Montana Love part 1

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There was no better life than to own and run a ranch in Montana even for a single guy like me. To wake up each day with a view of the snow caped Rocky Mountain in the distance and the smell of bull pine in the air on a warming summer morning was like haven on earth. If there were any drawbacks at all, if was putting up with the macho Cowboy ego’s of the locals and unless you were in to sheep, there weren’t much to choose from for a sexual partner around this neck of the woods. So it’s a good thing drinking is a major sport in these parts, cause as the saying goes, the more you drink the better they look at closing time. As far as the macho Cowboy’s, I was as tuff as they were but growing up in the East I was cut from a different clothe than they were. Even if I hadn’t grown up in Montana I don’t think I would have every taking to their hard sole pointy, ugly Cowboy boots. I had been wearing soft sole Moccasins and Slippers from the age of twelve, not only were they a sexual turn on for me but they also made the statement that I was not a sheep that fallowed the herd, I was my own man. It took some time but the local got use to seeing me around town in Moccasins boots, low cut Moccasins or when the mood struck me my Isotoner Slippers. But still, even after five years, I only wore my Ballet Slippers around the ranch or horse back while checking fences.

Here it was, another Friday night, nothing on TV and not in the mood to sit around alone drinking beer. I decided to head into town to find some action, maybe I would get lucky and get my cock wet tonight. I put on a light blue plaid shirt, my best hip hugger jeans, a bone and beaded chocker around my neck and my sand color soft sole Apache Moccasins boots that I had made. Grabbed my Cowboy hat and headed into Dillon. Dillon wasn’t exactly on the map, oh! We did get some visitor who came to hike the mountains, but for the most part Dillon was one of those small Towns that you hear about. It had one of every thing, one post office, one room school, one food store, one motel, a hardware store and one watering hole, The Do Drop In Bar there were a dozen or so local and a hand full of out of Towner. I walked to the bar, ordered a beer and headed to the dance floor. Around the dance floor were those table that stood four feet tall with just enough room to set you drink let alone rest your elbows. The chairs were tall too, the kind the let the sole of your foot stay flat with your leg straight out but your ass firmly sited. For a soft sole lover like me they were great because it made it easier to see what other people were wearing on their feet. There were three couples dancing and one dude that surly was not a local. He got my eye right away because the way he was dressed and he was shaking a cute firm ass. He had on what looked like a women off white silk blouse, faded cut off short jeans that were frayed around the legs, Navy blue tights that went down and into a pair of soft black Isotoner Slippers. Yum! Yum! I thought how nice it would be to run my hands down those legs and over the soles of those Slippers. I couldn’t help but wonder if he was into soft soles like me, so I turned to give full view of my Apache Moccasins boots to the dance floor. By himself he danced another three songs but I did catch him checking out my boots more then once or twice. I think he knew that at the same time I was checking out the booty he was shacking around. Has the song ended he walked off the floor passed me and to the bar. He had just the body I lover, stood about 5’8 to 5’9, thin with long legs, small feet and a tight perky ass that I could hump all night long.

I had just started to think that maybe I should go look where he had gone, but as I turn he was standing right in front of me. He said Are you one of those Indian Cowboys I keep hearing about? NO! I replied I just like wearing Moccasins. Me too he said I just spent three days hiking the mountains in a nice pair of Minnetonka Moccasins boots. Mind if I sit here? My name is Kevin, what’s your? I told him that I was all-English, but I went by my Native name of Red Heart. Turn out that soft sole footwear was one of many things we had in common. One beer leaded to another as we talked through the night. It was getting on to closing when Kevin said aim only in Town till Sunday, would you be interested in coming back to the Motel with me. I lend fallow and whispered Broke Back Mountain was a Movie, You’re in a small Red Neck Montana Town that I live in. I can’t be seen going into a Motel room with you. Drive about a mile south on I-90 pull over and wait. When I drive my red pick up passed you fallow me back to my spread. Kevin smiled and said I understand see you down the road, got up and walked out.

Once back at my place I pulled out a couple more beers and took Kevin to the living room. He made himself at home and lay out on the couch with feet up and back to the arms. I set my beer down grabbed his Slippers lifted his feet up and sat under his legs. With one arm I held his legs down as I reach for my beer. Then slowly I started to run my hand along his legs to his ankles and up and over his toes and down the sole of his Isotoner Slippers. Kevin has small beautiful feet, about a size 10 as I slide my hand up the soft sole of his Slippers I gave a gentle squeeze to his foot then continue over the toes and back to his ankle. The nylon tights on his legs felt so sexy as I wrapped my hand around his ankles then worked my way back to the soft sole leather Slipper. Kevin smiled and said I love what you are doing to my foot, but I also can see by the bugle in you jeans that it’s making you hot. With the foot I wasn’t playing with Kevin pointed it flat over my crotch and started to slowly slide it heel to toe over the bugle. He would try to wrap his toes around the shift of my hard cock but the thickness of my jeans and his soft sole Slippers wouldn’t allow it. gaziantep swinger I looked at the bugle that had now formed in Kevin shorts. I asked how do you like it? Doggie style, 69 or flat on your back? As I was asking I had moved my hand to the inside of his foot and slide my finger tips inside his Isotoner Slippers and around the arch of his foot. The inside of the Slippers was SOOOO! Warm from his hot foot and the nylon over the sole felt SOOOO! Good. All of the above Kevin replied. How about you, what do you like? Me I said Aim into the kinky stuff. Yum! Yum! Kevin smiled tell me more, please! Well I said right about now I would love to replace my finger with my cock and fuck the hell out of your foot while kissing and licking the sole of the other one. Kevin’s eyes grow wide as he said OH WOW! Go for it Cowboy.

My shirt was unbuttoning and my pants were down around my ankles so fast, that I didn’t even remember doing it. My dick was rock hard and standing straight up, the head was glisten with cum that had oozed out. Kevin let his legs and feet go limp so I could maneuver his feet in place. I held his toes with one hand as a finger from the other pulled the side of the Slipper open as I pushed my cock into the Slipper with his foot. The heels of the Slipper stay in place as I let go of its side band making a nice snug fit around my shift. The head slide along the sole of his arch and up toward the toes. The combination of Kevin’s warm foot against my hot cock, the nylon on top and the cloth liner of the Slippers beneath my dick all cause more cum the flow out lubricating the inside of the Slipper. I kept one hand around the toes and top of the Slipper as my hips slowly rocked and my cock slide up and down the sole of Kevin foot. My free hands took the heel of his other foot and brought it to my face to kiss and lick the toes of those beautiful soft sole Slippers, working my way to the heel. By now Kevin had undone his shorts and pulled his cock over the top of the tights. He had a beautiful cock that was long, thick, cut and stood like a mast of a sailboat. His Navy blue tights made s a nice backdrop for his great looking Balls. Kevin was laid back eyes closed as he stocked his rock hard shift. My lips became wet on those soft leather sole Slippers as I watched him work his cock. As my cock slide up and down the sole of his foot the more the band on the Slipper side milked hot Jizz in to the Slipper. It was now so well lubricated that cum had started to ooze out the Slipper as my hips rocked faster. Kevin would curl his toes as I rub the soft sole over my lips, nose and face; it was driving me crazy as I humped his foot faster and faster. I could feel my sperm starting to build, wanting to explode from my dick. I flipped the heel of the Slipper that was in my face, with my nose I lifted it up, wrap my lips around the arch of Kevin sole and to sucked hard on trying to leave a hicky on his sole. As Jizz erupted form my cock with such force I felt it flow up and over his toes inside the Slipper. Load after load fill the Slippers covering his foot from the ball, toes and top with warm sweet Jizz.

Kevin had not yet got off. I moved the Slipper from my face to behind my head. Leaving my cock inside the other Slipper with his foot to sit in all that wonderful warm goop, I leaded between his legs and moved his hand from his hot rod to replace it with mine. I licked the bottom of the head to coach more sperm to pool at the tip. Palming it to lubricate my hand and let it slowly slide down his shift as my wet lips slip over his cock head. My lips fallowed my hands down to the base of Kevin’s beautiful cock till the tip hit my throat. Kevin moaned with pleasure but I knew he was close to blowing his wad. I start to bob my head up and down his thick cock, sucking on each up stroke. I felt the load of Jizz pass my hand as it filled my mouth; I swallowed it right down, waiting for the next load of cum. And come it did wad after wad of warm, salty Jizz, tasting so good as I swallow it. I brought my lips back to the tip of Kevin dick, letting the last load of cum to fill my mouth. By now my now soft cock had fallen from his Jizz filled Slipper. As Kevin’s cock went limp I moved up his chest to deliver my mouth full of gold to his. Our lips met and the tips of my tough force his open, allowing his sperm the ooze into his mouth. Kevin’s tough darted into my mouth to lick it all out and drink it down. We kissed for a good five minutes before we stopped to recompose our self.

I sat up with Kevin’s legs still in my lap, as I started to kick off my Apache boots and jeans, and then play with his cum filled Isotoner Slippers. Kevin commented that he had never had his foot fuck like that before. But it was a wicket turn on and how he was going to add it to his kinky sex list. He continue to tell me how he loved the foot play I was giving him and he too wanted to fuck a Slipperier foot some day. I too was getting turn on again as I played with his foot, but after a few minutes I suggested we move to the bedroom. As we walked into the bedroom Kevin’s eyes grow wide WOW! He said I have never seen such a large collection of Moccasins in my life. YA! I said aim really into Moccasins, soft sole Slippers, Ballet Slippers and Slippers socks. Over 200 pairs were lined up on shelves along the wall. Kevin started to paw through them. But I have a size 11 ½ foot, so I knew that most of them wouldn’t fit his size 10 feet. As he looked them over, I took out a pair brown Elk skin Moccasins that was as soft and smooth as Deerskin and put them on. I then found a pair of women’s size 10 deerskin Thunderbirds and pasted them to Kevin. And said here these should fit you and look sexy to boot. He sat at the edge of the bed and pulled his shorts and tights down leaving the now glued foot of the tights inside the Isotoner Slippers, then put on the Thunderbirds.

I throw a tube of K-Y jell on the bed and walked in front of Kevin as he stood up. I place one hand to the back of his head and pulled it to me. Our lips met with a passionate kiss. Our toughs exploring each other mouths. I took his man hood in my other hand. Kevin had done the same to me. It was not long before both our cock were standing straight out rock hard again. I turned him to the bed, he moved to the center on his hands and keens lowing his head to a pillow, spreading his legs apart. As I moved between his legs I took up The K-Y and place some jell in the crack of his ass. Grabbing the shift of my hard cock, I used the tip to spread the K-Y up, down and around his cute tight ass. As I slipped the head of my cock in and out a few times. Kevin moaned, you like this, feels good doesn’t I said. Oooooh! Yes, he replied. Aim going to ride you, ride you hard and put you away wet. You tight ass little bitch. YES! YES! Ride me hard Cowboy, ride me HARD he cried out. As I slowly side my hot rod into the hilt. As I humped away on Kevin, I reached down to his ankles to lift them up, I them move both hand to the toes of those beautiful butter soft Deerskin Thunderbirds. In a soft voice Kevin said OH! Man, I love how you’re get off playing with my feet in Moccasins as you hump me. It’s such a turn on; it’s causing my cock to throb and Jizz to ooze out. Like wipers on a car windshield I was keeping time, my balls slapping his ass, my man hood pushing in and out as I continue to played with the Moccasins. I love second Hard On’s they feel so good and lasted even longer. Again Kevin moaned and said you feel Soooo! Good inside me, your so hard I can feel your heart beat through your cock. Ride me Red Heart ride me harder. I kept gentle squeezing his toes covered with the soft Deerskin Moccasins. I had been humping Kevin’s lovely ass for a full five minutes now and was in not rush to fill it up with cum. Kevin was turning out to be the best piece of ass I have had in a long time. I want to enjoy it for as long as I could. After ten minutes of humping away, I could feel my rod getting ready to pop my wad. My body was glisten with sweat form this work out. I pick up the paste; the faster and harder I humped his sweet ass the more Kevin would moan with pleasure and I would sweat. I couldn’t hold it back any longer, Wads of cum shot for my dick like a ball from a canon filling Kevin’s ass full with my juices. I dropped his feet and clapped on his back wrapping my arms around his chest. In a pool of sweat I slide off Kevin and rolled onto my back. As I was trying to catch my breath, Kevin was kissing and licking my neck and ear. Telling me how that was the greats fucking he had every received.

Kevin gave me a few minutes to rest. But it was not long before he was between my legs. I was now lying in a pool of his Jizz that had ooze out while I was fucking him. Kevin lifted my legs and rested my ankles on each shoulder. Placing a keen on ether side of my ass, he dabbed K-Y in my crack and started to slide his dick along my ass. I had regained enough strength to move the sole of the Elk skin Moccasins to his face. I rubbed the sole over his cheeks and nose. As he in hailed the smell of the leather, I could feel his hot cock throb harder and faster in my ass crack. Kevin did stop with just slipping his cock head in my bun hole. He buried it deep inside me. But I was so relax from the fucking I just gave him that it didn’t matter, it just felt SOOOOO! Good. Kevin took the top of my feet in his hands and pulled the Moccasins tight to his face and steadily humped my ass. As much as I was enjoying Kevin’s dick inside me, I could tell this was the first time he had fuck someone with the soles of Moccasins in his face. He was so fucking sexually excited, he wouldn’t last long. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before Kevin was humping me like a wild man, his balls making a loud slap on my ass with beat beads of sweat forming all over his body. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the pounding I was getting. Kevin was shot of breath as big wads of cum filled my ass. Gasping for air he spread my legs and fell on top of me. Cock still inside me blowing the last bit of cum. We soon fell asleep in a sweaty hip.

The one thing about working on a Ranch, was not matter what your always up with the sun. I was in the shower, dress into my pajama, put on a pair of tan lined Moccasins the had rabbit fur trim and put out some pajama and Moccasins for Kevin and he still hadn’t strewed. I headed to the kitchen to make coffee. When I heard the shower tune on, I started breakfast. Kevin looked so cute in my over sizes pajama and sexy too, in the Moccasins I picked out for him. They were Indian gold low cut with fringe around the heel. The thought went through my mind that it would be nice to bend him over the counter and fuck his sweet ass again. But he looked spent I said you have a daze look on your face what up? Last night was so fucking incredible He reply. I have always enjoyed wearing soft sole footwear, but till last night I never knew how great they are during sex. I smiled, Kevin then said I hope you don’t mind, but I woke up with a hard on and the Deerskin Moccasins you let me wear are now covered with my cum. I laughed and said No I do that a lot my self. As we sat down to eat I asked if he had every rode a horse? No! He said I have to go check some fences in the upper forty, if you don’t have plans. Fuck my plans. I want to hang with you dude. Well I said if you think Moccasins feel good on your feet, then I have some Leather clothing that will fit you, if your up to trying some more kinky stuff? A big smile came across his face as he said. DUDE! You are my Lord and Master. We went to the bedroom where I pulled out two Native American outfits. One was pure white deerskin the other was nature deerskin. Both leggings had long fringe with beadwork running down the leg with matching breechcloths. The deerskin shirt too had fringe on the arm with a lot of beadwork on them. I gave the white one to Kevin, because it was a little smaller. It fit him like a glove and he looked really sexy in it. I passed him a pair of ankle high white soft sole Moccasins that zipped up the back and had fringe that went all around the ankle. Not able to buy them in deerskin to match I had made the same ankle high Moccasins my self. To finish off the look I put a nice big bone chocker around his neck. I started to get a boner just looking at him he looked so yummy! I wanted to eat him. I already had some plans for the day running around in my head. I took up my saddlebag and started to fill it with some goodies. As we headed to the barn Kevin was telling me how sexy he felt in all this leather. He was looking forward to feeling his balls rub against the deerskin while in the saddle.

By horseback it was a good hour ride to the pasture, which sat near dead center of my 1,000.000 acre Ranch. No worries about prying eyes. It had a gentle slop with flat spots here and there and faced west to the Rockies. By the time we got there, checking fences was the last then on my mind. I don’t know what had turned me on more? The smell and feel of the leather outfit mixed with the smell of bull pine. Or watching Kevin’s sweet, firm, tight ass bouncing in the saddle, wearing all that sexy white leather and those beautiful white soft squaw boot Moccasins. We rode to a flat spot near the tree line and dismounted. I spreader a blanket on the ground, by the tent in Kevin’s breechcloths, I knew what the answer would be, but I asked any way, are you hungry? Only for sausage He replied. I smiled and lay on the blanket. Kevin laded beside, lowing his head, our lips met, his tough jumped into my mouth. It became a long wet passionate kiss. I started to lift his leather shirt up. Kevin broke off the kiss long enough for me to remove his shirt; he took mind off as well. Before I could take a breath, his tough was back in my mouth. His hand was gently moving up and down my chest. Finally reaching my now rock hard cock. He pushed my breechcloth to one side-letting dick to stand free. He took the base in hand and slowly stroked it as his lips worked their way down my neck to my chest. Kissing, licking and sucking my nipples along the way. Slowly his wet hot lips worked lower and lower as he turned his body to place his legs near my head. As Kevin’s lips wrapped around the head of my cock, we both rolled to our side. Kevin’s hand and lips were already working my hot rod as I pulled the leather away from his stiff dick. Kevin must have been rock hard the whole ride. His cock was beat red and the breechcloth was full of precum. I lifted his foot up and rested it on his thigh so my forehead could rest on the toes of the squaw boots. I had one hand milking cum from his cock to lubricate and the other hand was wrapped the sole of the squaw boot of his stretched out leg. The tip of my tough was now licking Kevin’s cock head. Kevin had taking all of me as deep in his mouth as he could. My cock head was now down his throat. In small slow strokes he bobbed his head to force my rod deeper into his throat. His throat was has tight has his ass and felt great around my dick. My hand and wet lips were now sliding down Kevin’s long warm shift. With each up stroke more cum would ooze out. Bit I didn’t swallow, I just let it fill my mouth. As much as I was enjoying the pleasure that Kevin was giving me with his mouth, it was becoming hard to even think about it. I was so focus on what I was doing. Playing and rubbing the soft sole of that white Moccasins, my forehead on the other. Bobbing my head slowly up and down his silky smooth cock that was filling my mouth with his wonderful salty Jizz, Jizz that was oozing past my lips down his shift and over my hand. I was really getting into it as I sucked and worked his hot steaming rod. Bobbing my head faster I could feel cum building at the base, I held him off for as long as I could by pinching off his cum tube. He kept wiggling around, wanting to fill my mouth with his sweet Jizz. When I heard his cry for relief I held him back no longer. Wads of delicious cum filled me up as I swallow it all down. Kevin was now teasing the tip of my cock with his tough. But my dominant side would have none of it. I placed the heel of the Moccasins behind Kevin’s head and force my rod back into his mouth. My hips started to rock faster and faster. My moody had change I just wanted to FUCK HIS FACE like I fucked all my boy toys. With Moccasins foot in place he couldn’t take my cock out of his mouth as I humped his face faster and harder. Kevin shouldn’t have called me his Lord & Master, not knowing how much I would get off FORCE FUCKING HIM. But like a good sex slave he took it and seem to be enjoying it. The time had come for me to brand this sexy little slut as my boy toy. I could feel my sperm build in my balls, as I was ready to blow my wade. With one hand still wrapped around the sole of the squaw Moccasins boots, my other hand reached down to my cock as I pulled it from his mouth. I guided the head of my dick so each load of Jizz would land all over his face. After the last load shot out my hand started to spread my cum all over, I pushed warm salty juices over his forehead down over his eyes and nose, across his lips down his chin to his neck. I then slide my Jizz along Kevin’s cheeks to his ears and over to the other side as well. I took time to make sure to rub Jizz all over. When finished I moved the palm of my hand over his lips, in a demanding voice I said you have now wearing my brand of ownership, lick my hand clean you little sexy slut. With out hesitation and to my delight Kevin said yes Master and licked it clean. The boner that Kevin was getting told me the he like being treated as a sex toy. But I had the rest of the day, night and most of Sunday to find out how much and how far he would go to please his Master.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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