a decent size. Kitchen, bathroom, living room…bedroom. Mia stood in the doorframe, not going into the bedroom. But Stan came up behind her, wrapping his arms around hers, rubbing her belly. She could feel his hardened cock bulging through his pants, brushing up needfully against her small, well-rounded Asian ass. Mia sighed anxiously. “Stan, no. I haven’t forgiven you for what you’ve done. We’re just reaching an agreement about raising the baby. We’re not going to have sex. You can’t do this to me again.”

Stan didn’t answer. Instead, he kissed her neck gently, blew in her ear. Mia admitted to herself she liked that, but her heart was still hardened against him. “No!” she said, putting her hands to his in an attempt to push him off, but he only wrapped his fingers around hers, keeping her arms in place while he rubbed his bulge against the back of her shorts like a horny dog. “Stan, please…I’m eight months pregnant! We shouldn’t be doing this!”

Stan let go of her hands and in one smooth motion, lifted her up in his arms, carrying her across the threshold into the bedroom. Mia slapped his chest angrily. “Are you even listening to me? You don’t think I have any say in this?”

He laid her down gently on the bed, rubbing her belly as he knelt on the bedside, starting to undo his pants with his free hand, smiling as their daughter kicked against his touch. Mia pressed both hands to his shoulders, trying to hold him off as the 7 1/2 inch monster she knew all too well sprang out of his pants, drooling with precum, hungry to taste her Asian pie once more. He leaned over her, running his hand through her hair. “I love you, Mia,” he said with earnestness as he pressed his lips to hers, his tongue pushing into her mouth to play with her own. Mia moaned desperately beneath it, half wanting him off of her so badly, yet another part desiring to taste him even more. Stan fondled her small, very tender breasts a moment, the nipples amazingly responsive to his touch as they stiffened almost immediately. He then reached down, grabbing her white shorts and pulling them down, neither of them fully aware that Mia had raised her hips slightly to aid in their extraction as they slid down to her knees. He pulled his lips away and rolled her onto her side, spooning with her as his cock rubbed tantalizingly between the crack of her ass and the opening to her suddenly moist vagina.

“Oh Stan, please….please don’t, please…I’m pregnant, we shouldn’t be doing this…”

“There are other things we can do, ma,” he whispered in a knowing tone, then began rubbing her clit and pussy lips with his fingers, occasionally inserting two of them at a time to get her more moist. Mia gave up the struggle, finally realizing that this was the life she was going to lead with her baby daddy: being the dutiful mother, existing to make meals, tend the house and give him what he desired in bed whenever he wanted, her protests be damned. By accident, she’d become the stereotypical Asian wife. If her parents could see her now, she thought, they’d be so ashamed.

Stan’s fingers had helped to lubricate her thoroughly, even as his other hand had rubbed his precum all over the tip of his cock. He brought her hand around and wrapped his own hand around it, helping her to stroke him off, some mild amounts of jism coating the opening to her anus. Mia must have realized what he had in mind, because she had tried to stop jerking him at one point, but his strong hand made her continue anyway, and eventually she got back into the rhythm. He brought his other fingers–slicked by her juices–back around and rubbed the inner lining of her anus, readying it. This was the one thing he hadn’t gotten to do the night he raped her, and only because there was no time. Mia started to sob now, just as she had that night, and the sound of her shame got him harder. He didn’t want their relationship to be like this; he wanted her to be more giving. But in a way, maybe this was the way it had to be for them.

He reached around, rubbing her belly and feeling their daughter join in on the session, kicking happily against his hand while his other hand guided his cock to the entrance of her rear door. Over the sounds of her gentle sobs, followed by pained moans, Stan gently pushed his cock into her ass, inch by inch until his shaft was in up to the base. Mia cried out, and Stan wrapped his arms around her. He kissed her, and they tongued each other as he gently fucked her ass, his hardened cock sliding in and out of her impossibly tight warmth. She moaned into his mouth and he moaned back as he quickly released several spurts of hot jism inside her anus.

He continued to push in and out, feeling his hot jizz come back to him as it drained out of Mia’s ass and drooled down his cock and onto her bedspread. Mia moaned into his mouth, her tongue pushing back forcefully yet lovingly against his own, acknowledging that he was her man now, even as he fingered her clit and she shuddered in orgasm as he came again inside her. After nearly thirty full minutes of fucking her ass, Stan finally pulled out, his cock throbbing and shooting a stream of hot sperm onto her well-rounded backside. They lay in bed, looking at each other silently; Stan’s face a mixture of love and desire, Mia’s expression unreadable as always.

Like that night at the bar, when there was an odd pause before Mia agreed to call him “daddy”, Mia said nothing as she stared at him. Then with some mild difficulty, she sat up and got off the bed, heading for the bathroom. Stan simply lay on the bed while she was gone, wondering how in the world he could have gotten so lucky that first night when he had spotted Mia playing violin with her godawful band in that club. Everything he had ever wanted in a woman: the submissiveness, the willingness to have his kid, was finally falling into place. He turned his head as Mia came back into the room, carrying a small bowel of warm water and two towels draped over her arm. She set the bowel on the nightstand beside the bed. “I used this for my vomit when I had morning sickness.” She laid one towel next to the bowel and threw the other at him, landing it square on his chest. She climbed back on the bed beside him and rolled over, her used ass facing him. She looked at him expectantly. “Clean me,” she said forcefully. Stan sat up, soaking part of the towel in the water. Laying beside her, he used it to wipe her backside and clean the drooling sperm from her anus. She moaned lightly while he did it, and to Stan she sounded very content. He dried her ass when he was done, and as he tossed the towel to the floor, she got up off the bed again.

She slapped his knee. “Sit up.”

He did as he was told, and Mia took the clean towel and likewise dipped part of it in the water. She knelt before him and wrapped the moistened, warm towel around his hard cock. His body shuddered at the heat, but it felt so good! She dutifully cleaned his cock, making sure to get all his splooge and her juices off it. It had started to go flaccid by the time she dried it. Mia sighed as she looked at it, a bit forlornly. She placed the towel next to its soiled brother, and lifted his semi-limp dick in her hand. She opened her mouth, placing it inside and started to suck his cock just as she did in that bathroom stall eight months ago. Stan watched in delight as Mia placed her slender fingers on his lap and slowly, lovingly began giving him head in earnest, her head bobbing up and down as she finally became accepting of her place as his woman. He ran her fingers through her hair. “That’s right, baby…you’re sucking for two now, so get on it, ma.” By the time Mia was done, Stan’s cock had become rock hard again and he came down her throat at least three times, his girlfriend chugging like a pro and not missing a drop.

Afterward, they snuggled in bed together, not saying a word as they spooned. Stan rubbed Mia’s belly for a while, smiling as their daughter kicked playfully against her daddy’s hand. After a while she stopped though, and the three of them fell asleep, somehow content in the odd mix of family they had become….

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