Moms night out

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One night when I was 12 my mother and her friend Monica were going to a party down the street from our house, since my mother rarely went anywhere and was no drinker, it was strange to see her so excited about going out, mom was very modest and sweet natured , she has a great body for a 30+ woman since I am the only son as I have two sisters, Mom is very close with me and always says things I can’t repeat to anyone, like she wants to have sex with our next door neighbor she says he is hot, I think he is a jerk. Mom was finishing dressing and ask me how she looked , I said very pretty mom and she smiled, well Monica showed up to pick up Mom, Monica was dressed up like some Hollywood starlet, mom was dressed moderately as usual, mom said to me I may have to help her when she gets home she s planning on drinking tonight. I of course as a good son would be ready, since when she was sick and needed me to cook for her or help her out of bed when she was weak. Well I just hung out playing video games and watching TV for the rest of the night.

It was about 1:30am when I hear Monica bang open the front door totally drunk and laughing, Monica was pretty and always had a good time when she was always drinking and partying, she was pretty cool for an old lady too and she said help me get your mom in the house she’s plastered drunk, mom was laying on the walkway outside. So Monica and me drug mom in to the house, she was laughing the whole time, she was so drunk and very much covered in grime and dirt from falling down so many times on her way home, Monica was a little less drunk and was able to walk pretty good she gave me a tight squeeze and said you got her now honey, I’m going home, she said bye to mom as she swaggered out the door and down the street, So now I have my drunken Mom laying there on the floor and she was heavy so I had to drag her to her bedroom so she could get in bed and it wasn’t easy she was heavy ,just as I got her thru the doorway to her bedroom she started saying she was going to be sick, oh no I had to get her into the bathroom quick. But she was just too big for me to move and she started heaving and gasping and then eww she puked all over the floor herself her hair she was a mess she couldn’t even speak she was so drunk, well I hate puke so I drug her into the bathroom and told her we got to get you cleaned up but she couldn’t speak much or even get off the floor. So I had to help her get cleaned up.

So I started removing her shirt and she said in a slurred voice Thank you Son, I’m such a bad mother. And she flops down in a heap passed out totally. Now it was really hard trying to get her cleaned up, she was so limp and I was so nervous cause I was going to take moms clothes off, and after a lot of struggle hard work and some embarrassment since this is my Mother here passed out in her Panties and Bra. But hell I couldn’t help looking at her, she was pretty and had a Nice Body, I was kind of in a weird place here it was kind of a sexual turn on seeing mom like this, so I got warm water on soap on a wash cloth, start to wipe her off .it was kind of a nice feeling doing this, it was cool hearing Mom moan as I washed her off. She had puked on her bra and I wasn’t sure If I should remove her bra, but it did smell and she was passed out so I moved her so I could release her bra clasp I had done this before many times for her but never like this she always had a shirt on, and I never got to see her tits .But now I could stare at them all I wanted, as Mom was out cold. As I removed her bra I was shaking in excitement I was inches away from her tits and as I could see her nipples My heart was Pounding so hard I was so Scared but so excited it was amazing .
Now I had her on the floor propped up against the cabinet her tits so big and nice, I just sat there staring at them I wanted to touch them so bad but Its Mom shit what am I thinking this is turning me on, Dam no way, so I started wiping her off again but I needed to clean her breasts, but will she wake up and be mad at me or can I just do it. my mind was mixed up so bad, So I just went for it and wiped the cloth across her tits and of course she stirred when I did that and she was barely speaking a word I could understand so I just went ahead and kept cleaning her breasts off and while I was rubbing them off her nipples grew bigger and hard, I just kept cleaning her up and now was wiping her belly and legs looking at her panties I could see her mound pressing the front and her panties her legs were nice and strong they were clean now I felt I was done, now I needed to get her into her bed, that was not going to be easy as she was out cold, so I started dragging her into the bedroom and as I was dragging her ,her Panties were coming off I could see her pussy hair it startled me but I figured it’s ok she won’t know that” title=”kocaeli escort”>kocaeli escort I was looking, so I get her next to her bed and start shoving her up on her bed , she was so heavy . So now I finally got Mom into bed, and with her panties down so far and seeing her hair I just got to see more of her pussy hair now as my excitement grew more every minute with Mom passed out laying there in panties and no bra it was awesome.
She was soft to feel and now I was so Horney my dick was hard, this was so much fun, now that I had her on the bed I rolled her to the middle hoping she wouldn’t fall out of bed , seeing her lay there exposed like that was such a turn on I wanted to take her panties off and see her pussy but was so scared .so I laid there and stared at her beautiful body , I started thinking of things I could do to My Mom like rub her tits and feel her pussy .But I just was so scared I was shaking in anticipation knowing mom would probably not remember anything tonight and this was weighing heavy on my mind I could do it I thought, I could really play sex with my Mom, dam I just had to get her panties off so I could see more so finally I slid down her panties really slow and careful, she didn’t stir a bit so I kept sliding them down her legs till Her feet were all that was left so I Took them off, Now mom was laying there with nothing on her, and I was shaking and excited, she has such nice tits and her pussy was covered in dark black hair, I reached out and touched her pussy hair it was kind of soft but stiff too, I played with her pussy hair for a few minutes then I got off the bed and stood by her feet and stared up her crotch I could just see some pink in the Blackness of her hairy pussy so I grabbed her feet and spread her legs open carefully and in extreme excitement as I could see her pussy lips really wet and pink and My mind was spinning and freaking out thinking she would wake up and think I was some kind of weirdo Pervert, but so far she was out cold and just moaned some once in a while so I kept on spreading her legs open till they were wide open, I crawled back on the bed in between her legs looking right at her pussy, it was so wet looking I had to touch it and I slowly I reached out and for the first time in my life felt a pussy hot wet sweet pussy, I was freaking in heaven But It’s my mother’s pussy Oh man but wow it’s so nice and she’s still not really moving so I figured I would try to stick my finger in her pussy and see how that feels and as I stuck my finger in to the folds of her pussy lips She suddenly Raises her knee up , It scared the fucken hell outta me,

I was stunned there thinking the worst ,after a few seconds when she just stayed that way and I felt it was safe phew ,Now back into Moms pussy goes my finger and now with her leg up and its made her pussy easy to see, and it Didn’t hurt I had the lights on, then I slid my finger into Moms pussy real slow and as I did she moaned and cooed as It went deeper into her hot pussy her legs spread out even more open, wow I Loved this, it felt like The greatest feeling ever and at the same time having my finger in my mother’s pussy while she was Groaning in pleasure was awkward and exciting, so I kept sliding my finger in and out slow and then I figured I would try 2 fingers into her and now she really moved and moaned and I was Loving this so much, I wondered If Mom was actually Feeling this or just dreaming in her drunken state, either way I was getting all the pussy I wanted and I wanted more of it now. I pulled my fingers out and smelled them and her smell was sweet yet kind of moldy or like that, I tasted them and it was not bad I like it so I kept sliding my finger in and tasting it mmm Moms pussy was so good I was just going crazy as I wanted to lick her pussy, dam no way I thought if she wakes up while I’m licking her pussy that would be like death shit.

But she wasn’t waking up and so far I could shove 2 fingers into her so why not try some Licking? So I just moved forward into her crotch and when my tongue touched her pussy lips all wet and sweet it was like the first candy I ever had or Ice cream It was so good I started licking very lightly and mom was moaning as I pressed my tongue harder into her I was felling a bump on her pussy while licking and she would move a lot when I licked that bump so I started sucking on it and she was really moaning and started heaving her hips a little towards my face It was everything I was hoping and more, now I am making my Mom moan In pleasure and she didn’t even know it was me, shit I thought, I better turn off some lights or she may wake up and see me so I jumped off the bed ,I turned off all but the bathroom light and went back on the bed between moms legs but now both her legs were up and spread wide open ,and she was kind of rubbing her pussy as if she was doing” title=”darıca escort”>darıca escort what I was and liking what I was doing, of course I was scared to death now so I said, Mom you awake ? Mom?

Mom hey you there ?, With no response I felt safe again so I move her hand and started to lick on her pussy and it’s so wet and hot now I can stick my finger into her and suck her bump it was making her moan with and groan moving forwards and pushing into me as I licked and sucked hard on her and I put 3 fingers into her and really started shoving them in and out as she was rocking and heaving her hips with my fingers wow I was making mom really move and she was making really strange sounds now and I was getting kind of scared she would wake up with how hard I was fingering her pussy, It would be hard to explain what I was doing, I was really fingering into her and she just kept rocking into my shoving and it just got faster and more intense as I went faster, Mom was really grinding into me and I must have found a good spot cause when I rubbed it she would squeal out and shake so I concentrated on this place inside her pussy It kind of felt like a soft lined little thing and she was going nuts when I rubbed it hard,
It got to where she was Fucking my fingers now and as she pushed into them harder and then she just squeezed her legs together and screamed out and shook and shuttered and her legs fell and she murmured ohhh B#$^& ohhhh ahhh. I was in shock at what Mom just did, then I was sitting there scared to freaking death cause now she was kind of waking up she rolled over moaning as I slid off the bed and snuck towards the door she sat up looking right at me and says what going son are you ok, I was stunned umm yeah mom I was just checking on you, she says how did I get here? And why am I nude? I was frozen in fear didn’t she feel me fucking her with my fingers? or is she just trying to keep it like a secret only she knows, dam Now I am worried about what she Is thinking or knows, I’m thinking what next and then she says I am so drunk honey what happened son? Will you get me some water she asked, so I went in her bathroom got her some water and went and sat next to her, she gave me a hug and ask me if Monica helped her to bed and undressed? I said no mom I did it and because you got sick on your cloths I had to take them off and wash you up. She said oh son that so sweet thanks, I hope you aren’t to freaked out at seeing me naked, oh No I said your my mom it’s ok, she Hugs me tight and I could feel her hot body on mine I had a hard dick and I know she could feel it but oh well after what I just did, so what,

I am safe so far, mom said she feels really good and she said ! I was dreaming of having sex with the neighbor and she says shes sorry if I had to see her excited like that? Hmm? what that was weird, that was way too much for me, mom lays down and says cuddle with me honey, well I was ready for that maybe I could have more fun, so I laid down and stuck up next to mom and put my arm across her belly ,she likes that ,as I did I rubbed around her belly, then I started sliding my hand up around her tits she was so warm and soft I slowly got to feel the bottom of her tit, then she grabbed my hand and put right on her tit and moaned, so I cupped her big tit in my hand and this very weird. I was laying their holding My Moms tit in my hand and she seemed comfortable with me rubbing her, I think she was just drunk and didn’t know that this was sexual for me now, I took my hand off her tit for just a second and. she just moaned and put it back on her tit, what next I thought, so I started rubbing her tit she seemed to be enjoying the rubbing even though she didn’t say it. I was loving the feel of her breast and my dick was so hard I could feel Moms Butt just grazing my dick thru my pants so I move against her pressing in hard , moms ass was so nice I have my hand on her Tit and I’m pressing against her with my dick , now I was going nuts, she just Moaned and groaned it was very naughty moaning too, it was making me more daring I could tell she wanted me to keep going so I pinched her nipple lightly and she gasped a little and moaned and said ohh mmm that’s nice honey , so I kept rubbing and pinching on her now hard as hell nipple, she was making more and more sexy sounds and now she was pressing into me and I was in complete fucking confusion, my dick hurt and my mom’s letting me rub her nipple it’s just crazy. Then she turns to me and says take off those pants they are hurting me and your shirt too honey.

Shit this is serious, I am going to be laying against my mom naked and with a hard dick ,she pulls the blanket over her and says get in behind me and rub mommies chest some more, uhh Ok I said kind of sheepishly but really I am so fucking excited I couldn’t wait to rub” title=”gölcük escort”>gölcük escort her more so I slide up against her and she kind of wiggles against me and moans again mmm and says son your getting grown up aren’t you, I was shocked and could only groan back with ummm uh huh I guess so, she said don’t worry mommy wont tell. And I started to rub her up and This time I was going to really try to get her turned on with my rubbing and Hoped she would grind against my dick and I could stop hurting so much, so I went on pinching and rubbing her nipple and when she would jerk or moan I would find a place she liked and then I would really go after that, she was just loving this I could tell, as she would help me rub her nipple , she was saying in a very soft voice ohh That’s good mmm yeah mmm ,it was turning me on even more hearing her pleasure, now my dick was not real big but pretty thick for a 12 year old now I am easing it against my mom’s ass crack and it feels so good,

I start pressing harder against her and sliding up and down slow into her crack I just can’t help it feels so good, and I guess I moaned out and mom responded, she started grinding into me as I grind up and down she slid up her ass just enough for my dick to slip out thru her ass crack and onto her pussy and I could feel the wetness of her pussy on me , oh my gawd it was so amazing and mom was rocking into me as I was sliding my dick closer and closer to her opening I could feel the head of my dick popping in her as I slid it by back and forth then all the sudden mom reaches around grabs my hips and starts pulling me into her harder now My dicks inside her more and I am so scared but she’s making it worse with her moving and then she opens up her leg and says honey it’s ok if you want to learn sex on mommy, now this is getting too much, she’s ok with this now, as she laid back down on her back exposing all of herself to me and says you can touch or feel me any where you want. It’s ok .holy crap I was sitting there in shock and now mom was wanting me to learn sex from her wow this was the greatest night ever, Mom was laying their completely naked and I was in Heaven , I grabbed Moms feet and pulled her legs apart real slow and easy since I was shaking and scared but very Horney and happy so now I had her legs open far enough to see her Pink pussy lips and this was exciting her too she was breathing hard and her pink pussy lips were glistening wet ,this view was great I thought, then just as I was loving it she started saying touch it it’s ok’
So I reached over and touched my mother’s pussy while she was awake looking right at me and ok with it. Her crotch was warm so I pulled the lips apart now I could see inside her pussy lips good ,she didn’t even move, she now was laying back eyes closed, I should start fingering her I thought just to see if she will let me and if she will like it, so I slid in my finger in slow and just like before she jerks and moans a little but when I rubbed that one spot she squealed and shook this is the spot I was going to attack her with to see her so excited and nasty, that was all I wanted, so away I went sliding in and out rubbing hard into her spot and she responded immediately with rocking hips and moans then as I put 2 fingers in she Gasps and say honey that’s very good but be careful and then she starts grinding into my fingers harder and we are now in rhythm she’s rocking into me and I am shoving hard into her pussy she spreads her legs open so far I couldn’t believe it, then she starts fucking my fingers, My mom was a sex freak she was so nasty like this, the noises and her sexy moving was so incredible and I wanted to give her more It was great she groaned ! More yes more, so I shoved all 3 fingers into her and jack hammered her pussy she definitely liked this and I am going to keep going till she stops me.

Mom was quivering and moaning in ecstasy with me fingering her into what I could only say was a wild animal. She was saying fuck me Fuck me yesss yess fuck me harder mm mmm and I went crazy jamming into her soaking wet hole, her pussy was so mushy and wet now and was she was gasping in what sounded like agony, She was writhing into my thrusting and she suddenly stiffens up really tight and squeals out and collapses in a heap, ohhh my god Son, Wow I thought what did I do? And just then Well Mommies going to go to sleep now honey you can come wake me in the morning and we will talk more ok. Ok Mom and off I went. So I went out to the living room and turned on the TV it was almost 4 am but I wasn’t tired and my dick was so sore and still hard from all the excitement, so I started to jack off and bang@~ crash* Mom! holy shit I thought she is hurt so I ran into her room and she was on the floor giggling I said Mom are you Ok she said yes but I can’t get up I need help I’m so drunk and dizzy, she said come here help me get back in bed .ok so I helped her get in bed she just laid there and smiled at me and said good night honey.

To be continued

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