Moving from work to home

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Having been at the company for a few years, most of her fellow workers knew that Jessica was a lesbian, however, the new girl who had been hired a few weeks ago, did not. Jessica would sit and watch her during her breaks, seeing her answer the phones and talking to customers, her dark hair and highlights flowing as she turned. Then she would flash a million-dollar smile at the customer, and Jessica would just melt in her chair. After this continued for a few months, Jessica had talked to her a few times, and on that day Nicky (the new girl) wore a short red skirt, with a white blouse, which seemed to overflow with her breasts. She wasn’t comparatively tall, she was only 5’6″, where Jessica was about 5’8″, tall and thin, with B-cup breasts. Nicky’s breasts were D cups, and bounced whenever she walked. On that particular day, Nicky went to Jessica’s desk for some paperwork.

“Hey Jessica, have you seen the payroll report that Johnson was supposed to give you?” She said, while leaning against the opening of Jessica’s cubicle.

“Yeah, it’s right here,” she said while holding up a manila folder “I was just about to look it over.”

“Ok, I just need it in about an hour.” While Nicky said this, Jessica noticed just how short Nicky’s skirt was, and was temporarily lost looking at her milky white legs protruding from the short red skirt, and ending with 4-inch heels that she could never wear. “Jessica?”

“Yeah, sorry, I just lost focus for a little bit.”

“OK, just bring that folder up when you are done with it.” With that she kind of bounced as she spun, her breasts bouncing, as her ass faced Jessica, and she looked at it intently, wanting to grab it and hold onto it for all she was worth. Jessika felt the need to relieve herself, she went to the bathroom, and got into a stall, while she pulled her underwear down, she realized it was wet from her juices. She began to think about Nicky’s ass, and she leaned up against the wall, spreading her legs while her hand almost instinctively reached down to rub her clit. As she began to finger herself, she though of Nicky’s escort bayan hand rubbing her, then kissing down her body and sucking on her clit, while her tongue ate out her juices. She came hard onto her hand, and only the sound of the door opening snapped her back into reality. She put her panties back on, and went outside to wash her hands, and used a paper towel to clean up what had dripped down her tanned legs. She went back to her desk, and looked over the report that Nicky had given her, seeing it was satisfactory, she took it to Nicky’s desk, tossing it in front of her.

“Finished, there you go.” She said as she leaned over the desk and smiled.

“Thank you, maybe I won’t be here late now.”

“Do you have plans for this evening?” Jessika said, swinging around to sit on the edge of her desk, crossing her legs, and looking intently, waiting for Nicky to respond.

“No, I just didn’t want to be here for the night.”

“Well, since you don’t have any plans, you want to go out and get some dinner?” Jessika said, tapping a pen against her leg.

“Sure, just meet me here at 6.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Jessika returned, smiling widely as she walked off. Unbeknownst to her was that Nicky was watching her walk away, as Jessika moved her hips back and forth, making her ass bounce back and forth.

As 6 o’clock finally rolled around, Jessika fixed her make-up, and met Nicky at her desk, she was ready to leave, and the two of them got into Jessika’s car, as Nicky did not own a car, and used the bus. They drove to a nearby restaurant, the two of them exchanging small-talk at the table, as they ordered food. They moved closer as Nicky had a few drinks, Jessika abstained so that she could drive home. Jessika picked up the check “You expecting something since you paid for dinner?” Nicky said, giving Jessika a poke in the ribs as they walked out of the restaurant, it was raining and they ran over to the car. As they got to Nicky’s apartment, Jessika gave her a hug and went for a kiss on the cheek, when Nicky turned her head quickly, her lips bursa vip escort meeting Jessika’s as a bolt of lightning struck nearby. The girls both jumped, and looked into each other’s eyes.

“You should come upstairs until the storm moves past us.” Nicky said, as she nervously put the words together, not putting pauses between them.

“Yeah, that would be a good idea, always need to be safe.” Jessika said, accepting the offer, and following Nicky up the stairs to her apartment. It was a small apartment, one bedroom, nicely furnished, and they sat on the couch in the living room. They sat next to each other and began watching TV, the weatherman continuously interrupted the TV movie that was on. Their bodies were very close together, and their hands eventually made it to each other’s thighs, running their hands up and down, the tension between them was growing, until they looked at each other at the same time, each nervous, and holding back. Then Nicky moved closer and kissed Jessika, their tongues intertwining as their hands began to run across each other’s bodies, feeling their thighs, and reaching underneath each other’s skirts to fondle the other girl’s ass. Nicky moved on top of Jessika, and undid her blouse, and began kissing her collarbone and moved down and moved her bra out of the way, letting Jessika’s large nipples free, as Nicky sucked on them, and held the blouse sleeves so that Jessika could not move her arms, pinning them against her side.

Nicky moved off of the couch, still holding the blouse as a restraint, and moved behind her “walk” she commanded to Jessika who began to feel nervous all of a sudden, but obeyed the order, not wanting to find out the penalty for not following it. Nicky pushed on the bed on her stomach, and held her arms together, although Jessika did not try to get free. Jessika heard a clicking sound behind her, and felt the cold metal of handcuffs that Nicky put onto her. Nicky put her hands on Jessika’s inner thigh. “Spread them,” Jessika eagerly complied, as Nicky took her “captive’s” panties bursa elit escort off, letting a breeze fly up and hit her now exposed pussy, which was dripping in anticipation.

Nicky moved her hands up Jessika’s body, lightly feeling Jessika’s wet pussy, teasing her as Jessika moaned softly. “You want to cum now Jessika?” Nicky asked in a commanding voice, as she grabbed Jessika’s hair and pulled her head up.

“Yes, Nicky, please let me cum.” Jessika begged, she was playing the submissive, knowing it would get her to where she wanted quicker than if she resisted.

“Keep in this position, I’ll be back in just a second.” Nicky whispered into Jessika’s ear, then lightly blowing into it, still teasing her. She got up, and took her panties off, stepping out of them, and pulled a plastic box out from under the bed. The box was filled with sex toys, and she pulled out a dildo, and put it into her own pussy, which was wet from seeing Jessika in the position that she was in. She twisted it around, pushing all of it into her cunt. Nicky then took out a strap-on harness, and began looking through the box for her weapon, a 9″ plastic dildo that she put into the harness. She strapped herself in, making sure that it was fitting tight, and moved behind Jessika, who had stayed in the same position. She put the head of the dildo into Jessika’s pussy, as she moaned and dripped her juices down her legs and the dildo, as Nicky slammed all of it into Jessika’s pussy.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Jessika screamed loudly, finally getting filled, the dildo moving in and out of her quickly. Slamming it into Jessika’s pussy with all of the force she could muster, with the harness putting pressure on her clit, bringing both her and her tied up lover closer and closer to orgasm. Nicky spanked Jessika’s ass, causing screams from her whenever her hand came down on her ass. Nicky could feel her legs going weak, so she moved Jessika onto the bed, and put her on her back, her arms still behind her, as Nicky began thrusting into her from this position. She grabbed Jessika’s hair, and began licking her face, inbetween her own moans. She thrust her rubber cock into Jessika, leaving it’s entire length in as she moaned hard and came hard, and falling down on Jessika, leaving the entire plastic cock in her as Nicky rested, then the phone rang…

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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