Ms. Figgis

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Chapter 1

Randy couldn’t believe he got stuck chaperoning the prom, but those are the breaks when you’re low on the seniority. At least it was better than having to decorate the gym. At 26, Randy was the youngest teacher in the school.

The kids all thought he was cool, so he didn’t want to disappoint them with his own date to the prom. He didn’t. Julie was a knockout. She was young, blonde, and the object of every man’s desires. Randy was a very good looking man and always did well with women.

He was tall dark and handsome with an athletic physique and a smile women couldn’t resist. He was a walking jock stereotype, one that women couldn’t resist no matter how much they claimed to the contrary. There wasn’t a set of eyes, male or female, that wasn’t jealously fixed on the couple. And they knew it.

Randy sat and pretended to be interested in Julie’s moronic attempt at conversation. He noticed Ms. Figgis, the principal, standing alone and sternly monitoring the dance floor. Ms. Figgis was in her late 40s and she was a full figured woman. She wore glasses and always had her hair pulled back tightly. She had a very professional demeanor about her at all times.

Randy respected her greatly although she made it clear she had no respect for him. Still, it bothered him whenever he heard the kids call her Ms. Piggis, but his cool guy persona would never allow him to reprimand any of the offenders. He simply took solace in the fact that Ms. Figgis was unaware of her horrible nickname.

Julie continued to drone on about her shoes and other deep and important subjects, while Randy sat still and for a moment he actually thought he could feel his ears start to bleed. He excused himself from the table, claiming he had to dance with Ms. Figgis because she was his boss. Randy felt like he’d just escaped from prison as he moved across the dance floor. He was still the envy of every guy in the room but little did they know that Julie’s ignorance did not lead to Randy’s bliss.

Randy made his way to Ms. Figgis through a sea of girlish sighs and asked her to dance. She refused but he convinced her that he smelled liquor on the dance floor. She then accepted the dance or from her point of view, a surveilance mission. They danced in the middle of the floor amidst various chuckles. Randy was surprised by her warmth and the softness of her skin. He also noticed her eyes for the first time and felt her large breasts against his chest.

To his utter shock he felt his cock starting to stiffen. They were bumped by another couple and Randy’s mecidiyeköy eskort cock pressed momentarily against Ms. Figgis’ belly. The song ended and Randy returned to his table white as a sheet.

He imagined himself being fired, but then thought “maybe she didn’t feel it. After all it was just a split second.” He calmed down until he saw Ms. Figgis leave the room looking upset. “So much for her not feeling it” , he thought.

He followed her out of the room thinking he could explain and maybe keep his job. He saw the door of the teacher’s lounge slowly closing at the end of the hall and he quickly made his way down. He stopped just outside the door when he heard a voice. “My god, she’s not even gonna wait til Monday to fire me. That bitch is on the phone right now.” Randy cracked the door to hear better and he notice Ms. figgis was only talking to herself.

He watched as she lit a cigarette and threw her purse down in anger. She looked out the window and quickly sucked down the cigarette while muttering to herself. She smoked a cigarette the same way she did everything else, in an efficient professional manner. In just a moment it was gone as an endless stream of smoke escaped her lips. Randy found himself extremely aroused by this sight and continued to peek. Ms. Figgis grabbed her purse and went back into the teacher’s bathroom.

Randy removed his shoes and snuck into the bathroom to hear if she said anything about him. He couldn’t make out what she was saying so he carefull snuck into the stall next to her. He waited and heard nothing but rustling, until…

It sounded like a moan. He listened intently as the moans grew louder and louder. Now he could hear her breathing heavily and his cock grew. Could Ms. Figgis be masturbating in the stall next to him. He looked under and saw her feet flailing around as her moans turned to screams.

Randy was going crazy. He had to have a peek. He slowly stood on the seat and began to peer over the stall. What he saw was unbelieveable. Ms. Figgis was fucking herself with a dildo. She was throwing her head back with her eyes tightly closed. Randy saw this and leaned further over for a better look. Ms. Figgis’ breasts were larger than he could have imagined and her nipples were so hard. Oh, how he wanted to suck them.

He had never seen a woman masturbate before and this was not how he imagined it. He imagined bubble bath, wine, and soft music. What he saw was a horny, lusty woman fucking herself silly. There was no other way to describe it. She plunged the rubber cock violently inside zeytinburnu escort herself while she alternated fingering her clit and squeeaing her breasts.

Randy heard her breathling become erratic and he knew she was ready to cum. He pulled out his cock and began stroking it as he climbed down from the seat. Ms. Figgis was screaming loudly as she came. Randy came all over the wall as he heard her juices squirting down into the water. He was completely turned on by this hot, passionate woman who he previously saw only as a frigid, unisex, authority figure.

After awhile Ms. Figgis emerged from from the stall. Randy watched through the crack in the door as she fixed herself back up in the mirror. She lit a cigarette, and took a long deep drag. Then she tilted her head up and exhaled a long stream of smoke straight up. She then took another long slow drag which seemed to satisfy and complete her pleasure.

She finished fixing herself then looked at into the mirror. After a few moments Randy heard her say “Who’d want to fuck you, Ms. Piggis?” She started to cry and Randy’s heart sunk.

Chapter 2

Randy returned to his table and was treated to a cold stare from Julie. “Where the hell were you asshole? I’m getting sick of all these little boys staring at my tits.” Randy sat silently, wondering how he could have been so turned on by Ms. Figgis. He was almost angry at himself. He decided that he was just horny, that’s all. Julie had been out of town for awhile and they hadn’t had sex for over a week. A smile came to his face as he was pleased by this conclusion. “Are you listening asshole? What the fuck are you smiling at? I said I wanted to leave.”

Randy was jolted back to reality by the shrill screaching of his demanding trophy. The smile left his face and he grabbed her by the arm pulling her close. “You love all this attention, don’t you? These boys aren’t stupid. They know what you’re good for you shallow bitch.”

Julie broke free and stormed out of the gym. Randy followed, eager to finish her off. He caught up to her and pushed her against a wall.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing asshole?”

“I’m breaking up with you bitch, so don’t call me.. always going on and on about your job..”

“What was wrong with talking about my job?”

“You’re a fucking telemarketer! You annoy hundreds of people a day and then I have to hear the play by play, but unlike those lucky bastards, I can’t hang up on you because you’re sitting there and you don’t ever stop talking… and if its not your fucking job sultangazi escort it’s some equally mind-numbing subject like your hair or your jewelry or your fancy french shoes…”

“They’re italian and they..”

“I don’t fucking care. shut up..”

Randy kept on yelling, unloading everything he’d wanted to say for months. Finally, he stopped and Julie slowly lifted her head, looking into Randy’s eyes. She stared for awhile, trying to find the words to defend herself. Julie was a woman of few words, few meaningful words, anyway. She reached back and slapped Randy across the face sending echoes up and down the empty hallways. Randy felt the heat on the side of his face as he rubbed his jaw.

“Well said” , he whispered.

Julie stormed off and a sense of relief filled Randy until he realized that Julie had the keys to the car.

Randy returned to the gym and Julie’s absence did not escape anyone’s attention. The girls all giggled and a few asked him to dance. He gratiously refused in a way only he could, with a soft smile and a simple “no thank you” that somehow left each girl feeling special. Randy made his way across the floor to talk to the only person there who was near his age, his student teacher Lisa.

Lisa was about 22 and a cute little thing. She had beautiful dark black hair, and a chubby face. Lisa was not fat at all, just a little in the face and hips. She always hid behind glasses and loose clothes but Randy alwys imagined she had a nice figure.

“So what the heck happened to you? Your face is all red.”

“I had a fight with Julie. We’re finished.”

Lisa was just what Randy needed. There was a calm about her and her big hopeful eyes always made Randy feel like everything would be alright. They talked the whole rest of the night and by the end Randy was feeling pretty good again. He also found himself a ride home.

They arrived at Randy’s house and Lisa asked him about the grad school applications. Randy had looked into going back to school and he told Lisa he would get applications for both of them.

“I got ’em. Why don’t you come up for a second?”

Randy offered Lisa a glass of wine.

” No thanks, I’m driving.”

“Oh cmon, you gotta have some. Its really expensive and it’ll piss Julie off that I drank it on her.”

Lisa laughed and Randy poured her a glass. They sat and talked for hours discussing grad school and relationships and teaching. She was so easy to talk to. Finally, Lisa said she had to go. Randy walked her to the door and gave her a big hug. It felt so good and they held each other silently for what seemed like an eternity. Slowly Lisa raised her head and they stared into each other’s eyes. Both waiting for the other to say something with words or actions.

to be continued….maybe

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