Money for Nothin’

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This is gonna be a little shorter than what I usually shoot for, but enjoy nonetheless.

All aspects of this story are fictional and all characters are over 18. Apologies for any spelling or grammar mistakes!


It didn’t take long for Lee’s bulletin board ad to get a few responses, she needed money on the side to help pay her rent for the month. And strangely, she got her first call from Dr. Marian Hill, Lee’s neurology professor. The posted ad was for yard work, like pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, trimming hedges, ditches. That sorta stuff.

It was during the cooler months of the year, Lee hated working in the damn heat. It frustrated her, she had enough of that shit growing up in the south.

But the day Hill wanted her to mow her lawn, it was just as damn hot. She took off her red flannel and tied it around her jean clad waist, the pits of her white undershirt already dampening, as was the chest and the back of it. Her jeans felt too heavy on her legs, but she couldn’t take those off. Not in front of Hill, at least. She could feel the older woman’s eyes on her, following her movements, she was watching from the living room window.

Lee wiped a firm hand over her moist forehead as she spared a glance at the window. Yep, those icy eyes were trained right on her, and despite the unseasonable heat, it had a shiver running down her spine, settling down in her stomach like it belonged there. She swallowed and continued pushing the mower across the expansive front yard. Just a few more passes and she’ll be finished for today.

But just as she went back to work, she heard a whistle from the front porch. Her dark green eyes shot up at the direction of the noise, sweat dripping from her chin as she looked up with her whole head.

There she was, the woman herself, dressed in a satin robe, dark greying hair forming lush curtains around her slim face, holding a tall glass of ice water in her slender hand, painted nails tapping on the glass.

Lee almost tripped over her own boot clad feet as she clambered bursa escort bayan up to the porch, smiling as charming as she could manage while her body was about as hot as a plate of rice and beans fresh out of the microwave. She didn’t bother using the stone steps on the porch, she just stepped onto it, reaching for the glass, but Marian held it further back, her thin brows furrowing.

Her voice rang in Lee’s ears, but none of it was heard. “Huh?” The young woman stuttered dumbly, her mouth hanging open a bit.

Hill scoffed and slid her slim finger into one of Lee’s belt loops on her grass stained jeans, pulling her toward the entrance of her home, “Come inside, dear. You need a bit of rest.”

The blonde girl had no reason to fight against that, but she tried anyhow. “Nah, I stink, Doc. You really want me in your house like this?” She asked, getting her first glimpse at the interior of Hill’s house. The furniture was themed, white and expensive. The farther they traveled into the house, the more out of place Lee felt. The more she felt like a dog trespassing into its owner’s pristine home. Finally, they ended up in the kitchen, and Hill finally gave Lee access to the water in her grasp.

The blonde chugged the cool water like it was her life that depended on it. A small dribble of it trailed down her thick, bobbing throat, and she nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt a cool finger collect it from her neck. Lee watched through wide eyes as Marian stuck that same finger up to her dark red painted lips, her tongue darting out to taste.

“The fuck, Miss H?” She panted, wiping her mouth with her rippling forearm. Hill just smirked at her, stepping away from the young woman.

“Just thought I’d get that. It bothered me.” But as Marian leaned in to grab the emptied glass from Lee’s hand, she pushed her face right up against her ear, whispering, “and you tasted quite good..”

Lee was stunned for a minute while Hill toed off with the glass, over to the sink to wash it. As she shook herself out of the initial shock of Hill’s words, bursa anal yapan escort she stalked forward to the woman busy at the sink. With her steady, but clammy hands, she slid them around the older woman’s hips, pulling her backward with enough force for her ass to bump against Lee’s hips. “If this was a plot to get me to fuck ya, Miss…you coulda skipped the lawn mowin’ shit.”

She could feel Hill’s knees turn to jelly as she spoke, as Marian leaned back against her, her blues eyes cutting to look at the girl behind her. “God knows I like a good show,” she purred, her hand reaching up to stroke up the side of Lee’s cheek, fingers tangling in the thick, damp hair.

Lee slid her chin up onto Marian’s shoulder, her lips forming a small seal on the woman’s neck to suck a light hickey into the pale skin. She felt Hill vibrate against her in shaky laughter, “Marking me as yours, hm?”

Spinning Hill around to face her, the pearly skin of her face had brightened to pretty peach, a mischievous little smile playing on her lips. Lee pulled her close and locked her lips with Marian’s, the lipstick smudging immediately onto her own lips, and slender fingers felt up the back of her firm biceps, and a noise of fondness reverberating in Lee’s mouth. Oh, Hill liked the muscle. She liked it. Those same fingers slipped down to her firm sides, stringy arms wrapping around the bulk, groaning softly into the slippery kiss as they fell into an easy, sexy pace.

Hill’s back bumped into the counter, and Lee’s strong hands gripped at her ass, lifting her up onto the counter with such ease it had Hill gasping against her. Lee untied the robe that Hill had clearly lazily threw on in an effort to hide what lay underneath its softness. Stark nakedness, and Hill was smokin’. She had a few wrinkles here and there, to be expected for someone her age, and her tits hung a bit, and her stomach sunk. But Lee wasn’t one to judge. It made Marian all the sexier. Ripping the rest of the robe off with Hill now pressed against her, she tossed bursa rus escort it somewhere else in the kitchen. Lee would apologize later if it landed in Hill’s doberman’s water bowl.

Lee bit her lip and attacked Marian’s left tit with her mouth, and if the older woman was harboring any self consciousness before, it all vanished when Lee began to ravish her body right there on the kitchen counter. If Hill had a husband, this would’ve been the perfect time for him to pop in.

Marian ran her fingers through that hair once again, her thin brows knitting in pleasure as that mouth got to work on her tits, and then it trailed down her soft stomach, down to her bald pussy.

She was about to stop her when she felt warm, slick velvet envelope her clit, and she nearly crumbled against the young woman. A long, quivering moan pierced the sexually charged air around them. Lee slid her bulging arms underneath Hill’s slim legs, hooking her knees, spreading her legs to give herself better access to Marian’s cunt. Hill’s gentle hands braced themselves against Lee’s rippling shoulders, long nails scratching the skin underneath the worn fabric of the white shirt.

Lee should’ve been deterred from the hissy little “fuck!” that left Marians lips from above, but she growled into her pussy, driving a little whine from the older woman. She could feel the shift in the atmosphere, Hill was getting closer and closer to cumming, and Lee licked faster on her clit, as those talons dug into her skin.

And when Marian finally fell over the urge, even as those hands pulled at her hair, even as nails scratched raw streaks onto her neck, Lee rode out the woman’s orgasm until Hill had to push her head away.

Leaning back against the cabinets above the counter, Marian tried to catch her breath, her toes curling and relaxing as the aftershocks blew through her lanky body, her legs shaking from it all. Lee swallowed the juices that’d been left on her tongue, licking her lips clean and wiping the rest of her face with her forearm.

Looking at a completely wrecked Marian Hill, all red and breathy, blue eyes glazed over, Lee knew she’d be getting paid a lot more than what her initial asking price was. But most importantly, she’d just made the hottest professor at the university cum all in her mouth.

This turned out to be a lot better of an experience than Lee had thought.


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