Mrs. C Ch. 03

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Jack woke just before six; it took him a while to figure out where he was then it dawned on him that he was in mum’s bed, but mum wasn’t there, he then heard the water running in mum’s en-suite bathroom. Mum came out of the bathroom; she was completely naked; last night, she had kept her panties on. Mum got back into bed and kissed Jack tenderly then her hand found his flaccid cock; mum said, “Jack, the blood is gone, I rinsed my pussy with the shower jet, that aroused me too, let mummy work on your cock and make him nice and stiff.”

Mum then went down on Jack, she did the same as last night, teasing his cock with her tongue first then wrapping her lips around his shaft and sucking him. Jack got into a position that he could 69 with mum, he hadn’t seen or touched mum’s cunt last night, but mum was now lying with her legs open giving Jack perfect access to mum’s ass and cunt, both looked beautiful.

Jack admired mum’s vulva for a few seconds; it was gorgeous, smooth and swollen; she had thick pussy lips that were so long. Jack opened her pussy lips with two fingers, out popped a sizeable hooded clit, it was similar to May’s, Jack teased it with his tongue before he went down on it and started to suck it, mum said, “You know how to make mummy hot, Jack that feels so good, don’t stop, keep going.”

Jack came off her clit and said, “Mum, you have a beautiful cunt, I’m going to make you so wet before I put my big boy inside you, let’s not rush things, I want this to be so special.”

“Jack, just having that magnificent cock of yours is going to be so special for me, I haven’t had any cock for a long time. What you’re doing feels so good, that will make me cum.”

“I want you to cum mum, I want your pussy dripping, the wetter you are, the easier it will be for you to take my full length, do you want me deep?”

“Yes, but let me get used to it first, I haven’t had a cock for so long. Keep going, that’s unbelievably good.”

Mum was now pushing her pussy against Jack’s mouth; Jack was finger fucking her with three fingers, Jack then felt the warmth of mum’s cum in his mouth, he kept sucking, he wanted her to cum again, he had learned that May always gave a better ride when she was very wet. Jack kept on sucking relentlessly; he knew that mum would cum again soon. Two minutes later, mum had a body-shaking orgasm when mum had composed herself. Jack then cum kissed her, mum’s cum was being transferred between Jack and his mum’s mouths, both their tongues were working slowly and deliberately, mum loved it, she said, “Jack, you’re the first man that’s done this with me, that’s special for me.”

Jack wondered when mum said this; Jack didn’t pursue it, he knew that he would find out who had done it with mum later. Jack said, “Mum, maybe it would be better if you went on top for the first time, then you can control the fuck, you can take as much of my cock as you feel comfortable with if you have any discomfort then just stop.”

Mum kissed Jack then said, “That’s a good idea, you’re cock is so long and thick, but I’m dripping, you have made me so wet. You just lie back, and I’ll go cowgirl on you.”

Jack lay on the bed, mum squatted over him teasing görükle escort bayan her hard clit with the head of his hard cock. Mum then centred the head of his cock and pushed down, mum took his full length on the first push, she soon had a steady up, and down movement going with a slight circular motion as she pushed down, mum was also gripping Jack’s cock at the base and head of each push. Mum said, “I’ve never had a cock as big in my life, you are filling me, and it feels so good. I was worried when I saw the size of you, but it feels so good when you’re inside me. Jack, I’m so happy that we’re doing this, I’ve wanted you for a long time, it’s wonderful to have a throbbing cock inside me again. How’s it for you?”

“Mum, you should have made the first move, I would have been there for you. When did you start thinking about this?”

“Jack, a few years before your dad died, we stopped having sex, he was older than me. I had a few girlfriends that I could get relief from when I needed them. Then when your dad died you had just started University, I wanted you to concentrate on your studies. I even thought about letting you find me masturbating, but I didn’t have the nerve to do it.”

“Mum, I’m happy that we are doing it, it feels so nice being inside you? What do you prefer, pussy or cock?”

“Cock, pussy was a no-risk option for me, I didn’t want to go on the pill, but I’ll start taking it now as it wouldn’t be good if you got me pregnant. There’s a lot of nasty STDs running about, and I didn’t want to catch something like that. So pussy could give me relief and was risk-free.”

“I love pussy, mum, pussy with big tits, and I’m in heaven. I love your big tits.”

“Jack, a couple of my girlfriends, have massive tits, they would adore your cock.”

“Mum, let’s get to know each other a little better before we start doing threesomes. Keep going, mum, this feels so good.”

Mum was starting to pound Jack’s cock now; her tits were bouncing everywhere, this aroused Jack. Jack began to stroke mum’s clit; this got her going, she was pounding his cock faster and harder now, Jack said, “Keep going mum, I’m so close to cuming, cum with me mum, let’s do it together, cum for me mum.”

Mum went harder and faster, a minute later they both climaxed simultaneously, it was a fantastic feeling, mum leaned down and kissed Jack, she was gripping Jack’s cock at the base, holding him inside her. They kissed lovingly for a couple of minutes then mum said, “What a lovely way to wake up, I’m tingling. Tonight we will have more time. When have you to leave as I’ve still to prepare breakfast?”

Jack checked the time then said, “I will need to be out of here in thirty minutes as I have some papers to lodge before my first lecture.”

“Ok, you shower, and I’ll make breakfast. I’ll shower after you have left.”

Jack showered then dressed, he went into the kitchen, mum was still naked, she was glowing, Jack said, “Mum, I think that you’ll have to cook breakfast for me nude every day, you look gorgeous.”

Mum had a coffee with him as he ate, mum said, “What sort of clothes do you want me to wear Jack? Will you come shopping with altıparmak eskort me? I know of a couple of boutiques that have nice outfits and sexy lingerie.”

“Mum, we’ll do that, we can check online, I need to get out of here as these papers need to be in. Message me on WhatsApp.”

They kissed then Jack left. At lunchtime, Jack had finished his lunch and was having a coffee. His phone beeped, he was half expecting a message from May, but this was from Mum, it read, “Jack, that was amazing this morning, my pussy is still tingling, I hope that your day is going well? One of the boutiques I was telling you about has a website, I have emailed you a list and links to the things that I like. They also have some exciting lingerie which I have linked too. I was hoping you could have a look and let me know what you like. I can slip out and buy them this afternoon. Let’s go to the pub again tonight; it will save me cooking and also gives us more time to ourselves. What do you think? Love mum, xx.”

Jack went through the links, he liked everything, all the lingerie was crotchless and push up, there were a couple of leisure outfits which mum would look great in for around the house. He replied to mum saying that he liked everything. Two hours later, Jack got a series of messages with mum posing in a series of outfits and lingerie; she asked Jack to reply either yes or no or even maybe. With every message Jack’s cock was getting harder, the crotchless lingerie showed mum’s pussy to perfection. He didn’t reply with any no’s.

Just as Jack was leaving the University, he got a message from May, it read, “Hi Jack, hope all is good with you. That was an amazing weekend, thank you. My rota has been changed because of the holidays. I can’t finish early on Tuesday and Thursday; it looks like I’ll see you next on Friday. How will it be with Dot, will she be out on Saturday? All we need is half an hour. Think of you often, love May xx.”

Jack replied, “Hi May, I’m sorry about Tuesday and Thursday. These things happen. I don’t know what mum’s movements will be like at the weekend; she doesn’t have a set routine. I was going to do my gardening work on Wednesday but can delay it until Saturday if you want. Hope all’s good with you, love Jack xx.”

May replied, “Do that, then I’ll be able to see you. The weather forecast is good for the weekend, love May xx.”

As Jack drove home he was quite happy about having the rest of this week with mum; it would give him a chance to find out what mum liked, he had a good idea that she liked everything. He wanted to see May again but would mum react to that? He didn’t know; he also wanted to try and find out who mum’s girlfriends were. He was also looking forward to tonight, going to the pub was a good idea. Mum worked hard during the day; he now knew that she liked to eat out.

Mum arrived home just after five; she had messaged Jack ten minutes earlier, it read, “I’ve bought so much, but everything fits perfectly. I’ll be home in ten minutes, pour me a glass of wine, and I will see you in the lounge. Love mum, xx.”

Mum arrived, she looked stunning, she was wearing a mini-skirt suit, nilüfer escort her legs looked so long. They kissed lovingly for a minute, then mum said, “Where’s the wine? I need it.”

Jack gave her a glass then mum said, “I went to Pam’s surgery today, I’m on the pill, so everything is good. Pam was asking who the lucky man was, but I didn’t tell her. She gave me a quick check over; everything is good. It’s Alex’s birthday today; if he’s fit enough, Pam will wheel him up to the pub for some supper.”

Alex was Pam’s husband; he was older and drank and smoked a lot in his life. He had a stroke two years ago; he could barely talk and had to be hand-fed. Mum was glowing; it had been a long time since Jack had seen her look so happy. Jack put his hand over and felt mum’s massive tits, then said, “Your tits look amazing mum. I love playing with then.”

“I have a new bra on; it’s so comfortable, it pushes them up beautifully, older girls like me need all the help we can get.”

Within two minutes, they were both naked lying on the carpet 69ing; mum was soon very wet, it was now second nature for Jack to suck clit. Jack then used some of her cunt juice as lube and slid a finger up her tight ass; it slid in easily, mum said, “Pam gave me a rectal examination this afternoon, I enjoy it when she does that to me. I’ve some lube in the bedroom, let me get it for you.”

A minute later, mum was back with the lube; it was a medical lube; Jack was sure that it had come from Pam. Jack quickly lubed mum’s ass, she was taking three fingers quickly, and she loved it. Jack said, “Would mummy like something nice today? Would she like to feel my big boy inside her chocolate box? If mummy doesn’t like it, then I’ll stop, but I think mummy will love it.”

Mum replied, “Jack, I enjoy it, but I’ve only had dildos, vibrators and butt plugs up my ass, I’ve never been ass fucked with a cock, but I’d love to try it.”

Mum then helped Jack lube his cock. Jack then got her to bend over at the back of the sofa; he went behind her, mum was balancing herself by holding the top of the couch. Jack was slow and considerate as he slid up her ass doggy style, mum was purring with pleasure as she quickly took his full length, Jack said, “Are you comfortable with it mum? If you are, then I’ll go a little bit faster and deeper.”

“Jack, it’s amazing, it’s better than any dildo that they have used on me, your cock throbs, it’s not a piece of moulded plastic. Your cock head is hitting my G-spot, that feels so good, keep going, that’ll make me cum.”

Two minutes later mum had a vaginal orgasm; Jack kept pumping her ass, he had a powerful rhythm going now, mum loved it, Jack said, “Mum when you’re with your girlfriends which one of them gives you the most pleasure?”

“They all do, the sexist two are Pam and Liz, they are very sexy and like it dirty. Pam wanted me this afternoon, but I wanted to come home to you.”

Liz was a doctor’s wife; he was now retired, Liz was the Practice Manageress in Pam’s Clinic, Liz had big tits too, Jack was surprised as she had always struck him as being immensely competent, but she had a timid and unassuming manner. Jack kept pumping away, he gave mum two more vaginal orgasms then pulled out and did her very wet cunt doggy style, mum loved how deep he went, mum now loved his cock so much more, she hadn’t realised how much pleasure it could give her. After they showered, mum put on a very sexy new outfit; they left for the pub at seven-thirty.

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