Miss Boman Ch. 07

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On a Friday evening in late autumn I went to my father’s office. I should catch a ride home with him and stay the weekend.

In the office corridor I met Miss Anderson seemingly coming from my father’s office. She smiled broadly and quickly looked around. There was no one to be seen. She came close and kissed my cheek.

“Hi Eric, nice to see you. How have you been?” she said and hugged me holding me very close. She nipped my ear and pulled my arms around her. I hugged her as well and let my hands drop down her back. I cupped her tremendous ass as I had done when she left our home last time and squeezed it.

“Yes, we had a good time last, hadn’t we?” She said laughing throatily in my ear.

The nice moment came abruptly to an end. A door opened further away in the corridor and Miss Anderson took a step back. She smiled broadly when she walked away.

Miss Boman was as usual at the outer office. She greeted me warmly as she always did although I didn’t get a hug because other people were around. She told me that father was delayed. He and mother were at a meeting. I had to wait.

“Sit down in his office. Do you want coffee? Yes, all right. I will be back soon.”

I sat down in an easy chair in father’s office. As always when I met Miss Boman I remembered the unforgettable weekend in early summer when she was so utterly kind to me letting me enjoy her as my first woman. We had spent most of a Sunday at a small island with a secluded cove. She had received me into her not only once but several times. I thought about how sweet she had been when introducing me and how lovely her voluptuous body looked and what an incredible experience it had been.

Meeting Miss Anderson also recalled memories of what had happened after Miss Boman. Mother had called in a friend of hers, the sophisticated Mrs. Lundin to teach me more and for me to practice with. She had very eagerly and thoroughly set to work. It turned out that she was very horny and had immensely enjoyed the teaching giving us both a very good time. And I had got a lot of practice exploring all of her body and entering all her openings.

And then there was the weekend when the very experienced and demanding Miss Anderson stayed at our home to work with father. She had been horny and had very straightforward asked me if I wanted to fuck. Which, of course I did. I remembered how sexy she looked and especially her great ass which she liked not only to show but also to get fucked. First I had taken her from behind, her standing on all fours. In the evening when I had accompanied her on a walk in the woods she had wanted to be taken in the ass as a final to a great fucking session. The following morning at the lake I had enjoyed her ass again taking her from behind with her standing up leaning over the wind shelter. It had been a tremendous experience.

Mother had immediately discovered my encounter with Miss Anderson. I had forgotten the used condom which Miss Anderson had ripped off my cock and hung on the wind shelter. When later that day I had remembered it and hurried down to the lake to fetch it mother was already there. She was sunbathing in the nude and had of course found the condom. With amusement she saw me looking for it trying to be casual about it. After a while she had teasingly pulled it out from her pussy where she had stuffed it after putting a few pebble stones in it as well. She demanded that I told her the lot and that we should go to the island for an undisturbed session.

When we got there mother had strolled around in the nude recalling pleasant memories from the past when she and father had used the cove as their playground. She spent a long time at the boulder stroking over the soft moss and leaning over it wriggling her ass invitingly. After a while she lay down and wanted me to lie with my head in her lap and tell the story of Miss Anderson.

It was very comforting lying with the back of my head on her pubic mons. I felt comfortable, proud even, telling mother everything. It took quite some time since she wanted to hear all the details and it got both of us worked up. Mother actually came a couple of times during my telling.

After we had had a picnic lunch she innocently asked if I liked to lick pussy, if I really liked to do it as such she meant. When I said yes she invited me to enjoy myself lending me her pussy. She easily convinced me that it was all right as long as in my mind I thought that it was the pussy of one of the women I had earlier enjoyed that I was licking. As soon as I started to caress her pussy the memories of me doing the same to Miss Boman took over convincing me that it really was Miss Boman I was bringing to several orgasms, the last being a shuddering climax.

I had told and flattered mother several times in the past that she and Miss Boman looked very like and that I often saw the body of Miss Boman when looking at mother’s voluptuous body. Now she asked me if it was Miss Boman I had had in mind and licked so well. From then Ankara bayan escort on mother deliberately made me remember Miss Boman and making sure that her luscious body filled my senses. In retrospect I now realized that she had begun acting already when I licked her, heaving her pelvis, arching her back and moaning and crying out just like Miss Boman used to do.

She took the next step by urging me to tell the story again about how sweetly Miss Boman had seduced me on that very island and all the great fucking that had taken place on that remarkable Sunday. I had told her the story once before and Miss Boman had told her version. She made me remember every detail by asking questions and wanting me to describe our activities in detail. And when I had finished telling she repeated the highlights. We both got very excited.

Mother wanted to tell me about the boulder and how she and father had tailored it to fit them to perfection. Not only did she tell me about it, she also demanded to demonstrate it. She pulled me with her to the boulder and jumped up on the step stones leaning over the boulder wriggling her ass seductively. Then she wanted me to find out for myself that she stood at the absolutely right height for a person my size to mount her. I had to grab her hips and get close to her ass putting my by now erect cock in between her thighs. It scraped through her slit and over her clit. Then she wanted to show the difference standing on the ground which made my cock to poke her ass hole when I grabbed her and got close. Then she climbed up again and leaned over the boulder moving her body and ass as if she accommodated a man spearing her. She acted so well pretending to be Miss Boman that it was no doubt in my mind that she had come back to the island.

In the end we couldn’t resist to fuck. And what a fuck it had been. Violent at first leading to her first great orgasm, tenderly for a while and then she had used every trick she knew how to use her pussy to make it pleasant for me. We had come together in a shuddering orgasm that was the great climax of a long time of building up the excitement. We were exhausted and drained afterwards.

I had thought that it would end there. But no. Mother had other plans. She kept on acting and pretending to be Miss Boman and I was more than willing to play along. I had longed so much for Miss Boman, her exuberant spirit and voluptuous body.

After taking a swim and a bite from the picnic basket mother had pushed me down to lie on my back. She caressed my body with her breasts ending to let them surround my cock. After a while she replaced the breasts with her hands and mouth to get me in battle condition. Of course she succeeded. Miss Boman-pretending-to-be was very skilful and eager.

When I was hard she mounted me and impaled herself on my cock. She started to ride, gently at first then more wildly until she came. She sat down on me for a while then resumed her riding. I grabbed her breasts squeezing them and pinching her nipples. The past and the present floated together and it was Miss Boman riding me again just like she had done that great Sunday.

Miss Boman-pretending-to-be rode my cock for quite a long time coming herself now and then. It was lovely to hear her moan and scream when she came. She was also careful not to bring me to my point of no return by calming down and making pauses when needed. But she wasn’t too cruel. When she felt that it was unbearable for me she forgot herself and made it very pleasurable for me. When I started to come she sat down hard on me and let her pussy muscles ripple along my cock milking me and making my seed rush forcefully deep into her pussy. I guess she came herself, at least her scream lasted a long time and she collapsed on top of me.

Afterwards we had another swim and some more to eat. “Fucking always makes me hungry,” Miss Boman-pretending-to-be said smilingly when she lay back contentedly. “Come, I want to have you close,” she called and made me lie alongside her. After a while she pulled my hand to her breast and wanted to be caressed. She sighed happily when I did. “Explore me,” she whispered hoarsely. “Explore my depths,” she panted after a while and pushed my hand down her body.

I took my time caressing her belly and upper thighs before I put my finger where her slit starts. A spasm went through her body when the finger trailed down her moist slit and pressed against the hard ridge that was blocking the slit. She moaned of pleasure when I gently massaged it before going further down hooking the finger to get into the pussy. Her pelvis heaved meeting my finger. I put another finger into her. She put her hand over mine to make me stay inside her pressing hard and rocking slightly back and forth. Her back arched when she came, crying out happily.

Miss Boman-pretending-to-be pushed me down on my back and leaned over me grabbing my semi hard cock. “You will get hard again, surely you will?” she said grinning broadly. “Let me help you. I just love to Escort bayan Ankara feel it grow,” she said and took all of my cock into her mouth. She sucked it to full hardness easing it out bit by bit as it hardened. I relaxed and had a good time. It felt lovely to get so skillfully sucked. Lacily I caressed the lovely dangling breasts and pinched the big nipples to hardness.

Suddenly Miss Boman-pretending-to-be let my cock pop out of her mouth. She looked proudly at her successful work and smiled lustily. With a throaty laugh she flung herself down on the ground and lay flat on her back.

“Come, come to me, explore my depths with your mighty tool, come to me like you did the first time,” she called throatily. She reached out for me and spread her legs. It was Miss Boman, just the way she looked when I was allowed to enter her for the first time.

I quickly moved to kneel between her spread thighs. Miss Boman-pretending-to-be raised her knees and grabbed my cock steering it to the right place. She cried out of delight when the cock head entered her hole. “Yes, that’s right. Push, push hard,” she panted and her pelvis heaved to meet my first thrust. “. . . Yes. . . Oh yes . . . yes,” she cried out when she eagerly met me.

Once fully inside her pussy I stretched out letting her carry my full weight. It was lovely to lay on top of her soft body with the cock fully engulfed by her pussy. I remembered it very clearly from the first time, the lovely, sweet feeling of the warm and smooth pussy holding my cock in a firm but yet soft grip.

“Yes, that’s right, take your time to enjoy the feel of my pussy. Lovely isn’t it? And it can get even better. How do you like this?” She purred. Her pussy muscles started to work, slow and gentle to start with but soon with more strength. The muscles flexed hard around my cock then loosened the grip to start to ripple along the shaft instead. It felt lovely to lay totally relaxed and be worked on like that.

Eventually she got impatient and heaved her pelvis under me. She grabbed my hips and urged me to start moving. Her pussy changed its grip. She wanted to get fucked.

And fuck we did. In a blink I lifted myself up from her body. The only part that connected us was my cock in her pussy. I fucked her with long hard strokes with a twitch in the end that made her grunt each time when I bottomed out in her. But soon the grunts were replaced by cries and she moaned in between. Suddenly she flung her legs around my waist and held me so tight that I couldn’t move much. I just pressed myself hard into her grinding my body against her. She came violently crying out loud.

She didn’t want to rest for long. She moved her legs up on my shoulders which were something new to me. It gave a very different feeling fucking her upturned pussy. I started out slow and gently increasing speed and force in line with her moans and cries. She came again in a shuddering climax with a long lasting high pitch cry.

When she had regained her composure she lay flat out on the ground.

“Well done, very well done. I loved that. Now relax and let me do the work. I want to show you what a pussy can do. Much better than the ass,” she said laughing throatily. She had said earlier that she couldn’t understand why men liked to take women in the ass when women had the pussy that was a much better tool for giving pleasure. She pulled me down to lie flat over her again. “Yes, yes that’s right. Oh my goodness, you are heavy. But I love to be pinned down and to have your weight on me. Yes, oh yes and to have that strong hard cock in my pussy. . . Relax and watch this.” She chatted on while she got us in the position she wanted.

Her pussy muscles set to work slow and easy to start with but getting stronger all along. There were many variations from gripping hard all along, to gripping only parts, to rippling along the shaft. She hadn’t exaggerated. She really could use her pussy as a tool for giving pleasure.

I just lay stretched out on top of her totally relaxed except for my cock that got such a lovely treatment. It wasn’t relaxed. On the contrary. It responded to her doings by swelling and getting harder. She purred of delight when she felt it and increased her efforts. Eventually I felt the familiar tingling in my loins which she also picked up. She wriggled a little under me adjusting her position for the coup de grace. Suddenly there was no way to stop. Her muscles rippled lovely along my cock milking it hard and I came in her with several strong bursts. When my seed splashed into her she cried out herself and heaved under me arching her back making me slid even deeper inside her. She kept her back arched lifting me up until her orgasm was over then she fell down.

I stayed on top of her feeling very contented but eventually she rolled me off her. I lay down and must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remembered was that mother, no Miss Boman-in-my-mind, was strolling along the water line looking very refreshed. Bayan escort Ankara She noticed that I was awake and moved very graciously towards me. She was lovely to watch with her voluptuous curvy body, breasts and ass bouncing nicely when she quickened her steps.

She stood at my side looking down at me smiling broadly. Her body looked very nice even from underneath.

“So, you are awake. Did you have a good nap? If I could understand why men always get sleepy after a good fuck? That was what we had, didn’t we? Well, don’t lie there all day will you. Get up and walk me around this lovely place.” She chatted as always being in a very good mood.

We started to stroll around and she snuggled close to me pulling my arm around her. Maybe she meant to place it around her waist but somehow it ended with my hand on her ass cheek. She laughed contentedly when I squeezed it and took no action whatsoever to place it somewhere else.

We walked around for a while but the boulder must have had a strong attraction to her because she steered us to get closer and closer to it until we again stood in front of the tailor made place. She couldn’t stop herself from climbing up on the step stones and lean over the boulder and stroke her breasts through the soft moss on top. She wriggled her hips lustily but I hadn’t recovered enough to be able to accept the invitation. I slapped her ass teasingly though but that only increased her inviting wriggles.

Instead I walked around to the opposite side of the boulder which was completely covered by the soft moss. It was chest high on that side and I looked directly into the eyes of mother who still was leaning over the boulder rubbing her breasts in the moss. She smiled at me. I told her about what I thought was a great possibility. A big grin spread over her face telling that she took it in immediately.

“Oh yes, by all means. Why haven’t I seen that possibility in the past? It must be just great.” She looked inquiringly at me. “You want to try it? Oh yes, I will be more than happy to contribute my pussy again. Oh my goodness, yes, let’s do it,” she said hoarsely.

Without further hesitation she climbed up on the boulder. She had some trouble getting there but with a little help she soon was in the position I had thought should be perfect. And it was. She was lying on her back on top of the boulder with the ass at the edge in front of me. The boulder sloped slightly down towards the other side and her head was lower than her ass. The edge was wide enough to give support for her feet which she soon found out planting them wide apart with her knees raised. Her pussy was just in front of me at the exact right height and wide open.

“Well, am I positioned to your liking? Is this how you want me?” She asked giggling moving her ass around to get comfortable. “Well, if it is I suggest that you dig in.”

And I did. I looked at her for a while gently caressing as much of her body as I could reach. I moved close to her pussy and breathed hot air which made her shiver. Then I dug in licking and sucking from her clit to her ass hole. I flicked the clit thoroughly at each turn, probed her cunt when passing and stuck my tongue into her ass hole when down there. It didn’t take long until she acknowledged my doings with different cries and grunts depending on where I was licking and probing.

Suddenly her back arched and she had only the feet and shoulders against the boulder. She cried out and shivered violently. I held her with a firm grip around her hips and probed deep into her ass hole as that was where my tongue happened to be at that moment. She kept arching her back for quite a while but moved in rhythm with my licking making her pussy meet my tongue. After some time of that she cried out even higher and fell back down getting limp. I stopped licking thinking that she had had enough.

“No, no for heavens sake don’t stop. Go on. Lick my cunt. Lick my clit, get into my ass,” she cried out urging me to go on. And of course I did. It was very comfortable to have her pussy at the right level and angle, no strain at all in the neck.

Well, to make a long story short I licked her for quite a while and she came screaming highly several times arching her back now and then or putting her legs over my shoulders banging her feet into my back.

But eventually she had had enough. Her cries got weaker and suddenly she closed her legs pushing me away. Her legs slid down the side of the boulder and hung limply.

“Oh Eric my darling come to me,” I heard her call. I couldn’t see her face, it was too low. I walked around and her beaming eyes met me. Gravity made her breasts to be pushed upwards and she held her arms along the sides to keep them together. They looked fantastic and I couldn’t resist climbing up on the step stones and lean down to kiss them. The nipples hardened again when I sucked them. I extended my caresses to her lower body standing close to her on the stones.

She sighed deeply and suddenly I felt her lips engulf my limp cock. She took it in as deep as it would go sucking and licking. I guess she got a little disappointed that I didn’t get hard from her lovely treatment. She let go of my cock and sucked on my balls instead, very nice and gentle.

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