Mr. Carter Ch. 01

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I met Lucas Carter as my first year of law school was coming to an end. He was a local lawyer who came to talk to my class about internships, and I found myself immediately drawn to him. He was incredibly handsome–tall, deep voice, brown hair with a touch of gray, and strong hands that looked like they knew what to do with a woman. I had always been attracted to older guys so Lucas was perfect in his early forties.

After class was over, I decided to get some more information about the internship, so I could check him out up close. He was so easy to talk to and genuinely loved what he did, I didn’t know he could be any more attractive, but listening to him talk with such passion made him all the sexier.

He was willing to answer all the mundane questions I was throwing at him (trying to stay close to him for as long as possible…) and encouraged me to apply for one the intern spots. Finally I ran out of questions and keeping him there was starting to look a little obvious (an desperate). I was definitely sad to see him go, but thought I would apply for the internship and hope to see a glimpse of him at the office.

I was pretty surprised when I got one of the internship spots, especially since the other two went to the top two guys in my class. I wasn’t going to complain (and I was definitely grateful), but I couldn’t believe my application beat out everyone else who had applied.

I showed up for my first day with butterflies in my stomach and an anticipation that seemed to be concentrated below my waist. The internship turned out to be much less glamorous than I had hoped and ended up being me and my two classmates holed up in a conference room organizing depositions.

I kept my eyes peeled for Lucas, so I could casually bump into him and strike up a conversation, but I never saw him. After a couple of weeks, I stopped expecting to see him and figured he was working on a case out of town. I slipped into a comfortable rhythm and was actually having fun goofing around with my classmates and gaining experience.

About a month or so into my internship, my supervisor Mrs. Bartlett (an older female secretary who looked harmless but ruled the office with an iron fist) pulled me out of the conference room and rushed me to the elevators.

“We have to hurry! The meeting is about to start and the secretary who was supposed to take the minutes went home sick and no one else was around. You’ll have to do. Just sit down, shut up, and write down everything! When I say everything I mean it! Just sit in the corner, stay out the way, and you’ll be fine. I have to get back downstairs, so just go into the second room to the right. I’m counting on you!”

The elevator beeped and I was nearly shoved out. Before I could get a grasp on everything she told me, my supervisor had already began to descend. I walked to the conference room totally freaked out and nervous I would somehow screw something up. I opened the door and saw my station in the corner of the room and a man at the front setting up his presentation.

I tried to enter the room as quietly as possible, but the door was much lighter than I anticipated and slammed shut behind me. I grimaced and paused knowing I had just broken at least one of the rules I was given. I looked up to see if by some miracle it wasn’t as loud as I thought and to my surprise Lucas was the man at the front.

I’m sure my face turned about a million shades brighter red, but there was nothing I could do. I squeaked out a quick apology and went to my corner.

“I’m filling in for the other secretary. My name is Allie.”

“Yes, Esther said she was sending someone up. Did she fill you in on your role?”

I nodded my head yes, not trusting myself to say anything coherent in the presence of such a man.

“Good. I don’t need any distractions.”

And with that he went back to preparing for his presentation as the rest of the participants started to arrive. I was slightly taken aback that he didn’t remember me from my class, but I shook it off determined to be the best minute taker the office had ever seen.

The meeting was over before I knew it, and I was sad to leave the room not knowing when I would see Lucas again. I waited for the room to clear with the hopes that he would somehow remember me and start a conversation. With no such luck, I gathered my notes and went back downstairs.

After that first meeting, I was asked to take the minutes for meetings more and more often. I always hoped to see Lucas –either presenting or participating–at the meetings and was usually rewarded. My supervisor told me that a few of the partners were impressed with me and wanted to use me to assist on a big case.

To my surprise (and delight), Lucas was leading the team, which meant we would be seeing a lot more of each other. Most days lasted into the early evening, but Lucas and I were hardly ever in the room alone and he barely recognized my presence. One evening, I was making copies down the hall jigolo escort gaziantep and hadn’t realized I was the last one left.

I made my way back to the conference room we had been using as a hub to put my copies away before heading home. As I was leaving the room, I ran into someone and let out a little shriek. My heart jumped into my throat and my cheeks were burning as I looked up into the blue eyes of Lucas.

“I’m so sorry Mr. Carter! I thought I was the only one here.”

“It’s ok, Allie. Don’t be sorry. I didn’t know anyone was left either. Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Just feeling silly for being scared. I’ll just be on my way. Sorry again.”

“You seem to apologize a lot. Has anyone ever told you that? You really have nothing to be sorry for.”

“Sorry. Oh! I didn’t it again, didn’t I? I guess I’m just alway afraid of being in the way or messing something up.”

“You shouldn’t be! You’re doing a great job, and I’m not the only who’s noticed. Keep up the hard work and you could definitely have a future here.”

I was shocked to hear that he had noticed me at all, let alone enough to complement my work. I thanked him and quickly left.

That night I found myself picturing us stuck in the office late at night, Lucas brushing the papers off conference table as he bent me over and fucked me from behind. I saw me kneeling in front of him as he sat at the head of the table, his beautiful cock in my mouth. I fantasized about him thrusting into me as I was pinned against the wall. My fingers worked tirelessly rubbing my pussy and circling my clit, but even as my orgasm rolled through me, I was still on edge.

The next day at work, I was having a hard time focusing if he was in the room and volunteered for any task that would take me somewhere else. Anytime I was in the room, I kept replaying my fantasies of fucking Lucas on any available surface.

Just like the night before, Lucas and I were the last ones in the office. When I returned to the conference room to pack up, Lucas was sitting in one of the chairs looking over some documents. He was so deep in thought, he didn’t realize I was in the doorway checking him out.

He finally looked up at me after about a minute, and I tried to recover myself without looking ridiculous.

“Sorry, Mr. Carter, I didn’t want to interrupt you.”

“Oh, Allie. There you go apologizing again! We really need to do something to fix that. Would you mind staying a little longer? I could use a fresh pair of eyes here”

“Of course, I don’t mind at all.”

I took the seat next to his and was acutely aware of his presence as he leaned in to show me what he was looking for in the document. His manly scent was intoxicating, and as I inhaled I found myself leaning closer to him. When he looked up, our faces were just a couple of inches apart.

He suddenly stopped talking and as we stared at each other, I was silently pleading him to close the distance and kiss me. I could feel the electricity between us and swore I could see desire in his eyes. A few tense seconds passed before he pushed his chair hard away from the table.

“Allie, I didn’t realize it was so late. I really shouldn’t have asked you to stay. Head home and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

It took me a minute to clear my head and leave, slightly embarrassed and confused. I felt like some kind of line had been crossed even though we hadn’t even touched each other.

The rest of the week played out like an awkward dance with me trying to get close to him again to see if I imagined the desire in his eyes the other night and Lucas avoiding me at all costs. Friday night came quicker than I wanted and the team was organizing a group to go out for drinks. I had a few more things to finish up and told everyone I would meet up with them there.

I was walking back to the conference room not paying attention so I didn’t see Lucas coming from the opposite direction. We looked up at the same moment as we approached the door forcing us to do an awkward shuffle so he could leave the room and I could enter it. We ended up facing each other in the door–our bodies delightfully close.

My breathing quickened as my body heated up and my pussy started to get wet. The same look of desire I thought I saw the other night was in his eyes again and his breathing matched my own. I bit my lip and leaned toward him waiting for him to close the distance and kiss me.

He bent down and brushed his lips against mine giving me a chaste kiss. He pulled away slightly and searching my eyes to gauge my reaction. The seconds that passed after that first kiss felt like an eternity. I reached up and clenched his shirt in my fists as I pulled him down for another kiss.

There was nothing chaste about this kiss, I put all of the pent up desire and want into my lips as I pulled him closer to my body. He dropped his hips slightly as he pressed his body into mine–his tongue gaziantep lezbiyen escort bayan probed my lips and I deepened this kiss desperate for his touch. His hands grabbed at my ass, my hips, and finally my breasts as he caressed me through the fabric of my shirt.

I was moaning into his mouth as his touch drove me wild. I needed more of him and could feel his growing erection pressing into me. I released his shirt and sent my hands lower to feel his bulge through his pants. He let out a groan as I struggled to undo his belt.

Once I had his belt undone and was moving to unbutton his pants, we heard a noise in the office. Both our heads snapped up and we quickly moved away from each other waiting anxiously for another sound or movement. Lucas fastened his belt and smoothed his shirt while I readjusted myself.

When no other sounds came, he finally turned to face me.

“That can never happen again. I’m so sorry. I should know better. I don’t know what I was thinking. You must be half my age, not to mention the fact you’re an intern.”

“Please, don’t. I’m not that much younger than you and I wanted that as much if not more than you. I don’t see the big deal, we’re both adults and it’s not like anyone saw us. I’m sure we just heard the building settle or a paper fall or something.”

“It doesn’t matter. This is wrong. There are boundaries and rules for a reason. I’ve been trying to keep you at a distance since I heard you got one of the intern spots. All this proved is that I should have been trying harder and protested when you were assigned to the team.”

“You don’t need to avoid me. My internship will be done in a couple of weeks and then you’ll never have to hear from me again.”

“Allie, wait-“

I didn’t stop to hear what he would say as I left the building in a hurry. I called one of the team members with some lame excuse why I wasn’t coming and went home to figure how in the hell I would stay away from Lucas.

The rest of my internship was pretty uneventful, and I did everything in my power to avoid Lucas–I was the last one to enter meetings and the first to leave, I took all the assignments that sent me offsite, and went out with the team anytime I was invited. Lucas didn’t seem to care when I would flirt with other guys on the team or if I would respond to his questions with one word answers. I was trying to act like I didn’t think of him for the entire day or that I replayed our make out session over and over as I touched myself and it seemed to be working.

On the last day of my internship, the office threw a little party and all of the partners, including Lucas, came down to thank us for working so hard over the summer.

I was talking to one of the senior partners who was incredibly boring but very sweet. He was complementing me on my application and was saying he was glad I lived up to the high expectations. I could see Lucas moving toward me from the corner of my eye and tried my best to ignore the butterflies in my stomach and stay focused on my conversation. He reached us and said he needed to ask me some questions before I left.

“I thought you could use some rescuing. Bert can be a little dull.”

“Thanks, but I was actually enjoying his company. If you’ll excuse me.”

Lucas grabbed my arm as I was turning away and pulled me back towards him.

“Allie, I’ve hated how awkward things have been over the past couple of weeks. I don’t want to leave things this way.”

“I’m sorry things have been awkward, but what else was I supposed to do but ignore you? You’re the one who said you didn’t want me.”

“I never said that! I’ve been going crazy watching you flirt with other guys and leave for drinks wondering if you’re going home with anyone. Just because we can’t be together doesn’t mean I don’t want you. I do.”

“If you want me, then what the hell are you waiting for?”

I removed my arm from his grasp and turned to leave the room. I went down the hall to collect my things and was pulled into an office as I headed for the exit.

I stumbled into the office and heard the door shut behind me and a little click that meant someone had locked me in. I got my bearings and realized we were in Lucas’s corner office.

I turned around and saw him standing in front of the door. I froze in my tracks and hoped I wasn’t dreaming. Lucas closed the short distance between us and grabbed my face in his hands. My body melted against his as his tongue probed my mouth and his hands left my face to grope my ass through my skirt.

My hands tangled in his hair pulling him into me, loving the feeling of having him kiss me. He backed us up until my back was against the wall. He shoved my skirt up my thighs and ripped my panties off.

My puss was already soaked as his hands trailed up my thighs and towards my hot mound. His hand brushed my pussy lips ever so slightly and then moved away. He repeated this over gaziantep escort masaj salonları and over again but never touching me where I wanted.

I broke the kiss and whispered in his ear, “Please, make me cum.”

He smiled wickedly as he kneeled in front of me and started licking me up and down. His tongue darted into me as he worked his thumb over my clit. He rotated from fast direct pressure to infuriatingly slow light brushes around. I was writhing against the wall, pushing my hips into his face and thrusting his head further into me. I could feel the pressure building and when he replaced his tongue with his finger my knees buckled.

“You’re so wet, Allie. Your cunt is amazing. I could eat it all day!”

“Don’t stop! Unh! Unh! Oh! Right there! You’re making me cum!”

My whole body trembled as my orgasm rocked through me. Lucas didn’t let up, continuing to lap up all of my juices as they flowed out of me. The walls of my pussy were contracting on his fingers and when he sucked my clit into his mouth, I felt my second orgasm coming on.

I had never had orgasms that close together and the feeling was almost too much to take. My legs were trembling and too wobbly for me to stand. I could feel Lucas easing me to the ground as I recovered from the intense pleasure he had just given me. He lay next to me rubbing my back as I slowly came back down to earth.

I could feel the heat and desire spreading through me following the path of his touches. I leaned in to give him a deep kiss tasting me on his tongue and moved to straddle him. I took my attention from his mouth as I kissed along his jaw line and down his chest as I unbuttoned his shirt. His chest felt solid underneath my shirt, and I couldn’t wait to feel his weight on top of me, but first I wanted to give him the same pleasure he had given me.

I slid my body further down his while my hands worked to undo his belt. The bulge in his pants was struggling to escape the confines of his boxers, and who was I to deny it? I dragged his pants down to his ankles and his cock sprang out and stood at full attention. My fantasies didn’t do him justice! His penis was beautiful and much much bigger and thicker than I had anticipated. I wanted him in my mouth so badly but was afraid he wouldn’t fit.

Lucas could see the apprehension in my eyes and reached out to give me a little nudge.

“Don’t be intimidated. You don’t have to suck my cock if it’s too big for you to handle.”

“There’s no way I’m missing out on feeling you in my mouth!”

I leaned down to flick my tongue over his tip and felt his erection jump. The first drops of pre-cum leaked out and I eagerly licked it up like the tasty treat it was. I couldn’t hold back any longer, so I started running my tongue up and down his length while my hands played with his balls.

Lucas was propped up on his elbows watching me suck his dick but when I took his tip in my mouth, his head rolled back. I slowly started taking more of him into my mouth until I could feel his cock hitting my gag reflex. I had never had a guy this far in and my cunt was getting soaked. I sucked in my cheeks as I moved back up his dick and picked up the pace back down.

I wanted to go deeper but didn’t know I could take it. On the next move down I ignored the gagging sensation and opened my throat up to fit more of him. The feeling was incredible as I held him there to get used to it. His head snapped back and he let out a low growl as I looked up to meet his eyes.

“Damn you look so sexy with my cock in your mouth! You like that don’t you? I’m going to fuck your face so you better hang on.”

My pussy clenched at his words as I readied myself. He grabbed the sides of my head and started to move his hips. The sensation was too much so I had to pull back a little. I moved my left hand up to stroke him while my right went between my legs to rub my clit.

Lucas picked up the pace and I could hear him breathing harder knowing he was getting close.

“Allie, I’m going to cum in your mouth if you don’t stop. I’m so close!”

I had every intention of swallowing everything he could give me and smiled up at him as I moved to take him deeper. He let out a small gasp but didn’t let up. As he bucked his hips into my mouth faster and faster, I matched his rhythm on my clit.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Oh! Oh! Your mouth feels so good!”

Hot spurts of his cum shot into my mouth and I caught as much as I could, but felt some dripping on my chin. The taste and feeling of him in my mouth brought me sweet release as I came with him. I milked every last drop from him as I felt his dick start to soften.

I swallowed his cum, then took my finger from my clit and mixed my juices with his on my chin. I looked into his eyes as I sucked my fingers into my mouth.

“Mmmm. I love the way we taste together! Your cum is delicious and I can’t wait to blow you again!”

“Believe me, I can’t wait either, but i think I need a little time to recover!”

I lay down next to him and put my head on his chest and draped one of my left leg over his thigh while he wrapped his arm around me. We had been silent for a few moments when I heard Lucas chuckle.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing! I just can’t believe my luck! I’ve been thinking about this since the day we met, and I’m just hoping I’m not actually dreaming.”

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