Morning Coffee

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I dropped in to see Cathy after work, something I did once in a while. I’d known her for as long as I could remember, she was my mom’s best friend, and had been since primary school. She’d always been around, kind of an unofficial aunt. I’d even stayed at her place with her during my first year at Uni, it was cheap and kept my mom happy. Over that year we had come to know each other quite well, she didn’t tell mom everything that I did!

“Think I’ve about had enough of him, he’s so thick!”

“Aww, Cathy, he’s cute though,” I commented.

“Cuteness isn’t enough, I want more, something like a real conversation would be a good start.”

“Seems like he’s interested you for months now.”

“Has his good points I must admit, he is fun in bed.”

I grinned, “Well, can’t have everything Cathy.”

“Maybe not, but this isn’t growing into the relationship I wanted. All he wants to do is have sex and then watch sport.”

“Well he is a man, can’t expect too much.”

“He does nothing around the place, you would think that after living here for six or seven months he’d take some interest and at least fix stuff.”

“So what you going to do about it then?”

“Think I’m going to have to tell him it’s over and he needs to clear his stuff out.”

“Will you be OK with that? You’ll miss him, even if it’s only in bed.”

“True, I do like a man around, and Dave has been good there… but I do want more than that. I’ve got to get him out before it becomes too settled – like a bad habit you just can’t get rid of.”

“Maybe I should take him off your hands.” I chuckled.

Cathy laughed, “You’d soon be frustrated with him, get past the sex and he’s hopeless – believe me!”

“Well, he must be good at that or you’d not have let him move in with you. You should be a good friend and give me the benefit of your experience, especially as you have taught him how to treat people in this house.”

“You little slut! He’s still in my bed and you are eying the opportunity.”

I laughed, “Cathy, I’ve used your car, your washing machine, your clothes, and other stuff when you haven’t needed them … so maybe Dave…?”

“ That is different…”

“True, those you wanted back.”


“Well, you say şişli escort that bed is the only thing he’s good at, and you don’t want him anymore… so…”

“Didn’t say I didn’t want the sex, just don’t want the rest of him.”

“Doubt that is an option Cathy, seems like he wants you to take care of him and everything in exchange for the use of his cock.”

“Is more than just his cock, he knows how to touch a woman… makes it feel great, lovely hands.”

“Mmmm, sound good… you should be being a loving caring friend and sharing the good stuff with sweet innocent me.”

“Don’t make me laugh… sweet may be correct, but you lost your innocence at least ten years ago!”

Smiling, I replied, “Probably just following your example…”

“Well, if he is going… how about it? We’ve shared most other things, but never a guy.”

“Wow, you have grown up and uninhibited! Never imagined this possibility happening!”

“So it is a possibility?”

“You trollop! You’d really do this?”

“Would be fun trying it with you after all, who can I trust more than you?”

“Well, he is going, I’ve decided that, he not worth keeping, he will be a drag on me. Probably Saturday.”

“Hmmm, not much time left then … if we are going to try it. Think he’d be willing and able to handle both of us?”

“He’d be having wet dreams just thinking about it sweetie… just about every man’s dream – sex with a couple of beautiful women!”

“Love the modesty! Cathy, it would be exciting sharing a guy with you – and if it’s someone you are not keeping it wouldn’t risk damaging a relationship.”

“Well… could be interesting… He would last long enough with the right stimulation. Never thought I’d be considering a threesome with my best friend’s daughter!


Friday evening I stayed in my old room at Cathy’s place, still had a familiar feel to it. Quietly excited I hardly slept! This was RADICAL!!

About six am I was up, made some coffee, three cups on a silver tray, then took it to Cathy’s room. Gently I knocked on the door, opened it, walked in and asked, “Coffee anyone?” Dave looked up open-mouthed – a stunned mullet look if ever I saw one. You’d think he’d never seen a naked woman before, plainly ridiculous as he was lying next to one.

Cathy smiled, sat up, her breasts slipping out from beneath the sheet. “Come, sit on the bed while we drink it,” she said.

As I sat Dave struggled up, trying to get comfortable, unsure what to do, if anything. He eventually took the coffee cup in his hand, it was shaking so violently I was sure he would spill it on the bed! Cathy made lovely small talk about the coffee, could almost feel sorry for poor Dave – he hadn’t a clue what was happening. Finishing drinking, she handed me her cup. To reach it I had to lean over Dave, my breasts within inches of his face. His erection was showing under the covers no matter how he tried to pretend it was all normal. Cups out of the way, Cathy reached over, intertwined her fingers with mine, then we moved our hands to his chest, gently caressing it as we gradually went lower. Talk about the look of a rabbit caught in the car headlights – Dave was a delight to see!! Reaching his stomach, Cathy smiled at both me and Dave, to him she said, “Trust me, it’s all OK.”

He hesitantly moved his arms out to put his hands on our backs, the easiest point for him to reach. When he found that touching us both at the same time didn’t cause the earth to disappear he relaxed a little, slowly rubbing circles on both bare backs – Cathy was right, he had a nice touch.

Cathy silently mouthed the words “Mirror me” to me and then we kissed his cheek, then his chin, down to the shoulder, the lightest of touches with our lips. Meanwhile our intertwined hands had sunk lower, they now touched a very hard erection, the back of the hand first, and then we slipped over the fully extended cock and wrapped our fingers around it. He moaned. Our mouths found his nipples, we licked, we sucked, he groaned… our hands gently ran up and down his shaft, feeling the firmness, the pulse was strong.

As I looked down Dave’s body enjoying the sight, Cathy smiled and then moved her head right down over the throbbing member, her lips parted, and with her tongue she did a circuit of the glans, finishing with a kiss on the tip. Cathy mouthed a ‘Your turn’, so as an obedient young friend I copied, thinking that this was a really beautiful penis, strong, smooth and a nice shape. While I was there enjoying the taste and feel of a mouth full of cock I felt Cathy move, saw her repositioning herself. Up on her knees she straddled Dave, her naked body kind of pushing me away as she lined up to take this delightful instrument. I moved a little, watching as Cathy held Dave’s cock in one hand and spread her pussy lips to accommodate it. Slowly the head disappeared, then a quick thrust as she buried the whole length of his cock deep within her vagina.

It was a wonderful sight. Cathy rose and lowered herself as she got comfortable, then a half dozen quick strokes and she rose right off, leaving his cock wet with her juices. Moving to one side she said “Your turn” excitedly. I straddled him on my knees, and as I got into position Cathy aimed his cock in the right place. I parted for him and felt it slip right in, no hesitation, no dry feel, the feeling of euphoria surged through me, feeling a cock still wet from my mom’s best friend inside me. It was an experience beyond expectations, I’d never felt as close to Cathy as then.

While I worked his cock in my vagina Cathy moved to the other end of the bed, straddled his face, pushing her vagina hard into his mouth. Believe me, the mood I was in it did not take long for me to reach an orgasm, flooding myself and Dave. As Cathy heard my cry, she leant a little forward. We fell into each other’s arms above Dave, we hugged and kissed, we had shared something special.

Dave started to soften, think he must have cum too but I hadn’t noticed, so I rose off him and stepped off the bed. Cathy moved back on the bed, pulled the sheet over herself and smiled at me. I picked up the tray and coffee cups and took them to the kitchen, went back to my room, via the bathroom, and dressed and returned home. It was still only seven in the morning. It had been short, but an experience beyond belief!!


Brrrrrr, Brrrrrr… The phone rang, three o’clock in the afternoon, it was Cathy.

“Hi Sally, did it, he’s gone. He was a bit confused after this morning, but I’m glad it’s finished.”

“Hi Cathy, glad you got it sorted out, really enjoyed coffee with you today.”

“Was fun Sally, maybe sometime we should try coffee like that again.”

“CATHY, now who’s being the slut!!! – Be fun, maybe better not tell mom though.”

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