Mr Nakamura

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I woke, with a start as a bucket of ice cold water had been unceremoniously dumped over my head. I gasped from the cold and shock. Shaking off the excess water, I could see Mr Nakamura standing in front of me motionless, a Ken do sword in one hand; prone in front of his face, black eyes boring into my very soul. His face revealed nothing. He wore a black and red fundoshi with a dragon symbol stretched over those thick, juicy Japanese balls. He was glistening with sweat and I immediately noticed how hot it was. I looked around and saw a fire burning in the pit, located in the middle of the training center.

I felt a deep pain in my shoulders and a burning sensation in my arms and groin. I was suspended in mid-air, lashed to the yoke with leather straps. My arms were pinned behind me with a wooden yoke in front of my biceps, holding my forearms straight out in front of me and pulling and straining my arms tightly back where the middle of the bar was attached to a collar around my neck. The collar was thick leather that allowed very little movement. If I moved to the side or front it pulled on my arms and hurt my neck and shoulders. If I moved my head back, the front of the collar had two shiny silver chains attached to my nipples with two brass butterfly clamps, that pulled and squeezed my already aching and swollen nipples. My only position of comfort was with my neck straight looking straight ahead. I couldn’t move and it was agony.

My legs were tied taught, ankles to thigh by thin white ropes around my ankles and behind my knee. I was floating in air, kneeling with my arms and head completely immobilized. I couldn’t feel my legs which were stretched wide by the leather yoke straps. I felt very exposed and vulnerable. I could sense a trembling in my body and was powerless to stop it.

I looked at my master and tried to offer a look of submission and respect, but found it difficult to concentrate in this awkward position with all of my muscles seizing and contracting seemingly at the same time.

Mr Nakamura’s eyes bored into my brain and made me feel even more out of control. I kept my eyes on him even as I felt myself beginning more and more desperate.

Finally he spoke,

“Students like you who submit to weakness and temptation leave their master and temple vulnerable to attack. Your ego controls you and clouds your vision. You will learn today what true pain is. I will stop when I am done. If you beg me to stop, it will go on longer. You will not speak unless I ask you to. Do you understand.”

I nodded

“In my hand is a practice sword. I have customized this one, it does many things.”

I looked at the sword as he swung it smoothly through the air, in swirling circles and arcs.

“I think you will come to like this sword.”

He walked around me, moving like the wind, graceful, powerful. I felt him tapping the sword on my exposed buttocks.

“It can strike like a cobra, ” and whack it stung against my ass with speed and veracity. I choked back a cry of pain. I could feel the sting on my ass as I swung helplessly in the air.

“It can bark like a dog,”

and I felt a whoosh as it whipped by my head with blinding speed. I was terrified, at not knowing what escort bayan gaziantep was coming.

“It can dance like a spider,” sleek black shaft sliding up my balls and into the crack of my ass.

I moaned at the smooth erotic feel.

“It can roar like a dragon,”

cracking across my buttocks with a deep thud, I arched back in pain. I felt the impact deep in my body

Mr Nakumura could hit me a thousand ways with this sword. I began to shake with fear.

“It can calm the seas, and tame the river,” as he gently pursed my lips with the thick end of the sword. I opened my mouth and he slowly slid the sword past my lips to the back of my throat. I glanced down and saw an engorged, stretched dragon at the front of his fundoshi. His thick cock full of blood and his balls drawn tight. I felt the deep warm rush of lust surge into my belly and I grew weak with the erotic desire surging through my body.

He saw me and spin like lightning, twisting his body and ramming the sword into my solar plexus. I choked and gasped, my eyes filled with tears and my body racked with pain.

He walked slowly towards a bamboo cart, wheeled it back and parked it beside me where I hung suspended and writhing in pain. He slowly opened one of the earthen jars on top and dipping his fingers in turned to me and smiled,

“This is where you truly learn what it means when you degrade your self in my home.”

I shuddered at the thought that this could get worse. He stood in front of me, inches away, breathing slowly and glaring at me, eyes piercing my very soul. I couldn’t resist and glanced down at the black silk dragon fundoshi stretched tight over his immaculate cock and balls. The dragon looked like it was going to burst out, his thick cock and full round balls stretching the silk away from his smooth groin. I could see the thick knotted vein twisting around and arching out from his swollen cock. It seemed to pulsate like a serpent waiting for a meal. He saw me looking down and I nervously looked up into his face to see if I had offended him. He completely surprised me by moving close to my face, so close I could smell his honey and ginger breath, sweet and tangy.

Like lightning his hand grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my face into his and my mouth in shock opened onto his tender, soft lips. He kissed me deeply and passionately, full, soft yet firm. His kiss was beautiful, delicate, sweet, powerful. I responded immediately, moaning and kissing him back, in desperate need of love and kindness to nullify the growing pain in my body. His tongue snaked and twirled around mine sucking and drinking me in, with delicious twirls and swirls. I moaned deeply and he pulled me in harder kissing me with a frenzy and deep hunger. I surrendered completely, feeling the pain dissipate and being replaced by a surge of warm emotion and lust that swelled my heart and groin

Suddenly I felt his other hand at my smooth hole, one strong finger circling around my bald hole, delicately smoothing on a warm soothing lubricant, that seemed to warm up as it touched my skin.

I was completely captive now, my body arching as much as possible. My hole ached for penetration. I pushed my asshole out into his finger and felt myself panting like a dog in heat as he released me from the treasured kiss. He kept circling my sweet puckered cherry hole with his incredibly powerful finger, teasing and pushing into my hole but not penetrating. I was well lubed and my hole was throbbing with a deep warm sensation from the lube. He turned and went back to the cart, dipping his fingers into the clay jar again. He walked slowly back, eyes on mine the whole time. He had a wild hunger in his eyes and they burned with a dark intensity.

He cupped my balls with one hand, squeezed hard and lifted my swollen balls and then in one quick move, his thick middle finger lanced my hole, spearing it and lifting me into the air with his powerful arm. I gasped and bucked with the sudden pain and thrashed in the air as he drove his hand deep into my ass. He leaned forward and using his teeth released my nipples one at a time from the butterfly clamps. The chains dangling off of my chest he suckled my nipple with his warm mouth licking and caressing my aching and sore nipples.

He would alternate biting, licking and sucking, teasing and tormenting me at the same time when suddenly he pulled his hand out fast and then drove in two fingers with a hammer like blow, lifting me reeling in the air. My ass was hurting but also warming up to the assault and the pain was slowly being replaced be a burning sensuality. A primal lust to be fucked mercilessly in the ass by his hand, cock, anything. I felt no pain only anguished lust. My cock was aching to be touched and my ass rammed hard.

Three fingers forged in the temple and battlefields of ancient Japan drove into my ass like a piston, rapid fire and deep as I screamed with lust like a wild dog. His arm was pumping me back and forth in the air, when he pulled back and drove four fingers and his thumb at the entrance to my now gaping, pulsating hole that tightened as I gasped holding my breath, anticipating the assault. He pulled my hair hard and yelled at me,

“Focus on breath. Pain can never get in the way, focus.”

I breathed as slow as I could imagine as he pummeled his hand repeatedly into my stretched hole until finally his fingers and thumb moved deeper and deeper, till I screamed as his hand rammed deep into my ass. Holding me as I thrashed and bucked in my restraints he kissed me on the lips hard, holding my breath with his, as his arm rested immobile fist in my ass. I could fill his fingers flickering and slowly curling into a fist. Each movement was agony and ecstasy. My head was spinning and I felt close to passing out. I could barely breath with his mouth deeply latched onto mine kissing and sucking my tongue, his arm slowly moving back and forth fist deep in my ass.

He began to move faster and I could feel myself close to orgasm. It was frustrating as I couldn’t touch my cock that was swollen thick with blood and lust and burning for touch, a kiss, a suck, anything. I quivered in a orgasmic shudder and blasted cum across the floor. He pulled back from kissing me and froze, tense. His hand pulled out of my ass, and he stomped over to the bamboo cart. He seemed mad and I was confused. How could he expect me not to cum through all of this.

He stomped back enraged with the ken do sword in his hands.

“The honey milk of an apprentice is for the master only. Not the floor, you dog.”

I tried to speak,but he was already gone. He could move so quick it seemed like he wasn’t even there at times.

He was behind me silent. I felt a swoosh as the ken do sword ripped through the air and penetrated my hole. I screamed as he drove the sword hard into my ass. He twisted and pushed and I thrashed wildly hanging suspended in the air, legs tied tight, arms behind my back my chest and stomach retching and reeling in the air. The pain was like white hot fire, burning in my ass. I felt my cock swelling despite the pain as he rammed and spun the sword into my aching hole. My head swayed side to side with delirium, as Mr Nakumara’s grunts filled the air. Sweat poured off of me, as the assault continued for what seemed like an eternity. The sword began to vibrate, slowly, then fast and intense and his movements increased with the velocity. He was pumping it in and out like a wild man, as swayed in the air, moaning like a stuck pig.

“When you are ready to come dog, you will tell me, or I will use a real sword on you next time.”

I shuddered and screamed,

“I’m ready, please I’m ready. In a flash he was facing me, my balls in his hand, the ken do sword humming in my ass, and my aching cock in his mouth as he licked and sucked my swollen cock deep into his mouth. I looked into his jet black eyes and saw not just lust but a deep longing as I blasted a huge load of cum into his mouth. He gulped and swallowed it all done and licked and sucked my cock and balls clean.

He sucked me clean with a hunger that was shocking.

He walked over to the wall and untied the suspension rope, lowering me down to the floor. I lay in a sodden heap, completely spent, exhausted.

AS he untied my legs, he massaged the muscles with his powerful hands, unwinding my legs slowly from their cramped bent position. He released me from the yoke and collar and just as I was about to fall to the floor, he swooped me up in one motion and carried me to my room. I was like a rag doll in my arms and he carried me like I had no weight.

He lay me gently down in his bed, and standing beside me said,

“Tomorrow we begin our training. Just as your honey milk is for me, mine is for you.”

He slowly undid the black dragon fundoshi, unwinding the long material from between his marbled ass and over and under his thick cock and balls. His sweet cut shaft, stood straight up, like a sword, raging hard, vein bulging out and around his beautiful cock. He had no hair, only the sacred tattoo on his groin. His balls were perfect, round globes, hairless shining and framing his magnificent cock.

He began stroking his shaft, eyes staring at me the whole time, faster and faster beating his meat like a man possessed, glaring into my very soul. He shouted, “Open”! and then blasted a massive load into my mouth and all over my face. I swallowed it like nectar, liking my lips and feeling the warmth drip down my face and neck. It tasted of lemon and ginger, sweet, salt and tang and I was satiated and pleased. I smiled and amazingly he smiled back and leaned over and kissed me on the lips, parting my mouth and tasting his honey. He kissed me a long time and then patted me on the head.

“Good night.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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