Mouth to Ass

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Note From The Author

Most of my articles start by explaining how they relate to discussions with other Literotica (Lit) members, normally via PMs. I am starting to call my approach interactive writing. Given that I am trying to turn the other person on in the messages (and to do the same to myself), it seems that this conveys an urgency to the writing, which might otherwise be absent.

The genesis of this piece is no different. However, it consists of messages sent to two separate Lit members, albeit on the same day and within a couple of hours of each other.

Given the dual nature of the source material, I have attempted to modify both stylistically and written a bridge section. I’m sure nevertheless that the join is obvious. You could view this instead as two companion works. Both sets of messages have also been edited for flow and errors.

As always, my thanks for the generosity of Lit members in allowing me to share these intimate conversations.


I kneel on my haunches between your legs and look up at you with my over-sized green eyes, blinking slowly. My gaze runs up your cock, a conventional upwards pan of a skyscraper. I put my hand on your shaft and push it against your stomach. I lean forwards and lick your balls. I take one in my mouth and suck. My other hand is between my legs, I’m rubbing my hairless pussy and getting so wet.

I kneel up and put my hand round the root of your cock, tilting it towards me. My mouth is wide open and I move my face forward until my lips close at the base of your head. I run my tongue around your glans inside my mouth. I slip two fingers into my sopping snatch and begin to frig myself as I move my head backwards and forwards, up and down your shaft, taking a little more with each stroke.

I want all your cock inside me. I tilt my head, straightening my neck, opening my throat. I take my hand off of your cock and grab your ass, pulling you towards me. The tip of your cock touches the start of my throat. I feel the need to gag, but I’m no novice. I breathe through my nose, I try to relax and I gulp two or three times as you enter my throat. My lips press against your pubis and I have engulfed all of you.

It’s OK, you did it Em. As always it feels so good, Zen almost. I’m full and warm and feel like a princess to have such a treat. I know you love it too and that Beşiktaş escort makes me feel good. I put both hands on your ass. I squeeze your buttocks, which makes your cock twitch deep in my mouth. I slowly move my head back, letting an inch of your cock slide out of me. Then pull your ass towards me and move my head forward to meet the thrust. Then again, this time letting two inches of you come out off my mouth, before siding it back in again.

At this point the animal in you takes over. You have been letting me go at my pace, but now you want more. You grab my head and push me hard down on your cock. You grind your loins against my lips and face. Then you pull back, much further than I did, and thrust your cock hard into my mouth. That was tough to take, I feel the gag reflex growing. But I fight it. It’s as hot as hell being face-fucked and I find my clit with one hand, my pussy with two fingers and prepare myself for a rough ride.

With effort, I open my eyes and make contact with yours. I see the desire in them. I know what you want, I want it too. There are tears in my eyes, but of exertion rather than sadness. I nod as much as I can impaled orally by your cock. You get the message, you have permission.

You step up the pace. This is a real face-fuck now. Rough and raw and primeval. I frig myself and rub my clit hard. I focus on the angle of my head, on opening myself to your thrusts. Your balls slap hard against my chin with each inward stroke. You treat my mouth and throat like you treat my pussy a moist tight hole to be fucked hard and deep.

Your frantic pace slackens slightly. Your thrusts become more measured, though just as deep, I feel your body tense. Your grip on my head tightens. I know you are close. As my fingers move quickly in and out of my pussy, so am I. At the last moment, you pull out, your cock dripping with my saliva and mucus. Part of me is frustrated to not have you cum deep inside me, but the jet of warm liquid that splashes hard into my face takes my mind off this regret. The second squirt is more voluminous and I start to orgasm myself as it drips down my face, only to be replaced by a third large stream of cum. I open my mouth, at least I get to swallow some of it. My orgasm peaks as yours subsides and my pussy squirts, my fevered hand turning it into a radial spray as I feel my insides convulse.

I am still cumming as you ram your twitching cock hard down my throat Beşiktaş escort bayan again. You want more, so do I.


I suck on your cock, willing it to keep hard for me. I find your asshole and slip the tip of a finger into it. With my other hand I push hard between your ass and balls, where your shaft is fused to the rest of your body. The trifold stimulation works and you pull out of me, your cock still rigid and ready for more action.

“Your turn Emily.”

You lift my 100 lbs with ease and kiss me, my face and hair still dripping with your cum. You lie me back on the sofa and crouch between my legs. I spread them wider for you and reach down to hold my pussy open. I feel a thrill as your tongue touches the wet opening of my vagina, lapping at the pink crinkly flesh, then up to my clit. Then down and penetrating me, your nose pushing against my clit as you extend your tongue into my pussy. You lap at me, eating the cream that I churned frigging myself.

Now you slip a finger into my wet hole and push it deep, until your knuckles press against my flesh. But you withdraw, I am disappointed but then you use my pussy juices to push your finger into a much tighter hole, one that you really shouldn’t be fingering. One that no good girl should like to be fingered.

“Put two fingers in my ass, angel.”

I’m not a good girl and I wriggle as your digits explore my anal depths.

“That’s nice, get me ready for your cock. With a bit more lubrication, I think I could take more fingers.”

I open my mouth and lick my lips suggestively. You get the obvious message and withdraw, offering your hand to my mouth. I grab it and greedily suck on four fingers. I lick and slobber them, getting them ready for my ass.

You take your hand and pinch your fingers together, making a narrow point, all the better to enter me with. You push against my asshole and my muscles yield. As you keep pushing further, my ring starts to push back and it’s hard for me. I close my eyes and begin to rub my clit for comfort. Worried, you reduce the pressure, but I grab you hand and push it into me.

“It’s OK. I can take it. I want it.”

Encouraged by my words, you push harder and once more dip your head to lick my pussy. I am still rubbing my clit and the combination leads to relaxation, to opening, to deeper penetration. Your four fingers are in me all the way. I love the fullness, I love it when Escort beşiktaş you waggle them.

“I want your cock in my ass. I want it now.”

You remove your hand, my ass closes slowly, but it closes. You shift position and are about to penetrate me.

“Wait angel, climb up a bit further.”

I open my mouth and again you understand. You move up and plant your knees under my armpits, your hands above my head, your loins directly above my face. I grab your cock and suck on it voraciously. You sense my desire and push it into my mouth further. I drop my hands and allow you to push deeper into me, my tongue wrapping itself around your shaft. Again I feel the combined comfort and thrill of your cock deep in my throat.

You withdraw and I spit on your cock and rub my saliva down your shaft. As you move between my legs, I hitch them up and hold behind my knees, opening for you, improving the angle for you, wanting you balls-deep in me.

You push your glans against my asshole with your thumb and it pops into me. I love that feeling of first anal penetration. Then you bring your weight to bear, pushing remorselessly into the depths of my rectum as I squirm and arch and moan beneath you. Your pubis pushes against my pussy and you are entirely in my ass. It feels so good, so full. You pull back and then sink into me again, pushing harder, moving quicker with each thrust.

I push my hips up to meet you, wanting it deep, wanting it hard, wanting to cum. You grab my legs and lift and part then, using your abs to thrust in and out of my tightest hole. You push my fingers away from my clit and replace them with your thumb. It’s broad and you push hard on it, it makes me throb. Throb in my clit, throb in my pussy, throb in my ass, which is being probed so deeply.

It’s good, it’s almost too good, I resort to my comfort of old, I put a thumb in my mouth and suck on it. This seems to spur you on more and you violently buck in and out of my ass, pushing down hard on my clit, stoking the fires in my tiny body. The fires spread and engulf more of me, they burn more brightly as my body writhes under yours. You pump my ass so deeply, I can’t take it anymore. My eyes are clenched tight shut, my muscles tense, I suck hard on my thumb as the fires sweep over me, consuming my loins, my chest, my brain, my limbs, all of me.

I cum harder than before, gouts of warm liquid spurt from my pussy as you release your own gouts of warm liquid into my anal cavity. My body convulses, tightens, trembles, your cock spasms and spurts. You collapse onto me spent, your chest heaving, your cock still twitching deep inside me.

I stroke your back and kiss your cheek.

“I love being your oral and anal whore angel.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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