More Than a Trim

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I’m a 50 year old guy, who keeps myself in pretty good shape. I’m not a pro-athlete or anything, and have a bit of a dad-bod, but I’m generally fit and could do a 6-mile run at any time. I’d finished work, hit the gym, and done a short run. I was fresh out of the shower. Standing naked in front of the mirror I enjoyed the way I look. But, I noticed that it was definitely time for a haircut. My salt & pepper hair was looking a bit out of sorts no matter what I did with it.

So, I made an appointment. Unfortunately my regular stylist wasn’t available and I really needed a cut and style. I was offered another stylist – Jenna. The stylist was available at 6:30, and they could fit me in as the last customer for the day. That was super for me since it was just 5:30 and I was suddenly going to from hippy to trim in a couple of hours.

I called my wife and let her know I was grabbing supper and getting a cut and that I’d be home later.

I got to the salon at 6:20, and Jenna came out to meet me. She was way more than I was expecting. I’d guess she was last 40s or early 50s. She had blonde-ish shoulder length hair, and beautiful green eyes. Eye contact felt electric.

She looked like she kept herself in pretty good shape too. I wondered what her pace was on a run. As my eyes took in the rest of her, I enjoyed the look of her tight skirt and a tight white blouse, with the buttons half undone. Her cleavage was on full show and looked amazing. What do I know about boob size? I mean, I’d guess at a C-cup size.

Jenna gave me a “Come with me” and I followed her back to the sink area. We did the typical small talk … “What do you do?” “You look like you keep yourself fit…” That sort of thing.

Jenna got me into a chair and I laid back as she washed my hair. It was fantastic. She massaged my scalp, and I swear I could feel it in the bottom of my feet — and other stops in between. Then she put a towel on me and dried up my hair. Jenna led me over to her chair and I got comfortable.

There were two other stylists in the salon with their customers. They were at the far side of the salon. So, it was pretty quiet down by Jenna’s Escort Yeşilköy chair.

We talked about how I wanted my hair done, and she got to work trimming.

The conversation was great. Jenna told me where she was from, that she was married, and had kids. She told me about places they’d lived — including Vegas which sounded like a lot of fun and a bit wild.

“You want to hear about wild?” she asked. Ummm, yes. Then she surprised me — a lot. She got quieter and told me about the swinger places she and her husband had gone to. I was super surprised. I mean, I really couldn’t believe what she was sharing with me.

Then I realized that throughout the cut Jenna had been “bumping into me” with her firm breasts. I’d been enjoying it. But now I was more aware of it. There was a lot of rubbing against me, and I was happy it was happening.

Jenna stopped cutting for a minute and backed up a bit behind me. In the mirror I noticed that her nipples were now clearly visible under her tight blouse. In my mind I was definitely undressing her.

She brought me back to attention by locking eyes in the mirror. I know she had seen me looking at her nipples. She smiled. Then she asked, “Have you ever done anything like that? Swinging.”

“No.” I’m married and, well no. “But, I’ll be honest. I’ve thought about it.”

Jenna smiled at me.

My cock was hardening, and I was glad I had the apron over me. I did have to shuffle around in the chair to try and get my boner comfortable.

“I could help with that, if you’d like.” Jenna locked eyes again in the mirror. She definitely saw what I was doing. I was super embarrassed, but at the same time so turned on.

Time was marching on, and the two other stylists had finished with their customers. They asked about who would lock up, and Jenna said she would. Suddenly we were alone together.

Jenna asked if I was enjoying our conversation. Oh, I was. She told me that she and her husband had an open relationship. As she said that, she unbuttoned another button on her blouse and came around in front of me, giving me a full view of her breasts Yeşilyurt escort and her lacey bra.

“Your hair’s looking good now. Is there anything else you would like?”

“Um, why yes there is. I’d like to help you with the rest of those buttons.” Did I really just say that?

Jenna smiled. I guess I did say that. “Why don’t we go to the massage room in the back?” Jenna suggested.

I thought about it for a minute, and then decided I needed to. So, “Yes.”

She checked that the salon door was locked and then led me to the back of the salon to a small massage room. She was undressing as we walked, and by the time we got to the room, her blouse was off and her skirt was undone.

I pulled off my shirt and soon we were groping one another and kissing. I popped the clip on her bra, and her wonderful breasts fell out. She hopped up on the edge of the massage table, and said to me that she wanted me to get naked.

I dropped my pants, and then pulled my underwear off, revealing my hard cock. She smiled and said, “I was hoping I’d find a nice cock like that.”

I grabbed her around the waist and we started kissing again. I massaged her breasts and played with her hard nipples. Suddenly Jenna pushed me down onto her left nipple and begged me to lick and suck it. She felt amazing in my mouth, and the way her body moved as I enjoyed her gave me reason to let my hand slide down to her crotch. She was still wearing her panties and they were warm and wet.

After a few minutes of petting over top of her panties, I pulled them to the side and played with her slippery wet slit. Her clit was hard and I wanted to suck on it.

Jenna was moaning lightly and breathing heavily. She reached down and pulled her panties off.

Now we were both naked.

She reached to my cock and started stroking me.

I was going to go down on her to taste her, but she said she needed me in her, “Now”. But, she said, “With a condom.”

I was flustered. I didn’t have any. Jenna saw my frustration and she smiled. She had come prepared as she had one with her. The tease.

Jenna laid back Zeytinburnu escort bayan on the massage table, and I kneeled above her stroking my cock and her clit at the same time. She ripped open the condom package and then carefully unrolled the condom onto my cock. Then she guided my cock down to her waiting pussy.

She rubbed my cock along her slit a couple of times and then positioned me at her opening. Her other hand was on my ass, and she pulled me into her. Her hole was hot, tight, and wet and felt so amazing.

I worked my cock into her. Both of us breathing heavily and enjoying the sensations. She wrapped her legs around me and used her feet to set the pace. She was grinding into me and working hard to please herself on my cock.

After a few minutes, she stopped me and told me she needed to change positions. I rolled off her and she got me to lie down. Then she got on top of me and once more guided my cock into her. The view of Jenna’s gorgeous face – focused on fucking me – down to her boobs, across her smooth tummy, and down to her wet slit was so good. I could see my cock driving in and out of her.

The slapping of her wetness and our flesh together was fantastic. On top of that, she was moaning. Any porno would have loved to use the soundtrack.

She ground down onto me, pressing her hips hard into me. I felt like we were merged together in some crazy human weld. I pressed up into her and tried to grind back with equal abandon.

At the same time, with one hand I started massaging her right boob, and with the other hand I was rubbing her ass. Sometimes I gave her a little spanking.

Her breathing and moaning became more — more. Then she started cumming and collapsed onto me as she continued to grind onto my cock. She rolled off me, but fortunately stayed balanced on the edge of the table.

I needed to finish now. My body was begging for it. Jenna reached down to my slippery cock and rolled the condom off me. Then she grabbed my erection and gave me a stroke and simply said “Cum.” That’s all it took. She held my cock tightly in her hand as I sprayed cum all over her hand and my tummy.

After a minute we both regained some composure. She slipped off the table and grabbed a couple of towels so that we could clean up.

“I like your haircut,” Jenna said to me. “Me too” I agreed.

“This one is on the house. Make sure you book with me again next time.”

I will. I definitely will.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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