Movie Date

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A night at the movies for a change is a breath of fresh air for us. We usually don’t have the time to get out like that anymore. We walk into the theater and see only about 20 people are actually in here. I guess this is the perks of seeing a movie that has been out for a couple of weeks. I follow your lead to the top of the stairs and we sit in the middle. We sit down and I pull up the armrest and pull you into my arms so we can somewhat cuddle. You have your legs in the seat and I kiss your forehead as we watch the previews.

The theater goes dark as the screen widens and we prepare for the movie to begin. I lean down to kiss you and you bite my bottom lip. You’re good for the first few minutes before I feel your fingers start to trace up and down my thigh searching for my dick. You find it and you begin to stroke it. I massage the back of your neck gently trying to keep my mind off of what is going on and watching sancak escort the movie. I think you’re taking this as a sign to go further so I let you unzip my jeans and move your hand in to grip my dick. You feel me already hard and you look at me and lick your lips before pulling my dick out of my boxer briefs.

As soon as my dick is out in the air, it escapes into your mouth. I hold in a breath of air and hold the back of your neck for a moment. You remove your mouth from me and begin to tease me with the tip of your tongue. As you try to drive me crazy with your mouth, I slide my hand into your pants and pull your panties to the side. I feel how wet you are within seconds and it makes me want to take you now. I look down at the rest of the movie theater and see that everyone is preoccupied with the movie that is still going on. Them not knowing sarıyer escort what is going on behind them is turning me on more.

I start to stroke your clit moving from the hood to slipping a finger inside you stroking inside you as you begin to suck my penis again. You start to grind against my finger as I begin to grind into your mouth holding your neck and guiding myself in and out of your mouth. You start making it sloppy, letting your saliva drip onto my dick and giving me a handjob while you continue to suck the head. I’m about to explode and I want to be inside you.

I unbutton your jeans and slip in another finger. You let out a soft moan, loud enough for me to hear it above the movie, but after I take a look, it wasn’t enough to distract the other movie-goers. I kiss you and suck on your tongue while I stroke your spot faster. You moan sefaköy escort in my mouth and I slow down but add some force when I feel you begin to stroke my dick again. I feel like this a race on who can get whom to cum first. I plan on it being you.

You trace my head again with your tongue in a way that makes me think you may win. Shit. You wrap your tongue around my dick and I almost lose it. I stroke your spot and you put me back in your mouth. I let my thumb play with your clit while my middle and ring finger explore inside you and I feel you moaning against my dick trying to focus on making me lose control. You almost have me but I feel you. I feel your body tighten a bit and give the shake you do right before you cum for me. I stroke fast then slow it down and continue until you give my dick one last chance at a lick then grab my face kissing me as you cum hard, your body shaking in the chair as I continue to stroke you making your orgasm last longer than it should. You’re fighting my hand, but I keep it there, continuing to play with your body.

After you catch your breath, you try to turn your attention back to my dick, but I look up and see that the last few scenes are happening. I kiss you as I fix our clothes and whisper “Maybe next time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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