My Adventure with My Little Brother Ch. 01

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I ran at my brother, who had flown in from Ireland. “Conor!” I cried, and wrapped my arms around his lean frame. “I wish you were around more often,” I whined. Ever since Mommy and Daddy divorced, things weren’t the same. I stayed in the States with Daddy while my little brother went to Ireland with Mommy. But today he turned 18, and he could do whatever he pleased.

“Oh, I know, li’l sis. I know.” He’s seen me as his little sister, even though I’m older, for a long time now. The fact is that he’s just more mature. He’s got this protective instinct over me, and I don’t object. He squeezed me tight, and then bent over to grab his luggage.

I picked up one of the smaller looking bags and trounced off towards the parking garage. I had turned 18 a year earlier. Our birthdays were in the same month, but mine 24 days earlier. “So, what are we doing this time big bro?”

“Well, I was thinking I could finally teach you how to drink.” He doesn’t visit often, and every time he does we do something special. We were saving the drinking until he was coming for permanent though. He would be living with my fiancé and I until his citizenship was final, and we were both looking forward to it.

“Finally! Chris won’t let me have more that a glass until I learn, because I’m so light. He’s afraid I’ll be the very definition of a lightweight.”

“What is he, your father?” Conor laughed, and mimed a big belly in front of him like Santa Claus. “I always thought he was just tubby.”

I pouted a little. “I asked you to stop calling him that.” He raised his eyebrows. “Besides, he’s not Daddy, but I sure call him that.” I winked at my little brother. Conor may be young, but he’s definitely not naïve.

“Savvy, that’s disgusting.” He continued laughing. We exchanged banter like this all the time. It’s not that Conor hates Chris, he just feels that I can do better.

“Oh, bite me.” Finally we reached the car, and we piled all of the bags into the trunk. Conor then reached over and bit my neck, ever so gently. I shivered, thinking of all the times that Chris had done so. I immediately became wet, as I always did. Then I remembered who had done it.

“Bubby, now’s not the time to be playing vampire.”

“Oh, it’s always the time to play vampire.” He backed up and leaned against the car. “Well, as long as it’s not the sparkly kind.”

“Let’s get home before we play any kind of game.” He pouted a little, and I realized just what kind of game he wanted to play. Sometimes it scared me when my pussy was farther ahead than my brain was.

“Oh! Conor, I… you’re my brother.” Even as I said this, I could see a lump growing in his pants.

“I know, but…”

I cut him off. “Let’s deal with his at home, okay?” He nodded, pouting. The lump in his pants never fell through the drive, which made for quite an uncomfortable trip. We drove in complete silence, and my mind and eyes kept drifting towards his crotch. I had always known my baby brother had a big cock, but that thing struggling against the denim was a monster.

We walked into my front door, and dropped his bags just inside bursa otele gelen escort the door. He’d be sleeping in the living room anyway, so it didn’t quite matter. “Honey, we’re home,” I called.

“Great,” Chris said, walking out of the kitchen with two beers in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. He handed Conor a beer and gave me a quick yet sensual kiss as he handed me the wine, and the wetness was renewed. “Tonight’s gonna be fun,” he said, guiding us all into the living room.

After hours of laughter and “lessons,” I’d still only had three wines. Chris stood up, groaning a bit, having only had the original beer and feeling a little stiff. “Well, guys, hate to drink and run, but I promised the guys poker tonight. I had kind of forgotten it was your birthday, Conor. It’s easy to remember your other sister Lilli’s birthday, as it’s so close to Savanna’s own, but yours has never stuck easily in my mind.”

Conor laughed. He was on his 5th beer and hardly buzzing. “Hey, no problem. Win a hand for me and it’ll all be cool.” He grinned as my fiancé walked out the front door. “Now, Savvy, why don’t we handle the ‘issue’ from earlier?”

“I… Conor…” I looked down to see the lump in his pants again. Despite my mind’s protest, I was becoming wetter by the second. “This — this isn’t right.”

“Right? Since when has it ever mattered what’s right?” He reached over and poured me another glass of wine.

I picked it up and drank it, not really thinking about it, and drank delicately. “But, Bubby…” He put a finger to my lips and shushed me. He then replaced his finger with his lips and kissed me deeply. I easily lost myself in the kiss, which at the time I attributed that to the wine. He slipped a hand down my shorts and began playing with the little tuft of hair at the tip of my pussy that I kept for Chris’s pleasure. Slowly his hand slipped lower, and I got progressively wetter. “Oh, Bubby. I — Conor, I…” and then he hit my clit, and I squeaked.

“What were you saying?”

“Oh, nothing,” I muttered, leaning into his chest. He smiled and tweaked it a few more times; eliciting quite a few more moans and squeaks from me. I reached out and grabbed the lump in his pants on instinct, as I always did with my fiancé. Conor gasped in surprise, but the pleasure on his face was obvious. I gently groped his monster cock through his pants as he rubbed my pussy all over. “Oh, Conor,” I moaned, barely able to speak.

He began to grin at me as I slowly undid his pants, unleashing the full length of his amazing dick. I then dropped to my knees, unbuttoned my own top and wrapped my tits along his dick, rubbing them up and down his 8 ½ inch length. His head fell back and he began to groan gently as my tits began pummeling him, slowly at first but gradually faster and faster until my ass hitting my heels each time I game down began to hurt, and he began to thrust his crotch up to meet each of my movements. His balls began to slap up against the bottom of my breasts, and precum began to leak from the tip of his manhood.

I escort bayan reached the tip of my tongue down and licked up the drop from his slit, and teased the head, swirling my tongue all along it, and under the ridge. “Savvy,” he muttered, and I looked up at him with my chocolate brown eyes, not wanting to stop. “This is better than I ever though it would be,” he muttered. I smiled, and continued, then pulled the head all the way into my mouth.

Suddenly, Chris walked in. “Holy fuck,” he cried. I spun around to look at him, fear in my eyes. “I — I forgot my wallet,” he said, and walked over to the couch where we were. “What the Hell are you two doing?”

Conor looked down, slightly sheepish. “I’m sorry. It’s my fault. If you wanna kick me out…”

“Kick you out? That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. I mean, I’ve watched her do that to me, but I’ve never gotten to see it in this perspective.”

I was shocked, but decided to take advantage of it, and went back down on Conor. “Do you like this Bubby?” I rubbed my tits slowly up and down his length. “Do you like it when I rub my tits on your shaft?” I climbed up his body and began to rub my crotch on his shaft, despite the fact that I still had my shorts on. It still felt amazing to me, and I could tell he liked it too. I looked back at Chris and decided to be even more daring. “Would you like to join in?”

My amazed fiancé looked at me, and simply kissed me, deeply and passionately. He delved his tongue into my mouth as I rocked up and down on my little brother, to which I returned the favor. Our tongues did a sort of a tango in between our mouths, and I was only slightly aware of Conor anymore until suddenly my pants were undone, and I pulled back shocked.

Conor looked over at Chris with a pained expression on his face. “Man, please, do you mind? I haven’t hand a good screw in so long… and Savvy’s so hot…”

Chris raised his eyebrows at him. “You want to fuck your sister?”

“I’ve ALWAYS wanted to fuck her. Ever since I had desires like that I’ve wanted her. She’s always had such a luscious body… even the first time I got laid, I was thinking about Savvy while screwing the girl. Please, man.”

“I — alright, here’s the deal. I can’t argue with that logic. But nothing goes in her pussy but me and the toys I bough her.” He turned me around so I was lying back against Conor’s chest and stomach, his member standing up between my legs. “You get her ass while I get her pussy.” I grinned, and Chris could tell I was happy. I’d always liked the idea of double penetration, but he’d never allowed any other man around to make it happen.

And suddenly, my fiancé’s cock was out in the open, and he was stepping out of his pants. “Now let my get her ass ready,” he said, walking over and pulling me up and over Bubby’s monster cock, and sliding into my soaking wet pussy, giving me a pump or two, then pulling out and sliding into my ass. He used his dick to wipe my moisture all over the opening of my ass and just inside, lubing me up so Conor wouldn’t hurt me. “There,” he said. “Now she’s mudanya escort ready.”

He pulled the coffee table as close to the couch as he could and put his legs to either side of Conor’s hips, doing the same to Conor’s legs, so they could be close enough for me to do my work. I looked at both of them, and grinned maliciously and seductively. “So are you boys ready?” All the two of them could do was smile, and moan slightly in approval. I smirked and them, and lowered myself onto them both at once. I squeaked as my little brother’s full length slid up inside of me. Despite the lube, his cock up my ass hurt a little. But once it was in, it was amazing, and I humped up and down on both their cocks.

“Oh! Oh, boys. You both feel so good,” I whined, my tits bouncing in Chris’s face, my ass slapping wetly against Conor’s thighs. “We should have done this a long time ago,” I moaned, and began to rub my left breast. I had a hickey on the nipple, as I quite often did, and I pinched the nipple, rubbing my boob all over.

And suddenly, there was my fiancé’s middle finger on my clit, rubbing like crazy, covered in spit. I reached down and returned the favor, rubbing his swollen scrotum, rolling his nuts in my hands, and let go of my breast to do the same for Bubby, who let out a moan as I did so. I collected up a good amount of my juices in my hand and slid a finger into Chris’s all-too-eager ass, as I’d done so many times before. As always when I did this, he began to thrust up into me as I humped down to him, and quickly adjust his rhythm to mine.

He began to moan, and moan loudly. “Oh, Savanna. Oh, Savanna! Savanna, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna fill you up!” And cum he did. His hot, thick semen shot deep and strong inside me, filling my love tunnel to the brim with the delicious liquid.

After this I couldn’t hold back any longer and I screamed, the strongest orgasm I’d ever had ripping through my body. My ass contracted with each new spasm that overtook me through my orgasm, and Conor thrust up into me as Chris slid out with a wet popping sound. My little brother’s balls slapped up against my taint, and I didn’t stop humping as I screamed and moaned and whined, my orgasm still ripping through me. Just as mine ended, Conor’s began with a bang. And by bang, I mean scream. “OH, Savvy!”

I decided to goad him on, and dropped down, allowing my tight ass to hit his thighs and crotch. His full length was then buried deep inside me, and I could feel each pulse of his cum through his dick. “That’s right, big brother. Fill me up! Fill up your little sister to the brim! Fill her sweet, tight ass with your thick, hot cum! Oh, yes, Conor. Yes! Oh, Bubby. Oh, Bubby!” I reached down and massaged the last trickles of his cum out of his balls, and Conor’s screaming hadn’t stopped through his whole orgasm, and now that it was over, all he could do was pant. I fell back against him as his dick grew limp inside me. My ass immediately pressed and forced him out, but he didn’t seem to notice.

“Oh my God, Savvy. Who knew you were such a good ride?” He laughed a bit, giddily, and then let his head slack to one side on the back of the couch. “Man, Chris, I gotta thank you. I never would have thought you’d actually let that happen, but damn was it amazing.”

“Yeah, no kidding!” My fiancé was panting as well, and we all had a good laugh. This was going to be the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

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