Missionary Mother and Me Ch. 05

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You may want to read any of the other chapters you missed before reading this one since this is a continuing story about my missionary mother, our house girl and other going-ons. If you are offended by the nature of this story then please don’t read it, but it is true to how Zimbabwe was in the 1950’s and 60’s and it is true that missionaries are not all pure. I also offer my apologies for the bad editing which is solely my fault.


Rose and I had both heard what mom had said. How could I have continued to call her Mother after she sucked on my dick as long as she did and let me cum in her mouth and continued playing with the head of my cock even after I had cum? (Found the previous story.) We both ignored what she said and that night Rose took me to something I will never forget. I can’t remember what they called it, but it was amazing and mom did not interrupt this party.

I followed Rose to a small clearing in the bush were Emma and her husband Joe were waiting with Rita. Emma and Joe were a married couple who worked Porno 64

for the mission doctor and his wife. Rita worked as the house girl at the home the white nurses lived in on the mission.

Joe was a big muscular man and because the three of them were naked when Rose and I got there I could also tell he was very well endowed. He was not fully erect, but his manhood was semi-hard and hanging long over his big balls. Emma was not tall, but she was all African. She had bigger breasts than mom and wider hips too. Her butt shined in the light of the moon and it looked like it had been greased down with something.

Rita was a tiny girl with light skin. She looked almost white. Her breasts were small and her butt was nearly flat. Her vagina barely had lips. She was kind of funny looking standing there by Emma and Joe.

Rose and I stripped naked. I was already hard from looking at Emma. She saw I was looking at her and she walked over to me and took my cock in her hand and said to me in a soft voice, “Don’t Konulu Porno worry it will feel good before we are done.”

There were two blankets laid out on both sides of a small fire. A pot of water was on the fire. Emma had Rose and Rita lie down on the two blankets. Then she told them to spread their legs wide. What happened next still makes my cock get hard when I think about it and that was years ago.

Joe got between Rita’s legs first and after lathering his hands up with soap he covered her entire pubic area with soap suds. He had to keep telling her to lie still because she was squirming and moaning. His wife was there helping. I looked hard at Emma’s pussy and was as clean as the day she was born. Joe must have already soaped up her pussy area and shaved it clean just like he was going to do to Rita’s if they could keep her still enough to shave her tender spot. She was not helping with all the moving she was doing. Rose had sat up on her blanket to see what was going on. I walked over to stand Porno İndir by her. She took the opportunity to grab my cock. I was grateful because I was going to have to if she didn’t.

When Joe got Rita soaped up Emma sat down on her just above her pelvic area to hold her still and Joe started shaving her. He made sure he pulled and touched everything as he did it. He even put his fingers deep into her and also pushed a wet finger up her asshole. The girl was making a lot of noise and the more she made the harder Rose pumped my cock.

Then it was Rose’s turn. As Rose was being shaved Emma did not need to hold her down. She just laid back and spread wide for Joe. Emma decided it was a good time to teach Rita how to suck cock so the two of them worked on mine. Emma was good. Not as good as mom, but better than my hand or Rose. Her big lips felt like heaven and with hers and Rita’s both it was not long until my eight and ½ inch cock pulsed out its cum in long strings all over the two black faces in front of it.

After Joe finished shaving Rose he fucked Rita with his black snake which I thought at the time would rip the girl wide open. I sunk my resurrected cock into Emma with Rose licking at my balls and asshole as I fucked Emma. Now you know why I still dream about black pussy.

To be continued.

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