Mrs. Smith Ch. 07

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Here I was, walking almost in the dark in Mrs Smith’s quarters hallway, ready to enter Mrs. Smith’s room for the very first time…

When she had arrived to pick me up, I got into the car, kissed her discreetly and wanted to touch her . She told me to stop with a loving smile.

– Pardon me, not right now. I’m asking you one thing; from now on and for a little while you don’t say a word and follow my instructions; its that OK?

– Certainly OK

Mrs. Smith then took my hand; and with our fingers intertwined we spent the rest of the quick ride to her house without a word.

We got into the garage, she got out of the car, she removed her coat and hanged it as she stepped into the kitchen. She was actually only wearing a beautiful piece of purple lingerie starting right above the level of her pubic hair, showing lots of white breasts, and letting you see through a lot of other flesh. I could not stop myself from staying.

– How sexy…

but she shushed me with a smile.

– Not a word! Remember to follow my instructions. Remove your coat and hang it in the garage. Then give me ten minutes and follow me into my room; and please lock the two doors behind you as you enter.

It all sounded really good, even with my pounding heart… pounding with expectation and also a little bit of stage fear. She turned off the main light, leaving only a small light above the sink. I gave her the 10 minutes, checking anxiously on the kitchen clock. Finally I started to walk in the dark to my destination…

I crossed the living room and got to her door left ajar, seeing only a flicker of light coming from further down. As I entered I could barely see a ten feet hallway with a small ray of light at the end, coming from the left. I closed and locked the door behind me. Then I resumed my walk; and at the end of the hallway I entered her quarters proper. I closed and locked the door that I could barely see on the right side. Then there was another hallway on the left going down towards the light, for another fifteen feet. I finally got to the end, another door left half open and I entered Mrs. Smith’s room, a very large room, with candles set up on opposite dressers on each side of a king size bed now facing me as I turned to the right. Mrs Smith was in the bed, looking huge underneath the top sheet with the covers pulled down.

– Now take off all your clothes.

she said with a soft gentle voice.

I would have been very self conscious but the dim light from the candles was helping. And the heat was cranked up so it was very comfortable being naked, warmth wise. Note that it was before the energy crisis, so nobody cared. Still my heart was still pounding, my throat was dry and my excitement was very high.

– Now remove the sheet from the bed.

I obliged, pulled the sheet form the side, thus discovering the enormous and naked Mrs. Smith; Mrs. Smith who was going to make love with me. She was on her back, with her bare legs opened and her arms reaching out. I could see this huge mound of white flesh, her lovely big breasts resting and hanging slightly on the side of her body, her big white thighs, her large belly flattened by her position but still rising nicely and extending on the sides, and in the center of all that a lovely dark spot.

– Now lie on top of me.

I started from the bottom of the bed on all four, and travelled over her, getting a lovely aroma when I passed over her pussy; then I got to her head and lay on top of her. Oh did it feel good to have my naked body pressing against hers, my flat belly against her soft fat one, my small chest against her giants boobs, my legs on her thick fleshy ones, and of course my pubic hair mixing with hers, and my cock now trying to find his place in all this flesh!

I loved the feeling of lying on this nice wobbly cushion; a little bit like a water bed. Later bahçeşehir escort on as a game, I would just lie on top of her fully extended body and exercise her cushiony flesh, moving laterally back and forth or up and down half and inch while still resting on top of her. She would let me do this and laugh with me, actually moving me around with her arms and hands on top of me.

We started to kiss; I went on to adjust my dick which was going all over the place getting stuck in her nooks and crannies; but she grabbed it and put it in her vagina. She was ready for me; it was very wet and so warm and felt so good! I started to moan and was trying to restrain myself.

– Just let it go Mitch

She whispered in my ears.

This was a good signal and I pushed and shoved, again and again while holding her breasts, her shoulders, her arms, licking her, kissing her; holding her big tits upwards and putting each one in my mouth biting it and sucking it as if I was to inhale it all, pushing her arms backwards while holding the lovely fat and leaking them along with her armpits. And she was responding of sorts, pushing her pelvis to me with each of my thrusts, and bringing her legs on top of me.

– Yes, that’s it Mitch, oh it’s good, it’s “sooooo” good.

I was getting close… I put my elbows on her sides and my arms underneath her upper body with my hands holding her shoulders to give myself added support to put more energy in my thrusts. As it was, with her size my chest was still resting on hers although with less pressure. I then became ready and warned her.

– Mrs. Smith… I’m about to… come

– Go ahead Mitch, just enjoy.

And with a scream I did let it all go. After that I kept pushing my cock in for a while, making sure that all my juice was inside her. And then I remained panting against her, enjoying the contact of her skin, letting go of my arm support and letting my young and light body rest fully against her soft and huge one; while still kissing and licking her, on her mouth, her chin, her cheeks, her shoulders, her ears, and also thanking her softly for this wonderful experience.

– Thank you, thank you, thank you…

I finally asked.

– I’m not too heavy?

– Oh no, and you feel great

After a while we started to move. I was hoping to get a shower as I was really grungy. I had not wanted to stop Mrs. Smith’s wonderfully orchestrated scenario but I was ready to be clean before I would allow myself to be more adventurous.

– I’d like to take a shower, is it possible?

– Yes go ahead, it’s right there and she indicated the bathroom on the left of the bed.

I took a good shower; and then came back. The room seemed even darker now and Mrs. Smith seemed to be asleep, lying on her side opposite me with the sheet covering her, up to her large thighs but with her big buttocks still out for me to admire and lust over.

I staid there for a little while, looking at her, admiring her huge body, her full rear end, the roundness of her wide buttocks, her fat back, her wide shoulders. Also thinking.

– I just made love with this sexy woman.

A nasty voice was telling me that it was weird to be there with this old fat lady but I just had to think of how good it had felt and how much I liked to look at her, to shush the voice.

I got on the bed, thinking the night was over. I got close to Mrs. Smith, my body slowly touching hers… first my chest touching her fat upper back, and then my dick coming in contact with her huge ass with my arm resting on her round hip. No sign from her. This was very arousing, and I immediately was ready for more. I didn’t want to wake her up though. So I just stroked her gently, on the lovely hips, on her large side, on her massive shoulders, feeling her wonderful softness and sheer size. A barely audible moan beylikdüzü escort told me that she was awake and didn’t mind what I was doing. So I pressed myself against her and reached for her fat belly. I was circling it, and expending my circle as I went; getting to her fat mound and her pubic hair, her large breasts, her huge hips. Finally I cupped her left breast which seemed even bigger in this position. I wanted to have a lot more than two hands to hold this huge breast, play with her hairy crotch, massage her fat belly, feel her massive shoulder, hold her fat upper arms.

She turned around slightly towards me to give me easier access to her front side. I put my right arm under her neck; part of her body was now resting on mine. She brought her left arm up. Her armpit was right there close to my mouth, I smelled it; there was a concentrate of her odor, lovely, sexy; I kissed it and started to lick it. She giggled and pulled away from me for a split second but came back and said.

– It tickles at first, but keep going, it feels great.

I obliged, licking her armpit all over, expending to her fat open upper arm, pushing my tongue in the center of her armpit as if was to find a sex hole there. I was using my hand to grab the fat, massaging her tit at the same time, and bringing it to my mouth. Then my hand went to her crotch to stroke her pubic hair. I did put my finger in her pussy, stroked her wide clitoris. She was now moaning hard.

I didn’t have much experience then, but decided the best was to follow her sound to guide my actions. Massaging her clitoris was giving the highest response so I concentrated on it. She was now very excited, she turned her face towards me

– Oh it’s so good… please kiss me.

Always ready to serve I put my lips on her mouth and we both opened our mouths for a full kiss; ,my chest pressed against her wide shoulder.

I kept stroking her and caressing her until she got even more excited. Her body was moving on mine, her flesh was all over me, pushing me backwards on the bed, and she was almost screaming. She was moving around so much, it was difficult to keep my fingers inside her.

– It’s good, it’s good. Oh please don’t stop, keep going, it’s good!

– It is becoming difficult; let me change position.

– OK but bring your hand back inside me quickly

I moved down her body and put my arm underneath her belly with her flat on her back. My right hand was fondling her hip and soft upper buttock on the other side. My left hand resumed its work; and my face pressed on her large belly and her soft tits, my dick pressed against her left fat thigh. Her pussy was now even wetter if it was at all possible. And my left fingers were all over her clitoris. Her fat belly was jiggling, her giant boobs were shaking, I kept stroking and stroking, harder and harder, until finally she let out a loud scream, shook all over, and then let herself relax in my arms. I removed my arm from under her, came back up to kiss her once again. I wanted to lick my left hand but was not sure if the etiquette allowed for it. Well there will be other times!

– Thank you, THANK YOU, it felt so great.

she said. We staid there like this for a while, and then my dick pressed on her fleshy hip reminded us of its presence.

– Hey I’m not done here!

Mrs. Smith said.

– Let’s take care of him. Help me here.

She turned on her right side, told me to get close to her and then rotated back towards me again, this time so that her crack would be leveled with my dick. Then she opened her giant ass with her left hand. I directed my dick towards her and found my way in this juicy gooey pussy. Again I felt the wonderful tight entry in her vagina. I got closer to her fat back. My right hand moved down to her side to open her crack wider while my left one was grabbing avcılar escort her belly and her boobs. It didn’t take me long to be ready to come.

– Go ahead, Come in me again, my sweet Mitch. I want to feel your juice coming full force out of your penis.

And there I came, I think she felt it, I certainly did. After that I rested for a while, my hips and legs still behind her and my chest bending over her side with my face resting on her mammaries. She then got on her back, and I remained half climbed on her side, kissing her, licking her, massaging her tits and belly, until finally I stopped and we both fell asleep.


I woke up in the middle of the night, still on her side with my arm around her chest and my head resting on her fat shoulder. What had happened the evening before came back to me; my senses woke up immediately and I got closer to her, pushing my penis against her as if I was to crack a new hole through her. I sensed that she was waking up and indeed she moved without talking.

She brought a fat pillow on her side and rolled on her belly on top of the pillow, still without saying anything. We had not turned off the candles and the very dim light was allowing me to see what she was doing. The pillow was raising her ass enough to make rear entry easier. She didn’t say anything but just lay on her belly waiting for me. She then took my hand, put it in her crack, and opened herself with her two hands. I was getting the picture; she stopped moving afterwards, leaving me in charge.

I brought myself on top of her with my legs in between hers and got on my knees. I massaged the back of her thighs and kissed them, kissing all over them; there was a lot of territory to cover from the knee to the buttock. I also massaged her back, grabbing as much of the rolls of flesh as I could. I bent down to kiss her around her crack, kissing, putting flesh in my mouth, up the left round buttock, down the right one; up the right one, down the left one; licking at the bottom center of the buttocks, putting my tongue in the crack, feeling the juice from her pussy, then back up following the crack with my tongue, kissing inside the hole at the center of the triangle of flesh in her lower back, opening the crack wider with my two hands, then going down her crack again pushing my tongue further down, kissing he fake hole first and then further, smelling and testing the mixture of sweat and life inside, producing saliva as I went, keeping kissing and licking, and… pretending that my tongue was not at the entrance of her asshole.

Being in the middle of the night in a half awaken state, with Mrs. Smith looking like she was sleeping felt like I was in a fantasy which helped me be adventurous and uninhibited but this was getting a little bit too fast. And even though Mrs. Smith was not giving any sign that she minded I stopped, lay on top of her and brought myself inside her. I felt the tightness on my dick again when entering; how could I ever get tired of this feeling? I just lay there for a while just enjoying being inside her, feeling my penis inside her wet and warm cave, also thinking…

– I’m making love, I’m making love, it feels great!

Then I put my hands underneath her boobs, cupping them both and being careful not to pinch her in the process. Feeling her tits overflowing in my hands, sensing the nipples tickling my palm, gave me a kind of an electrical shock; and again I wanted to explode inside her very badly. I rocked back and forth on top of her, getting more and more excited, pressing her boobs, biting her fat hump at the top of her spine, licking her all over her upper back and neck. Meanwhile she was quietly going with the flow, moaning gently, pushing her back or rotating her pelvis to help me get me further inside her. Finally it all came and the amount of cum sent and the time it took me to relieve it all, felt like I was actually peeing inside her. The tip of my wet dick felts so good. She seemed to have loved it also; and it looked like we had come at the same time. We both lay and I quickly fell asleep on top of Mrs. Smith; Mrs. Smith!… with all due respect to her, my wonderful and huge human comforter.

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