Muslim Widow Aunt as Sex Pet

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Hi all, its Ali here!

After the immense response to my earlier post where my middle-aged Muslim widowed aunt, Aunty Sheen, became a submissive slut for a day I’ve decided to share another similar but more sensational incident.

A Little About Us…

About Me —

I’m Ali. I’m a fair, good-looking rich Muslim guy. I stand over 5′ 10″ tall, have sharp features and dark, straight hair which I usually wear long. I’ve got a trim but muscular athletic physique because I’ve been playing soccer all my life. I work out regularly to maintain myself. My three passions in life are bikes, books and big butts.

I was born and brought up in one of the largest cities in central India, but I can’t name it for privacy reasons.

About My Family —

I belong to a large, extended family of very rich but ultra-conservative Muslims. We live in a huge walled and gated compound on the northern outskirts of our city. There are three 3-storied buildings placed in a triangle around our huge property with spacious, multi-bedroom luxury apartments for the families of my father and his seven real brothers.

My family is very strict when it comes to following our religious tenets. For instance, once we hit puberty, we are discouraged from interacting with members of the opposite sex from outside the family. This went for guys and girls alike but it also made us a close-knit family too. The women in my family choose to cover their fair, beautiful faces with a Hijab and wear an Abaya to hide their tall, lovely bodies whenever stepping out of the house. Such restrictions inevitably had some unanticipated consequences. The super-strict environment at home prompted several female members of my family to rebel and formed secret, taboo sexual relationship with me.

About Aunty Sheen —

Aunty Sheen is the widow of my eldest uncle. Sheen aunty is in stark contrast with the other women in my family because she is short, dark and plump. She was in her late-40s back when this incident happened. Aunty Sheen has a naturally hairless, chocolate-colored skin. She has a round, dark face framed by dyed, medium-sized wavy hair with big dark-brown eyes and thin, severe lips. Aunty Sheen is extremely voluptuous with huge, round and soft 44F cup breasts that are topped by dark brown areolas and long, thick black nipples. Her waist is significantly slim which only accentuates the wonderful width of her wide, rounded hips. However, Aunty Sheen’s best asset has to be her giant 50-inch, perfectly-round and brown ass. I simply love the way Aunty Sheen’s enormous ass cheeks jiggle and sway whenever she walks. Aunty has thick, soft, round thighs with wide, muscular shapely calves and tiny feet.

Aunty Sheen had seduced me back in February of 2006, only a couple of weeks after her husband passed away. Sheen aunty had had to suppress her abnormally high libido because my uncle hadn’t touched her in years. Ever since then, Aunty Sheen formed a regular, sexual relationship with me which continues on till date. Aunty Sheen is also one of the most surprisingly open-minded and sexually hyper-active women I’ve ever known because she’s introduced me to some of the weirdest kinks out there.


Slutty Aunt gets Stoned, Shows Off and Sucks for Cum

(9AM — 1PM, Saturday 5th June 2008)

This incident happened back in June of 2008. It was right after I’d successfully scored a seat in a prestigious college in Pune. I would move a month later and start to live-in with Dee. She is Aunty Sheen’s only daughter, my sexy older cousin. We’d lost our virginity to each other several years ago and since had a regular sexual relationship. Aunty Sheen seemed slightly sad when I told her about my plans. Eventually, she told me that as we wouldn’t get to fuck regularly once I moved to Pune she wanted to spend a couple of days away somewhere. She wanted to enjoy another memorable time where we could fuck however we wanted, without the fear of being disturbed or discovered by anyone.

After a short discussion, Aunty Sheen and I agreed to go to the Tadoba Tiger Reserve the following weekend. As usual, Aunty took care of the room reservations and everything else. She called and told me the room reservations were confirmed and we would be leaving early on Saturday morning.

At 9 AM promptly on the Saturday morning, I was ready to leave. It was a cloudy, humid morning as the pre-monsoon rains had started the week before. So, I wore a black vest and covered it with a black windcheater. I had on a pair of black jeans and wore black trekking boots on my feet. I had packed a small backpack with a few clothes and other things I’d need over the weekend.

Aunty Sheen had already taken care of the excuse by telling my folks she needed me to drive to her mother’s place, who lived in a city a couple of hours away from ours. My folks were always eager and happy to help my “poor, widowed” aunt, as they called her. Lucky for me they didn’t know the sleazy, gaziantep escort sexual side of Aunty Sheen. She’s acts strict and pious around others, but she quickly sheds her conservative Muslim façade whenever we’re alone and turns into a horny, slutty whore.

Anyway, after saying goodbye to my folks and sisters I walked out into the large, common parking lot along the front wall of our compound. I pulled out my cell phone and called Aunty Sheen, who picked up the call after a few rings.

“Hello, son!” Aunty Sheen sounded breathless, “I’ll be down in a minute.” She said and cut the call.

I shrugged and waited near her car. It was a new Maruti Suzuki Swift she had bought a few months ago. As she didn’t know how to drive, I was the designated driver for her when she wanted to go out of the house for any reason. This gave Aunty Sheen and me the perfect excuse to drive to nearby motels or travel to popular tourist destinations far away without anyone suspecting that we shared an illicit, secret sexual relationship.

Thankfully, the parking lot was deserted so I fidgeted on my iPhone for a while as I waited for my aunt. I didn’t have to wait long before Aunty Sheen eventually arrived.

“Sorry, son.” Aunty Sheen’s voice made me turn around, “I’m late.”

“It’s okay, aunty.” I said and smiled, glancing up and down her plump, Abaya-covered body quickly before grabbing the car keys she offered.

I unlocked the car and stowed my black backpack and Aunty Sheen’s medium-sized designer bag in the foot-well of the rear seat. I held the door open and watched my aunt’s enormous, round bubble booty jiggle as she bent down and entered the front passenger side. I grinned when she caught me looking and shut the door to hurry around. I quickly drove the car, honked at the two security guards to open the gate before zooming out fast.

“So, are you excited?” Aunty Sheen said as soon as we exited our compound, turning to sit sideways on the passenger seat.

“Oh, yeah!” I grinned and nodded my head for emphasis.

By now I knew that Aunty Sheen almost always had some new kink to reveal when we went out on a planned fuck trip. As this was one of those, I knew she must have planned something very special.

“Me too.” Sheen aunty replied, matching my grin, “It’s going to be awesome, son.” She patted my arm and gushed.

“I know, it will.” I nodded and smiled before turning to join the light traffic on the bypass highway that circled my city.

As Aunty Sheen chatted about normal stuff she began to undo the buttons of the Abaya. I kept sneaking peeks at her and was not disappointed.

Aunty Sheen looked like a middle-aged Indian whore with the skimpy blouse and see-through Sari she had on. I noticed Aunty Sheen had put on thick makeup on her round, dark face with crimson-red lipstick lining her thin lips and splotches of pink rouge on her dark, chubby cheeks. Her reddish, dyed hair was tied in a tight bun on top of her head under the Hijab. The crimson-red lipstick matched her small, tight back-less red blouse. The skimpy, satin blouse had no back and was tied like a bikini with strings around her back and neck. The blouse’s front consisted of only a thin strip of satin, and it showed off her deep, dark cleavage as her huge, dark boobs threatened to almost spill out from the low neckline. Her wide, rounded hips were completely exposed because Aunty Sheen wore the Sari extremely low, almost at her crotch in front and showing off a few inches of her deeper, darker ass-crack.

I shook my head to focus on the road once more. I did feel a twitch in my crotch as my young, huge dick woke up in anticipation. By the time, we had reached the south-east bound highway. It was a 3 to 4 hour ride to Tadoba Tiger Reserve from my hometown so we settled in more comfortably.

Sheen aunty bundled her dark Abaya and Hijab carelessly before turning to grab her bag from the backseat. She carefully pulled out her laptop from the bag before stuffing her outer clothing into the bag.

“You got the weed, son?” Aunty Sheen asked, as she flicked open the laptop and powered it on.

“Oh, yes.” I replied and smiled as I pointed to my backpack in the rear seat.

Aunty immediately grabbed my backpack and opened the large front pocket as I instructed. She quickly pulled the small, black zipper pouch I carried my smoking paraphernalia in. Aunty Sheen grinned when she opened the pouch and looked in. She pulled out a thick, long, perfectly-rolled joint from within the pouch and grabbed a disposable lighter too. She carefully placed the black pouch in the center console between our seats and lit the joint easily. I rolled down the windows slightly so the thick, pungent smoke would blow out of the car immediately.

“Mm…” Aunty Sheen moaned audibly as she took the first drag on the joint.

I watched her close her eyes to savor the first puff of strong weed of the day before she blew out a thick cloud eskort gaziantep of pungent, grey smoke and opened her eyes. She looked at me and nodded her head in approval as she offered the joint to me. I smiled in return and grabbed the joint to take a long, deep pull on it.

I relished the stinky, pungent taste of strong weed on my tongue and held the smoke in my lungs. I passed the joint and kept my eyes on the road, letting the weed take effect. Almost instantly, I felt the familiar tingling sensation on my fingertips which announced the onset of my high. I exhaled the smoke slowly out through my nose, letting it snake out in thin stream before being pulled out of the car with the cool breeze.

Sheen aunt opened the glove box in front of her and carefully placed the laptop on it. She connected the power-cord to the car-charger and took another long drag before passing the joint to me. I kept one eye on the road and took a deep pull on the joint, again holding the smoke in my lungs for as long as I could. I passed the joint back and watched as Aunty Sheen browsed through her computer files.

“Yes.” Aunty whispered to herself as she finally found what she was looking for and clicked the video file open.

Immediately, the media player showed the title of a kinky porn movie. I wasn’t really surprised because even back then, Aunty Sheen had gigabytes of porn in her laptop. She could definitely afford to splurge and had bought memberships of numerous kinky and fetish porn sites and paid for hundreds of movies and clips.

The laptop automatically connected via Bluetooth with the car-stereo and the loud, dirty dialogue blasted out from all around us. It was a straight-up domination-submission movie shot in a dungeon set. I remember the mature, curvy female porn-star very well because she resembled my aunt to a large extent.

I was too busy relishing the first joint of the day and driving to watch the porn movie. But aunty kept watching and smoking up as the joint was passed between us silently. By the time the joint was half-over, I was quite high. I distinctly felt my senses sharpen, with the colors becoming more vivid and my hearing becoming more acute.

As the sun rose higher in the sky, I had to wear my sunglasses as I drove because the hazy June morning was lit with bright sunlight now. There were sparse clouds which floated across overhead along the dark, azure sky. The wind rushing in through the cracked-open car windows was cool and felt great so I carefully removed my windcheater.

By the time the joint got over I was very high. I couldn’t help but hear and react to the loud moans and groans of the porn-star on screen as the young, hung Dom spanked her large, round, brown ass with her tied bent over a sawhorse. My young, long dick started to get aroused now.

I glanced at the rear view mirrors before quickly pulling over to the slow lane on the left. There were a couple of large trailer trucks lumbering along at a slow but steady 60 km/hr. I carefully positioned my car around 50 feet behind them and drove at their pace exactly. The car responded beautifully and it was easy to tailgate the trucks. Once I was cruising at a comfortable pace behind the trucks I reached into the black pouch in the center console and fished out a pack of Classic Regulars. I managed to tear the pack open and flicked out a cigarette before lighting it quickly. I took a deep long drag on the tobacco, letting it boost the effects of weed.

I casually placed my left arm around Aunty Sheen’s bare, brown, smooth shoulders and she immediately shuffled to sit closer to me. Her huge, round ass cheeks were squished and overflowed the low, wide bucket seat. I let my fingertips gently caress the depth of her tight, brown cleavage and drove with my right. I kept taking drags on the cigarette, letting my high get higher and my arousal become more intense. Aunty Sheen seemed to be immersed into the hard-core kinky movie. I could tell she was quite high and very aroused because she turned to sit with her back to me, thus letting me grab her huge, round, soft motherly boobs easily.

I didn’t disappoint her and started to caress and fondle her lovely, large voluptuous breasts. The skimpy blouse and deep, low neckline allowed me to push my hand under easily.

“Mm…” Aunty Sheen moaned softly and settled back lower on her seat, without taking her eyes off of the laptop screen.

The porn-star was now being mercilessly mouth-fucked by the dominant young guy and her gagging and choking sounds were amplified loud by the car speakers. I kept my eyes on the road as I cupped and squeezed Aunty Sheen’s large, round, warm boobs. I often teased and pulled her large, sensitive nipples and aunty would squirm on her seat, still watching the kinky scene with complete attention. My young, thick dick was hardening quickly within my pants and I noticed its bulge forming on my crotch.

A little while gaziantep esmer escort later, I flicked the burnt butt of my cigarette out of the window and turned back to fondling my horny, mature aunt’s lovely, large tits once more. I figured Aunty Sheen was extremely aroused because she pulled her sheer, see-through Sari up to her waist before plunging a hand to her crotch. I immediately got a clear whiff of her moist, sweaty pussy when she pulled her Sari up and revealed her panty-less crotch. I grinned and shook my head in amazement at Aunty Sheen’s shamelessness.

“Mm… Mhh… Hmm…” Aunty Sheen started to moan softly as she began to finger herself.

Seeing as she was high and horny too, I kept on teasing her big, mature breasts and pulled her large, long nipples more often. I was well aware of just how horny Aunty Sheen gets when you play with her large, motherly boobs. Aunty Sheen pressed her back harder against me, trying to settle down in the low, comfortable bucket-seat of the car. Her eyes were glued to the laptop screen playing on the glove-box compartment’s cover. She was intensely interested in the scene as the young porn-star rammed the sexy, mature, submissive porn-star hard in her ass from the back as she lay bound, bent over a large table now.

“Oh… Ah… Oh… Ah… Ah… Ah…” Aunty Sheen’s moans were barely audible over the loud groans and grunts blaring out from the car speakers.

My dick was getting noticeably aroused now and formed a large tent. I could feel it straining against my underwear as the feel of Aunty Sheen’s soft, round boobs in my hand turned me on intensely. Aunty Sheen’s hand moved like a blur over her smooth, clean-shaven crotch as she flicked her large, taut clit fast. I was careful to keep my eyes on the road and tailgated the slow-moving trucks at a safe distance. There was no one following us on the slow lane so there was no risk of anyone noticing what was happening inside our car.

“Ooh… Aah… Aah… Aaah…” Aunty Sheen’s moans started to get louder and louder as she neared her orgasm.

I started to grasp and squeeze her large, round, soft breasts harder and harder now. I could feel her motherly mammary getting squashed in my fist and I pulled her heavy, soft, rounded boobs up before letting them fall and swing. Aunty Sheen pushed out her voluptuous chest, wordlessly pleading me to fondle her even harder. I did just that and grabbed her thick, long nipple between a thumb and forefinger before squeezing it hard.

“Aah!” Aunty Sheen cried aloud in pain, “Ooohh…” She hissed in delight next as she started to enjoy the pain now, “Mmm… Aaa… Ooo… Ali… Ali… Ali!!!” She groaned and moaned for some time before starting to call my name louder and louder.

I knew she was on the cusp of her climax by the way she pressed back hard against me and her plump, soft body froze for a few moments. I grabbed her large, left nipple and squeezed it quite hard.

“AH!” Aunty Sheen screamed shortly before her entire body started to shiver noticeably.

“Aaaaa…” Sheen aunt’s groan of pleasure was low and long as she climaxed hard.

I kept my arm tight around her voluptuous chest, making sure to keep her two tempting, large, soft breasts pressed hard against her. This sent her into frenzy and I distinctly heard the splash of her cunt-cream as she squirted and climaxed.

“Shit…” I muttered softly, when I noticed the way Aunty Sheen’s creamy, whitish cum sprayed out of her creaming cunt and splashed against the closed passenger door.

Aunty Sheen kept her thick, round, brown legs spread wide apart and made sure that her cunt-cream didn’t stain her black, sheer Sari. She kept flicking her thick clit for a while and made herself come hard for a long time. I kept switching glances between the road in front and the slick mess Aunty Sheen had made on the side.

“Shit!” Aunty Sheen muttered, noticing the mess her cunt-cream had created on the seat.

I watched as she slowly pulled her hand away from her crotch, and a thin stream of sticky, whitish cunt-cream trailed from her fingertip to her crotch. She quickly brought her hand to her lips and opened her crimson, thin lips.

“Mm…” Aunty Sheen moaned as she sucked on her two fingers which were dripping with her vagina-water.

I slowly pulled my arm from around her, putting it back on the gear-shift. Aunty Sheen folded her thick, brown legs and quickly pushed the passenger seat all the way back. She hurried to get off the seat and stood up in the small space of the foot-well. She was standing facing the rear, with her round, giant ass pushed out over the laptop which kept blaring out the hard groans and moans of pain from the porn movie. Aunty Sheen grabbed the box of tissues from the dashboard and quickly set about wiping the seat clean.

I had to try hard to keep my eyes focused on the road ahead when Aunty Sheen enormous, brown, round boobs swung and jiggled only a foot away at my side. Aunty expertly wiped the car-seat clean before plopping back down on it. Her giant, round, soft ass cheeks squished out over the seat’s edge while her large, motherly breasts jiggled softly under her tiny, tight blouse. She adjusted her Sari and checked her makeup in the rearview mirror before turning to me finally.

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