More Fun at the Rally Ch. 07

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…So after all that had gone on for the last couple days Mandy and I finally turned into the parking garage at the airport. We were early for her flight back home so we had plenty of time. After unstrapping her duffel from the rack of my Harley she wrapped her arms around me and squeezed me tightly to her soft 46DDD tits.

“This has been a fantastic weekend, Wayne, I hate for it to end!”

“I know, hard to believe all ther stuff we’ve done in such a short time.”

My hands roamed along the ample curve of her hips and cupped as much of her boobs as they would hold.

“Lets get inside and check you in, then we can hang out a while longer.” I said.

Walking from the garage to the terminal seeing Mandy’s ass wiggle as we crossed in front of lines of cars made we start to have ideas about finding a private spot somewhere inside. The options didn’t ;ook too promising, until Mandy found out that her frequent flier miles came with access to a VIP lounge. We were directed to it in a side haal off the concourse and used the code she had gotten fom the ticketing agent to go in. Looked like a casual meeting room you’d find in an average hotel; couches, chairs, a couple computer work stations and a small bar with coffee and soft drinks. We were delighted that no one else was there when we arrived. Having found that we had at least an hour to kill we fixed ourselves a soda and snuggled up on a couch.

We wrapped ourselves together and shared deep, long wet kisses. My hands once again found Mandy’s tits to be irresistible and I squeezed their heavy weight and teased her nipples. Mandy pressed herself into my hands and moaned with each pinch of her growing nipples. Her hands went to my chest and she returned my actions to my nipples. She broke away first and lowered her head to my chest, licking and nibbling mine thru my shirt. My hands found their way into her top and I had to release them before placing my lips around a strawberry sized nipple and sucking it.

“OHHHHHH, I love you’re tongue on my boobs, Wayne. Take them out and play with them some more!”

“Can’t get enough of ’em, they’re looking good today.”

I continued to play with both tits hold one while nibbling on the other and burying my face between them. Mandy somehow managed to reach my dick and was eagerly stroking it thru my jeans. Looking around to be sure we were still alone, I eased my way to the floor in front of Mandy and ground my crotch against hers. We were well on the way to being totally acıbadem escort out of control when we heard the door opening. Quickly covering up and getting reseated we saw an airline employee come in to check supplies in the . She was a full figured gal,her airline uniform being tested to cover her. She gave us a knowing glance before telling us.

“You all have fun, still a while before our next flight, let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.”

She left us, winking as she closed the door and turned the lights down a bit. Mandy and I got back after each other, I lifted her top to expose her magnificent tits and she unbuttoned my jeans to get her hands on my swelling cock. We were both moaning, groaning and becoming less aware of where we were and more concerned with getting each other off. Eventually I noticed movement near the door and looked over to see the uniformed air;line staffer leaning against the wall with a hand inside her blouse steadily kneading her breasts and pinching the nipples quite aggressively.

“Mandy, we’ve got an audience. Lokk over by the door.” I whispered.

“Oh, WOW her boobs look almost as big as mine!”

Not wanting to get the job half done we kept up our activities but made sure our voyeur had a good view. I sank to my knees in front of Mandy. I buried my face between her gorgeous 46ddd’s and lifted the weight to tease each nipple in turn. Swirling my tongue, pinching and gently biting as Mandy pressed my face into her. Soon enough she reversed positions with me and was rubbing my dick, by now leaking precum, all over and in the deep cleavage they created. Our observer was still busy with one hand still in her blouse and the other lifting her skirt as well. Mandy looked her way and gestured that she should join us, after turning to put an “Out of Sevice” sign on the door she did. Mandy reached out and squeezed a breast that was a lot smaller then hers but very firm and continued to milk my cock as they kissed. Forming a little triangle of hot flesh our hands roamed all over each other. Mandy reached between our new friends legs and I heard a short gasp from Mandy, not sure what had happened I leaned back and then glanced down. I was more than a bit shocked to see that in addition to my 6 1/2 inch cock in one hand she had one that looked to be over 8″ in her other hand. Our friend was not exactly what we thought she was!

“Nice cock, sweets, I’ve heard about this but never seen one before.” akbatı escort Mandy said as she stoked both of us at once.

“It’s not something that many people know about, usually I keep it to myself; but you too made me so hot it needed to come out and play.”

“I’m Wayne and this is Mandy, what can we call you?”

“My friends call me Mercy, my parents actually cursed me with a real ‘stripper’ name, Mercedez but I shortened it.”

“Cool, nice to meet you.”

We all kept our hands and soon our mouths busy, Mandy loved the feel of a dick in each hand and for my part four boobs in two different sizes was fascinating.

“I want to suck you both, get back on the couch so I can switch off.”

Mercy and I slid up onto the couch I kept my hands full of her (his?) tits and Mandy knelt before us keeping a cock in one hand and a cock in her mouth to our delight. Mercy started moaning loudly next to me and Mandy looked at his (her?) face deciding that squeezing the base of that dick should keep it from erupting too soon. She kept a grip on it and concentrated her oral talents on mine. She’d had plenty of practice with me and knew she could coax cum out of it a little bit at a time and keep me hard, too. She kept us both going but I was worried her pussy, which I was sure was dripping by now, wasn’t getting any attention. I reluctantly removed my cock from her mouth and worked my way behind her. Slipping a hand between her thighs I discovered she was in deed as wet as I’d ever found her. I teased her clit while inserting my thumb into her wetness. She moaned around the dick still in her mouth and wiggled her round ass back onto my hand. Working on her g spot and clit hoping to get her off before she finished Mercy I used some of her sticky, sweet]t juice to tease her ass as well. She clamped down on my hand and I could tell she was cumming from the rhythmic squeezing I felt in her cunt. She’d clamped a hand around the cock in front of her and kept him (her?) from cumming again. After the spasms slowed I crawled between her soft thighs and stuffed my cock into her swiftly. She resumed her sucking on Mecy’s dick and I settled in to enjoy the feel of her moisture surrounding my cock and watch her finish what I knew was a great blowjob.

“OH FUCK, here I cum, her I cum, HEREICUMMMMMMMM!!!!” Mercy shouted and moaned her (his?) release.

“Suck it all in babe, I’m gonna unload in you too, OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

“Grumpfhgmmp” was all aksaray escort Mandy could say as she was filled from two ends.

As the two cocks quit throbbing in her she caught her breathe and stroked us both. “Hmmmmm, Wayne, looks like Mercy can go again as quick as you. I’ve wanted to try something for a while, should have done it the other day!”

With that she positioned me on the edge of the couch and turned around slowly sinking back onto my still hard dick, after a couple strokes she shifted positions and using the moisture and cum leaking form her cunt slipped me into her tight back entrance. Pulling Mercy forward to her on his (her?) knees she guided that cock into her pussy. I could feel it as it slipped in and throbbed against mine with only a little bit of Mandy separating them. Mandy settled onto the feeling of two cocks in her at once and began to rock back and forth. I reached around from behind and again found four tits to caress. Soon we had found the right pace, mainly I held still and let Mercy thrust in and out of Mandy at the speed she wanted. Mercy slipped a hand between the two of them and toyed with Mandy’s clit. This wasn’t going to take long, there was just too much going on. I felt the juices beginning to drip from Mandy’s pussy soaking my balls and knew she’d be cumming again soon. Mercy slowed and held his (her?) cock solidly in her pussy as Mandy’s orgasm rocked thry her. As it subsided I felt the cock rubbing mine jerk and throb as he (she?) came again. That was too much for me and my cock released a load into Mandy’s ass. We all colapsed in a heap on the couch.

“WOW, just f-ing WOW. I’ve had some strange times being built like this but that was the best! I need to clean up and pretend to get back to work, you guys know there’s a small bathroom back here right?” Mercy started gathering her scattered clothes and headed off to get dressed.

Mandy and I waited on the couch, just holding onto each other, until she left and then picked our own clothes up and headed toward the shower. Getting in together we lathered each other up and enjoyed a few touches as we relaxed and cleaned each other off. Stepping out we dried off and noticed that we’d been busy with each other and our newest friend for longer than we expected, we only had half an hour to get to Mandy’s flight. Dashing out the door we made it to the boarding area with minutes to spare.

“Thanks for a wonderful weekend, Wayne, when’s the next rally? Or really when’s the next time we can get together I need some more of this!”

“No worries, babe, we’ll find a rally or island or maybe a cruise to continue this! I want more of you, too!”

With a big hug and one last sneaky squeeze of Mandy’s 46ddd’s I waved good bye as she headed down the walkway and back to Canada.

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