Motivating Her Son Ch. 03

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Brenda has found out that her teenage son is constantly horny and the two of them have settled into a daily routine where Brenda will model a sexy outfit and put on a show for Randy every evening after dinner. Randy would stroke his cock and cum on Brenda’s tits or face twice or sometimes three times every evening. Brenda never wanted to send Randy off to school horny and made sure that her teenager would unload a big cum on her tits every morning after breakfast.

The next week was an important one for Randy at school. He had a math quiz and then a day later had a biology test that was going to be a big part of his final grade. Brenda had started to notice that Randy wasn’t applying himself to his studies like last week. Brenda had promised him if he continued to do well at school that their nightly playtime would continue. In fact if Randy continued his good work at school that she would show the horny teenager a lot more than just her tits. But the last couple days she wondered if there was something wrong. The hot blonde mom is starting to wonder if her youngster is starting to get bored with all of this. She decides its time to step things up a notch!

She decides its time to go back to Jojolove’s and see if she had any ideas to help motivate her boy. As soon as she comes in the front door Jojo is there smiling at her.

“Well, how did everything go? I can guess everything went great because you are back.”

“Jojo, the things you picked out last week worked like magic! Yes, he LOVED all of it!”

“Brenda I bet you got his blood boiling! And I bet his dick was boiling too!”

“Yes, lets just say that last week was…PERFECT! But now lets just say, I want to step up my game a little bit!”

“I see, like last week we went for the classy but sexy look. How about this week we pick out some things that scream FUCK ME?”

“Yes, lets go for classy but slutty! Do you have some ideas?”

“Certainly do! How about some panties that just rip away? We will pair it up with a see thru nighties that tear very easily. They are one time use so they aren’t expensive at all. That way he can just rip everything off you.”

“My God…YES! I like the idea of him ripping my undies off!”

Brenda notices two women coming out of the back room, giggling like two schoolgirls. She recognizes its Michelle Watson and Andrea Cook. Their two sons, Peter and Jason were Randy’s best friends at school.

“Hi Brenda!”

“Hi Michelle! Hi Andrea!”

Michelle and Andrea always seemed to run around town together. In fact their husbands worked together for a corporation which sent them out of town on long business trips. The word on the street was that when the husbands went out of town there was more than usual business. They had women stashed in every big city on the coast. Michelle and Andrea knew all about this and demanded that they either get divorced or have an entirely open marriage. Andrea and her husband went to Vegas and got a quickie divorce. She just recently she heard that Michelle and her husband were separating.

Michelle was a good looking short haired brunette who always wore lots of jewelry. Randy told his mom that the boys at school told him that she was hot to trot and that when her husband was on one of his trips that she would invite a different boy to spend the weekend with her and her son Peter.

Andrea was always a bit heavier, in fact she was always a bit overweight. Brenda is shocked to see that she has lost almost 40 pounds. In fact she looks stunning!

“Well Brenda, how’s it going? We haven’t seen you for a few weeks. We heard through the grapevine that you are seeing Dr Stella.”

“Yes…its true. I am.”

“You know that since my divorce I have been seeing Dr Stella too. In fact, Michelle is a very happy client of Dr Stella too, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I have been using her techniques for a few months now. The results in Peter’s performance has been amazing. Got him off the damn computer! Turned him from a gangly little nerd to quite a young man.”

“Well, Michelle has had so much success with Peter that I started seeing her too. Jason and I never seemed to connect when his father and I were married. Now, lets just say that since I bought in to Dr Stella’s techniques now Jason and I are connecting…on a lot of levels. In fact Michelle and I and our boys go to all of Dr Stella’s monthly parties. In our group there are ten mothers so far. All the moms and sons take turns providing…the entertainment!”

Ten moms so far? Geez, it seems that there a lot more horny mothers out there than she ever imagined!

“I’ve only seen Dr Stella a couple times, but Randy really seems to be improving in school.”

“That’s great to hear! You know, Dr Stella is having one of her retreats over spring break. I know there’s at least 10 of us moms signed up so far. You and Randy should join us.”

Brenda notices that both of the mothers are wearing gold chains with “MF” on them. It was the same chain that Dr Stella was wearing. She’s definitely sikiş izle going to ask her son what that means…

Michelle sees the edible panties and see thru silk top in Brenda’s hand.

“ looks like someone has maybe met someone new..or…maybe you have a hot date tonight?”

“Well, lets just say…I do have a new man in my life. Without telling you everything lets just say he’s someone I have known for a long time. How about you? I heard about you and your husband. I’m sorry to hear about that. “

Brenda looks inside Michelle’s shopping cart and sees some sexy panties, a bikini and a couple of DVDs. She sees that the DVDs are titled “A GUIDE TO MOM SON INCEST” and “FUCKING MY MOTHER.” Brenda pretends not to notice.

“And Andrea, how about you? By the way, congratulations on losing that weight. You look fantastic! I bet you have lots men dying to get into your panties. Have you been…getting any?”

Brenda looks quickly into Andreas cart. Sees a huge two headed dildo, a tube of anal lube, and other assorted lingerie. She sees that Andrea also has a DVD. Brenda realizes that its from the Swedish Mommy collection…titled “BUTTFUCKING MY MOMMY.” Again she pretends not to notice.

“Yes Brenda, as you know my husband is a shit. He doesn’t know it but I’m filing for divorce next week. And um, well, its just that I’ve been getting it from someone else for awhile now! Getting it real good and real often!”

“That’s great Andrea. I know your husband is a shit. In fact all three of us…all of our husbands are shits. I’m really glad you are having a great time with a new guy in your life.”

“Yes, in fact Michelle has a new guy in her life too.”

Brenda can only guess who this “new guy” is!

“Brenda, yes, I am getting fucked so much sometimes I can’t even walk straight!”

They laugh.

“Brenda in fact we are here, getting some things for this weekend. Our husbands are going away on another one of their golf trips, so the four of us have rented a cabin on Lake Cashman. We are going to rock our boy’s, uh I mean our boyfriend’s world.”

Brenda pretended not to notice the slip of the tongue.

“Well, it sounds like the three of us have a lot in common.”

“Sounds like we are three horny cougars. You know its been so long that we’ve spent any time together. Our boys grew up together, and you know, maybe the three of us should spend a weekend with our sons before the boys graduate.”

“Maybe sometime we can do that…”

Brenda is trying to be polite, but there’s no way she’s spending a whole weekend with those two horny women and their sons!

Randy will be home from school real soon. Brenda has decided that tonight, the two of them will start taking things to a new level. She bought a sexy see thru red tearaway teddy and some matching red ripaway panties and can’t wait to model them for him tonight, trying to imagine how he will react when she finally pulls her panties off! Maybe she should let her young son tear her panties off for her. He just might like that better! Finally he will gets his first good look at his hot mother’s wet pussy and her tiny asshole! In fact she even bought a new dildo, deciding it was time that Randy finally learned that his hot mommy was just as naughty as those sluts in those magazines! She was going to give him the show of his life!

When its time for Randy to come home from school Brenda goes upstairs, fixes her makeup, hair and lipstick. She puts on his favorite pair of hot pink heels, then a low cut top and short shorts. The top shows all of her cleavage. She heads downstairs and sits on the couch waiting for the horny teenager to home from school. Her panties are soaking wet! After what seems forever she hears the door. He’s finally home!

“Hi darling, I’m so glad you are home! Come over here and give me a big kiss!”

“Hi mom! Sorry but the math quiz went a little long. The teacher threw in a few surprise questions.”

Randy comes over to kiss his mom. She puts her arms around her boy and holds him tight. Soon they are in a liplock, her tongue exploring the inside of his mouth. It seems that his mom is even more excited than usual!

“Mommy’s been sitting here waiting for her big boy! How was school? How did you do on your math quiz?”

“Mom…I got a C minus.”

Brenda suddenly becomes very silent. Randy is standing here, waiting for Brenda to make the first move. In the past few days she has had her top off by now.

“Randy, I have to tell you, I am so disappointed…”

“Disappointed? Mom…Does this mean you’re not gonna…?”

“Randy…darling…no, I am not gonna…not gonna do anything. We have to talk…”

The sexually charged youngster seems surprised at his mom’s attitude. His cum bloated balls ache from thinking of his hot mom all day. And mom even promised that she had…something special in store for him tonight! If he doesn’t get relief real soon they might explode!

“Darling, just like before, I’m not mad at you. brazzers I guess I am just disappointed. You know we had an agreement. Improve your grades and your mother will make it worth it. I just want to let you know if you’d come home with a good grade on that quiz, your mother was going to give you a show that would make what we’ve been doing so far look like nothing. “

“But mom, a C minus?? That’s pretty good for me. I mean that’s better that I was doing before. Can’t you…at least…? I mean mom…! Mom my balls…they really hurt! I need to…”

“Darling I can see that your cock is really hard, the way your jeans are sticking out like that. I know how horny you are and trust me I am just as horny as you are, maybe even more. But I can let you see all the goodies with just a C minus.”

“Mom…a C minus…that’s a passing grade. It’s not that bad.”

“Not good enough! Especially for what you were gonna get! So here’s the deal. Tonight I’m cutting you off. No titty show, no pussy or butt show. Nothing, at all, at least until you start getting your grades back up again. Understand?”

“Mom…I’m sorry I disappointed you. It won’t happen again.”

“Darling, when is your next quiz?”

“I have a biology test tomorrow. Teacher says its a big part of my final grade.”

“And I know that biology is your worst subject. Principal Evans told me last week that if you don’t improve big time that you won’t even graduate.”

“I know mom. I really feel bad. I know that I have been slacking off and…”

“Now, my horny boy, I want you to go to take your cock and your big balls to your room and get studying! I want your face buried in that biology book. And…if I catch you on your computer, looking at porn, and jacking off, then this whole deal’s over! Do you understand, buster?”

“Yes mom I totally understand.”

“Darling, I don’t know if you realize it, but your mother loves showing off for you just as much as you enjoy watching me. I love watching your cock get hard for me, and love watching the way you cum on my tittles. I know how horny you must be right now. I know its gonna be a tough night for you. I probably won’t get any sleep either. But let’s leave it at this. If you do a good job on your biology quiz tomorrow your mother will, lets just say that I will take this to a new level. You’ll get to see everything, and I mean EVERYTHING! And besides tomorrow is friday, That means that tomorrow night isn’t a school night. So… maybe just maybe an extra special surprise! Okay?”

“Okay Mom, that sounds great, Head in my biology book and no jacking off. And…an EXTRA SPECIAL SURPRISE?”

“Lets just say…the better you do on that test, the better your surprise will be!”

Brenda knows she has a tough probably sleepless night ahead. She thinks about it and thinks that if she is cutting her poor horny youngster off with a big load of cum in his poor balls then no dildo action for her either! Its only right that she should suffer too. The hot mother knows that the two of them are in this together. This whole thing has to be a win win or at least tonight, a lose lose.

The next morning, Brenda is making Randy’s favorite pancakes and sausage. She is dressed in a hot pink short robe and matching pink heels. Her robe is open a bit so that Randy can get a great view of her gorgeous round cleavage. Nothing like a little cock tease, she thinks.

“Randy, tell me the truth? How did you do last night? With your studying? And without…any relief?”

“Mom, I know one thing. I have totally learned my lesson. Mom…I can’t tell you how hard it was…I mean without any…I mean I tried all night to concentrate on my biology book. And I know I have a big day today with that quiz, and I’m not going to disappoint you…ever ever again”.

“Darling, I’m so glad you understand. I hated to send you off to your room like that. But this is not just for you. This is for the both of us. You know we are totally in this together.”

“Mom, I know that now.”

“Okay, darling have a great day. And…if you get a good grade on that test, please hurry home. Your mother will be waiting for you…I have some…real fun things planned for tonight. I have been practicing some new dance moves that I want to show you! And yes I promise you that the panties come off. Gonna spread my legs really wide so you can see way inside me! “

“Shit mom! Now I’m gonna spend the whole day with these swollen balls.”

“And do good on that test and just maybe you can unload them all over me!! MMMM!!

YUMMY!! Now get out of here. Don’t wanna be late for school.”

Brenda is beside herself all day, wondering how her boy is doing on that test. She lays out a very special outfit for tonight. She is so nervous she can hardly breathe! Shortly after noon she gets a text. Its Randy!

“MOM!! Got a B plus!!”

“MMMMM!! That’s my boy! PLEASE hurry home! Mommy has a special surprise for you.”

“Okay mom! I get out of school at 3, so be home at fake taxi porno 3:01!”

“Okay darling! Its really hot out today. The hottest day of the year, so I will be out at the pool, waiting for you…!”

Brenda excitedly goes to her bedroom, and puts on the tiny string bikini that she bought the other day. It is nothing more than a couple of strings with two tiny pieces of fabric that hardly cover her nipples and a third tiny piece that barely covers her pussy. Brenda has a plan that she will finally let her horny son see her naked tonight, but lets see how this afternoon goes. Maybe the bikini will come off this afternoon!

The horny teenager hurries home wondering what his hot mom will be wearing when he gets home. The poor youngster’s cock is dripping precum, soaking the front of his jeans, and his swollen balls are chock full of hot boycum, Its a good thing school ended when it did. He knows he couldn’t have made it much longer!

When he gets home, he runs out to the pool. The hottest mom on earth is in the pool, laying out on an inflatable float. Shit, Randy can’t believe his eyes! The tiny suit hides nothing! Brenda gives the horny boy a big smile.

“MMMMM!! Darling! Mommy is so glad you are home!”

“Hi mom!”

“Its really hot out here darling. Mommy’s been out here for a couple hours working on her tan! You like?”

“Shit mom, God yes! You are…well you are spectacular!”

“Darling, I wanted to work on my tan. I want to look really really good for my baby boy!”

Randy’s cock is so hard, the tent sticking out of the pool of precious precum in the front of his jeans. Brenda can’t help but notice.

“Randy darling, I can see from the front of your jeans that you are really glad to see me! You know that I really like what I see too! I can tell you like your mother’s new bikini! Why don’t you go to your room and change? I just bought you a new pair of swim trunks and laid it on your bed.”

“Okay mom. Be right out.”

“Oh yes and darling while you are in there, grab a couple to towels and a bottle of my tanning lotion. I don’t want to burn out here.”

The horny teenager runs into the house and bolts into his bedroom. Sure enough there is a red pair of trunks laying on the bed. The trunks seem pretty small. Randy struggles to get them on. Randy has seen these on the internet. The website calls them “boykinis.” No matter how hard he tries it seems that half of his swollen balls and the tip of his hard young cock stick out. He tries desperately to think of something else. His stiff erection relaxes a little and Randy is able to stuff everything inside the boykinis. Hopefully he won’t get a hardon before he gets into the pool!

Randy nervously goes outside and the woman of his wetdreams is still laying out in the middle of the pool.

“MMMM!! darling! Let mommy look at your new swim trunks. Why don’t you turn around, and model them for me?”

Brenda’s young son nervously turns around. Brenda lets out a wolf whistle, obviously enjoying the show.

“Now darling, bend over a bit…show mommy what you got…!”

Randy bends over, exposing his almost naked ass to his horny mom. As much as Randy tries he is getting caught up in the moment and his young cock is starting to get hard again…

“OH YAAAAA!! Look at my boys gorgeous tight butt!! Mommy LIKES!! Makes my tongue hard just looking at it!! Now darling turn around and show your mother the front…”

Randy slowly turns around. This little show has made her son’s cock stiff again! Brenda notices that the tip of his cock is struggling to get out of the tight swim trunks.

“OHHH GOD!! YES!! You are really getting hard for your mother, aren’t you? Mommy REALLY LIKES!!”

The stacked blonde mother starts massaging her big fake tits, hoping that he is enjoying watching his mom. She pushes her gorgeous melons together, so that Randy can see how stiff her nipples are. The tiny nipples are sticking out, begging to be let out of the tiny bikini.

“Sweetheart, why don’t you get in here and join me?”

The teenager climbs into the pool. The cool water helps calm his turgid cock.

“My baby boy did so good in that awful biology test. Now come over here and kiss your mother.”

Randy works his way over to his mother who is floating in the middle of the pool. Randy nervously kisses his nearly naked mother. Like yesterday she grabs the back of his head and soon the two of them are swapping tongues, making out in the middle of the pool. Brenda breaks off the kiss.

“Darling, I promised you a surprise. Well, I have a few surprises for you! Here…feel them…”

Brenda grabs his hand and guides them over her big fake tits.

“I know you’ve wanted to feel them forever. Why don’t you take off my top? Just pull this string on the side…Now darling go ahead…play with mommy’s tits.”

The youngster can’t believe his good luck! He’s seen his moms tits quite a few times the last couple weeks, but this is the first time he’s got to feel them. Randy is standing out in the middle of the pool massaging his mothers big tits!

“Darling, go ahead… now pinch mommy’s little nipples. See that my little nipples are stiff too? Just like your cock! My little nipples are stiff for her baby boy!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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