Morning News Ch. 07

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We do a lot of community events. Besides being good corporate citizens and participating in the community we serve, it also helps at license renewal time. These are mostly voluntary, though it’s expected that one will participate when asked. Most of the on air talent has a cause or two they are passionate about to some degree, so most of these events are taken on cheerfully. Thus it was that Laura was going to be master of ceremonies at a charity auction for a local scholarship fund. She had corralled me-not that I minded, given how these things usually ended for us-to help managing the various sale items as she went through her paces with the bidding. This would involve a lot of bending and lifting, which usually meant I spent lot of time looking at Laura, which was always enjoyable.

The event was in the early evening, a sort of informal cocktail party with the usual donor glad handing, and of course, selfies with Laura, who was popular. She was congenial with all, and especially sought out by the guys, who loved having their photos taken with their arms around her, pulling her close so they could get a feel of her generous jugs against their bodies. She didn’t seem to mind the attention, though she was adept at keeping them from getting too friendly during these sessions.

Today, though, she seemed to be dressed to tease me. To the casual observer, she was not giving anything away. She was in a charcoal gray skirt, several inches above the knee, as she typically did, and a pink oxford shirt. It was open several buttons, the topmost buttoned just below mid breast. Calf high boots completed the outfit. Instead of her usual pony tail, she had her hair pulled back and up, a very elegant style. As if that were not enough, she was wearing her glasses to read through the list of sale items. In a very subdued way, Laura looked hot, especially since she was throwing that naughty librarian look in a big way.

Looking at her straight on, she didn’t give off an overly sexy vibe. Then I got a look at her from the side. When she moved, I got a good view of a very sexy bra, pastel pink with a sheer cup with a floral applique. I love when Laura goes braless, a preference of mine she is only too happy to accommodate, and which she does more often than most viewers realize, but this was exciting. The idea that she was up on stage in front of a room full of people, but only a few of us-maybe only me-could see her pretty undergarments, was already getting me started, and making me glad I had worn black jeans, which would hide my growing erection. It was going to be a hard night!!

Part of the fun for me was helping Laura set up the goods. In the wings we had set up the many items we’d be auctioning that night, putting them in some kind of coherent order so I could find them and bring out the various lots to be sold. There was a lot of watching Laura bend and turn, and I got many good looks at her ample, hanging tits as she moved.

“Pretty bra,” I commented at one point while we were setting up, making her laugh.

It was still early, and there was almost nobody in the large ball room. Laura pulled me to her, kissing me. “I wore it for you,” she said, smiling at me. “I knew I couldn’t go braless, but thought I’d give you something to think about. And it makes me sooo horny knowing you’re watching me.”

As I noted earlier, Laura often would go without a bra, knowing that she was driving me to distraction as I watched her impressive D cup hangers swing and sway under her tops during the broadcast. We’d often get done with our morning show and go have breakfast, followed by a manic fuck session, a lot of times right in the restaurant parking lot. I was also discovering Laura had a penchant for semi public sex, having had me in my back seat in a variety of parking lots in broad daylight, and having blown or fucked new beau Steve in a number of hiding places along the many biking and hiking trails in the region.

While we were arranging our merchandise and I was checking out Laura’s bra, I got to wondering if it was part of a set. I didn’t have to wait long. Her skirt was twill, and rather stiff. She bent over to get some items out of a box on the floor as I turned from the stack I was making. Her skirt had pulled up, and I was face to face, as it were, with pink panties that matched her bra. I probably wouldn’t see much of them til later, but I had enough to think about with her lacy bra.

Laura retrieved whatever it was she had been looking for in the box, stood up and turned to me. We both smiled, having at the same time the realization what I had just been looking at.

“Surprise,” said Laura, blushing. “I hope you like them. Maybe you’ll see more of them later.”

I hoped so. But she got me, as usual. As we were finishing up arranging things, I was getting a good look into her top as she leaned forward, and took advantage of our hidden position backstage, and scooped up a hefty handful of her left tit. She laughed, kissed me, and started rubbing the front of my jeans.

“I could take you right here,” said Laura, gaziantep rus escort bayan looking up at me.

“You might have to. I don’t think I can go out on stage like this,” noting my now full blown hard on. Laura laughed and kissed me, giving me a good rub as she pulled away.

We got on with the auction, and it moved along well, the various items going quickly. I kept busy fetching new items as we went through the auction, but still had enough time to pay a lot of attention to Laura as she displayed and sold the goods. From my angle, I had a superb view into her shirt, and I spent the better part of 90 minutes watching her move, lean and reach, all the while fixated on her tits, which, reined in as they were by her bra, were moving and flexing as she did.

The auction finished, and after the usual parting conversations and expressions of gratitude, we were off to dinner. Since it was now pushing 8:00, we decided to go for something semi fast, one of the local pizza/Italian restaurants nearby. They were still tailing off from dinner, so we wound up parking around the side of the building. Dinner itself was pleasant if uneventful. Laura and I talked about a wide variety of things, as we usually did, among them how she and Steve were getting on.

“It’s going well-VERY well,” said Laura, smiling.

“Pounding you silly, is he??”

Laura got a sheepish smile. “Yeah,” she said softly. “He keeps talking about the three way we had a while back.”

“I guess he had a good time??”

“He did. He wants to do it again.”

I looked at Laura. “I’m in!! When can we set that up??”

“Soon.” She looked over the table at me. “I had a lot of fun too,” she said, taking my hand in hers.

“We’ll have to get him to bring his friend over, too. We can make it a swap.”

Laura smiled brightly. “Yeah, that would be cool.” We looked into each other’s eyes a moment. I reached across to her, unbuttoning one more button on her shirt.

“This,” I said, as her shirt opened a little more, now revealing a good part of both bra cups, “was driving me crazy all night. The whole time, I could see into your shirt, watching you move, your boobs swelling and flexing as you moved around. It was incredibly sexy, even more than when you’re braless, which you know I love.”

Laura laughed. “Mission accomplished!!” She said through her laugh. “I wanted to make you so crazy you couldn’t stay off me.” Our eyes met for a long moment.

I had already cashed out, so we were ready to go. “Let’s get out of here.” I picked up our to go boxes, and we were off, I leading Laura by the hand. We walked around the building to my car. I unlocked, and Laura told me to hand her the boxes. She leaned into the back seat to stow the food. When she was done, she turned to me and kissed me, hard, at the same time rubbing my cock through my jeans. I was already well on the way to a full hard on from watching her in the restaurant.

While she ran her hand up and down my swelling shaft, I reached into her shirt and squeezed first her left breast, then her right. Her breathing picked up as I rolled her nipples between my fingers, savoring the silky feel of the fabric of her bra. I wanted to push her into the back seat, lay her back and take her, but she had other ideas.

I felt my zipper being pulled down, then Laura reached in and pulled my cock out, stroking it. I responded by reaching into her bra, now playing with the soft flesh that lay inside. When I tweaked her left nipple, Laura moaned softly, then louder as I pinched gently.

“Take me now,” she said, releasing our kiss, turning away from me. We were still standing in the parking lot, albeit mostly out of anyone’s direct view, but still, out in the open. She steadied herself by putting her hands on the back seat. I lifted her skirt, to see the panties I had already gotten a couple of short glimpses of now facing me, and looking quite damp.

I pulled the leg band aside from her right leg, revealing her long inner labia, poking well out from her outer lips, framed by a thick row of dark blonde curls on either side. The sight of Laura so wantonly ready to be penetrated made my cock twitch. I put the head to her clit, rubbing up and down a couple of times, making her jump, then plunged in sharply, the head spreading her already wide labia, and banging into her cervix. My balls came to rest on her clit, though I could also feel the fabric of her panties on them. I waited a moment, then started thrusting away. I reached around Laura to feel her hanging tits through her bra, making her whimper as I teased the nipples through the sheer, soft fabric. Then I unclasped the front, allowing them to go free, and grabbed them, squeezing as I drove into her. Her whimper turned into a long moan as she got the feel of total sexual stimulation on all her sensitive spots.

As much as I love a long, leisurely screw, I knew this was going to be over quickly, partly due to our exposed location, but also because Laura had gaziantep swinger escort bayan been steadily raising my sexual temperature over several hours, and I was primed for release.

Laura met each of my thrusts, pushing her hips back into me, rotating them when she felt her clit hit my balls. I was already getting tight after only a few minutes, and I could feel them pulling up, which only intensified our arousal, as my nuts were now grinding into her clit with each push. Laura got there first, crying out as her orgasm hit, hips thrashing as she came, soaking my cock in her womanly juices.

I slowed when Laura came, hoping to extend the intensity for her, and also to hold off for a few more moments atop the wave of pleasure I was feeling. It was to no avail, as I felt the inexorable pull in my cock, and started to pulse. I could feel my balls drawing up tight as I started to come, and pushed deep into Laura’s still spasming cunt. The first blast of semen hit her deep, then another, coating the entrance to her womb in a thick, white barrage of love and lust, many long spurts that filled her. I felt my come wet on my balls as her pussy overflowed.

I came for what seemed like ten minutes, lost in the orgasmic fog of a satisfying release, then realized where we were. I pulled out of Laura, a long drool of sperm spilling from her pussy onto the pavement, and a streak down her right leg, all the way into her boot. Laura was still recovering from her orgasm, and stood slowly, turning and melting into me, and our lips met in a long, sensuous kiss.

Laura giggled as we kissed. “Something funny??”

“Just felt a drip,” she said, lifting her skirt to adjust her panties so they covered her come soaked labia. Then she backed away a moment, looking at the puddle on the pavement and the long white trail on her leg. “Wow. I can’t believe how you flood me, every time.” She looked up and kissed me.

“That’s because you have a way of making me crazy, the way you tease me in such a low key way. I never know what you’re going to do, but it always gets me going. Four hours of tease tonight. Any wonder I come like a fountain??”

Laura kissed me again. “And I love doing it. I love how you get so hard, and how you’re so intense with me after I’ve been teasing you. Knowing I’m going to get fucked good gets me started.” She sat, and licked our mixed come off my cock, carefully tucking me away when she was done. She closed the clasp on her bra, packing her magnificent tits away, but leaving her shirt open.

I took Laura by the hand, lifting her from her perch on the seat. “Come on, my well fucked woman, let’s go home and get to bed, so we can feel each other naked.”

We went back to my house, heading right for the bedroom when we arrived. Laura had the next morning off, comp time for working the auction, but I was stuck on my usual gig, which meant a 3 AM wakeup. It was already pushing 10 PM, so not much sleep for me.

I pulled my shirt off, and stepped out of my jeans as Laura unzipped and kicked off her boots. I pulled her to me, kissing her, unbuttoning her shirt, enjoying the view as her bra emerged from underneath it. She went to unclasp it, and I gently grabbed her hand.

“No. As much as I love sleeping naked with you, I think I want to have you in this tonight.”

Laura smiled. “You must really like this set. You always want me naked.”

I unzipped her skirt, which Laura shrugged over her hips, and let fall to the floor. She was now in front of me in only her pink bra and panty set, which sat well on her tall, slender frame. I took in the view of her long, athletic legs, slim tummy and skinny ass, which only made her already large breasts seem that much bigger. Her tits were overflowing the cups, which were just a tad too small to contain her bounty. Her panties, a bikini style, were cut small, and I could see her bush, thick and blonde, was straying wildly from its confines. The crotch was quite wet from her own orgasm as well as the overflow from the big load I had blasted into her at the restaurant. She looked stunning. We crawled into bed together, holding each other as we drifted off to sleep.

The alarm went off at three, way too soon, but it was well worth the exhaustion, and I was on my way by about twenty after, kissing Laura gently as she slept. I did my gig, getting back home around 10:30. Laura was up, and just coming out of the bathroom, still in her bra and panty set. I kissed her, and looked her up and down, taking in her lank frame, her hanging tits barely contained in her pretty bra, her panties showing evidence of last night’s go round in the parking lot, the crotch stained with dried come. Her wayward bush was escaping the leg bands.

“Bet you want to get these off me now,” said Laura with a smile.

“Not hardly,” I said, leading her to the bed, easing her down onto it. She scooted up so I could get on, and I quickly undressed and took a position between her thighs. I kissed up her left leg, starting gaziantep travesti escort kızlar at her ankle, making her giggle. I swirled my tongue on her inner thighs, making her giggle turn to a soft “Mmmmm…” I returned south, now working up her right leg, with similar results. I nuzzled her panties, then pulled the left leg band to the side, looked up at her, and licked my lips as I contemplated the furry paradise now spreading before me.

“It’s still pretty messy in there,” said Laura, reminding me of the load I had shot into her the night before.

“Mmmm, I know. When has that ever stopped me??”

Laura laughed. “Not ever,” she said, licking her lips, knowing what was to come. I dove into her, licking up and down her now distended labia, making her jump as my tongue rolled along her lips and over her clit. She was already breathing hard as I quickly built her arousal. A moment later, she was holding my head, pulling my hair as I licked the remnants of last night’s quickie in the parking lot over her clit. I flicked my tongue quickly over it, and she screamed, her hips thrusting into my face as she came hard.

I was able to escape her grip and moved up over her, my hard cock bobbing in front of me as I positioned it to enter her. I pushed her panties over to make room for my cock to get at her, and put the head at her lips, pushing in hard, making her cry out again. I pounded steadily in her still sloppy cunt, my balls slapping her ass. Laura wrapped her legs around me, and I felt her thighs around mine, her calves locking around me. We wrestled together for another five minutes or so til she bucked and thrust, crying out as she came a second time, harder than the first. I let her ride out her orgasm, then pulled out of her slowly as she released the hold her thighs had on me. I again made her jump as I teased her clit with the head of my cock. I smiled down at her, my now primed cock sticking out in front of me as I took in the view of her erect nipples through the sheer fabric of her bra.

Laura smiled at me. “Now what??” She knew the wheels were turning in my twisted mind.

I climbed up over her. When I reached the point where my dick would go between her tits, I put it at the clasp of her bra, smack between her tits. They were straining the bra, and the clasp was a good inch above her chest.

“You want me to undo that??” she asked.

“Nuh uh,” I said, as I pushed the head of my cock under the clasp and between her tits. Her bra was holding them together, sort of, and I could feel the smooth softness of her breasts as I started slowly sliding my dick between them. “I’ve been looking at you in this thing since last night, and thinking of doing this the whole time.”

The time I had spent fucking her had warmed me up quite well, and I was about ready to blow, especially feeling the soft skin of her tits. It didn’t take much longer as I slowly rode them, my head swelling as I got closer to blowing my load where I had been dreaming of for the last 18 hours.

Laura knew it, and was encouraging me, begging for my load. “Come on, honey, blow your sweet come all over me. Shoot it on my face, coat my tits with your hot sticky seed.” Sometimes she sounded like a low budget porn film, but it worked every time, and I blasted her almost immediately.

The first shot went over her chin and landed on her right cheek, just missing her eye. Laura laughed at the sudden splat, and the second shot went right into her mouth. She coughed momentarily, then swallowed. The third hit her chin and dripped down onto her neck. I pulled back, still shooting, my come going in the deep valley between her tits, making a large puddle. I pulled my dick from under her bra, and shot what was left across both bra cups, streaks that also went over her tits, running down off them onto the sheet.

Laura had a big grin as she surveyed the mess, and I slid up to get the now just dripping head of my cock in her mouth, which she eagerly licked off. I pulled away as she finished, dismounting and lying on the bed. She turned to face me, gathering up the come from her face and licking her fingers. I took her hand, and got off the bed, pulling her with me. I had her stand in front of the full length mirror so she could get a look at herself covered in sperm.

Laura laughed at the sight. “Boy, am I a mess!!”

“You are, and it’s beautiful.” I kissed her. She stood a few moments, watching as my come started sliding down her belly from the puddle I put between her boobs. She fingered the remaining semen from her cheek into her mouth, then started on the rest. She unfastened her bra, holding it up to look at the come that was now soaking through the sheer fabric. I reached to her, getting a couple of fingers in the come that was now starting to stick to her, rubbing it over her tits and onto her nipples.

The feel of it on her was arousing, and we were soon kissing as I played with the massive hangers, massaging my come into them. I reached into her panties, finding her open pussy, and playing inside her, rubbing her clit on as I passed over it. I took what come I hadn’t rubbed into her skin and played on her clit, and I soon felt her knees go weak as she came on my hand. I slid her panties off, letting them drop to the floor. She stepped out of them, and we now embraced, feeling our fully naked bodies for the first time in several days. My come was sticky on her now, and I could feel it in the hair on my chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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