Mom , Me Ch. 09

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This is the ninth chapter of my ongoing story involving many characters. If you haven’t been reading the chapters in order you are at a disadvantage as to how the story is progressing. There are many important characters in this story: Virginia or Ginny, Billy, Jennifer, Jane, Matt, and Mrs. Wilson. All characters mentioned in the stories are at least eighteen years of age or older.


My Conversation With Mrs. Wilson The Following Day

After the final bell rang, I went to my locker, and put my books inside, than I shut my locker, and turned to go home, but Jennifer was standing there holding her books across her chest and smiling up at me.

“Hi Jennifer, what’s happening?”

“I just wanted to know if you would like to go with me to the ice cream shop and have some ice cream? Don’t worry, it’s my treat!”

“Well, that’s nice of you, but what about Matt? I don’t think Matt would think it cool for us to go out and have ice cream together.”

“Well, remember the other day when I told you I’d heard Matt was fucking a cheerleader from Jefferson High School?”

“Sort of.”

“Oh, Billy, I told you that when you came over to my house the other day. Several people had been telling me that Matt was fucking a girl named Ramona, who’s a cheerleader at Jefferson. I couldn’t believe Matt, the star of our football team, would fuck a cheerleader from our biggest rival. Our coach should throw his sorry ass off the team! Well, This morning I decided I had enough of his unfaithfulness. I went to the lunch room where he sits with all of this football buddies and give his fucking class ring back to him and then I gave him a piece of my mind.

“Wow! Did you really do that?”

“Yes, I did!”

“I walked up to the team table, got his attention, looked him in the eye, and asked him point blank, in front of his buddies, “Are you fucking a girl named Ramona at Jefferson High School?”

“You should have seen the shock look on his face! He was speechless Billy. All his buddies just looked at him, saying nothing. In fact the entire cafeteria got quiet.

Then I said, “That’s fucking sick of you, Matt. You’ve not only cheated on me, you asshole, but you chose to cheat your buddies here by fucking a slut from our cross-town rival school. And we have a big game with them in two weeks that might decide the conference championship. Does your team know about your split loyalties? I’m though with you! Here’s your fucking class ring back you bastard.”

“I was so heated up and mad I threw the ring at him. “I think it hit him somewhere on his face. Then as I was storming out of the cafeteria the room erupted in applause. I felt so empowered and elated that I did that.

“I wish I’d seen that!”

“You weren’t in the cafeteria?” Where were you?”

“I was called into the counseling office by Mrs. Wilson. When I got there, she was busy preparing a report for Mr. Moore. He needed it for a meeting he was going to at the District Office. So, she apologized but said she had to get it done before she could talk to me. She sat at her desk working on the report and I sat in a chair across from her desk and just looked at her legs, and when she finished her report, she apologized again and then asked me if we could talk through lunch. I said, ‘sure, I wasn’t hungry anyway.'”

“What else were you looking at besides her legs, Billy? Did you get a look at her pussy?”

“No, Jennifer. What kind of a guy do you think I am?”

“Billy, I already know what kind of a guy you are, and you were looking to see if she would flash you a look at her pussy.” Jennifer looked a little disturbed at me, and then she said, “You’ve seen Mrs. Wilson a lot lately. Can you share why you’ve been in her office so much?”

“Well, most of it is because my teachers have sent me there to be discipline Jennifer.”

“Billy, I hope you’ll listen to her words. Mrs. Wilson is an excellent counselor and I know she can help you. Everyone seems to think she’s very knowledgeable and caring and likes to help students succeed. You’re lucky to have her; if she likes you she’ll do anything for you. Besides I hear she write wonderful college admission letters for students, and she might help you get a golf scholarship as well. You’re lucky to have her as your counselor.”

“Yes, it has been helpful to talk with her. She’s easy to talk to.”

“She sure has more personality and charisma than her husband. What a sourpuss he is. I cannot figure out why she married him. He knows about colleges and he’s been very helpful in that regard, but I couldn’t possibly talk with him about personal things.” She stood there without continuing for a few minutes and then said, “Can I treat you or not?”

“Sure, this is Ginny’s day to meet with her girlfriends for lunch, and to gossip together.”

“Oh, good. Thank you. Let’s go!”

We walked about six blocks to the ice cream shop. We went in and ordered sundaes, and sat in a corner booth toward the back of the room. She said, “I ataşehir escort bayan hope no one will interrupt us or make a comment on what happened today in the cafeteria during lunch.”

I scooted in and slid around to the back of the curved booth and she followed me and sat as close to me as she possibly could. We chatted and laughed and had a good time. She smiled repeatedly and I was glad she freed herself from Matt. He isn’t a very nice person and she’ll be better off without him. It was nice to see her bubbly personality return and several times I had the urge to kiss her, but I didn’t.

When we finished our ice cream she turned her body slightly in the booth, and leaned against my chest at the shoulder and sighed. “Oh, Billy, this has been the best day of my life for months. Thank you for celebrating my independence this afternoon. I really do feel liberated and free!”

“I am really glad for you Jennifer.”

“I know you like Ginny a lot Billy, and I wouldn’t ask you to break up with her, but if anything happens to your relationship please let me have the first chance to be with you again. I loved you and I will always love you. I appreciate that you never said anything bad about me to others when I went wild at Jill’s party and allowed Matt to take advantage of me when I was drunk. I haven’t had any beer, wine, or alcohol since that day. I was so ashamed of my behavior and for violating my commitment with you. Ginny is blessed to have you for her sweetie.”

“Thanks Jennifer, I appreciate that. I still have a lot of love for you in my heart.”

“Oh, Billy, thank you so much,” She kissed me on my cheek and smiled. I am glad to hear you say that Billy.”

I walked her home. She invited me in, but I refused. I knew if I enter her house, and her mom wasn’t home, we would end up fucking one another. I walked home quickly, beating Ginny’s arrival by fifteen minutes.

“When Ginny opened the front door and entered the house I greeted her saying, “Did you share with your girlfriends how you fuck me every night, and how you enjoy getting your kitty eaten?

“How did you know sweetie, were you spying on me again, like you use to do from your bedroom?”

“No, I’ve been working on my techniques and I think they’re better now than when I was younger.”

“Well, I brought something home for you to eat. I ate one two many sweet rolls today and I’m not hungry for food, but I still want to suck your sweet salty crock tonight.”

“Thanks Ginny for bringing me home a snack. I don’t want too much food in my stomach when I’m making love to you. What did you ladies talk about if it wasn’t about your love affairs?”

“We talked about our fantasies!”

“Wow! Really?”

“Billy, Some of those women have wild erotic fantasies. They also shared which college men, and male coworkers in their offices were seeking one night stands without strings.”

“Wow! Nice conversational topics. Did you happen to give them my name, Ginny?”

“Not a chance Billy, I figured you were too over sexed as it was.”

“Maybe one of them could teach me something and I would be able to please you better.”

“You please me baby. Any more pleasing would exhaust me.”

I ate and she took a shower. Then I came in and removed my pants, shirt, and shoes and socks. After I disrobed she stepped out of the shower and I went over to her and wrapped my arms around her and told her that I wanted her to fuck me good tonight since she had been talking to all those horny girls and learned some new technics from them.”

“Let’s do it now! I’m ready, and it appears you are too.” She knelt down in front of me and took hold of my enlarged stiff cock and gave me one of her super superior blow jobs that always sends my heart and body into orbit.

She really knows how to give head to a man and I wondered how many guys she has give oral sex to in her short life. After my penis recharged I fucked her in three different positions. I can’t believe our stamina, we go and go like the Energizer Bunny. Finally we both felt satisfied and just lay next to one another until we fell asleep.

The alarm went off and I leaned over and gave Ginny a big wet kiss and told her to stay in bed and dream about all those men out there whom wanted sex without strings. Ginny, said thank you, I think I will. I’m tired this morning. You gave me some superior sex last night Billy boy, why would I want to trust someone else to do as well. I don’t think so. You’re my man.”

“Ok sweetie. Go back to sleep and dream of me dumping tons of my seed inside your pussy?”

“Sounds good to me dear. Have a good day at school, and keep away from those horny eighteen and nineteen year old girls.”

After I showered I dressed and Ginny never woke again, I went to the kitchen andI grab something out of the refrigerator and hurried off to school.

“Jennifer was waiting for me at my locker. “Good morning Jennifer.”

“Oh, thank you Billy. Good morning to you too. How did escort kadıköy you sleep last night?

“Like a baby.”

“What were you crying about?”

I grinned and said, “I was crying because I wanted to have sex with you and you wouldn’t come over to satisfy me.”

“I just wanted you to get so hungry for my pussy Billy that you would sneak in through my bedroom window and satisfy me and my pussy, but sadly you satisfy another.”

“Well, you never know what tomorrow will bring, but I’m going to have to take a rain check on your offer, because I promised Mrs. Wilson I would be in class on time, listen to my teachers, and do my assignments. So I must run.” I kissed her quickly on her lips and started walking down the hall.

When I made the turn I glanced back toward my locker and she was still standing there looking at me. When she saw me looking back she blew me a kiss, I know I don’t have the will power to keep from fucking Jennifer again someday.

All went well during my morning classes and it was now the period before lunch.

I walked to my government class, the one before lunch, and walked up to my teacher’s desk and handed Miss Smith the pass Mrs. Wilson gave me to give to my teacher.

“Well, ok, but I hope you’ll make sure to get a good set of notes from someone in here so you can have some idea what we did today, Billy. You’ve been more attentive lately and I’m glad of that, but you need to be in class everyday. I know the counselors have a job to do and it isn’t your fault.”

“I understand Miss Smith.”

I left her class and walked quickly to the counseling office. I was eager to be with Mrs. Wilson’s again, especially how our conversation ended yesterday.

I walked through the counseling office doors and went up to the counseling secretary’s desk. Miss Julie Nicholas looked up and said to me, “Good morning Billy!” Still smiling broadly she continued saying, “Mrs. Wilson is expecting you.” Then she scraped her tongue across the top of her teeth and smiled pleasingly at me. Miss Nicholas had her elbows on top of her desk and she leaned forward placing her chin on top of her hands and continued in a soft voice, “You don’t have to knock Billy, (She paused) before entering, just open the door and walk in, she’s expecting you.”

I thanked her, and then she said, “Billy I hope all your counseling session are beginning to help you.” This will be your second in two days, and you were in her office for two hours yesterday, and Mrs. Wilson told me this morning that she was going to skip lunch today so she could have more time to help you with your problem, whatever that means?” She had that teasing grin and she rolled her tongue between her lips.

“Yes your correct Miss Nicholas. Mrs. Wilson has given me some good advice, and she is working with me to be college eligible by the time I graduate this spring. She’s been helping me a lot, teaching me some ways to study.” I turned and walked toward Mrs. Wilson’s office and before I opened the door, I paused and looked back where Miss Nicholas was sitting at her desk and I saw her looking intently at me. Miss Nicholas still had her elbows on her desk, but I saw a sensual smile on her face, like she was expecting something to happen.

I turned the handle and walked into Mrs. Wilson’s office.

Mrs. Wilson wasn’t sitting at her desk. She was sitting in one of the three comfy chairs that she has in her office for student’s to use when she counseling them. She had one of her legs crossed over the other and was wearing a short black dressy skirt that fitted loosely over her long sharply legs. She was also wearing a rather transparent white blouse and a white bra that was mostly transparent too. I could definitely see her breasts and even make out her fleshy pink nipples beneath her bra. I thought back about my interaction with Miss Nicholas before entering Mrs. Wilson’s office. I wondered if Miss Nicholas thought Mrs. Wilson overdressed for school this morning, and that something more than counseling might be taking place in Mrs. Wilson’s office with me? Since Mrs. Wilson had talked to Miss Nicholas this morning I’m sure she saw what Mrs. Wilson was wearing today, and I must agree it seemed to be much more revealing than most school employees wear. Mrs. Wilson’s hair was pulled back and positioned nicely on the back portion of her head, like celebrity’s women arrange their hair.

“Come in Billy. It’s so good to see you. I’m pleased you were able to get here at the beginning of the period. That will give us more time to talk and get further acquainted.” She smiled as she bit her lip. “I like your shirt, is it new?”

“No my shirt isn’t new. Jennifer bought this shirt for me just before school began. I’m also glad I was able to leave Miss Smith’s class at the beginning of the period too, Mrs. Wilson. Now we can have more time to share, but I don’t think Miss Smith was too happy about it. She told me to be sure to get a good set of notes from one of my friends on the bostancı escort material she was covering today in class, so I wouldn’t get behind.

“As for the notes, I will ask Miss Smith to give me a copy of her class notes on today’s lesson, and I will give them to you. I will apologize to her for taking you out of her class today. I’m glad she’s concerned about your studies.”

“Thanks Mrs. Wilson, I appreciate that. I’m trying to catch up on my work and I’m feeling much better about the future since you’ve began to counsel me. I’m so appreciative of all you do to help me be a better person.”

“Thank you Billy, I do appreciate you telling me that. I do care for you a lot, and like Miss Smith I wants you to be successful in school as well as in life.”

There was a brief silence, and then I said, “That’s a beautiful outfit you’re wearing Mrs. Wilson. You look elegant! Are you going out to dinner with Mr. Wilson tonight?”

“Thank you for the the compliment. That’s so nice to hear. I like to dress up occasionally, wearing something that doesn’t scream ‘office attire.’ I appreciate complements from students who notice what I wear or how I fix my hair. But it’s extra special when the comment come from someone you really like or admire. Women appreciate men who notice how they look and dress,” and she crossed her legs and I saw she was wearing black panties today. She smiled sweetly and said, “Do you think I over-dressed today? A colleague of mine thought my blouse was too revealing. Do you think my blouse is to sexy to wear to school?”

“No, I think you look lovely in your outfit, Mrs. Wilson.

“I didn’t know what else to say, so I just sat there trying not to look like a dork. Then I blurted out, “Mrs. Wilson you really look good in everything you wear.”

I just sat there. I didn’t know what else to say. I tried to keep my eyes from looking at her chest, but I know she saw me look longingly at her several times as she gathered her notebook and pencil.

“Mrs. Wilson smiled, “I see why you and Jennifer were attracted to one another, you both have good taste in clothes and you both seem to like one another.

Mrs. Wilson had her notebook and pencil now and she was settled comfortably in her chair. She took her free hand and tried to pull her skirt material toward her knee but it didn’t move more than an inch

Then she said, “We never got to discuss the day Jennifer wanted you to come to her house so she could talk with you. Last time you said you were a little uncomfortable about going over there because she was going with Matt and you were now dating another young lady at the community college, named Ginny. Why don’t you tell me what happened when you went to Jennifer’s house to talk. If I remember correctly, you shared with me that Jennifer’s mom wouldn’t be home before 8 a.m. and you would have lots of time to talk with her. How did that meeting unfold Billy? Do you still want to share your thoughts and feelings with me about going to her house? And what were your thoughts and feelings when you left her house and went home? While your thinking, I’m going to get myself a glass of water. Would you like a Coke or a bottle of water? “Nothing now, maybe later, when we eat lunch together, but thank you for asking Mrs. Wilson.”

She carefully unfolded her crossed knee and got up. I followed her as she walked to the refrigerator, and I kept my eyes on her as she bent down to retrieve a bottle of water from her refrigerator, and I thought how sexy Mrs. Wilson looked. In fact everything she did, every single movement of her body was sexy to me. After retrieving the bottle of water she smiled as she walked back to her chair and sat down gracefully, crossing her leg again. I just had to look and when I raised my head to meet her eyes, she gave me that knowing smile that she saw me trying to look.

“She said, “You really are into females, aren’t you Billy?”

“Yes, I guess I am. My dad told me that I was at that stage where my brain is in my penis.”

“Oh, Billy you really know how to surprise me with your choice of words. I’m flattered that you like how I look, and that you like to look at my figure, but you say some of the darnest things.”

My cheeks must have been pink because she said, “Your cheeks seem to be slightly red. I’m not mad at you, but we need to get some balance in your life so you can be successful life as well as in love, but you must get a good education so you can live well and enjoy the ladies too. We need to avert some of your attention from sex long enough for you to make good grades and get a college education. You need a more balanced life then you’ve shown so far. “Now tell me what happened when you got to Jennifer’s house? Did anyone see you go inside? What did she say or do after she invited you in to her house and closed the door?”

“Mrs. Wilson, I don’t think anyone saw me enter her house. After I entered her house we just looked at one another. We didn’t say anything. We just looked at each other and then I saw tears flowing from her eyes and down onto her cheeks. She didn’t try to rub them away. I felt empathy for her. Why? I don’t know. She started to say something but it didn’t register because she was crying while she was trying to speak to me.

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