Molly and Me and the Bikers

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Molly and Me Part II

Note; Read Molly and Me for the first part of this story.

So my girlfriend Molly and I had just finished fucking when we head the rumblings of motorcycles. It came from the big parking lot.

Molly is my DD girlfriend who together with her friends, Cathy in particular, like to go to bars, strut their stuff, get free drinks and then bail out on the now excited guys in the bar. Molly would call me and then I would go and pick up her and if her partner, usually the aforementioned Cathy, didn’t cull out a stud for herself, take the two home. I would get to suck and fuck Molly, but never touched her friends.

Cathy was a particularly wild one, another DD like Molly but taller. Both are hot blondes and so in a bar, they were a stunning pair. Both are good lookers, Molly having the cuter face in my opinion, but on her, those DD tits stood out like giant beach balls. People ask me if they’re real and due to my vast experience in groping, sucking, licking, and fucking those marvelous globes, I reassure them that they are all natural. Inherited I would say, because Molly’s Mom Betty has identical big tits. I don’t have the same practical hands-on experience with Betty, but she has stuffed them into my face often enough for me to see that they are the same size as Molly’s.

Molly has told me that her Mom would do me anytime, but that’s another story.

So Molly and the other DD hot blond Cathy were in this bar this Saturday afternoon, getting everyone excited, when Molly calls me and we ended up here screwing. We left Cathy still shooting pool against five large biker dudes.

Molly and I left, much to the chagrin of the bar patrons, in my little red sports car and went to this little park. This particular spot has a clearing with a picnic table, a couple of benches and a large tree trunk lying along the ground. Since it is away from the main parking lot, the lake and the larger picnic areas, it never sees any traffic and never any other hikers.

Molly and I were beneath this large pine tree, hidden away under its great ground-sweeping branches, hidden from sight of the trail and the picnic area when we heard the sounds of the motorcycles.

I had just finished cumming for the second time, this time between Molly’s wonderful tits, when we heard approaching voices. The five bikers from the bar swept into the clearing, dragging a very willing Cathy with them.

It wasn’t seconds before her top was on the ground, her bra off and the larger of the bikers, Curly if I remembered what Molly had called him, had his pants down around his ankles and his dick in between Cathy’s globes.

Molly huddled up next to me, completely naked and staring at the scene not twenty feet away.

Things were happening very quickly around the picnic table. A blanket was spread out on top and so was Cathy. Beer bottles appeared and two were drinking beer as the other three took on Cathy. Curly pulled his dick from between her tits and lifted her onto the table, taking her shorts and g-string off as he did.
He immediately got between her legs and stuck his dick into her pussy. The other two dropped their pants and quickly Cathy had a dick in each hand as Curly pumped in and out of her. The two beer drinkers stripped off their clothes and one tilted Cathy’s head down over the edge of the table.

He stuck his dick into her and from our spot, peering through the pine boughs, we both could see her throat expand as he shoved his dick in and out of her mouth. The last nude biker sat on the tree trunk stroking his dick. She was taking on four of them at the same time.

One of the guys,holding his beer while she was stroking his dick, started to tug on one of her nipples. Her nipples were long and sticking straight out from her boobs. Curly was pumping in and out or her pussy and he reached up with a free hand and started to pull on the other nipple.

The guy at her head, he had a red bandanna around his head, started to jerk and it looked like he was coming down her throat. He held her head still as Curly was still pumping in and out levent escort and raised his face up to the sky. He was cumming alright and cumming gallons down her throat.

His steadying her head caused her boobs to bounce up and down with every one of Curly’s strokes. Bandanna guy was slipping out of her mouth and heading over to the tree log. One of the guys getting his cock stroked went over to her mouth and stuffed his cock into it. He would thrust in and out, this time her right cheek expanding with each inward stroke. It didn’t take long before Curly was grunting into her, obviously cumin and the guy at her mouth was jerking at the same time.

Curly pulled out and went over to get a beer. The guy on her right side took his cock from her hand and headed for her pussy. He picked her up by wrapping his massive arms under her legs and I could see him stick his cock all the way into her cunt. He stroked in and out a few times and then lifted her off him.

He then positioned his cock at her rear and lowered her onto his cock, shoving it up her asshole.

I could feel Molly’s hand tighten around my arm, digging her nails into my flesh. I almost cried out and so did she as Cathy screamed that it was too much. Ass-fucker kept stroking in and out as the other guy pumped in and out of her mouth.

Ass-fucker picked her up from the table, dropping the cock out of her mouth and carried her over to the log, still stuck onto his dick. He dropped her onto Curly’s lap and Curly stuck his dick into her pussy as she came down hard onto the two dicks, now one in her ass and the other in her pussy. The guy who was getting his cock sucked stuck his dick back into her mouth and now she had three dicks pumping her.

Bandana guy came over and took her hand and wrapped it around his cock, getting her to stroke it.

The fifth guy, the other one sitting on the log stroking his dick came over and rotated Cathy’s chest towards him, pulling the cock out of her mouth. I saw the white spunk spurt from the guy’s cock as it slipped out of Cathy’s mouth indicating that the had come too. Log-sitter still had his jacket on and obviously was now tit-fucking Cathy, but all we could see was her back as she was bounced up and down on the two cocks.

The guy who just had the blow-job pulled his jeans up and announced that he was going for a pee.

Just then the two pummeling her ass and pussy must have cum because they jerked up in unison and yelled out what a great piece of ass she was. They lifted her up and pulled their cocks out of her and laid her on her back on the table.

The titty-fucker walked over to the table and when he turned to line his dick up with Cathy’s cunt we could see that he had on a big leather jacket reading Union MC on the back. When turned to head toward her pussy, we could now see that he had a massive cock. It must have been ten inches long and three inches fat. He could hardly get his hand around it.

Molly turned to me with pain in her eyes, I remembered her experience with her ex she whispered, “telephone-pole cock.”

We turned back to see telephone pole guy stuff his cock up her pussy. She quickly sat up and gaped at the pole being shoved into her cunt.

“Holy shit” she yelled out. The two guys who had just cum in her pussy and ass quickly grabbed her arms and held her upright over the edge of the table. Each also grabbed one of her legs and split her apart and quickly impaled her onto his pole. They dropped her down and then pulled her back off so that she was completely off his pole. Telephone pole guy then held his pole upright and they dropped her back down onto him. She shrieked.

Curley and the blowjob guy helped the other two spin her around and bent her over the large table. Telephone-pole guy aimed his pole at her pussy and drove it in from behind. They were all laughing at the pain she was experiencing as her pussy was stretched by the massive cock.

As he pulled out, he took a tube of something from his pocket and smeared it over his cock.

Molly whispered in my ear, “Oh taksim escort no.”

The four guys held Cathy tight as telephone-pole guy stuck his massive into Cathy’s ass. Molly cried out in sympathy of the pain Cathy clearly showed on her face.

Just then an arm reached in between our protective branches, grabbed Molly’s arm and dragged her out from under the tree.

“Look what I found,” the guy who had gone off to take a piss exclaimed to the crowd as he pulled the naked Molly over to the table.

Telephone-pole stopped fucking Cathy. She lay prostrate on the table top, whimpering from the pain her ass and pussy had just endured. Curly immediately grabbed both of Molly’s tits and said “Look at these, guys. Biggest boobs I’ve ever seen.”

Each guy stopped and stared at Molly’s chest. The guy holding her by the arm grabbed a boob with his hand and squeezed.

I came out from under the tree and said something like leave her alone, knowing full well that these five were going to fuck the two of them all afternoon long.

Two of them came rapidly over to me and tied my hands behind my back, they then sat me down on the tree stump and told me to stay put. Curly took Molly, turned her around and shoved his cock deep into her pussy. Bandanna guy stuck his cock into her mouth and the two that tied me up started to fuck Cathy, one at each end. Telephone-pole guy laughed and said that they should get the girls opened up for his massive pole, he was going to fuck all their holes.

They guy fucking Cathy had obviously cum in her pussy and now grabbed a beer bottle and was working it into her cunt. Molly saw this and started screaming as she spit out the guys cock she had sucked, cum dripping from her lips. I knew what she was thinking, she could probably satisfy all the guys and I had the feeling this was not the first gang-bang these two had participated in, but she couldn’t take that big cock in her ass.

So I shouted out, “Hold on guys, these two are pretty good, but let’s not break them apart.”

All action stopped as they all turned their attention to me. Telephone-pole guy said that he was going to fuck all their holes and that I should shut up. I answered back that wouldn’t it be more fun if they did it willingly rather than fighting all the way?

The others seem to understand that it would be more fun and maybe more future fun if the girls were willing rather than victims.

Cathy sat up and said she was willing to try telephone pole guy now if he took it slow, now that she had a beer bottle shoved into her cunt. She was trying to save Molly’s ass too.

Telephone pole grunted and pulled the beer bottle from Cathy’s cunt and started to slide his lubed up cock into her pussy.

She held him tight and started to meet his thrust with comments like “Give it to me big boy,” and things like, “Is that all you got?”

Molly had succeeded in bringing the guy in her mouth back to her and the guy in her pussy was doing pretty good too. One of the two left walked over to me and said so what’s the deal?

I said they could do whatever they wanted, but to not hurt the girls, and no ass fucking on Cathy. I told I’m that she just got out of the hospital for ass rape and couldn’t take it up there; blood would be everywhere and it would just be messy.

He laughed and said he needed some ass, so mine would do. He bent me over the tree trunk and started to stick his dick into my asshole. Telephone-pole guy threw him the tube of lube and then he squirted some in my hole and onto his dick. At that, they guy who had fucked Molly came over and told me to clean off his dick with my mouth or the next place he stick it would be Molly’s ass.

So there we were, a telephone pole pounding in and out of Cathy, Molly sucking the cum out of one biker and fucking another and me sucking one biker while being fucked in the ass by another.

Both guys doing me came and slipped out, but me left bent over the log. The guy who had just been fucking Molly came over and said he wanted to cum in my mouth. So he fatih escort stuck his dick into my mouth and came down my throat. They guy who had cum in my ass said he wanted me to clean him off so he took my mouth next.

Bandanna guy said he had to pee, but telephone-pole stopped him. As he was still pounding Cathy, and now she was telling him how good it felt to be stuck on his pole, he said to bandanna guy to stick his cock into my mouth, get hard enough to pee into my asshole.

Bandanna guy came over, had me suck him until he was hard and then stuck his cock into my ass. I was so slick and open after being fucked twice he slid right in even though he wasn’t totally stiff. He started to pee and I could feel being filed with warm fluid. He peed and peed, lots of beer emptying into my ass I thought.

Everyone, even the two girls stopped and watched me getting fucked and peed into.

He stopped and telephone pole shouted out that I should go empty into the woods and come right back or he would fuck Molly’s ass.

I did and when I returned, two more were lined up to pee in my ass. They felt this was a hot thing to do. This time they didn’t let me squirt it out until they had both stuck me and emptied into my hole. Just to make it more difficult, telephone pole had cum a gallon of cum into Cathy’s pussy and bent my head over her hole and ordered me to clean her up too.

With Molly being fucked from behind, she watched me as I ate out Cathy, swallowing all of telephone-pole’s cum from her pussy as the second pisser filled me from behind. Then they let me go and empty it out and this time when I returned I had to eat out Molly’s cunt.

They thought it would be funny if I fucked Cathy, since I was Molly’s boyfriend so they lowered Cathy onto my rock hard pole as Molly was fucked by bandanna guy and as she sucked off telephone-pole. She could hardly get his head into her mouth.

I fucked and fucked Cathy and came in her pussy. As I could see telephone-pole get ready to cum he stopped, came over, bent me over and started to enter my ass. Molly screamed for him not to do it, but I told her it was all right, I’d rather take it in the ass to protect hers.

So he came in my ass and filed me with tons of cum. He then spun me around and had me clean him off with my mouth. It wasn’t bad because by now I was pretty cleaned out with pee.

The last of the guys that hadn’t cum two or three times in a pussy, ass or mouth came over after fucking Cathy’s ass and had me finish him off in my mouth. They then had me lick the cum from Cathy’s ass. They all said they took pity on me so they had me fuck Cathy in the ass too. I faked an orgasm just to let her off easy. They had me clean her out again too.

The sun had gone down and it was starting to cool off. They guys were discussing if they should bring us back to their clubhouse for more fun with more guys when Molly said that she was worn out and maybe we could all do it another time?

She actually got their telephone numbers and said we would set a date for another party and that she had a few other friends that would love to have bikers fuck their holes.

They guys thought that was really nice and gave her their numbers. Telephone-pole guy wanted my number and said he would like to fuck me again some time. I gave him my number because I didn’t want any trouble now that everyone seemed satisfied and well fucked.

Molly, Cathy and I headed off to my car. Cathy’s clothes had somehow been lost so she had to sit on Molly’s lap naked as we drove back to the bar to retrieve her car. It was interesting having those tits rubbing up against my arm as I shifted the car into reverse and backed out of the small lot. They guys kept the girls bras and panties as trophies to hang in the clubhouse.

Molly looked at me and said, with nude Cathy on her lap, how it was noble and great of us both to take it in the ass so that she didn’t have to. She then looked at me and told me that it was OK I fucked her friend in front of her. It was OK because I didn’t sneak anything behind her back and it was a situation that could have been much worse if we had fought back very hard.

I asked if she really wanted to go to the clubhouse, and she said we would talk about it again sometime, but not today. Her pussy and mouth were too sore.

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