Mother, Sister, Daughter, Wife Pt. 02

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Ball Gag

Arun and I spent a couple of uneventful months after his parents left. I tried to live by aunty’s words but I was not successful. I went as far as taking a couple of girls out for dinner and a movie nights but could not get too far with them. Girls at work were in a stage where they were looking for a life partner. There were a few promising prospects among the older married women but none responded to my advances.

Arun visited his parents during a festival week and came back with a horde of homemade sweets and snacks. He also had an important looking document with him which he said had to be given to his sister, Neeta, within a couple of days. Since he was going to be busy at work catching up from his days off, he requested me to go give it to her and get her signature on the documents ASAP.

That Monday morning I boarded a local train that took me close to Neeta’s house. She was expecting me but when she opened the door, I immediately knew something was wrong.

“Oh, Hii Ramu. Come in,” she said, without any enthusiasm.

I heard a male voice calling out from within the house.

“Hey, my breakfast is cold! I told you to keep it warm! Can’t you just do as I tell you? Do you want me to repeat it a MILLION times? You know I don’t like cold food. And why did you not iron the blue shirt? I am not going to wear this white one. Go iron the blue one and get it ready. Are my shoes polished?”

What the hell? Who the fuck was that? Was that her husband? The one she fell in love and got married to?

Neeta and I walked into the house and she tried to introduce me to him. “Hey Vishal, this is Ramu. We grew up together in Trichy and Delhi. I have talked about him many …”

“OK. OK. Yeah, Yeah, ” Vishal answered gruffly, just glancing at me.

Neeta added, “He and Arun are sharing a house in…”

“Fine. You have told it a hundred times before. Go get my blue shirt ready quickly. Hurry! I have no time. The car will be here any second!”

Neete picked up his place to reheat his food. At this Vishal shouted again, “Hey, where are you going? I NEED MY SHIRT!”

“I .. I thought you wanted your food warm…,” Neeta stammered.

“OH forget the food now. What can I do? I will eat it cold. My fate. Because of your stupidity, look what all I have to endure!”

I looked at Neeta and said, “Hey Neeta, let me handle the food.” I took the plate into the kitchen and warmed the food for Vishal and gave it to him. He started eating, but immediately started whining and complaining. “Oh oh.. Too much salt. She can never get it right! Damn! Fuck it!” He abruptly got up without finishing his food.

Just then Neeta came in with his ironed shirt and gave it to him. He grabbed it and as he put it on her said, “Too much salt again today. Can you not get it right? Hmmph! Are my shoes polished? The brown ones…”

I felt sorry for Neeta. And I did not want to see her in this situation. “Hey, Neeta,” I said. “You know what? I have to go to our local office. I will come back during lunch and get the doc from you.”

We both knew it was a lie, but she looked at me with a grateful smile and nodded.

I went across the street to a coffee shop and waited till Vishal’s taxi took him away to the airport. Then I went back to her house. She was not surprised to see me.

“I am sorry you had to see all that bullshit this morning. He can be an asshole sometimes. Actually, all the time. Nowadays I am glad he is not at home. My next torture will begin on Friday when he comes back.”

She looked at me with tears in her eyes. My heart melted.

I said, “Hey, Neeta. Let’s go get some brunch in some place nice and have a good coffee. I think you need a break. C’mon, it will be fun.”

She shook her head rather quickly. “No, I don’t feel like it. Stay. I will cook something quick.”

“No. No. I will help. Let’s just chat for a bit then. We can cook together.”

At this she brightened a bit. “OK!”

We sat down and started talking about our days in the South and in Delhi. We chatted for the most part of an hour but could not ignore the six-hundred pound gorilla in the room. I finally asked her, “Hey, Neeta. Why? Why him?”

“Ramu, how was I to know. He seemed nice and sweet in college. He comes from a good family – amma and appa approved. How quickly he changed. He wants me to be like his mother. He doesn’t want me to work. What can I do?”

“Leave him,” I said, too quickly, and surprised both of us.


“I mean, if you are not happy. How long will you endure this?”

She said, quietly, “I don’t know. Hopefully he will change…” And she drifted off.

We were quiet for sometime. And then she startled me by saying, “He doesn’t want us to have kids.” And then she looked up at me.

“What? Why? I mean, I don’t know these things, but I thought it was natural..”

“I don’t know. He just …doesn’t… want kids. What a waste…”

She got up and went to the kitchen, calling Sakarya Escort out to me, “Come Ramu, enough talk. Let’s rustle up something to eat.”

I had a thing for Neeta for as long as I remember. I was excited being alone and close to her in the confines of her kitchen. I didn’t remember a time in the past when we were this close with no one else around. I was emboldened. My cock started responding to the scenes unfolding in front of me. She was still in her two piece pajamas. The top rode up her back as she bent down to pick up stuff from the shelves. Her bottom slid down and exposed her bright red colored boyshort panty. I ogled her to my heart’s content and she was none the wiser. From the side I could see her bra cupping her magnificent tits and their soft tops and her cleavage as I looked down her T-shirt. Fantastic! She started sweating from the heat in the kitchen and I could see a thin line forming under her armpits. She didn’t wear any perfume and the distinctive scent of female perspiration had my heart thumping fast.

We started cooking but things were not the same. I continued ogling her. I could not keep my eyes off of her. I got fantastic views of her body as well, her backside, the straps of her bra, down her top, her hips and waist, tight thighs and calves under her pants. Her dress was so tight around her ass that I got clear looks at her VPL more than once. Fuck!!

Little did I realize that she was going through the same emotions. I caught her looking at me a few times. And I was certain that she purposely went and stood behind me so I didn’t catch her in the act.

We were done within an hour. Neeta said, “I need to shower before we eat. Give me, like, 10 minutes.”

I heard her pottering busily in the bedroom and then the water running in the bathroom. I looked around her house. She had kept it clean and neat. Hall, kitchen, dining room – all clean and shiny. Suddenly, my eyes fell on a laundry basket kept just by the back door of her. It was full of clothes, all bunched up, and I guessed they were waiting for the maid to come and do the laundry. My heart skipped a beat. Fuck! I walked gingerly to the basket and yes!, it was full of colorful pieces of dresses that could only have belonged to a woman. I cocked my head and could still hear the water running in the bathroom.

I leaned down and pushed the first layer of clothes away. Lo and behold! Fucking Yes! Three or four brightly colored panties, all worn and crumpled and rolled up lying just ripe for the picking. I did not hesitate. I bent down and picked up the first two. It had to be Neeta’s! I brought one up to my nose, still in its rolled up crumpled state. Heaven! Fuck Yeah!! The scent of cunt juices and piss went straight up into my head and I almost fainted. A new female panty to sniff after a fucking long time! I took the other one and repeated the process. My cock almost burst out of my pants. It was straining against the zipper of my slacks. Motherfucker! I had to jerk off or at least get these panties and rub my cock against them.

I looked around hurriedly. Where was the bathroom? Where can I go? I thought to myself as I inhaled the mucky odor from Neeta’s panties. “What the hell, this room should do,” I said, and pushed open the door to a small room. Fuck! This was her prayer room! Very small, very dark and smelling of incense and scented oils. “Can’t help it,” I cried out softly. My cock was bursting. It had smelled blood and would not take no for an answer. I unbuckled my pants, pulled down my underwear and freed my cock. It jumped straight up like a horse bolting from the starting gate. The head was shiny and purple and the foreskin had gathered neatly under the tip. I could still hear the water in the bathroom. I covered my thick dick with Neeta’s panties and proceeded to stroke it slowly.

It was just before noon on a busy Monday morning, and here I was. In a small prayer room. Holding my friend’s sister’s panties and fantasizing and masturbating. I was aware of the intense pleasure the feeling of the panties on my cock gave me. But I was also aware of other sounds and smells. The sound of traffic from the road, the rosy smell of incense sticks still burning in the room. The sound of water from the bathroom where Neeta was taking a shower, and the slow, hissing sound made by Neeta’s panties rubbing against my cock.

I switched panties. Memories of the summers in Delhi flashed in my mind. How many times had I masturbated with Neeta’s panties in my room?! And now this again after some eight years! What a feeling! I slowed down and savored the way her gusset felt on the underside of my thick cock and the scent of her cunt from the panty I held to my nose. It was exhilarating! A little precum oozed from my dick and I let it drip on her panty.

All of a sudden, the sound of water ceased. Fuck! Neeta’s done with her shower! And I still had a long way to go!!

I hurriedly and painfully stuffed my erect cock back Sakarya Escort Bayan into my pants and zipped it up. I took a few, very long sniffs of her panties, and I could definitely feel pre-cum oozing from my dick onto my underwear. I slid out of that room and quickly placed the panties back from where I took them and rushed into the kitchen making as if to see what was there to eat. I made it just in time!

Neeta had slipped in quietly behind me. “Hungry?”

I swung around, hoping she wouldn’t notice the bulge in my pants. But I needn’t have worried. Neeta was staring into my eyes expectantly. She was wearing a white salwar-kameez that was almost see-through. She had pulled her hair back and put on big, round earrings and had some sort of herbal cream on her face that I could smell from where I stood. From the corner of my eye I could see her bra cups and straps and I tried hard not to tear my eyes away from hers.

“No.. no,” I stammered. “I mean .. yes.. Let’s eat.”

But I could hold it no longer. My eyes went down her body and then slowly back up and met her gaze once more.

“Oh. Neeta. You.. you… look… beauti..amazing!”

“Thanks!” she said, still holding my eyes.

I realized I was ogling her body, my eyes wandering slowly up and down her lithe, sculpted frame, taking her in, until they rested on her beautiful tits. In a trance, I wet my lips with my tongue.

I heard her say softly, “Hey, Ramu!”.

Her voice jolted me out of my reverie. I jerked my head up and met her eyes and I knew from the way her eyes softened she had caught me red handed.

“Ramu,” she said, softly again. “What are you doing?”

I managed to stammer, “Eh,eh.. I… I am sorry. I ..shouldn’t have. Sorry!”

She walked towards me and slapped my arm playfully. “I am not one of your girlfriends, you know!” She looked up and then asked, “You do have girlfriends, don’t you?”

I had a feeling I had this conversation before. And I knew how it had ended, and I suddenly was aroused.

I just giggled. But she stopped and said, “No, I am serious! No girlfriends?”

“No!” I guffawed. “I have.. Had some girlfriends!”

“Right, I believe you,” and she turned and looked at me.

I couldn’t say anything else. I just stared at her. Suddenly I found her standing very close to me. So close I could feel her breath as her chest rose and fell slowly. I could sense the coolness emanating from her recently showered body. Her perfume was cool and reminded me of roses. Then her hand was on my upper arm, squeezing it tight.

I rushed in. I grabbed her and ran my hands down her back, pressing her roughly against me. I could feel my hard dick against her hip and I was sure so could she. She gasped as I clutched her ass cheeks, digging hard into them. At last! Finally! I could feel her panty tight against her ass cheeks.

She gasped at this, “Ouch.. oh Ramu.. what are you doing..not here…come.”

She led me her bedroom. She closed the door and turned to me and rose on her toes to grab my head, and she kissed me. I responded immediately. I opened my mouth and within a fraction of a second her tongue was in my mouth, playing and tangling with mine. I was surprised at her speed and willingness but I went along. Both of us were panting. Our breaths were coming out hard and hot.

A salwar-kameez is a tough dress to take off or get out of. I went to my knees and pushed her top away and grabbed the string of her salwar and jerked it. Thankfully it came undone without getting stuck. Meanwhile she had grabbed the hem of her top and pulled it off and tossed it away.

As I struggled with my clothes, she reached down to a small table, opened a draw and came up with a condom. I was just pulling off my underwear as she turned, as she gasped in amazement as my cock reared up and stood attention at an angle.

“Ramu! What the god!” She flopped on the floor, and grabbed my ass with one hand and with the other she fisted my cock! She stroked it slowly, wide eyed and open mouthed. I grabbed her hair and moved her head in front of my thick dick and hissed, “Put it in your mouth. Oh Neeta! I have wanted this for so long. Come on, suck my cock!”

She didn’t hesitate. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and wrapped it around my cock. I could feel the coolness of her spit on my dick. Oh, how sweet it was! It had been a very long time. It was fucking awesome to see my dark, thick, veiny cock going in and out of her mouth in a blur. She was moaning and gurgling as I rammed my dick as far as it would go into her mouth, almost down her throat. Spit was drooling out of her mouth and dripping onto the floor. I gasped and coughed as I pulled my cock out and slapped her face with it. I was not holding back. I wanted to satisfy my pent up desire. I didn’t care if I hurt her.

“Ouch. Slow.. now.. Ok, ok, ah, ah!” she wrenched my dick from my hands and started rubbing it all over her face. Escort Sakarya “Oh, how thick and strong. Oh I love it, ah! Aiyo! The smell, the smell. Fuck, fuck, fuck!!”

I put my hand under her armpits and lifted her. She still had her bra and panties on. It was my turn to eat her. I knelt and pressed my face to her panty covered crotch. I could feel the thick curls of her pubic hair on my face and my nose, and when I put my mouth on her cunt she let out a little yelp. “Oh! Fuck, yes, yes, yes!” She grabbed the sides of her panties and rolled them down her thick thighs. She didn’t wait to get out of it, but grabbed my head and slammed it against her pussy.

Oh the sensation! The feel of cunt hairs on my lips! I almost came. I could feel pre-cum oozing out of my throbbing cock. I opened my mouth and lapped her outer cunt lips. They had completely covered her inner lips so what I saw was just a thin line with hairs sprouting from it in bunches. As I lapped, I tried to probe and feel for the opening of her vagina. Then as I moved slightly upward I felt her fingers between my mouth and her cunt. She used her fingers to spread her lips and pulled my head towards her clit.

“Fuck, yes, Ramu! Lick it. God! It feels good! Aiyo, amma, yes, please!!”

Then she pushed her finger down a bit and opened her vagina and this time I was ready with my tongue. I felt the warm, moist, silky smooth tissue of her hole on my lips and tongue. I tasted her cunt juices. She almost bent double, enjoying the sensation, and she moaned and groaned. “Oh, fucking hell.. Yes. yes, yes!! Wait, wait, I don’t want to come. No! No! Fuck me first! Fuck me, Ramu!!”

I got up and pushed her onto the bed with her ass cheek on the edge and her legs hanging out. As I reached for the condon, she pulled some pillows and supported her head. She followed my every action as I rolled the condom on my distended cock.

“Fuck! What a fucking beautiful cock! Put it in me, motherfucker! Fuck me hard, as hard as you can! I need it! Fuck! Rape me! Fuuuuuck!” She put her palm on her crotch and rubbed her cunt and clit furiously while still gaping at my cock.

I moved forward and grabbed her calves and parted her thighs. She reached up and gingerly held my cock and directed it into her. Fuck! What a feeling! She was slippery and moist and warm all at once. As I fell on her, I could feel the entire length of my dick engulfed by her cunt walls. I wa held in a tight vise-like grip. I lay like that for about half a minute and the I placed my hands by her side on the bed and proceeded to fuck her.

I rammed my cock into her ferociously. Harder and harder as I went along. I could hear myself grunting and she responded with grunts and curses of her own. We were sweating profusely and our bodies made slick, squelching sounds as I fell on her. “Fuck, Argh. Argh, yes, Neeta..this is good. Your cunt.. Is.. so .. fucking .. awesome. Motherfucking hell.” I screamed as I fucked her.

“Yes, Yes, yes, aiyo, aiyo, amma, ammmmmmmaaaaaa,” She groaned as she accepted the punishment I was meting out to her. “Wait, wait…,” she gasped, and I stopped. She placed a palm on my belly and tried to push me away. “Let me get on the bed..,” she hissed. I pulled out of her cunt and she rearranged herself on the bed. Then she spread her legs wide, raised her knees and said, “Come. Fuck me..fuck me proper!”

I looked down at her cunt. It was dripping with white, thick, creamy juices. She laughed softly. Then we both looked at my cock. It was also covered in her white secretions. We giggled once more. And then I settled on top of her, with my cock ensconced in her cunt. The aroma of sex and sweat and spit was intoxicating. She looked up at me and opened her mouth for a kiss. I latched onto her tits with my hands, my mouth on hers and I pummelled her with my torso. She was grunting into my mouth, her breaths blowing hot air into mine. I squeezed her breasts even harder, until she squealed.

But she egged me on. I did not know what possessed me or where I got the power from but it felt like the force with I was fucking her was increasing with each of my thrusts. She grabbed each of my ass cheeks and dug her fingernails into them and scratched. I felt my skin burning. I was sure she drew blood.

“Fuck! ” I screamed, but not too loudly. “Fuck! Fuck..oh god!!” I put my hands under her knees and pushed them up to her head, doubling her up. I ran my hands on her thick, hard thighs, and slapped them hard.

“Ah! Oy! Ouch!” she responded with each slap. I made a blade of my palm and ran it down her ass crack, and as I reached her asshole I turned my hand and gently placed my finger on her asshole. I could feel her hair there, sticky and slimy with the juices from her cunt. I pushed my finger in and she winced and grimaced, “Aiyo, slow..slow, ah.. Ok .. ok fuck my ass…aiy..aaaaah,” She moaned in sync with my thrusts. Then suddenly out of nowhere I felt myself cumming. I pulled my finger out from inside her asshole and grabbed her by her shoulders and started thrusting furiously.

“Oh, fuck, fuck. I am going to cum.. Fuck. yes, yes, yes,” I grunted.

Neeta raised her palms and held them tightly against my face. “Oh, OK. OK, Yes. Fuck! Yes, cum now..ok.. I can feel it.. Ok..o…k…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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