Monica 43: Love Nest

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Bright and early Saturday morning Monica Gift woke up after her night of madcap mayhem at the Movie Theater. In the darkness date night turned into a devious spectacle. A bunch of her Braless Brigade chose to seduce their dates right there in the theater. The movie was horrible anyway. So essentially they took it upon themselves to make the night worth while.

Yawning she sits up in bed hearing her Parents on the other side of the wall. Bickering. Of late they had seemed to let everything get to them. Mostly about their careers. A bit over not having much of a sex life of late. Monica fidgets knowing why. Her Father had tapped his daughter a few times now. To Monica it was obvious he preferred a sweet young thing over her Mother. Having lost her looks a bit over the years Charlotte Gift felt as if she might be losing her Mate. Aaron did his best to make her see differently. He did love his wife.

Crawling from bed nude she pulls on a long t-shirt and primps her bed head a bit before stepping out of her bedroom. A short distance to the living room she shuffles through to find her Parents grumbling at each other.

“Play nice Kids.” Monica continues past them entering the Kitchen. Her arrival calmed their words to a low murmur.

“Let’s talk about this later.” Aaron suggests. His wife scowling.

“Fine. I’m going to go shower. I’m heading back to Princeton to help Rachel with the auction house for a few hours then driving up to Tallahassee to see Ginger and Fiona. You’re right. I’m sorry Aaron. You know I love you.”

“And, you know I love you. You just need to stop thinking crazy. I’m not having an affair. My sex drive is just tapped out. Just give me time. We have the next forty years to satisfy our itch.”

Charlotte nods faintly, understanding him the best she can. Finally stepping away to their bedroom. Their adjoining bathroom calling Charlotte to get cleaned up.

Aaron exhales loudly from puffed cheeks as he heads into the Kitchen. Eying Monica bending over at the fridge to look for breakfast he see’s her beautiful bottom and tight clam. As ever nude beneath a thin mask of clothing. It took zero time to get hard. Aaron Gift just didn’t desire his wife like he used to. His daughter however, different story.

Rubbing his chin as Monica loitered he decides to step in behind her and reach over her for a small apple juice bottle. In stretching over her he pressed his swollen cock against her backside. Wearing only his pajama pants he was free as a bird. Not remotely erect until his wife vacated the room.

Monica stands up straight but doesn’t resist the fact that he was still pressed up against her. Drinking the bottle while towering behind her she flares her eyes.

“Bold this morning. Good morning Daddy. Mom in the house and you do this? I’m impressed.”

“Been awhile since we bonded.”

“Is that what we’re calling it?” She giggles quietly.

“Feeling crazy?” He reaches his right hand down the front of his pajamas to stroke his beast. Dragging it out and tagging her cheek with it numerous times. Monica biting her lower lip as the chill of the opened fridge door stimulates her nipples. Her T-shirt being white left little to hide.

“Always. Are you sure you want to risk it? If Mom catches us you’re divorced and I’m booted out of the house.”

“You’re not going anywhere. She moves before you do.”

“Really? I guess I did say I’d choose you to live with.” She sighs, “I thought you didn’t want to play with me anymore?”

“Changed my mind. Ever since we had your Mother on the phone and fucked I’ve been picturing that. Let’s do one better.”

“Fuck in the house with her right on the other side of the wall?” She giggles.

“Follow my lead.” He takes her by the hand. Fridge shut she makes the journey into the living room. Her Parents bedroom door right next to where they stood. Pausing her movement with a finger he leaves her side. Opening his bedroom door he notes his wife in the bathroom. The door to the bath wide open. Hearing Charlotte humming as she starts her shower he drops his pajama bottoms right in plain view of Monica just outside.

Her eyes flare up with adrenalin. She hadn’t thought her Father to ever consider this.

With a burst of excitement Monica pulled her t-shirt off and tossed it on the sofa.

Dropping to her hands and knees she seductively marched right into their Master bedroom. Noting the door open and her Mother just closing the shower glass with a hiss she crawled right up to Aaron and rolled her facial features along the girth of his mighty cock. Kissing and licking his balls.

Aaron glared down at her playful tongue. Her eye contact extremely turned on. He takes a deep breath and motions her to suck his dick. Monica shook her ass and devilishly devoured her Daddy. As much of his eight inches as she could. For the next four minutes she swallowed him and gave him the best BJ she had ever given. So good he had to stop her before he detonated. He wanted more from this than a simple blowjob with his wife in the next altyazılı porno room.

Reaching down he pulls Monica up by her arms and turns her around. Facing the bathroom he rolls a palm from her neck to her shoulders before nudging her forward. Priming his crown up to her trickling pussy he encourages his beast forward into her. Gentle thrusts at first. Then a bit harder. His hands now gripping her shoulders. His daughter tried not to moan but she was losing her battle.

Hearing her Mother singing in the shower helped. Aaron had different ideas. He forced their bodies forward until Monica’s hands were holding the door frame. She could literally see her Mother showering. Daddy wanted more still. He reached over Monica and swatted her grip on the doorway. Once released he walks her directly into the bathroom. Monica grit her teeth at how dangerous this was. All Charlotte had to do was turn around. Even through a steamy glass door she could see shapes and colors.

Aaron pulls out of Monica and pats the bathroom sink for her to sit up on it. Hopping up Aaron moves between her legs and repositions his cock for another entrance. Once revisited his thrusts began. Monica turned blue holding her breath. Her eyes recognizing every single graze across her G-spot. Daddy was even massaging her clit.

Her thoughts on this adventure troubling yet intoxicating all the same. Monica loved her Mother but sadly she loved her Father more. Never in a million years did Monica imagine her Dad would be this brazen. Her Father stood smugly looking down at her. Defiant. Expecting her to let out a shrill scream at any moment. She wanted to. She couldn’t. Mom would be devastated.

He watched how perfect his cock entered Monica. Thick and drenched in her juices. Her pink interior escaping, rippling with each exit. Vanishing with each entry. Her tits bobbing about from side to side. Her expression priceless. The look of sheer awe made him harder than ever. Her eyes moist from holding her breath so long. Frozen in place. Watching her Father go at it. With so much lust in his eyes. So much control. She could almost fall in love with her own Dad.

Shivering at the realization Monica released her breath with a wheeze. A low whine that was followed by a faint whisper of “Oh Daddy.” Her brow creasing to compensate her internal struggle. She wanted to go all out. Spasm. Cry out her pleasure. Tear into Daddy with her nails. To let him know how much his dedication meant to her.

She couldn’t.

Sweat beading up under the steam in the room Aaron Gift leers over at the shower. Charlotte was bending over shaving her legs. Even though his attraction to his wife had waned some over the years his wife still had a nice shape. If not a bit puffy in certain areas. Her ass right this minute was tight and begging to be spanked. Aaron was now tormenting by reality. He loved both of his girls. So why wasn’t he giving up on Monica? His thrusting had not faltered for even an instant.

Prompted by his wife he retreats from Monica’s trickling pussy and drags her from the sink in a sticky tug of flesh having rested there too long. Standing now he turns her around and bends her over again. This time plotting a course for her anal cavity. With a dabble of spit dripped down upon her ass he plunges forth. His crown struggling at first but finding a safe haven in his daughters ass. Monica huffed as his hands gripped her wrists and held them behind her back.

Tits swaying in a maddening dance as they dangle Monica was beyond impressed by her Father. Monica could almost kiss the shower door. At the same time terrified that Mom might look around. Hear her over her music. Her own humming along to the tune. Breath held was becoming difficult. Daddy was making her crazy.

Charlotte was finishing up her legs and now took interest in washing her hair. Why she didn’t do that before her legs was anybody’s guess. Even Monica questioned her Mother’s tactics. Regardless she was oblivious.

After an emotional three minutes Monica was relieved that Aaron had pulled out of her ass and brusquely gripped Monica by the back of her neck. Forcing her from the bathroom in a gentle yelp unheard. Marching her out of the bathroom and back into the bedroom. Her limbs weak she has no control as he tosses her on their king sized bed. Crawling up behind her to once again doggy style his daughters pussy. Digging his fingers into her ass cheeks and curling their tender meat up for a vibrant look at his performance. He loved watching his dick ram in and out. It was mesmerizing. His thumb digging up into Monica’s asshole.

Monica reached out and grabbed a pillow to cover her head. She couldn’t keep her moans in any longer. She would bury herself in and let it go. Heard most definitely. Her biggest stress was not praising her Daddy at the top of her lungs. She certainly wanted to. He was fucking awesome. He deserved her words. If truth be known he would have wanted to hear it.

Monica lost her mind. Her entire body quivering violently. He felt her tense up to orgasm zenci porno and chose to slap her ass loudly. Gritting his teeth at the echo. Still he heard Charlotte singing. Fuck it. He slapped Monica again. And, again. Each time hearing a muffled yelp. Becoming more bold her reaches over Monica and peels the pillow from her head. Her moans becoming more outspoken.

“Like that you little whore?” Aaron mumbled.

“Yes Daddy. S-shouldn’t you save your energy for Lisa tonight?” Monica whispered.

“Naa! If she even shows up.”

“She will. She promised me. I can’t wait for you to watch me being fucked by four guys tonight.” Monica chose to taunt him. He had slowed his penetrations to a gentle more relaxing mode. She loved the tenderness.

“Won’t have to keep it in once your Mom is gone.”

“I won’t. I want to scream how good they feel.”

“I want you to scream how good I make you feel.” He narrows his eyes. Thoughts brewing he reaches awkwardly for a TV remote. His cock never leaving her warm wetness. She lay there face down watching as he turns the TV on and locates the Playboy channel. Finding what he had saved he purchases the movie and turns it up enough to hear the girls moaning. Monica dropped her jaw. It was loud enough for Charlotte to hear. Sure enough the music went down in the bathroom.

“Aaron? What are you doing?” Charlotte calls out with soap stinging her eye.

He grins like the devil as Monica looks backwards at him. His thrusting resuming in fashion.

“Watching porn. I decided you were right. We need to get more into the groove. I love you Char. Finish your shower. I’ll be waiting here in bed for you.”

“What’s the point of showering when I’m going to get dirty again?” She raises her point chuckling.

Reaching over Monica he snatches up her hair and yanks her head back. Drilling his daughters sloppy puss harder than ever. Monica decided to just let go. The TV was her perfect entry point into letting out her vented frustration. No more concealing her sensations. Only her words. Let go she did.

“Take your time Sweetheart. I’ll just get nice and ready for you.” Aaron calls over his shoulder. The water still heard he felt safe in his escalated rhythm. The actresses in the porno masked Monica well. There were two girls getting drilled at once. They were Banshee’s in the bedroom. So was Monica.

“Aren’t you afraid Monica will hear your porno?” Charlotte worries.

“She’s grown up enough to accept what you and I do.” He calls out lowering over Monica to whisper, “Aren’t you?”

“Yes Daddy. Godammit Boy. Fuck my pussy.”

“That’s my sweet little Angel.” He pulls out of her and throws her over on to her back. Snatching up her ankles her rips her legs wide and enters her cunt once again, “Spread those wings.”

Monica was cumming nonstop. Her expressions terrified one second, joyous the next. Her left hand pursuing her own clit. Rubbing it vigorously. Crying out. Harder and harder he fucked her. Tits circling about for an inspiring show of his good deeds. He lets go of her left ankle and reaches over her to squeeze a tit. Which turned into a slap fest. Her nipples stabbing with interest. Each time he smacked her breast her eyes flared. Giving up on that action he planted his fingers in her mouth. Holding her jaw wide as he brought her close to orgasm. Her voice muffling under her fingers holding her tongue down. Her warm lips molding around his joints.

“Rinsing now. I’ll be out in a second.” Charlotte expels.

“Put some of that sweet smelling perfume on.” Aaron adds cover fire.

“Which one?”

“The floral kind.” He shrugged, “Hell I don’t know.”

“That was romantic.” She chuckles.

“Sorry. I’m kind of busy.”

“Don’t get too invested in that porno. I want that stuff inside me.” Charlotte smiles.

“Plenty in reserve even if I do. I might be getting older and losing a bit of my energy but I know we need to get it done.”

He slams Monica even harder watching her toes curl tightly and her body convulse.

“Want Daddy’s cum up inside that sweet little pussy?” He provokes.

She nods with his fingers still in her mouth. He loved her expression. So much yearn. So much lust. So much love. He carefully withdraws his fingers and pries her bottom lip down.

“Tell me.”

“Cum inside me Daddy. I’m not worried. I need you.”

“Beg harder.”

Her facial features plead relentlessly, “I love you Daddy. Please cum in me.”

“Harder.” He cocks an eye brow high with expectation.

Her body can’t hold itself in check. Her muscles tense. She releases in a deafening scream.


His eyes flare knowing Charlotte had definitely heard that one.

Snarling Aaron Gift said to hell with it and detonated into his daughter causing her to vibrate her voice with the torpedoes rocketing through her waters. Loud, shrill, squeaky replies of satisfaction.

Aaron grunts his final droplets as he hears the shower shut off.

“What aldatma porno kind of porn are you watching?” Charlotte reacts strangely.

“I dunno I just turned one on. Didn’t realize what kind it was.” He grits his teeth and pulls from his daughter watching her lost reality. This was unexpected. He knew that Charlotte was grabbing her towel. He only had a minute to get rid of Monica and the girl was beyond moving on her own. This meant he would have to hide her.

Roughly he hurries and lifts Monica up from the stained covers. Eying the spots as he cradles Monica he swiftly carries her around the bed, using his foot to shut the bedroom door that had remained open. He then lays her on the floor to the blind side of the bed. Attempting to nudge her thin form under the bed frame. No more than settling her Charlotte Gift stepped from the bathroom. All he could do was play it off.

“What are you doing down there?”

“Shot my load and accidently dropped the remote.” He lifts it glad that he had kept it in hand.

Charlotte glances at the TV screen to see the two girls getting pounded. Her expression brought on a smile. She playfully points at her Husband, “You better not have ruined this over a silly movie.”

He grins at Charlotte, “Not even. You spray that sweet stuff on?” He sniffs the air.

“Not yet. It’s on my dresser.”

Aaron in his crouch feels Monica squeeze his balls. With a sudden wince he knew his daughter was back to reality. While Charlotte drops her towel with a flirtatious glint in her eye she wiggles up to her dresser. The second she turns Aaron looks down at Monica with a motion to behave and stay put. She sticks her tongue out at him and waves him on.

Standing Aaron looks over the bed and realizes just how bad the stains were. In a mad dash move he yanks the blankets off and tosses them over Monica. Charlotte having spritzed her body pivots on her heel to stare at Aaron. Her brows raise at the missing bedding.

“Sorry. I shot all over the covers. Nice and dry until we get done.” He charms her walking across the carpet to pull his wife into a tight hug. Kissing her as a distraction. Fondling her backside lovingly made Charlotte sigh into his mouth. She had missed this interaction.

“Mmmm! Prince Charming.” Charlotte rubs her nose over his as her hands palm his cheeks, “Carry Cinderella to bed.”

He chuckles and picks his wife up and softly lets her surround his neck with her arms. Laying her gently on the mattress he crawls over her and smothers her vision from Monica’s side of the bed. Then came the caresses. Both lovers enjoying the temptations of touch. Shivers of delight made Charlotte coo. Her hand reaching down to coddle his still ferocious beast.

“My! Sticky. Maybe I should sample that. What do you think?” Charlotte strokes him lightly.

“Sounds like a plan.” He winks, knowing she would taste her own daughters cum on his cock and not know the difference. That alone made Aaron that much harder.

Rolling on to his back Aaron let his right hand dangle over the edge of the bed. Enjoying Charlotte as she repositioned to crawl over him and accept his cock into her mouth. Long warm succulent lips trails made Aaron moan, “Fuck! You always did suck a mean cock.”

Giggling Charlotte seals her eyes and enjoys his taste. Her daughters taste. It made no difference. She had no idea. Charlotte just knew she loved her Man. This was going to be her best BJ yet. They needed the inspiration to reinvigorate their relationship.

While Mom was lost in the girth of Hubby, Monica below on the floor bit her nail knowing what was going on up there. Her smile contagious. Seeing her Dad’s dangling hand she couldn’t help herself. She gently edged higher to reach his fingers. Lips moist she begins suckling his fingers. Up above Aaron raised his eye brows at the unexpected temptation. Puckering at the possibilities here he lays back and enjoys both women.

“Like this?” Charlotte opens her eyes to examine her husbands reaction.

“Always love it when you suck my cock. I think you’re getting better with age. Go after the balls.” He winks with invitation.

“You read my mind.” Her beguiling gaze lowering along with her face. Stroking his cock with her right hand as her mouth engulfs his balls. Tugging. Nibbling. Licking. She loved it. He loved it.

After five minutes Aaron huffed and pulled his wet hand away from Monica’s devoted lips. Sitting up he reaches down snapping his fingers at Charlotte. She pouted at leaving his beast. She was really getting into it. Instead she obeyed and crawled over him. Hugging her outstretched body he tenderly kisses her using his wet hand to hold his wife’s hair.

After an intimate make out he rolls her over on to her back and sucks his wife’s nipples. Charlotte had a busty chest just like her daughter. In sucking them Aaron pictured Monica. That made him hornier still. Charlotte absorbed his intent and sighed heavily.

“I love you Aaron.”

“Love you too.”

The words led Aaron to finger his wife with the dampened fingers from Monica’s lips. Probing in and out softly at first as they resumed kissing. His stimulating leading to moans. Which increased as his fingers probed deeper, faster. Aaron Gift intended to get his wife off one way before tackling her another.

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