Mom Makes Him a New Little Brother

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All characters are over eighteen years of age. All characters, despite their feelings of humiliation, are deriving some sort of pleasure from the story’s events.

This story is heavily inspired by “Little Brother” by Chubby Chinese, a story not found on , but that can be found by googling in quotes its first line: “Mike lives with his beautiful young wife”. That was the first erotic story I ever read, and I still consider it to be the hottest. Here, I adapted many of its ideas from a wife cuckolding to a mom cuckolding, something I find more interesting. I hope I have done that story justice.

General warning: this deals with humiliation, forced bi, and but contains no real incest. Do not complain that the son does not have sex with the mom. This is about humiliation, not incest. The ending might be considered harsh, but I implore you to remember that it is just a story, and I would never endorse such a thing in reality. Also, this time, no genies or magic, I promise!

Mike is a nineteen year old high school senior who lives with his single mom. Mike’s father died when he was just a little boy, leaving behind an enormous fortune to his trophy wife Mike’s mom. With the money, Mike’s mom supported her son, getting him through years of schooling in a top prep school, despite Mike’s lack of good grades or athletic ability. At the school, everyone is either a star student or a master athlete, but Mike is neither. He is simply rich.

Mike’s mother is a sexy young item with large tits and a bouncy fat ass. She married for money, knowing that her feeble husband had enough energy left in him to knock her up before leaving her all his money. In the years since his death, she has spent lavishly on sexy clothes and furniture for her huge mansion. She had had to work hard all her life to stay sexy enough to marry someone like she did, and she wanted her son to have a wonderful and talented life.

However, Mike never lived up to these expectations. She had hoped that the school would make her son into a smart athletic man, but Mike resisted. He is dumb, pudgy, and awkward; he spends most of his time on the computer in the dark playing games. While Mike’s mom feels embarrassed by her son’s seclusive nature, she does enjoy that while he walls himself up in his room, she can dine with her rich and sexy friends, most of whose sons are beautiful and successful in contrast to her own.

Despite her toned body and heaving breasts, Mike’s mom rarely dates. Occasionally throughout the years, she has had small affairs with some of Mike’s better looking teachers, but they were only for the sex and never lasted long. Instead, Mike’s mom devoted her time to the futile effort of trying to make her son successful, something at which she failed.

As Mike gets ready to graduate, both he and his mom find themselves depressed. Mike’s mom realizes that her son is a loser who will be going to the common and terrible community college in the next town over, and Mike sees how terrible his life is going to be. His mother has promised him in an ultimatum that unless he got into a good college, she would cut off his funds, and the community college in the town over simply didn’t qualify.

Mike, however, has been working on a plan. On the internet, he has studied some stocks, and has figured out what he believes to be a very promising investment. The only thing he needs is money, something which his mom might be able to supply him with.

When he asks, she is hesitant. She has never been able to trust her son before, and he was squandered most of the money she has given him on online games and in-game silly items. She tells him she will have to think of a way to make sure he doesn’t do that this time.

She has a stroke of genius while running on the treadmill one morning. She invites her son to a fancy dinner that night where she will tell him her plan.

The restaurant is expensive and beautiful, and Mike’s clumsy button down shirt is inappropriate in contrast to his mom’s stunning black and low cut dress, out of which her tits are straining not to burst.

“Mike,” she says, taking a sip of her wine, “I have a proposition for you. It’s a way that you can get the money you need for your investment, and I can at the same time find a way to fulfill what I’ve always wanted.”

Mike listens eagerly, happy that his mother is considering giving him money.

“As you know, I’ve always wanted a successful son, someone who could play sports and get girls and speak Latin fluently. But you’ve never been able to be like that.”

Mike frowns, both at his mother’s harsh words, and his realization that her words are true.

“Don’t blame yourself, of course. Your father wasn’t a very successful man. It was wrong of me to assume that a man like him could produce anything but a son like you. But despite his many faults in education, looks, and athletics, he was able to make money on a single stroke of luck. And so, I have decided to give you a chance if you help me with a project.”

“Of sivas escort course mom, anything.”

“Well, I figure even if you do succeed, you will become rich and nothing more. You’ll never be the cultured, interesting, and sexy son that I desire. So I have decided to try again. Mike, I want to have another son.”

Mike gulps.

“The father will have to be someone intelligent, athletic, sexy, and sophisticated,” his mom said, “But I’m not at all interested in marriage. I just need some man to come and shoot his seed inside my stomach so that I can have a son better than you. Do you understand?”

“I guess.”

“Oh honey, don’t cry,” his mom says, risking falling out of her top as she leans over the table to wipe his tears, “You’ll just have to help me with the process of finding a match, getting fucked with a baby, then through my pregnancy. You can stay home and work on your investments while you’re helping me. Forget college; this is what we’ll do.”

To Mike, helping his mother get knocked up does not sound very enjoyable. The idea that she is so disappointed with him that she wants to get spunked with a new baby hurts him incredibly. But the money is his only way into a better life, so he smiles at his mom and accepts.

Deep within his subconscious, Mike feels something different. The humiliation he is feeling at his mother’s words is arousing him, greatly in fact. Helping some big cocked stud knock her up gives me feelings of great pleasure. The thrill does not register as thrill in his conscious thoughts, but it is fully a part of his decision to submit to his mother’s demands.

“Excellent,” she says. The waiter sets down two plates of pasta on the table, staring down Mike’s mother’s dress the entire time.

“We’ll first need to find a doctor,” she says, putting spaghetti in her mouth, “Wasn’t there that boy from your school?”

Mike knows who she meant. Josh was a classmate of his until early high school. Josh was the best at everything. He dominated even the older students in football, basketball, wrestling, and swimming. Even at a young age, he was hooking up with girls in grades way above his own, pretty girls that Mike would eye with looks of horny envy. Finally, he was absolutely brilliant, and it was his stellar academics that allowed him to graduate at the end of ninth grade and leave to an out-of-country medical school, where he ended up completing a medical degree in three years.

Of course, everyone back home knew about Josh’s accomplishments. Mike’s mom had read about him in the paper. After getting his degree, he opened up a fitness center back home, where he charged enormous sums of cash to give people genuine medical advice on how to work out effectively enough to get the sexiest body possible. Just the other day, a local magazine had done a spread about his new center, showing Josh’s toned body helping out a fit young woman on a fancy work out machine.

But Mike remembered Josh more for their own personal interactions. Josh was the absolute biggest bullly of all the kids at school. He had tormented Mike in gym class, pushing him around on the field and then stealing his towel and laughing at Mike’s small penis in the shower. A particularly embarrassing moment for Mike was when Josh and a pretty older girl had snuck up on him in the locker room and flashed a camera at him in the stall as he was masturbating to a yearbook photograph of the girl herself. For years after Josh left, students still teased Mike with nicknames like “yearbook masturbator” and “Teenie Weenie Jerk-off”.

Mike had never told his mother any of these stories, despite the many times Josh had come up in conversation. At one school function, Josh had seen the sexy figure of Mike’s mom waiting for her son, and had started a discussion with her about a recent art endowment the school had just given. Enraptured with his detailed knowledge of the paintings, she asked if he was friends with her son, and Josh of course said yes. Their conversation would have surely led to the bedroom if Mike had not seen it and ran up and intervened, taking his mother far away from the studly bully. Since then, Mike’s mom had always insisted he invited his “friend” over, but Mike never did. It was a relief when he finally moved away to go to foreign medical school.

So when his mother proposed that he be the doctor that oversee this, Mike came up with an excuse.

“He has his fitness thing,” he says, “I doubt he can help us.”

“But isn’t he the best and most qualified doctor in town? If he is, then I want him. No hurt in going to see him and asking.”

The next day, Mike and his mom head down to Josh’s fitness center. Mike’s mom is immediately taken in by the tons of sexy bodies working out in the fitness machines. Mike stares at some of the women with utter lust, hating his own misshapen physique and its inability to attract women with the healthy bosoms and curves of these.

They knock on Josh’s office and he lets them in.

Josh is sitting at his desk and immediately recognizes both the dorky Mike and his buxom mother. Recognizing a chance at both to mess with his old classmate and enjoy such a sexy mother, Josh gives Mike’s mom a cheerful hug and a light pat on her firm behind.

Mike’s mom explains the situation. She tells in great detail how her son has never lived up to her expectations and how she needs Josh’s help to both help her find a more studly mate and get her through the delivery of this newer superior son. Mike squirms, uncomfortable at the demeaning comments. Josh never contradicts her, nodding in agreement at the mention of Mike’s inferior body type, unsophisticated mental capacity, and general dearth of masculine strength.

“And I know you have this fitness club,” she ends with, gesturing to the facility, “But I’d be willing to pay handsomely if you would come and be my live-in doctor.”

Josh grins and accepts, saying that helping her achieve a son better than Mike will be his mission.

“And Mike here is under contract to help me in this process,” his mom adds, referring to the documents her lawyer had just completed with the two of them before they headed to the gym, “He’s doing it in exchange for money.”

“That’s fine,” Josh says, smiling, “I’ll be sure to include him in every step of the process.”

Mike’s mom smiles at him, and they arrange a date to stop by at the office for a quick examination before Josh moves in.

At the meeting, Josh leads Mike and his mom into the examination room and puts on gloves. He calls in a nurse assistant, who Mike unfortunately recognizes as the older girl who caught him masturbating to her yearbook photo.

“Long time no see,” says Tara the nurse to Mike, giving a quick but not so subtle glance down at his crotch and then giggling. She wears the fitness center nurse uniform of a sports bra and tight, form fitting sweat pants.

“Let’s start by figuring out exactly what went wrong with Mike’s father,” Josh says, “Would you say that Mike is similar in type to his late father?’

“They are nearly identical,” Mike’s mother answers.

“Excellent,” Josh answers, “Mike, if you could please disrobe then.”

Mike uncomfortably frowns.

“Mike, I’m paying you to be helpful with this process, not hinder it,” his mother reminds him, and so with some of Tara’s help, he takes off all his clothes.

“Well, here is the obvious part,” Josh says, grabbing forcefully Mike’s cock with his gloved hand, “Had you ever seen your son’s penis before?”

“Never,” his mom said, “But it does look remarkably like his father’s.”

“That’s to be expected, and it also explains a lot,” Josh states, “Look here at the base. Even soft, you can see how thin it is. A cock like this is never going to deliver a particularly potent sperm into your cervix. And these shrunken testicles suggest that there are very few numbers of actually good sperm in the first place. Honestly, I’m surprised Mike is even here; a cock like this shouldn’t even be able to get a woman pregnant.”

At this, the three of them share a laugh at Mike before Josh continues.

“But let’s get it hard to see more. Tara?”

The scantily glad nurse gets down on her knees in front of Mike and applies a generous amount of vaseline to her finger tips. She slowly strokes Mike’s cock. With the view down her sports bra, Mike doesn’t wait long to get hard.

“Here we go,” Josh says, and Tara removes her hand from Mike’s hard cock. “The length in minimal, and the girth is practically puny. There is a .01 percent chance of a cock like this successfully impregnating a woman. Did you and Mike’s father have sex often?”

“In the morning I would suck him off,” his mom calmly states. Mike is unsettled at how nonchalantly his mother discusses sucking cock. “And then we would fuck once or twice every evening. But it took about six months before I actually became pregnant.”

“Even that length of time surprises me,” Josh says, “There really was no way that Mike should have been conceived. Evolution has checks against people like him coming into existence.”

“Well his father was always a supernaturally lucky man,” Mike’s mom sighs.

“It would seem so. Let’s move onto you then,” Josh says, and Tara smirks before helping the embarrassed Mike step back into his clothes.

Mike tries to shield his eyes as his mother undoes the buttons on her shirt, but she scolds him and tells him it is his paid job to make sure he understands what is going on.

“Now this explains a lot,” Josh says once all of Mike’s mom’s clothes have been removed. Mike’s mother is standing in the examination office fully nude. Her firm and round tits rest on her chest perkily and her toned and flat stomach extends all the way to her puffy and smooth pussy lips.

Josh lengthily explains the fertility of Mike’s mother’s body. He describes how the size of her breasts suggest a sustenance to young that translates in men into lust, and how their firmness with age have proved her to be not just a desirable, but a fully capable mate. Her flat stomach and curvy hips show that she is capable of passionate and fulfilling lovemaking, as well as delivery of many children. Her firm ass, he says, is attractive as a cushion for the men who will see it and want to plow her from behind. And finally, he says, the puffiness of her pussy lips suggests as inviting a place for cock as the puffiness of the blowjob designed lips on her face.

“But what does sucking cock have to do with evolution?” Mike’s mom asks.

“Nothing,” Josh smiles, “But they’re sexy nonetheless.”

Mike shifts in his seat as Josh praises the sexiness of his mother. He knows that Josh is taking time not just in order to admire the fluffy firmness of his mother’s breasts, but also to humiliate Mike by forcing him to realize just how sexy his mom is.

Josh’s appraisal finished, Tara steps in and boldly slides a finger into Mike’s mother’s pussy. Mike’s mom squeals sexily, and Tara withdraws her finger to find it coated in the slimy juices of Mike’s mom’s sex.

“The wetness means she can slide a cock deeper towards her uterus,” Tara takes time to explain, then places the finger into her own mouth, “And the taste is fully delicious!”

Mike’s mom laughs.

“All in all,” Josh says, “You are the most fertile woman I’ve ever seen. Even with a non-cock like Mike’s type, you can form a baby. It’s really remarkable how fruitful your body is. It should be no problem for you to conceive a new child. May I just add that I fully encourage your decision. You have some of the most desirable genes possible. It’s your duty not just as a woman, but as a human to make sure you get fucked enough to pass those genes on.”

Having appraised and praised Mike’s mom’s blowjob lips, bountiful chest and child-bearing hips, she is content to hire him and help him move into her home.

Josh takes the room adjacent to Mike’s, so that Mike’s mom can keep both her helpers in the same area.

At dinner that night, Mike’s mom wears a sexy backless gown that hugs her tits from the side and holds up the flesh of her tight ass. Josh and she converse, laugh, and smile at each other throughout the meal, Josh interspersing further comments about Mike’s mom’s general fruitfulness. Mike picks at his food, embarrassed at how his mother had suddenly become a vessel to fuck and be fucked.

“So tell me what king of mate you are looking for to give you your new baby,” Josh asks.

“Well,” Mike’s mom begins, “He was to be well educated.” Here, she remembers both Josh’s stellar performance at her son’s school and his expensive and prestigious foreign medical degree.

“He has to be athletic,” she adds, remembering that Josh is the owner of a fitness center at which he taught others how to be athletic.

“He has to be good looking,” she says, staring into Josh’s handsome face and bright blue eyes.

“He has to be successful,” she also says, picturing the article she read about how up and coming Josh’s business is.

“And he must be virile,” she concludes, glancing downwards at the prominent and impressive bulge in Josh’s pants.

“Hey I have an idea,” Mike’s mother finally says, placing her arm around Josh’s shoulder and looking at her son, “Josh, would you be willing to fill me with a baby?”

Mike nearly drops his fork. It was bad enough that the tormentor of his life had disrobed his mother, ran his hand down her bare side, cupped her breasts, and groped her thigh, but that he might fuck and impregnate her? He didn’t know if he could handle it.

Josh gives a cocky smile. “I would love to,” he agrees.

“Mike,” his mother says, “I know I keep riding you about how you’re contractually obligated to help, but I understand how intense this must be. Josh was one of your great friends in school, so I must imagine how weird it would be for him to be fucking your mom. So I’m going to let you grant me permission. Is it okay if I choose Josh as the father?”

Mike sees the smirk on Josh’s face, but then sees the sincere desire on his mother’s eyes, and he remembers that the only reason she needs to be impregnated is because of his own failures, and so he agrees.

“Are you sure?” she asks, “Say it out loud so I know for sure.”

“Josh,” Mike whimpers, “It is okay if you impregnate my mother.”

Mike’s mom smiles and rests her arm on Josh’s shoulder.

“I’m assuming if you agree,” she says to Josh, “Then you as a doctor can give you as a mate a good recommendation?”

“Absolutely,” Josh smirks, “See for yourself.” He undoes the fly of his pants and whips out his enormous fleshy cock.

“My goodness!” Mike’s mother declares, “It’s beautiful!” In awe, she grips her hand around it, stroking it slowly until it rises it its impressive thickness and height.

“Can…” she begins, “Can I suck it?”

“As your doctor,” Josh says, “I can tell you it’s important that you and I get as intimate as possible. If I’m going to impregnate you, I have to be comfortable sexually with you, and you have to be comfortable with me. So I don’t just grant you permission, I insist.”

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