Mom’s the Best Ch. 03

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The day after my mind was still racing. I don’t know what to say to Mom or to my mate Ben after witnessing mom pleasure herself in front of him and then give him a wildly enthusiastic masturbation send off .

I kept a lower profile for the next week with mom but I saw Ben at college the next few days. On the first day he was like.

“How’s your mom? She’s one hot lady. Can we have another movie date at your place?” He asked with a very telling smirk.

Of course he wasn’t saying anything about his encounter with mom at his place but referring to the previous weeks movie night at my place.

“Yeah we will tee up another night maybe next week, but you must promise not to mess around with my mom!” I said firmly.

I am certain that, that just landed on deaf ears.

“Ok ok.” He meekly said with smile.

Bastard I just know he’s going to try to make contact with mom. Sure enough one night he calls asking for mom.

Luckily I took the call. “Hey Ben what’s up?”

“Hey just wanted to ask your mom a question is she around?”

“Mom’s out today, can I pass the message to her?”

“Oh no I will try another time. See you tomorrow.”

“Who was that Jason on the phone?” Mom called out.

“Ah no one just some salesperson mom. Nothing interesting.”

The next day of course I caught up with my mates. Ben seems rather more cheerful.

“What’s up Ben, why are you in such a good mood? What have you been up to? Up to no good I bet you!”

“Hey lifes too short to worry about anything. How’s your mommy? She’s one hot sexy lady, I bet she is.”

As he spoke he began moving his hand up and down in a rapid gesture then stopping, then rapidly pumping the air again. Yeah he’s not trying to indicate too much about their secret meeting the other night! Right!

“Oh go away you wanker, you need to drown in a cold bath!”

Back at class it was just a few days before Katy was to leave for her new home. We caught up again for another hot session on the backseat of her car. Wow this girl’s getting better. I am going to miss her. But I plan to see Katy every weekend after she leaves. I plan to fuck her crazy one day. She ain’t allowing me to get near her pussy with this hot rod at this stage, so I will have to wait. Maybe her being further away might help our relationship I thought.

After Katy left I was a little down but was looking forward to our weekend rendezvous. But when the weekend arrived she only responded to my text as “Sorry can’t see you this weekend. Just really busy with things. Can we make it next week?”

“Sure thing.” I replied back disappointedly.

Naturally I fell back to mom. This time I needed to be closer to her, so we can chat about my relationship and our relationship.

I picked a quiet night in. And mom had already sensed that I needed chatting to. I was just channel surfing when mom sat down next to me with a couple of cold ones.

“Looking a little blue I see darling.” She quietly spoke.

“Yeah you know Katy’s gone now and she had no time for me this weekend. What does all that mean to you mom?”

“Darling sometimes you may need to let go a bit. Maybe give her a little slack. If she is still not making the effort, don’t try too hard. Just refocus on those that matter. You will see if you mean a lot to her. Sometimes things are not meant to be perfect.”

“Thanks mom it means a lot to me you helping putting things into perspective. I will do what you have suggested.”

With that mom reaches out to me touching my hair and face.

My penis starts to swell instantly as my body and mind awakes from its slightly depressed mode. I looked at mom’s beautiful face, excitement starting to fill my soul. Sparks you can say flying around just a little bit. I reach out to grab the back of moms head to bring her closer to me. She had this lustful look written over her sexy smile. I wanted her. I wanted her now.

We begin to kiss, gently at first then more wildly. Passionately.

I bury my face in her brunette hair, enjoying the smell then back to locking mouths with her, deep throating each other.

My hands start to wonder over her top, looking for her breast and nipples. Mom was oozing now with her natural body scent. She’s wearing her favorite perfume from Estée Lauder. Gosh she smelt electric. My penis now rock hard beneath my shorts.

“Oh darling you are so horny now. You want to make love to mommy?”

With that mom begins to reciprocate by also running her hands over my chest and belly, massaging as she went. She is acting more aggressive now kissing me all over. All over my face, neck and ears. I am so aroused now, letting her take over.

She deep kisses me and begins to run her soft hand over the hard outline of my penis.

“You are so hard, so stiff. You are enjoying yourself. You like the attention. I promise to make up for anything missing.”

“Gosh mom you are really turning me on.” As I laid there enjoying mom aggressively making out with me.

I can sikiş izle hear her moaning lightly now and she is breathing more frantically as she continues to kiss me all over while rubbing me through my shorts. My shorts are now damp with moisture as precum runs out from the tip of my stiff cock.

She stops for a second and we look into each others eyes. I was burning with lust as I looked at her face, her skin looked so beautiful, beautifully fair, her eyes stunning close up and her smile and her lips extremely inviting. She is so sexy up close.

“Do you want to eat my pussy, taste my pussy, smell my pussy?” She said confidently staring at my reactions.

I am so nervous now and only managed to mumber out. “Yesss please… can I.”

“Put your hand down here and feel me up first. Feel how wet I am now.”

Mom directs me to insert my fingers below her panties beneath her shorts. At the same time she lifts her top up and asked me to suck her nipples at the same time.

Suddenly I was in heaven. I blush with excitement.

I don’t want to rush this. I want savor every second.

Mom smelt so sexy. Her skin pearly white. She has beautiful perky breast with hard erect nipples. I can smell her natural body odor. I can smell her perfume. I can feel her body heat as I immersed my face across her upper body. Gosh I am so horny. My mind burning with desire. My penis hard as steel. My fingers rubbing her pussy and I have a face fill of tits and nipples. It can’t get better than this. I begin to moan quietly and my breathing becomes heavier with excitement.

Mom begins to moan repeatedly. Her eyes opening and closing enjoying my licks and touches. I wanted to masturbate her and watch her squirt for me. I can now smell the odor of pussy coming from where my fingers are working between her legs.

“Oh yeah, lick my nipples, massage my pussy baby, oh yeah.” Mom moan quietly.

“Oh wow mom you are so hot, so tasty.” I moaned back.

“Take your fingers out.”

I pull my fingers out. They are so wet covered by her creamy secretions. The odor was unmistakenly pussy.

“Give me your fingers.” Mom moaned.

I stick my fingers to her face and she grabs my hand and starts to lick my fingers clean while enjoying her own odor on my fingers. Then she sucks on them. The sensation was fantastic. My mom licking and sucking her own juices off my fingers. Wow!!.

“Oh yes, darling do like the smell of my pussy? Is it turning you on. I bet it is!!”

Mom then begins to strip taking her shorts and panties off.

She spreads open her long legs. Mom is slim and petite of course but she has sexy long legs. I watch as her legs part. My juices rush from my balls leaking onto my undies as I focus on her beautiful pussy now exposed in front of me.

Mom is unshaven but neatly trimmed. Her pussy lips slightly swollen and juice is now running down her crack. Creamy juices.

“Don’t be shy come closer, have a closer look at my pussy.” Mom encouraged me.

She immediately uses both hands to spread wide open her pussy labials exposing her whole vulva as my face approachs. The smell of pussy hits me in an instant. She is so pink and wet as I closely observe her insides. She lets go and I then use both my thumbs to spread open her inner labia exposing her inner privates.

“Oh baby do you like what you see. Are you turned on? Breathe deeply darling. Enjoy it!.”

“My god, my god.” I could only muster. I can feel my penis almost twitch, wanting to cum badly.

I move my face to her pearly inner thighs, inhaling her body scent. I can feel her body heat. My tongue darts out licking her inner thigh, sending her shuddering and squealing in delight. I felt like eating her literally.

“Oh baby arghhh!! oh yesss that’s nice!!”

I move back to her pussy. Burying my face in her pubes, inhaling the smell of her pubic hairs. I play with her pubic hairs between my fingers. Then I used my thumbs again to spread open her pussy lips and proceeded to rub my thumbs along her folds, feeling her texture, her moistness, gathering up her creamy juices on my thumbs. I play with her secretions on my fingers, feeling the texture. Her vagina was extra juicy with creamy secretions oozing out.

“Put your finger into my vagina darling and rub me slowly on the underside of the top of it.”

I do just that and slowly massage the top part of her orifice. I can feel a slight lump of muscle there. As I massaged, it sent mom into a long drawn out moans. Her hips start to move involuntarily up and down with visual excitement. She starts to move more uncontrollably now. I feel now I have mom under my control now as she moans loudly in pleasure.

“Oh god, oh yes that’s right. Keep doing it. Oh yeah that feels really nice.” she moans.

Her heads starts to roll. I am so aroused now. I have mom under my thumb you can say. A firm smirk runs across my face as I enjoy what I am doing to her.

Next minute mom’s hands reachs down and starts to run circles brazzers around her clitoris. Then she pulls firmly up to expose her little man. It’s covered in secretions of its own.

I hear mom whispering to me between her moans.

“Darling put your mouth over my clit and suck on it hard. Oh yesss please. Lick it fast. Put you whole mouth over it.”

I do just that and mom instantly goings into a frenzy, wildly thrashing as I firmly continued to massage her orifice and tonguing aggressively at her now hard swollen clitoris.

She is moaning insanely, out of control. I can feel her orgasm approach. My fingers are being gripped by her vaginal muscles. I can see her labias and vagina pulsate with the approaching orgasm. Suddenly I had this vision of her squirting when she masturbated for Ben. I begins to taste a different favor in her juices. Mom is talking dirty repeatedly.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah don’t stop licking, lick my pussy, oh yeah, oh god I am starting to cum. Lick it faster, harder, harder!! Suck hard on my clit!!”

My mind is now racing fast, not wanting to disappoint mom, slow down or worse, stop what I a doing. I wanted mom to get what she deserves. Suddenly I feel her hands grab the back of head firmly pressing my head hard against her heaving pussy.

Her hips start to grind and gyrate against my face massaging her pussy all over my face, almost suffocating me in the process. I feel my face getting very wet. The taste was amazing. The smell intoxicating. Mom moaning continuously, talking dirty to me. Telling me to make her cum.

“Oh baby watch me cum, I cumming, oh god that feels so gooood, don’t stop, you going to love it, you will like what you are going to see, oh god, oh god!! I am cumming!!”

Within a few seconds she lets out a loud orgasmic scream and her body convulses out of control. I hold on for dear life. A forceful squirt of fluid hits me, filling my senses with new unfamiliar order and taste. I am drenched in her cum juices. Hit by a spray. The taste and smell indescribable to me.

It was bitter and sweet. An astringent taste. An unusual odor.

Mom’s body continues shaking in post orgasmic pleasure. I try my best to still lick and massage her. I feel my fingers getting squeezed every second by her vagina. Her legs also squeezing me then opening in an uncontrolled fashion.

I slowly lift my head from her pussy and look at the result in front of me. Her pussy was drenched wet. The couch cover was drenched, my face was drenched. Her pussy looked wet and clean, lubricated in clear fluid. I did not know what to say but I am stunned by her physicality and physiology.

“Oh my god, that was wonderful. You did well darling.” She said with a happy smile as she tries to catch her breath.

She then pulled me back up to her. Her face flushed from excitement. She looked at me and began to kiss and lick my face. She begins to moan again.

“Mom you were so hot, I am so turned on by you.” I nervously sputtered out.

“Look at me.” she asked, staring at my awkwardness. Her tongue swirling in her half open mouth. She begins to lick her lips slowly. I can feel her right hand begin to massage me through the damp fabric of my shorts. She slowly unzips me while staring intensely at me. She brings her face close to mind, allowing me to inhale in her perfume. She stares at my reactions. A smirke runs across her face as she bits her lower lips. I can hear her heavy breathing, feel her breath on my face. She starts to whisper to me.

“Am I turning you on? Oh yeah, you like this?”

I blush with nervous excitement. What can I say. I am in absolute heaven. After eating her pussy and now this, I really needed to cum fast. But mom was teasing me and enjoying it.

She quickly pulls out my wet iron rod. Brings her hand to her mouth and licks her hand forever staring at me. Returns her hand to my penis and twists her right hand firmly a few turns. A sexy smile appears on her pretty face as she intentionally turns me on in every way. It’s definitely working and I start to moan. My body moves with excitement.

Mom then moves to lower her mouth over my penis, sucking on it hard while moving her head up and down slowly.

The sensation was exquisite. She lifts her head up and opens her mouth releasing a string of saliva stretching a few inches off my head and begins to slowly massage her saliva over the head.

“Oh my god, oh my god mom that is fantastic.” I moaned.

She sits back, faces me and wipes the saliva from her mouth.

“You like that?” she whispers

“Oh yeah.”

She continues to stare at me smiling. “Oh yeah, oh yeah.”

Then in classic mom style she immediately masturbates at speed. Again her right hand goes into blur. My pelvis suddenly jumps up meeting her pumping hand and I moan loudly.

I open my eyes briefly to her lustful stare. Her face showing its excitement as she begins to talk dirty to me.

Once again her enthusiasm takes over. This time I couldn’t hold fake taxi porno off any longer. I cum immediately, my cum flying out in white ropes. My pelvis rapidly jumps up from the couch while mom pumps harder. I scream out in pleasure.

“Arghhhh!! Oh god mom shake it, shake it hard!!” I screamed.

Mom violently shakes my penis all the while pumping fast, sending my cum flying everywhere.

“Oh yeah you like that eh?”

Suddenly I had this thought. Mom was not meant to know that I know she likes to shakes penises hard as they cum. That was something she did to Ben during the voyeuristic show the other night when I was peeping through the window.

Oh my god that was the best yet I thought, as my body settles back down. Still twitching from the amazing handjob.

With my face fully flustered, mom stares at me and whispers.

“Did you know I like to shake penises as they cum eh?”

I turned bright red…”No but I figure it would feel great.” I lied nervously.

” Hmmmm mom knows better, your secret stays with me OK.”

She smiled like a school girl.

Oh yeah that was close and what a day it’s been. After that we lie in each others arms, our heads together, she whispers to me.

“Hey why don’t you get your mates over for a group session.”

“You mean to give us…”

“Oh yes, I want to masturbate each of you at a time. You can each watch. I would like that.” Mom licks her lips in anticipation at the thought.

“Daniel has never had a girlfriend. It would be too much for him. He will be too nervous. You will be too hot for him.”

Mom bits her lower lip at the thought. “Oh yeah I like the thought of that, someone a little inexperienced. He will like it.”

The idea of my sexy hot mom masturbating all 3 of us one at a time while we watched is turning me on. I feel a twitch happening. I will let her know.

The next few days the thought filled my mind a few occasions.

Then one day the opportunity came up and again was going during our usual movie night. I had asked Ben first that mom would like to see you. Of course he jumped at the idea, until I mentioned that Daniel and myself will be there. I explained that mom has this fetish and that she would like to practice that on us. But we will all be there to witness it. I didn’t tell Ben any details except turn up on Friday night. With Daniel I explained to him that mom wants to have some fun with us on Friday and that he won’t regret it, just be there.

Come Friday night I was a bit anxious but mom was really excited at the prospect of fulfilling a fantasy of hers.

Both Ben and Daniel arrived together. We got them sitting on the 3 seater and we sat on the 2 seater. After a couple of drinks and a feed, mom went straight to Ben. That’s when everyone became quiet and Ben got a bit nervous. Mom was her usual confident self, not really concerned about any rejection or prudish behavior from the boys. I can tell Dan was really nervous, wondering what’s happening here.

Mom was whispering a few words to Ben. His face blushing but he seems excited. I can see mom’s hand move to his bulge beneath his pants, slowly rubbing it.

I ushered Dan to sit on my couch for a better view. We both stare quietly as mom went to work on Ben who are only about four feet away. Dan was shaking like a leaf, as he was the most inexperienced one here. He had never had a girlfriend and to be witness to a live act is both exciting and nerve racking for him.We can hear mom whispering to Ben.

“You feel ok? I am going to make you feel really excited. You are going to love this Ben.”

She stares at him virtually face to face with him, turning him on with her attractiveness, her smile and her perfume scent.

Mom begins to kiss him slowly at first then aggressively. She starts to moan. Her hands become more frantic massaging Ben all over. She removes his shirt and her own top revealing her naked breast.

“Do you like what you see? I can see you are really turned on.

Does it turn you on your mates watching?”

“Eh yes, you are really hot.” He nervously mumbered out.

Mom unzips him and pulls out his very hard wet cock. It is similar in size to mine. Thank goodness for that I thought.

She proceeds to lick her hand and return it to his penis, twisting the saliva over his swollen head, sending Ben to shudder uncontrollably. His face grimaced with pleasure as mom firmly twists up and down. Admittedly it was really arousing me watching mom control his pleasure. Hearing her moaning, hot whispering and breathing heavily enjoying what she was doing to Ben was so unbelievably hot. Watching her aggressively make out with him was making me so excited. I was really enjoying the live show.

I turn to Dan he was still shaking like a leaf. The deal with mom was he will be next. I think I am going to enjoy watching that one.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah Ben you are so hard! Why don’t you lie down and I will straddle your face.”

Mom gets up and slides her sexy shorts off revealing her sexy panties. She then goes on top of Ben in a 69 position. Her panties look very wet. She is very aroused. She brings her panties just above Ben face and starts to polish his face with her wet panties in a gyrating motion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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