Mum in Law’s Time Ch. 2

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I woke up to Jamie sucking my cock like crazy. OOOOhhh that feels good baby im cumming ooohhhh I moaned. I had the weirdest dream Jamie I said. Well Jamie’s not here but you can tell me all about it. I looked up startled and realized it wasn’t a after all. She got up and said Ill make you some breakfast so you can fuck my brains out today. You do that mother in law I said as I slapped her on the ass. I watched her walk out with that perfect ass. She was just wearing one of my dress shirts so I could see her bare perfect firm ass as she walked away. Im gonna tap that ass I thought to myself.

My mother in law came back with some waffles and got into bed with me. We didn’t do much except for I played with her tits and ass a little bit. Then I got up to take a shower. My mother in law came in completely naked half way through and asked if we could start up with where we left off yesterday. I was still stunned by how great her body was. Those huge breasts that were perky at age 42 that tight ass and that made to fuck pussy.

I grinned and said yeah but lets not get clean atakent escort lets get dirty. As I stepped out and headed to my bed where the left over breakfast stuff still was. I kissed her and then flung her onto the bed. I had her turn over and then poured syrup all over her ass. Then I started to east her asshole. I was flicking and licking that ass like crazy sucking all that syrup off. Oohhhh she moaned that feels so good lick my ass baby lick your naughty mother in laws ass. I finished and flipped her over pouring syrup all over her body and just working on the pleasure regions. Licking her naval till it was dry of sweet syrup as she moaned for more. Then I started to nibble on hr syrup covered breasts. Ohhh I wish you were lapping up milk you fuckin bastard she screamed at me on the verge of an orgasm. I flipped her yet again and told her I was going to penetrate her perfect ass. She said she had never done it before and to give her all I had. I smiled and thought about how red I would make her tight ass after ataköy escort this. She yelped as I slipped the first two inches in. But I wouldn’t have any of it I wanted her and I wanted her now. I shoved the rest in causing her to scream in a mixture of pleasure and pain. That’s too much she started to say but I cut her off. Shut up you whore Im going to tear you in two. Like her daughter Mrs. Jones got excited by this domineering talk and stopped her protest. Then I started to fuck her hard. She went nuts having an orgasm after orgasm right from the beginning. Eeewwwooooaaaaah yeesssyeahhaahh she screamed. Take it you cunt I whispered in her ear as I fucked harder and faster. Her ass was so tight and firm I knew I didn’t have long. So I went as harder as I could whack whack whack whack was the overwhelming sound accompanied by her screams as my cock slammed into her ass. Take it ooohhh faster give it tooo mee she screamed as she shook violently. Finally I couldn’t hold on any more and let go. I stepped back in time to see atalar escort the incredible site of my mother in drenched in sweet sticky syrup with her tight big ass in the air and my sperm oozing out of it. Get me a soda I commanded and slapped her red ass as she walked out of the room. When she came back we made out and then took a nap. When we came to she said how about that shower. I eagerly agreed. We got lather ed up and she dropped to her knees not to suck my cock but so I could titty fuck her. I got rock hard as the thought of putting my cock in between my mother in laws beautiful tits came to mind. I started thrusting and it felt great. Her tits were milky and nice to the touch but because of their size titty fucking her was at a level that my wife could never match. Mmmm you like that don’t you baby as she looked down and started to lick my cock. Tastes kinda salty she said with a smile on her face. Oohhh I groaned as I started to bust cumming all over her face and hair.

Yes everything is fine, your mom’s ok, stop worrying I told my wife as I drove to Lunch. Nothing bad will happen, sure I’ll entertain your mom (in more ways than she knew) love you honey bye. God your daughter can be such a pain I said to my mother in law as she finished lapping up cum. I know but I bet this is the last thing she’s worried about my mother in law said as she took one last lick from the base of my balls to the tip of my head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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