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It was incredible night. I posted my ad on Craigslist and received hundreds of replies that night. Never being in a situation like this before, where I am in a city all alone and not having hubby around with me, was very different to me. In my 34 years I have never been with any other man, just hubby.

I grew up very shy and did not experiment a lot. I kissed my cousin a few times and we played with each other’s bodies but that was about it. Marriage opened me to many great adventures with hubby but I was still a very shy girl. I did think that everything I ever needed sexually was right there beside me but that wasn’t the case, as I recently found out.

About a year ago, hubby started travelling for business. In mid 2010 he went traveling around Canada for work and set me up with my yahoo account so that we could chat online and so that I could see him in his hotel rooms.

While chatting with him though I was introduced to something I never really knew existed. Don’t get me wrong, I love hubby and I felt like he was a great lover. But to see a man’s cock that was bigger than a banana freaked me out very much. I still remember the first guy I saw. He lives not too far from me in Toronto and I am very tempted to meet him one day, but he is way too young for me.

The more I saw men on cam the more I wanted to be with them. To feel the power and to sense the energy and pleasure they can give me.

Montreal was my opportunity. I traveled here with a friend on business, helping her with some presentations. The first night we went out and had a blast in the bars. The second night she felt a bit sick so we stayed in. I was bored all alone in my room so I figured why not, let me post an ad on Craigslist and see what happens. Before I knew it I received hundreds of replies and after chatting with some guys I decided to ask one to come over to the hotel.

We met at the bar for a drink and hit it off. He was much younger, about 22. University student. He looked gorgeous and if his beautiful cock was as big as his pictures were I was planning Şerifali Escort to land in heaven that night. I wasn’t disappointed because he sat beside me in the bar while chatting and kept holding my hand and feeling my face. He kept running his hand through my hair and it felt soooo good.

He kept touching my hair and shoulders and slowly got more daring as he reached the side of my body and around to my back. He mostly felt me through my clothes and I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I started to realize what was going on but couldn’t pull away from his lips. I gently removed his hands but they kept coming back to me, which I wanted when he wasn’t touching me… Sort of mixed emotions.

I invited him over to my room and he accepted. He closed the door behind and I offered him a drink. He sat on the sofa and unfortunately I got the drinks in plastic cups, he didn’t care much though…. Things seemed to have cooled down a bit, we drank a bit and I sat beside him and we talked a bit but it wasn’t too long before we went back to making out again. He was a great kisser. I didn’t want to stop kissing. in fact, I was sort of hoping I wouldn’t do any more than kissing so that I don’t actually cheat on hubby

I had a sexy dress on and had my bra and panties as a lady should. They were matching and looked very sexy together. I was imagining what would happen once he removes my shirt and I was thinking to myself that he would like me in them. We kept making out and he had his hands on my legs. I resisted at first and had my hands on his but he kept going back when finally I gave in and let him feel my skin. His hands felt soooo good on my thighs and my knees felt so warm.

He felt up high enough and I thought he was going between my legs but he didn’t. It took him maybe a second or two to remove my dress over my head, not sure how he did it, but without realizing it I was almost nude in front of this sexy stranger, just in my bra and panties.

He stepped back and stared at me and said I was gorgeous. That did it, I wanted him so bad… Şerifali Escort Bayan he carried me to the bedroom and laid me on the bed. I was shocked that I was there and kept thinking of hubby until that point but I think that was it… Hubby was not in my head any more. It was all Mike and me in a room full of what was going to be pure sex.

He licked me and then licked me some more. Licking never felt so good and when he got to my bra he licked around and my skin felt so sensitive that I thought it would burn from the heat. He got to my panties and I usually don’t feel comfortable with hubby in between my legs but this young French man was different. I let him do as he wished and he sucked through my panties and got me soaked. He felt my skin with his hands and it felt like magic. I felt so alive with energy. I felt like exploding in his face, and I did…

He then kept licking up and spent a good few minutes on my breasts without removing my bra. I wanted to rip the bra off myself but he knew what he was doing to me. He finally removed the bra and then started kissing my breasts, around my nipples. Drove me crazy. We went on for a bit and then he kept kissing up to my face. He then sat on me and for the first time I saw how big he was in front of my face… he was HUGE.

OMG, it was huge… I could only fit the head of his cock into my mouth. I never had any other cock in my mouth except for hubby’s and now I am having one that was twice his size, it felt amazing. It smelled so good too. It tasted even better. it felt so strong. I sucked him for a few minutes before I could taste some of his precum. He then came out of my mouth and slid his body lower. As he kissed me he tasted me with his cock juice in my mouth and I could feel another orgasm brewing in me.

He felt so warm and slid in at first so nicely but then I felt how big he really was as he slowly slid in and I could feel like I couldn’t breathe anymore. He was gentle but I never had anything like that before. I think I must have had 2 small jolts before he was fully Escort Şerifali in me and it felt so good. He reached so far in that I kept jolting and getting more and more small orgasms until the biggest one hit and it was when he came in me and filled me up with his cum. It felt HOT, not warm, it felt HOT… and there was so much of it that it was leaking before he even finished cumming.

I felt like I was overflowing, it was an incredible feeling. Just writing about it makes me remember what it felt like. We continued several times throughout the night but the first time he exploded in me was the most memorable one. I would have to admit, every time I came it was bigger and better than I ever came with hubby before.

He was a great kisser, a great lover, just incredible. He went down on me after filling me up, I never felt anything like that before. I was soaked with his cum and my fluids yet his tongue and lips made me feel even warmer and wetter. I remember cumming more and more as he licked and sucked me there.

The 2nd time he came was on my breasts. He filled up my breasts with his warm cum and rubbed it all over my nipples. It felt warm and sticky and felt soooo good. Not sure how he did it but the 3rd time he came was in my mouth. I never had hubby in my mouth after he was in my pussy but this time was an exception with Mike. He was different and I would have done anything to continue our night. He tasted a bit salty but was so different than hubby, he tasted soooo good. I felt him grab my hair and pull my head and that turned me on a lot. Mike was gentle and rough at the same time as he rubbed my head and ran his fingers through my hair.

It was an incredible night that lasted a few hours in bed, on the floor, in the bath tub…. Just out of this world. He left at about 5am that morning and I was able to get 2 hours sleep. Even though I felt physically drained and empty I also felt full and satisfied. But I could feel him in me all day long as I was in meetings with my friend Kathleen.

The feeling I had after though was a bit of an embarrassment and sadness for cheating. I cried non-stop after for what I did but also knowing that I wish I could get this all the time but it wasn’t right to do so. I knew I crossed the boundary….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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