Mummy and Me

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This is the first time I have ever written about my sexual experience with my mum, this is also the first time I have written anything and submitted it. Whatever your thoughts or comments are on this story, I would really appreciate it if you could write back to me. I hope you enjoy it. I do have another chapter to submit but I only want to submit it if it is a success.


When I was five my mum left my dad, soon after the divorce my dad started to date a colleague from the University he works at. As I can’t remember the events of my life before I was five I have always seen Janet as my mum. Although I’d noticed her figure, I had never felt attracted to Janet in any way other than, a normal mother – son relationship. She is about 5’8, long curly blonde hair, blue eyes and firm breasts.

As a result of my father commuting to work everyday, Janet quit work so she could look after me when I got home from primary-school. By the time I was eighteen this still hadn’t changed and I was met at the front door everyday after school by her. Over the years we became very close and I began to turn to her for advice rather than my dad, asking her about how to approach girls etc.

Although I talked to girls occasionally, I have always been shy around them and used to put off dating them or meeting outside school. It was Janet who finally persuaded me to ask a close friend of mine, Laura, out on a date. Much to my surprise, and joy, she accepted and we made arrangements for the following Saturday.

I woke up and looked at the clock, 6:58am. ‘Twelve hours to go.’ I thought to myself. I close my eyes and pull the covers up to my chin and turn over. About ten minutes later I hear a mobil porno knock on my door.

“Wakey wakey..” The comforting voice of Janet comes through the door. I look up at the door as she pokes her head round. “Come on Jack, time to get up.” She walks into my room and draws the curtains. I yawn and stretch, throwing back the covers.

“Some things going to go wrong today.” I say, looking at her. “I just know it..” She walks over and sits next to me, putting her arm around my bare back.

“It’ll be ok, as long as you just be yourself, stay calm and it’ll be fine.” I nod at her.

“Yeah you’re right.” I stand up, “I’m going to have a shower.” I grab a towel and walk into the bathroom. I take off my boxers and look in the mirror and laugh at myself. I shake my head and turn the shower on and begin to wash myself.

After I finish I throw a towel around myself and walk into my room. I search through my draws. “Shit..” I say to myself. I walk back to my door.

“Mum! I need some boxer shorts!” I yell down to her. A couple of minutes later she knocks on my door once again. I open it with the towel wrapped around me. She looks me up and down and smiles at me.

“No wonder Laura said yes.” She says, looking at my face turn red. She hands me the boxer shorts.

“Er..Thanks Janet..Er mum..” I say turning around as I hear her head down the hall to her room. I sit on the bed a minute, confused about what she just said. I shrug and take my towel off.

“Wow!” I hear a voice and turn to the door. I immediately try to hide my cock from Janet as she enters my room. “Mmm, I guess this is probably why Laura couldn’t resist hey?” I stand there, red as a beetroot speechless. I close my eyes and gulp, waiting alman porno to see what happens next. When I next open my eyes Janet is standing right in front of me. She moves my hands and takes my now semi-hard cock in her hand. I breath out slowly as she starts to rub it, getting me harder and harder. I open my eyes and look at her. “I know your father is big, but I didn’t think you would be as big as him, let alone bigger! So, I’m assuming a man of your size has been through a lot of girls.” I shake my head at this.

“I..I’m still a virgin..” A look of genuine surprise appears on her face. She gets down on her knees and slowly wraps her lips around the head of my cock. I gasp, this being the first time I have ever had a blow job. I moan slightly as she begins to suck harder, moving her head back and forth on my cock. I look down at her as she continues to suck, our eyes meet. I realise I am going to cum soon, feeling the pleasure build up inside of my cock. A few minutes later I shoot the first stream of cum into her mouth, closing my eyes as she sucks harder, swallowing it all.

After she let me go, I lay down on my bed, not entirely sure what to do. I look up and she smiles.

“Did you enjoy that Jack?” She asks. I nod, feeling slightly guilty for enjoying it. She lays down next to me and kisses me on the lips. I look at her slightly confused, she kisses me again as she takes off her trousers. I watch her as she gets undressed. When, a few minutes later, she stands in front of me naked my cock gets hard again. She smiles at the sight of it. I gulp as she slowly climbs back onto the bed. She straddles my waist and slowly lowers herself onto my hard cock. I breath in deeply as I watch my cock alexis texas porno disappear into her glistening pussy, inch by inch. Once fully in she sits still looking at me.

“Jack, I want you to cum inside of me, I have wanted you for so long.” I nod.

“Yes mum..” I say, trying to calm myself down.

“Jack…I know I’m not your real mum…But it makes me feel so good when you say that.” She goes a bit red. “D..Do you think you could call me mummy while we do this?” She starts to slowly raise herself up and down on my cock.

“Mummy..That feels so nice..” I say, moving my hands to her hips, resting them there and letting them move with them. She nods and smiles at me as she continues to move herself on my cock. After about three minutes she starts to go faster. I start to thrust upwards every time she comes down, causing our hips to meet.

“Jack that feels so good, you’re going to make mummy cum.” I start to breath a bit heavier, thrusting upwards a bit harder this time. She lowers her body and kisses me as we thrust together. I feel my cock swell more.

“Mummy, I’m going to cum!”

“Me too baby..Don’t stop just yet though!”

“I won’t mummy.” I say, thrusting with her, listening to her moans as we both approach orgasm. A few minutes later I cum, she moans and starts to cum as well. I groan as I feel both our juices down the sides of my cock. “Mummy that was so nice.” I say, slowing down. She kisses me again and climbs off of me. She lays down beside me.

“Yes it was baby, I hope we can do it again soon.” I smile and turn to her, I kiss her on the lips.

“Well…It’s 8:30 now..So we’ve got some time.” She smiles.

“Mmm, well, how about you have another shower and I’ll fix us some breakfast. You didn’t forget about your date tonight did you?” I shake my head.

“No mum.” The truth being that I was so wrapped up in being seduced by Janet that I had forgotten about Laura. I smile to myself and get up and head towards the bathroom.

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