Missy – Day 17

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Day Seventeen

Wednesday morning I watched as Hannah reached up to get a book off the top shelf in her locker and winced.

“You ok?” I asked her.

She nodded and sighed wearily. “Just sore.”

I made a sympathetic sound and rubbed my hand up and down her arm. “Rough day yesterday?”

“Yeah, I just hope Mr. Peterson lets us actually study.”

Hannah shoved her book into her backpack and carefully secured the bag on her back. We fell into step together down the corridor toward study hall.

I snorted. “You know he’s going to pick someone to ‘mentor.’ Now that so many of us are eligible he’s like a kid in a candy store.”

Hannah blew a raspberry and rubbed her forehead. “He’s ‘mentored’ me once a week for the last month. You, however, have yet to get any ‘special tutoring.’ I don’t know why he picks on me so much.”

We paused outside the classroom door, hesitant to go in until absolutely necessary.

I rolled my eyes. “Stop complaining whiny pants. Some of us would love his attention right now,” I said, squirming a little. My clitty was eager for some petting.

Hannah’s eyebrows drew together in confusion. “You haven’t been fucked yet today?”

I shook my head quickly to disagree with her. “No no, I have. But I want more and his cock always looks yummy.”

Hannah giggled and reached out to twist my nipple. “Little whore,” she teased.

I laughed with her and as the warning bell rang, we walked in to take our seats. Sure enough, Mr. Peterson was already unbuckling his belt next to his desk.

I raised my eyebrows in her direction, shooting her a ‘told ya so’ look.

“Good afternoon everyone,” Mr. Peterson greeted us as the class settled.

I took my math assignment out to work on and looked up as he continued speaking.

“I thought I’d try something different today for my mentoring selection,” he shared, unzipping his pants. “If everyone could please stand?”

The fifteen or so of us in class all silently stood, chairs scraping harshly against the floor. You could see the confused looks on everyone’s faces at his strange direction. He cupped himself through the thin material of his boxers, already hard. My mouth watered and I tugged on the hem of my skirt as I awkwardly stood next to my desk. I hoped he’d pick me today.

“Excellent. If everyone could bend over their desks please? Ladies, skirts up, panties down. Gentlemen pants down and ass bared.”

Small mutterings of surprise and trepidation echoed around the room as everyone did as he asked. I fidgeted nervously, my bare bottom covered in goosebumps from the cool air of the classroom. I peeked over to look at Mr. Peterson, happy to find that he had pulled his cock out and was casually running his hand up and down its impressive length.

Hannah and I were seated by the windows on the far side of the room. I preferred the front row and Hannah sat behind me. Mr. Peterson walked to the row farthest from us by the door and stood next to one of the desks. Michael, a player from the football team, was bent over, his jock strap riding low just above his ass, the white bulge between his thighs barely visible.

“Have you cum today Michael?” Mr. Peterson asked.

“Yes sir,” Michael said, his head hanging low over the desk.

“And have you been fucked yet?”

“Yes sir,” Michael said, hissing when he felt Mr. Peterson’s hand on his ass cheek.

“Were you the top or the bottom?”

“Bottom sir,” he shared and my mouth popped open in surprise. It was no secret that most of our classmates swung both ways, sex was sex after all. But to have one of our macho football players be a bottom? My pussy clenched at the delicious thought.

“Excellent,” Mr. Peterson said, giving Michael’s ass a loving caress before he moved around so that his cock was in front of Michael’s face. “Suck me,” he ordered.

Michael’s face showed his surprise, but he quickly recovered, opening his mouth wide for Mr. Peterson. The first suck had Mr. Peterson groaning and fisting Michael’s hair hard.

“Not too much boy, just get me wet enough for your ass,” Mr. Peterson explained.

Michael garbled “yes sir” around the fat cock in his mouth and within a minute, Mr. Peterson’s cock was shiny with spit.

Mr. Peterson patted Michael on the cheek and pulled his cock away from Michael’s now eager lips. “Good boy, that’s enough.”

He walked around to Michael’s bare ass and looked up at the class.

“I’m going to fuck each of you anally today.” He paused, waiting for the murmured reactions to his statement to quiet down before continuing. “I’m going to ask you a question around a subject you’re currently struggling in. If you’re able to give me the right answer, I’ll move on to the next person and you can have a free period for the rest of the week. If you’re not able to answer the question correctly, you’ll be fucked until I cum and you’ll try again the next day. Anyone I’m unable to fuck everyone today I will start with where I left off tomorrow. It would benefit you and your classmates to answer your question Beşiktaş escort as quickly and accurately as possible. Understand?”

“Yes sir,” echoed through the class. I was going to get fucked AND have a free period for the rest of the week? Yes sir! was more like it. I wiggled my bottom in anticipation. Since I would be last I knew it was unlikely he could make his way around all the way to me in one period, but I was still excited that it MIGHT happen.

“Now,” Mr. Peterson started, pulling apart Michael’s bottom cheeks. “I understand you’re having difficulty with math.”

“Yes si–ahhh,” Michael groaned as Mr. Peterson pressed his cock into his ass.

“Shh shh,” Mr. Peterson soothed, patting the boy’s side reassuringly. “I’m smaller than Coach Rigby, you can take me.”

Michael nodded and grit his teeth. After a few moments, Mr. Peterson’s balls rested against the back of Michael’s fabric covered ones.

“Now, in order to determine if treatment X is successful in improving eyesight, a research study was conducted from a large population of people with poor eyesight. Three hundred participants were selected at random. Half of the participants…” Mr. Peterson rambled on with the complex math question as his hips pulled back and forth into Michael.

I watched, mesmerized by the ripple of Michael’s ass cheeks as Mr. Peterson fucked into him from behind. The slick slide of dick in an ass could be heard in the almost silent room. The only other thing you could hear after Mr. Peterson finished the question was their harsh breathing. Michael close his eyes, his face scrunched in concentration.

“It’s um,” breathed Michael. “I um–” he stopped speaking to moan loudly as Mr. Peterson adjusted his angle, and based on Michael’s response, hit Michael’s prostate with each stroke.

“That’s it,” Mr. Peterson grunted. “Give it to me.”

His hips slapped against the now damp skin of Michael’s behind.

“Treatment X is likely to improve the eyesight of people who have poor eyesight!” Michael yelled.

With a wet slurp Mr. Peterson immediately pulled his cock out of Michael’s ass. I watched his stretched hole gape for a moment and then Michael stood, adjusting his pants back up. He quickly gathered his things and when he turned I could see wet spot on the front of his pants. Apparently his dick really liked getting fucked.

“Have a nice rest of your week,” Mr. Peterson called out, lining up his dick with the next student’s mouth. “Lube me up,” he said to Sarah.

Apparently Sarah didn’t mind ass to mouth as she slurped his cock down quickly, coming back up to lick his crown eagerly. After a moment, he pulled his hips back, his cock making a satisfied pop out of her mouth as he did. Without a word he walked around to line himself up with her back hole and pressed in steadily.

“Uuuugh,” Sarah groaned at the penetration.

Mr. Peterson chuckled at her response but didn’t relent.

“Your physics teacher shared you’re not doing well in lab this year,” he said, balls bouncing off her pussy as he fucked into her. “Explain to me the difference between centripetal acceleration and centrifugal force?”

Sarah stammered for a few moments, her knuckles turning white as she grabbed the edge of her desk to hold on against the force of his thrusts. She rambled an answer, stopping every few words to moan and push back against Mr. Peterson.

“That’s a good girl,” he murmured, running a hand up her back to hold her in place. He gave her a few more hard thrusts that had her squealing and then abruptly stepped back. “Enjoy your day.”

Her asshole winked once and then she stood, smoothing down her skirt and pulling up her panties. “Thank you Mr. Peterson,” she said quietly.

Mr. Peterson moved through the rest of the row without issue. The longer I watched the depravity, the wetter my pussy grew. At this rate he might just make it through the whole class during this double period if everyone kept getting the answers correct.

He was halfway through when he approached Suzy, holding his cock out to her mouth expectantly. She hesitated a moment and then licked the tip gently.

Impatient and with his cock bobbing on its own from being edged for so long, Mr. Peterson grabbed a fist full of her long hair. He shoved his dick into her mouth roughly making her eyes well up with tears as she gagged. Ever the trooper, Suzy let him fuck her mouth roughly without complaint. Satisfied that he was sufficiently lubed he pulled out of her mouth and gave her a mild slap on the face.

“Mr. Peterson can you please fuck my pussy?” she asked meekly as he nudged her asshole with his cockhead.

He paused for a moment and considered. “Does your card say your ass is off limits?” he asked.

You needed a permission slip from a parent and signed by a doctor to be fucked at school – one for each hole – and not every student had one.

She shook her head sadly and mumbled, “I don’t like anal.”

He laughed evilly and used his large hands to spread her ass cheeks so Beşiktaş escort bayan the thin skin between them stretched painfully wide. “Not my problem,” he said dryly and pressed his cock into her.

She cried out as her ass reluctantly parted for him. “Please!”

Annoyed by her whining he slapped her ass hard, the red imprint of his hand vivid against her pale skin. “Relax and take it!” he barked.

She whimpered as he sunk his length into her, her ass stretched taut around his considerable girth.

“Now, tell me true or false – salts containing ions of phosphate are generally insoluble in cold water.”

Before Suzy could take a breath to answer Mr. Peterson fisted the long length of her brown hair, wrapping it around his wrist to yank her head back toward him. A cruel smirk on his face, Mr. Peterson rode her ass hard, slamming himself balls deep in her asshole with each thrust.

Suzy’s mouth fell open but no sound came from her, one tear sliding down her cheek as she silently took his dick.

The rest of the remaining class watched her get brutally fucked and more than one rogue hand was rubbing a pussy or cock as they stared.

My hand snuck between my own two legs to rub my aching clit, memories of when Daddy fucked my ass the first time flowing through my brain. I remembered the burning pain his cock had inflicted and the overpowering orgasm he had forced from my body. Rubbing my own clit gave me an idea.

“Rub your clit,” I whispered out loud.

Suzy’s now dull eyes didn’t even blink at my suggestion.

“True,” grunted Mr. Peterson as he slammed into Suzy. “Or,” Grunt. “False?!”

“Rub your clit,” I said again, a little louder this time.

Suzy blinked, focusing a little.

“It’ll help,” Hannah added and a few of the other students nodded eagerly in agreement.

As her body jolted and shuddered from the harsh, repetitive impact, Suzy slid her hand between her thighs.

“Atta girl,” Hannah encouraged was we watched her fingers fly over her little bud. “Give that pearl a good rub.”

“Oh fuck yes,” groaned Mr. Peterson as he held himself deep within her. “Milk that cock.”

“Don’t let him cum!” Hannah said quickly. “Answer him before he cums!”

Suzy moaned as her hand worked frantically between her thighs. I understood the fine line between pleasure and pain all too well and based on how her asshole was greedily spasming around Mr. Peterson’s cock, Suzy was about to cum.

“True!” she screamed, her body shaking as she orgasmed.

Mr. Peterson ripped his cock out of her, the back of his shirt drenched in sweat from how roughly he was riding her. His cock was angry and almost purple in color, his balls drawn up close under his body. From what I knew from seeing Daddy’s cock, he was seconds away from cumming.

Suzy stayed bent over her desk panting for a few minutes. Her once pink and pretty asshole was swollen and gaped a little from the rough fucking, but her pussy below it was dripping down her inner thighs.

We made eye contact and when she mouthed “thank you” I gave her a thumbs up.

Mr. Peterson was breathing heavily a few steps behind the next student, giving himself a moment to calm down before he fucked another asshole.

Once he was ready and Suzy had gotten herself together to leave the classroom, he continued fucking the next two students. Impressively, each were able to answer the question within just a few strokes. It was amazing what kind of motivation a rough fucking up the ass could be for some students.

Soon, it was Hannah’s turn. She glanced over her shoulder at me nervously.

“Well well well, what do we have here?” Mr. Peterson crooned, smoothing his hands over her backside. “Hannah banana, my favorite student.”

Hannah winced as he spread her cheeks and I gasped at the state of her poor little asshole. It was purple in color and bruised, cum leaking out from its not quite closed state. I knew she said she was sore, but damn.

“Tsk tsk,” Mr. Peterson mocked. “A dirty little anal slut is in my class.”

“Mr. Peterson–” Hannah started.

“Shh,” he stopped her. “We both know how this is going to go.”

Her forehead fell in defeat onto her desk. “Yes Mr. Peterson.”

“Now, before I fuck this disgusting, messy hole, tell me how your ass ended up like this.”

“Yes sir,” she whispered and started to tell her tale.


“I can’t take anymore,” I whimpered, feeling the long deep stroke of his cock in my ass from behind. I felt more than heard his chuckle against my body.

“That’s not up to you,” he said arrogantly and pressed his cock through the bend in my ass again, so deep it sent a painful ripple through my body.

“Ugh!” I grunted and fisted my hands in the sheets.

“How many loads?” he asked me calmly.

I did the math in my head. Each of my Uncles had unloaded in me twice, and my Dad had three times. Johnny had come three times so far and was working on a fourth. That man had incredible recuperation and stamina skills.

“Fourteen Escort beşiktaş Johnny,” I groaned, feeling more of the loads leak out of my ass as he pumped lazily in and out of me. My thighs were coated in it and my ass felt raw after taking their anal train all day.

They didn’t care that I had my period and that Mom was away for the weekend on business, they still wanted a hole to fuck. With my mouth and ass the only ones available, they had made me take it exclusively up the ass. It wasn’t the first time they had done this to me, and based on the way they loved it, I was sure it wouldn’t be.

“Fourteen huh?” he asked. “I dunno if I can give you that fifteenth load with your ass being as loose as it is.”

Shame filled me even as my tired clit throbbed. Although I enjoyed sex in all its forms and actually loved anal, to have my asshole be so useless because it had been fucked out was a level of slutiness I had never reached before. Fifteen loads in my ass in one day would be a new record they forced on me. I didn’t know if I should be proud, turned on or disgusted. Maybe all three?

“You can use my pussy if you don’t mind the mess,” I suggested quickly. I had fallen in love with Johnny and didn’t want to disappoint him. My teenage heart couldn’t take the heartbreak if he wasn’t satisfied with me.

He laughed softly against my back. “You know I don’t mind riding the crimson wave baby, but that’s not the point of today’s exercise.”

“Okay,” I said weakly, loving the way his big ball sac slapped against my wet pussy. “I’m sorry.”

“I want you to take my fist up your ass while I fuck your throat,” he whispered darkly in my ear.

My eyes shot open and my body went stiff.

“Johnny–” I started to protest.

“Shhh,” he said calmly, pressing my head back down onto the bed.

“But I’ve never–” I tried again.

“I know baby and you’re going to love it,” he soothed, still long dicking me. “Your ass is nice and open. You’re ready for it.”

I stayed silent and tried to squeeze my anal ring around his cock. If I could make him cum with just my bottom hole maybe he’d forget about his horrifying idea.

With as used and abused my asshole was, I was barely able to flutter it around his girth.

“I feel what you’re trying to do baby and while I appreciate the effort, it’s just reinforcing my point that you’re ready for my big fist up this ass,” he said, fucking into me harder to prove his point.

I whimpered and held onto the bed.

“You love a fist in your pussy,” he crooned in my ear.

I nodded weakly.

“You’re going to love it wrecking your ass as you choke around my dick.”

I closed my eyes in defeat and groaned as he reached around a pinched my nipple.

“Tell me you want your ass fisted,” he demanded, his hips slamming into me.

“I-ugh-fuck,” I panted. “I want my ass fisted.”

He grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled my head back painfully to whisper in my ear. “Good girl,” he said.

A few strokes later he pulled out, slapping my ass hard enough to make me fall over.

“Lay back,” Johnny directed and when I did he dove his head between my legs.

At the warm and wet lick of his tongue I moaned and spread my legs, happy to let him soothe my aching holes.

After a moment, Johnny chuckled and grabbed my ankle. “Come on little whore, be a good girl and get on your side.”

He pulled me into place so I was curled on my side. His rough, calloused hand ran soothingly across my hips.

“You’re going to love this,” he murmured.

“Johnny please,” I begged.

He roughly grabbed my chin and held my gaze. “You love me?”

I nodded eagerly.

“Then you’ll take my fist where I tell you.”

“Yes Johnny,” I said meekly.

He kissed me hard on the lips and then pulled away to kneel by my side, his hard cock pressed tight up against his belly.

When I felt his hand on the back of my thighs I sucked in a deep breath, bracing myself for what was coming. I had taken a fist up my pussy many many times and even though it had been a little painful each time, the thick girth of it against my g-spot made me cum so hard I often passed out. Usually though it was a smaller, female hand. Johnny loved watching me be fisted and I enjoyed it as well, but today would be different. Today would be a first for me. Not only would it be in my ass, but his fist was much larger than any I had ever taken.

“Here we go baby,” Johnny murmured rubbing the tip of his fingers against my dripping pussy hole to lube them up.

All too soon he was pressing them against my back hole, mercilessly pushing them into me.

“Fuuuuuck,” I cried out, my voice rough from screaming all day.

He sunk three fingers fast and deep into my rectum, fucking into me so hard my ass cheeks jiggled with the impact. After a little while he slid them out and spread me open. I could feel the cool air of the room inside me. It was an unnerving sensation.

“Fuck Hannah, look at you gape,” Johnny said in awe, his other hand on his cock now giving it a squeeze.

The deeply deposited cum in my ass combined with my dripping pussy made it a sloppy and loud fingering. The nasty squelching of my ass being finger fucked filled the room. As tired and sore as I was, the lewdness of the act made my clit throb.

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