Miranda’s Strip Club Xxxperience

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It was tough to say who was more surprised — Miranda, when her boyfriend suggested they go into the strip club — or Josh, when she so quickly agreed to it. She had only been to a place like that once, with a bunch of girlfriends on a dare back in college and he had joked about taking her to one several times since they started dating. Regardless of how they ended up there, on this night they walked into the club and grabbed a table off to the side.

The couple ordered a couple of cocktails and casually watched some of the girls dancing onstage. She was clearly nervous being there, though she did her best to hide it. He tried to loosen her up with some flirty small talk, asking his girlfriend what she thought of some of the dancers.

“How about that one?” He asked teasingly. “She’s got nice tits.”

“Nicer than mine?” She playfully replied, trying to relax.

“C’mon baby, nobody’s tits are better than yours.” He reassured, making sure to ‘accidentally’ brush his hand across her chest as he leaned in close to speak to her. “You know you’re the hottest piece of ass in here.”

Girlfriend or not, his comment was not just a compliment to stroke Miranda’s ego. She was an incredibly hot young lady, and could probably even pass for a dancer at the club. Twenty-five-years old, she was a busty woman, with impressive 36DD breasts and a curvy 5’3″ body to go along with them. Dark roots hinted at the crown of her pin-straight, bleached blonde hair that reached three-quarters of the way down her back, and her striking face was underscored by her pouty red lips and cat-like eyes. That evening she looked as seductive and tempting as always, wearing a turquoise, tight-fitting strapless tube top dress that had a built-in shelf bra to support her magnificent rack and was cut quite short. A pair of knee-high white leather lace up boots with four inch heels completed her sexy little outfit.

She squirmed a bit at the graze of his hand against her pert nipples and his suggestive comment. The combination of the alcohol, his flirting and the gratuitous amount of flesh on display was clearly having an effect on her. She giggled softly as she watched one of the dancers approach them and offer a private dance, shaking her head no to Josh at the girl’s offer.

“What, too shy to get a dance baby?” He mockingly asked her as the stripper walked away.

“Would you like that honey?” She replied with equal ridicule. “Would you like to watch me get a lap dance?”

“Damn right I would.” He shot back immediately. “You know how fuckin’ hot that would be?”

“I’m sure you’d love that.” She breathed. “Watching some hot slut grind all over me.”

“I love it when you talk like a dirty bitch.” He whispered back, his hand slinking under the table and onto her inner thigh.

“I know you do baby.” She sighed as his hand moved under her dress. “Would you like it if I watched you get a lap dance too?”

“You are one sexy slut, you know that?” He said with a sexy smile as he ran one of his fingers across her panties.

Miranda let out a low moan at both his touch and the thought of watching her boyfriend getting a dance from one of these girls. She was sure that any of the women in the club would enjoy rubbing up against such a sexy man, and she was equally as sure that she would enjoy watching. At 32, he was a well built guy, 5’10” with an angular face and strong jaw, curly brown hair and hazel-green eyes. Tonight he looked especially handsome in a tight fitting charcoal coloured v-neck t-shirt and low-rise blue jeans.

“Maybe we should just get a dance together?” She suggested, the look in her eye telling Josh that she was not all talk.

“Well then,” Josh replied with an ear to ear grin. “Let’s see what’s on the menu.”

The horny couple proceeded to scan the club, watching both the dancers on stage and the ladies strolling the floor of the club. A few possibilities presented themselves, but they took their time, not wanting to jump at the first opportunity that arose. Then, after several minutes of sizing up the talent available, they spotted her.

She was a serious beauty, a real stunner. Chestnut hair streaked with a lighter shade of brown, wavy on top, then turning into soft layered curls that fell to her shoulders in a provocative design. Eyes the colour of caramel, she was tall, slim and long-legged, with olive skin that glowed mecidiyeköy escort under the club’s neon lights. She was wearing a school girl inspired outfit — an off-white front-tie halter top, with deep cleavage in the front and an open back, matched with a pleated plaid mini skirt, and polished off with a pair of six inch heeled sandals and knee high socks.

They did not even have to call her over. She could see the look in both their eyes. In a flash she was at their table.

“Hi, I’m Eve.” She told them as she leaned down in front of them, extending her hand in greeting and offering them both a long look at her 34C breasts. “Can I interest this sexy couple in a private dance?”


Josh sat on the small love seat tucked away in the back room of the club. It was certainly private, separated by a velvet curtain and guarded by a surly looking gentleman a few feet away on the other side. Miranda positioned herself on her boyfriend, sitting off to one side of his lap and straddling one of his thighs. She giggled nervously as her gaze bounced back and forth between him and the half naked dancer in front of them. Then the music started.

Eve swayed seductively in time to the rhythm, swiftly undoing the tie on her top and letting it drop to the floor. Her hands danced onto her tits, rubbing and squeezing them as she began to move closer to the couple sitting in front of her. Miranda started slowly grinding against Josh’s thigh as they watched, her ass grazing the side of his hard dick to the beat of the music. Seeing the effect her dance was having, the stripper moved in.

Standing right in front of them, Eve placed one of her knees on the love seat, in between his legs and pressing against both his cock and his girlfriend’s ass. She squeezed her tits together and leaned forward, first to Josh, her flesh inches from his face, and then to Miranda, to whom she pushed her breasts in even closer, her nipples rubbing across her lips. Unable to resist, Miranda’s tongue darted out and licked one of them. A small “ooh” escaped Eve’s lips and the two women locked eyes as she pulled her tits away.

“I think you’re girl’s a little naughty.” Eve laughed as she stood over them gyrating and rubbing her bosom.

Josh’s dick was throbbing as he shot a glance at his girlfriend’s face and caught the gleam in her eye as she stared at the woman dancing before them.

“I think you’re right.” He replied as his hands slowly moved over Miranda’s stomach and worked their way up to her chest, softly caressing her bosom as he spoke. “She’s a very naughty girl.”

“Mmm, I like naughty girls.” Eve cooed as she slid he skirt off, turned away from the couple and bending over to give them a full rear view of the tiny thong partitioning her breathtaking ass.

Miranda writhed against her boyfriend as they talked about her. One of Josh’s hands made its way down onto the top of her leg and she immediately parted her legs further, allowing him to creep to her inner thigh. He began to gently slide his index finger up and down, barely making contact with her panties. She let out a low moan as he slowly he began tracing the shape of her pussy with his finger, then gradually began running his finger up and down the outer folds of her lace covered snatch.

Not wanting to be left out of the fun, Eve quickly moved back to her previous position over top of the amorous pair and once again pressed her hands against the firm flesh of her chest. She leaned in to Miranda, her perfect globes inches away from her face.

“Show him how naughty you can be darlin’.” She whispered.

Like a moth to a flame, Miranda instinctively leaned forward, her tongue extending to touch the stripper’s nipple, washing over the sensitive skin as her lips slowly pressed against her breast. She sucked her nipple into her mouth softly, her tongue attacking the flesh as she drew it into her mouth. Eve moaned softly as she arched her body to push more of her bosom into the eager mouth.

“Oh, yes baby.” She groaned as Miranda suddenly wrapped a hand around her tit, squeezing firmly and pushing more into her mouth. “You’re such a naughty little slut.”

Miranda continued to open wide, biting down softly, her tongue probing the nipple as her teeth grabbed more flesh. She growled deeply as Eve reached a hand around the back of her head, pulling her harder fındıkzade escort onto her tit and pushing her breast harder against her mouth. Finally with a deep groan, she pulled away, breaking the lip-lock from her nipple.

“Oh, you dirty little slut.” Eve complimented with a wry smile. “I think you liked that just as much as your boyfriend and I did.” She added with a wink to Josh.

Blushing, Miranda avoided eye contact with her and let of a soft giggle of embarrassment. The stripper was right, she did enjoy it. She could feel the dampness penetrating her thin panties and her own nipples had become pert with arousal, straining against the fabric of her dress.

“What do you think?” Eve continued, her words directed at Josh. “Think she wants me to return the favour?”

“Fuck yeah.” He answered immediately.

Miranda did not even have a chance to say anything in response, as Eve moved in on her like a jungle cat attacking her prey. Her skilled hands manoeuvred their way to the top of Miranda’s dress and the left one tenderly slipped down under the material and began fondling her right breast. Eve gently pinched her nipple and rolled it between her fingers as her playmate began to breathe a bit shallower and arched her back a bit in response. Slowly, Miranda’s dress was eased down inch by inch until both of her enormous tits were finally revealed.

Her nipples were hard and stood out almost and inch. Eve’s eyes traveled up every inch of her breasts as her hands softly cupped them and began to massage the massive globes. Miranda was breathing heavily now and she let out a deep groan as she closed her eyes and enjoyed her tits being kneaded like bread dough.

“Do you want me to suck them?” Eve asked with a whisper.

“Mmm hmm.” Miranda responded in between heavy moans.

“Tell me baby.” Eve encouraged as she shot a playful glance at Josh. “He wants to hear you say it.”

“Mmm…” Miranda sighed, lost in the eroticism of the moment. “Suck my big titties.”

Complying with the request immediately, Eve leaned in and took one of the erect nipples into her mouth. She sucked on it hard, lifting the huge breast with both hands and feeding as much flesh into her mouth as she could. Miranda moaned loudly, grabbing the back of the stripper’s head and pressing her face deep into her tit, trying to fuck the dancer’s mouth with her hard bud. Eve responded by opening her mouth wider as her tongue beat down on the big nipple repeatedly, sending chills racing throughout Miranda’s body.

Eve dropped the massive boob and quickly began to feast on the other one, shoving it into her mouth and instantly beginning to suck and slurp like a starving woman.

“Yes! Oh fuck yes!” Miranda cried out, her voice filling the entire private room. “Suck my big fuckin’ titties!”

Eve’s tongue ravaged her enormous bosom along with her hands. No part of either breast was left untouched by her mouth. Miranda reached down and cupped her big tits, squishing them into her attacker’s face and entrapping her head in between until finally Eve had to come up for air.

“Well,” She exclaimed as she pulled away from the saliva drenched chest. “I think she liked that.”

Miranda was breathing heavily and could not even attempt a response other than a low moan and ear to ear grin of satisfaction.

“I think we all liked that.” Eve continued with another quick, knowing glance at Josh. “I think I know something else we can all enjoy too.”

In the blink of an eye, she was sitting on his lap alongside Miranda, her body half on him and half on his girlfriend. She reached her arms back and wrapped one around each of the couple’s necks, then shot each a fleeting look of pure sex.

“I’m so wet.” She growled to them both and then locked her gaze on Miranda. “Rub my pussy.” She whispered to her and then leaned in and gently kissed her.

Their lips pressed together briefly, just long enough to let their tongues played in each other’s mouths before separating. Eve took hold of Miranda’s hand and slowly guided it over her anxious body and down in between her legs. Without any further prompting, Miranda’s fingers instinctively slipped inside the dancer’s thong.

“Mmm, that’s it baby.” Eve moaned as her new friend’s fingers enjoyed her warmth and wetness. “Fuck my pussy.”

Miranda’s fingers danced over her clit, beşiktaş escort teasing it with each stroke. Her cunt became immediately engorged, opening with excitement as she slowly began to poke a finger into her slit. Eve’s body writhed in agreement as one of her hands took hold of one of Miranda’s still exposed tits. She began to massage her breast and tweak her stiff nipple as Miranda began pumping her finger in and out of her hungry pussy. She fingered her snatch as Eve’s entire body quivered and her hips began to buck against Josh.

“Oh fuck yes.” Eve groaned as her pelvis twitched involuntarily. “Make me come baby.”

Suddenly, Eve switched gears and reached down and took hold of Miranda’s hand, pulling it off her attention starved cunt and leading it up to Miranda’s own lips.

“Show him how much of a dirty slut you are.” Eve whispered to her.

Without hesitation, Miranda sucked in two of her sticky fingers and licked off the stripper’s juices. She could feel the tingle in between her own legs as she tasted the girl and could not help but let out a quiet moan of ecstasy as she pulled her fingers out and shot her hand back down in between Eve’s legs to resume her mission.

Miranda began stroking her clit as Eve’s hips raised to meet her probing fingers. Her back arched and her body stiffened as she felt her pussy muscles tense, sending waves of pleasure flowing through her body.

“Fuck yes.” She squealed as her cunt alternately contracted and relaxed, her juices trickling down her slit as she came. “I’m coming.”

Miranda continued to gently massage her still swollen snatch as Eve spread her legs as wide as she could as she ground her hips into Josh’s leg. Finally her back arched and her final orgasm swept over her, her body spasming uncontrollably as she let out a deep grunt of satisfaction, followed by a sigh of utter contentment.

The trio sat quiet and still for almost a full minute until Eve began to stir. One of her hands cupped Miranda’s breast and began lightly rubbing her nipple with her thumb. Then she turned to Josh.

“Did you like that?” She asked softly.

“Uh huh.” He mumbled in response.

“You want some more?” She replied as her fingers continued to play with his girlfriend’s tit.

“Yes.” He answered as he swallowed hard. “Fuck yes.”

Eve swiftly hopped off her perch on Josh’s lap and pressed her body up against Miranda’s. Slowly, she began to glide down her body, stopping briefly to suck and nibble on her tits before moving down in between her legs. With a devilish grin on her face, she reached in under her dress.

“Tell him what you want baby.” Eve whispered as she began to slide Miranda’s panties to one side.

“Fuck my pussy.” Miranda moaned in response, her body already writhing and hips gyrating in anticipation.

With all the skill of a woman who had done in countless times before, Eve teasingly spread the lips of Miranda’s anxious pussy and began softly licking. Her tongue moved all along her cunt, from bottom to top, and then began flicking against her swollen clit, driving her wild.

“Yes, oh fuck yes.” Miranda squealed in desire as her new lover stuck a finger deep inside her snatch and began to pump in and out.

Josh’s cock was rock hard as he watched his girlfriend moan like he had never heard before, arching her back and grinding her hips as Eve slid a second finger into her pussy. Miranda’s hands alternated between pinching her own nipples and grabbing a handful of the stripper’s hair as she pushed her face harder onto her cunt.

“Oh God, don’t stop!” Miranda cried out as her tongue dove as deep into her pussy as it could go. “Make me come, make me come!”

Eve licked her from the top of her slit all the way down to her ass, pausing at her clit to gently nibble. Miranda squirmed uncontrollably as her tongue swirled her clit and her fingers fucked her pussy relentlessly.

“I’m coming!” Miranda screamed out as her climax began. “Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Yes!” She cried out as the orgasm ripped through her body.

Miranda squeezed her eyes shut as the wave of her earth-shattering explosion finished washing over her.

“Fuck me. Now that is what I call a fuckin’ show.”

Her eyes shot open at the sound of Josh’s voice and she looked down at Eve in between her legs, her face wet with Miranda’s come. Suddenly, the realization of what had just happened hit her and a smile crept over her lips. Though se was not entirely sure how she should feel about what had transpired, Miranda was absolutely certain of one thing. .. this was definitely not the last time she and Josh would be coming to the strip club.

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