Mother’s Milk

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Naomi walked in to the bathroom, naked and lifted first one milk laden tit then the other.

Strawberries or Cream?

With a belly that was back to only the slight roundness it had before pregnancy, a neatly trimmed black bush to match her jet black hair that came down below the level of her ass and of course those breasts she was in my mind even sexier than she had been before. Of course, first I was in a relationship, then we both were and then my partner died and not the end of the tragedy by any stretch of the imagination her partner was murdered, mistaken identity in a drugs gang shooting.

We held and comforted each other during those times, in ways that only real friends can. The joking sexuality that had made some people think we were lovers was gone from how we used to be but we survived with a lack of bitterness that I still find surprising given what I have seen in others who have suffered.

I should take you back to the start of the evening – a weekend get together organised by Jessica. Jessica had been a hippy in the 60’s and still was. She had a firm belief that no one should ever have to sleep alone and certainly whenever I had visited no one had. Mind you I had had my partner for all except one of my previous visits.

Jessica was apologetic as she told me that the person I was sharing with wouldn’t be there till later on in the evening.

Dave, you are sharing with someone you should have become lovers with a long time ago.

I tried to get Jessica to tell me who it was but she wasn’t telling. I wracked my brains trying to work it out. Of course I wasn’t helped by the fact that I didn’t know that Jessica had ever met Naomi, never mind knew anything about our history.

There had always been an undercurrent of sexuality to our relationship. A look here, a touch on a bare shoulder there and when we met or parted our kisses were just a fraction of a second more lingering than those we gave to people who were just friends.

But uşak escort that was it. Nothing more serious ever happened. After the death of her husband before the birth I massaged her belly with esential oil of lavender which may have contributed to Naomi’s complete lack of stretch marks. I was present at the birth of her son, much to the consternation of the midwives. I was also there when she learned about his disease and the fact that he would only live for about six months. One of those million to once chance genetic disorders with a name I had to stop and think before pronouncing even with a medical background.

The genetic disorder was one where both parents had to carry the defective gene and as it was very rare for anyone to have it it was really shitty luck that both of them should do so.

I had been abroad for six of the eight months that Richard lived but Naomi and I emailed each other at least twice a week and we also spoke by phone. I flew back to England for the funeral. That was the only time Naomi and I had slept together.

Naomi had been calm and hadn’t cried at the funeral, but like she said, she had done a lot of crying beforehand. I had heard some of it on the phone and it hurt not being able to hold her then.

That night I held her as she slept and I lay awake for hours, aware of our naked bodies together, aware of my own issues that were not then worked through enough for me to even think about initiating sex.

Another three months further on, I was still not sure what had changed for either of us but I was suddenly feeling horny as hell.

Don’t I get to try both?

Only if you wash my hair first? Our old ways of flirting were suddenly back in full swing and I claimed a hug that had dribbles of milk leaking onto my chest by way of part payment as Naomi entered the shower. It turned out later that Naomi had kept expressing her milk to cope with the soreness of full breasts even after Richard had died though she was down van escort to once a day in the evening by this time.

After a kiss that was even more lingering than those I remembered I started to lather those wonderful locks. I teased Naomi about whether she got charged extra at the hair dressers. It certainly took a lot longer than it took me to wash my own hair even before it had started receding twenty years earlier.

Washing her hair was one of the most erotic experiences I have ever had. It must have been something to do with the hormones of pregnancy I guess because it was even more luxuriant than ever.

Naomi’s body relaxed against my own as I finally finished brushing her hair out in the shower and gave her head a final massage. Without waiting to be asked I took the soap and started to wash her body all over, enjoying her soft moans of pleasure as my hands explored every one of her soft curves.

We must have been in the shower together for over half an hour before I moved in to claim my reward, starting with the strawberries on Naomi’s left. I played with her nipple for some time before sucking and drinking her rich sweet milk.

I remembered once a doctor who was leaving a ward being made a coffee with expressed breast milk on his last day on a ward and then throwing up when he was told of this.

I struggled not to laugh but of course Naomi knew me well enough to know something was going on and I ended up telling her the story.

I was just starting on the, “cream” when Naomi gasped in shock.

Of course the water had turned cold.

I turned off the shower and taking one of the thick towels that had been laid out for us carefully dried her body and all it’s wonderfully sexy curves. After Naomi had returned the favour I led her to the bed, close to the wood burning stove that guaranteed that we would never need to wear clothes in the room.

I can’t describe how much drinking her milk excited me and as I moved down to explore yalova escort her vagina with my tongue and lips it became clear I was not the only one who was excited. I sucked her clitoris into my mouth as I penetrated her wetness with first one and then two fingers.

Yes! Yes! Yes! More Dave! More!

Her hips lifted off the bed as her feet moved round to press on my shoulders.


Her orgasm was so strong it almost hurt my fingers as it contracted around them.

Glad to be of service.

I didn’t stop there but kept going till I sensed Naomi was close to another earth shattering orgasm. Then I moved up to play with those sexy tits again.

Fuck me you bastard! I want to feel you cum inside me.

Are you sure?

Yes I’m fucking sure!

I relented and was surprised at how tight she felt around me. Naomi must have worked hard at her pelvic floor exercises during and after pregnancy. Tight she may have been but she was also incredibly well lubricated. I moved in and out of her love tunnel with long slow strokes, almost coming out and indeed having to find my way back on a couple of occasions.

Let me be on top!

It was a command, not a request and as I have always loved that position not one I was going to deny. Naomi impaled herself upon me and was soon moving up and down at a far faster pace than I had set.

Play with my clitoris!

I didn’t need any urging and as the fingers of my right hand squeezed and rubbed her erect bud Naomi moved up to another gear. Now it was me who was moaning and breathing faster.

I’m about to……

I never finished the sentence because first I felt Naomi’s second orgasm milking me and then a flood of my seed that reflected how little I had been beating off recently entered her like a torrent.

That was


Naomi finished my sentence for me. It was the most wonderful sex I had ever had and as we talked and stroked each other in the warm afterglow It was pretty good for Naomi too!

At some point we noticed the mess we had made of the bed with a combination of sweat and our love juices. We laughed and decided another session was in order before changing the sheets!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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