Mom’s Prom

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Something strange happened at our house last spring; something wonderful and unforgettable. I was working part time at a dress shop and getting very excited about graduation, and also about the prom. My date was going to be Jesse Baxter, which in itself was not a big thrill, but I had broken up with my cheating boyfriend a few weeks earlier. I was, an am, considered an attractive girl…I try to keep my body in shape, and I have black hair that goes down to my shoulders. Haven’t gotten around to tattoos or piercing yet, but I do like to show off my belly button every now and then.

My brother Derek was home for the weekend. Derek is just gorgeous. Our mother is white, and our father was black, so we have a nice shade of mocha skin color. Derek’s hair is a little bit coarser than mine, and with both have deep hazel eyes. He spends a lot more time in the gym than I do, and at age 20, gets his fair share of ladies at his ‘bachelor pad’ thirty miles away. On this Friday evening, I was telling Mom and Derek about what I was thinking of wearing to the prom, and Mom at first seemed excited for me, then she became more quiet and withdrawn. She eventually excused herself to get something to drink.

I was confused, and then Derek reminded me that Mom missed her own prom back in 1975 due to some unfortunate circumstances. Her whole last year of high school was a mess, but she made it through and became a successful businesswoman (with some help from Dad) by her late 20s. Now at 45, and with Dad gone for a couple of years, she would get lonely or melancholy sometimes.

“I have an idea,” I said. “Let’s give her the prom she never had!”

“But her friends are scattered all over the country,” Derek pointed out.

“No, no. The two of us can get dressed up, make her a nice dinner, put on some music, and maybe that’ll cheer her up!”

Derek thought about this and agreed. The next day, I picked out a dress for myself brazzers at my store, and also found one for mom. Derek got his tuxedo, and at about 3:00, we called Mom downstairs. We presented her with a large gift box.

“What are you two up to? You know it isn’t my birthday for another five months!” She said.

We begged her to open it, and she pulled out a beautiful peach dress.

“What is this?”

I said “It’s your prom dress! We know you feel kind of down about it, so tonight is your night!”

She laughed hysterically, and gave us both big hugs, and kisses on the cheek.

“Hurry up,” said Derek. “You only have three hours to do your hair and nails.”

Our original plan was to take her to the restaurant at a local hotel, but all of them were booked up. Fortunately, Mom taught me a thing or two about cooking, so I whipped up some a prom-like chicken & rice dinner. Derek programmed the CD player with a bunch of tunes from the mid 70s, and we ate, laughed and drank wine for hours.

Mom looked stunning in her dress; I hadn’t seen her that radiant in years. Derek was very handsome in his black tailored tux, and I certainly was no slouch in my deep blue ensemble. We took turns dancing with each other, and Mom and Derek ended up dancing to three slow songs in a row. They were gazing into each others eyes, when Derek leaned over a little bit and kissed her on the lips. I was shocked, for about two seconds. Then Mom seemed to grab Derek’s head and they began French kissing like long-separated lover. Mom was letting out subtle moans, and Derek’s hands started to explore her ample upper body. He gently unzipped the back of her dress, and started sucking on her luscious breasts. Mom threw her head back in silent ecstasy.

Not wanting to feel left out, I got off the sofa and started kissing Mom, too. She was so soft and tasted so sweet, I think I fell in love. As I was gently snaking cuckold porno my tongue in and out of her mouth, I felt her hand go up my dress and start rubbing my thigh. Then another hand was rubbing my ass, and that turned out to be Derek. I stepped back as Derek peeled off Mom’s dress. He gently lowered her to the floor and rolled down her panties. This striking brunette that raised us was already squealing like she was in a dream. He got completely down on the floor and licked his way up her thighs, then gently teasing his lips over her pussy hair. I was getting so hot just watching this! Mom found the presence of mind to say “Don’t ruin your dress.” I stepped out of my outfit, leaving on my sexy black bra and panties.

Derek stepped up his tender exploration of Mom’s pussy, which was now simply creaming. Mom pulled me down and kissed me some more, then gave me a signal to get over her. I crawled over her and parked my pussy right over her face, and she wasted no time sticking her tongue in my sweetness. I had never been with another girl before, let alone my own Mother! This was too delicious for words. All I could say was “Ah…aughhh…oh…oh…fuck yes…that feels so good.” Mom purposely started making louder sucking noises, and it turned up my temperature even more. She was rocking steadily as Derek lapped even more at her pussy.

She writhed nastily on the carpet and moaned directly into me. “Mmmmm…mmmph…you…oohhhh…suck…that pussy! Lick me, you fucking stud…” I came just hearing those words, knowing that she was talking about her son and my own brother. ” Mmmmm-ooohhhh” She mashed her face into my cunt as she came!

I felt two hands on my hips pulling me back. Now I was face-and-face and pussy-to-pussy with Mom. “Oh my God, Theresa…you children are so nasty. I love you.” I started kissing her some more as Derek silently slid his erect nine-incher into my czech porno pussy.

“Oh! Ohhhh! That is so fucking good!” My ex-boyfriend wasn’t as well hung, so it did really feel great to have a man-sized cock in me. I lost my composure and kissed Mom’s neck while Derek plunged back and forth. Mom raised her hand and started fingering my clit. This was too much. This time I let out a long scream as I came. Derek pulled his still stiff cock out, and Mom rolled me over. She was kissing my glowing tits, when Derek stuck his prick into her.

“Oh, you were right,” she said. “This is so fucking nice.” Derek was pumping her furiously, know her well coiffed hairdo every which way. I had never seen anyone look so sexy. ” Gnnt, gnnt. Oh!” She could only grunt, she was so into it. She actually got up, forcing Derek to pull out of her. She spun around and started sucking on his shiny dick; like she was starving! While she was doing that, I stuck two fingers in her twat, making her come right away. There was our mother, with her daughter’s fingers up her cunt and her son’s dick in her mouth! After a couple of minutes, Derek grabbed her hair and let out almost a roaring sound when he came. Mom guzzled up his cum, and it was my duty to send my tongue into her mouth once again to get some.

While my 45-year old mother and I were playing tonsil-hockey, Derek got on his knees and turned his attention to my pussy. It was vibrating when he stuck his tongue in there. With him sucking me off, and Mom turning her mouth’s attention back to my titties, it was long before I came again! Shortly thereafter, Derek fell onto his back from near-exhaustion. That didn’t stop Mom from wrapping her mouth around his throbbing stick one more time, and mounting him once again when he was at full attention. She purred as she softly moved up and down on her son’s joystick, leaning forward to engage in some passionate kissing with him. Wanting to make sure this was indeed a special night for her; I crawled over and kissed her ass before sticking my willing tongue in her sensitive, wanting, musky asshole.

Hopefully all of this made up for the prom Mom missed. It certainly made me look forward to mine!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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