My Adventures as a Lesbian Ch. 02

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We were thinking of going at it again but I was concerned that we wouldn’t be able to stop. Plus she said that she would miss her flight if we did. After we got dressed again I pulled her close to me and stuck my fingers inside her panties and slipped 2 fingers in. Of course they went in easy.

“I had to feel the moistness again before you left,” I stated and then pulled them out and ran my fingers across her lips.

“Don’t wash that off until after your plane ride ends. When you feel like your lips are getting dry I want you to into the bathroom on the plane and finger yourself until you cream again and wipe it on your lips. I’ll be thinking of you the whole time too.”

“You are amazing,” was all she could say as she walked away.

I knew I had her and that she would do this all the way to her destination. That made me smile and get wet all at the same time. That was intense and now I was exhausted. I went to the holding area for my gate and decided to pull out the laptop and catch up on some shows to pass the time. After a couple of episode of Friends I saw that my plane was now boarding. I put away my laptop into my carry-on bag and started to get on the plane. I was in heaven that this looked like this wasn’t going to be a full flight. Score one for me. I usually like to grab a seat near the back of the plane. I wanted to call my girlfriend to tell her what just happened and ask if she was in a better mood. The phone rang a couple of times and she picked up and said that she was really sorry for her mood earlier and that she has a surprise gift waiting for me at the hotel and then hung up. Now my mind was racing with the thought of what she sent me. I mentioned that I am the horny one well she is the more perverted one in our relationship. The stewardesses started their safety speech and asked us to buckle up. I fastened my belt and next thing I knew we were up in the air. I forced myself to go to sleep so I would be rested when I got to the hotel.

It didn’t take long after the plane landed for me to get my bags and get a cab to the hotel. I walked up to the front desk and began to check in. The woman at the desk was beautiful. I started to feel a tingle between my legs and my nipples were starting to get erect and poke through my shirt. I saw her look at them and she wasn’t afraid to show that she wasn’t shy about staring.

“Hi, My name is Danielle and I’m here to check in.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Danielle. If you could give me your identification and credit card I’ll start the process.”

Her voice was just as beautiful as the rest of her. I guess I should describe her so you could appreciate this too. She was about 5’11 very slim with long brown hair that was down past her shoulders. Green eyes that seem to be able to pierce right through you. I couldn’t tell about her ass but her breasts were perfect and her nipples were bursting through the fabric of her shirt. I handed her my ID and credit card. She took copies and ran the card and came back and handed me my room keys.

“There is also a package that came earlier today for you. I was told to make sure that you don’t open it until you get up to your room.”

She handed it to me and I grabbed my suitcase and got to my room as fast as I could. I threw the suitcase in my room and started to open the package and was in heaven with what I saw. Inside was a note that was attached to a rather unique set of sex toys that I have ever seen. It was a rather large butt plug that looks like it could be inflated to different sizes. The other toy is a set of large balls that would vibrate. Then there was a set of tiny panties that had a vibrator built into the panties that when put on would be right at my clit. I was in heaven with this package. I picked up the note and it said

“As soon as you get this package I want you to take out each of the toys and lay them on your bed. I then want you to get naked and take out your laptop and then skype me.”

I immediately got naked, took out the toys and laid them on the bed. I then grabbed the laptop and started to call her via skype. She popped up on the screen.

“I see you are following the directions well. What I have planned for you is going to drive you crazy.”

“I can’t wait. What do you want me to do.” I forgot to mention that I had the webcam setup perfect that she could see me laid out in all my glory.

“I want you to grab the butt plug and put it in you right now. No lube just put it up your ass right now. I am sure that it will go in easy for you.”

I was laying on my back so I lifted my legs up and shoved it in. It did go in relatively easy.

“That felt pretty damn good.”

“Were just getting started. These toys were specially made from a sex toy designer that I know and I can’t wait to see how they work on you.”

“They do look great but what’s so special about them?”

All of a sudden I started to feel the plug vibrate and inflate which blew my mind. It stopped inflating casino oyna but was vibrating intensely and then stopped.

“How the hell did you do that?

“From my phone. There is an app that was created for me to be able to control all of the toys that I sent to you. This is going to be so much fun. Now grab the balls and put them in your pussy and then put on the panties. Make sure the vibrating nub is on your clit.”

I slid the balls in my pussy and then quickly put the panties on.

“Lay back down so I could see the look on your face.”

I laid back down and waited for whatever she was going to do. All of a sudden the Plug was inflating and deflating in my ass. The balls in my pussy seemed to grow too and were vibrating something fierce. The last and final touch was the vibration on my clit. I was on sensory overload. All of a sudden everything stopped.

“So here is what I am going to do to you. Throughout the day I am going to randomly turn these on to drive you nuts. It might be one at a time and super slowly or I might go batshit insane and hit it all at once and keep it that way for a good period of time. I am sure at one point that you will find some cute woman to try and seduce. The rules are simple. If you do get a girl and you convince her to fuck you with a strap on you could only take out one of the toys. She can either fuck you in the ass with the balls in or vice versa. Oh I forgot to tell you that the strap-on that you need to use is the one in the box. You have to text me that this is happening so I can have some more fun on my end. The best part is that you have to wear the white sundress that’s in there and you can’t wear a bra.”

“This is going to be amazing. You are one twisted as hell girlfriend and I love it.”

“On that note I am going to relieve some stress of my own” she said as she logged off.

Of course the strap-on that she sent would be the biggest one in our collection. I put the sun dress on and decided that it’s time to go. I put the strap-on in my purse just in case something happens. I wanted to be ready for anything. As I started to leave the plug started to inflate slowly and then stopped leaving me feeling full. This is going to be a long day but great one. It started to deflate but then the vibration started on all three of them. I had to stop and lean against the wall. I was trying my hardest not to cream myself already. I just thought of something that I want to be able to do and I went back and grabbed my laptop and put it in my bag and brought it with me. If I do get a chance to get fucked with my strap-on I wanted my girlfriend to watch it. I figured it’s only fair that way. My pussy was starting to drip all over the panties already. Just as I thought I couldn’t take any more it all stopped at once. I composed myself and began walking down the hallway to the elevator. I was trying to stop being aroused so I could get my nipples under control. They are seriously erect and poking through the sundress for all the world to see. I mentioned before that my ass drove people nuts well I was told that my nipples are the other thing that does them in. They are super sensitive and will perk up instantly. The sundress isn’t completely see through but pretty damn close. I was almost able to get myself under control before I got out of the elevator but then the damn balls in my pussy began to inflate and deflate to a slow rhythm and the vibrations inside were going in and out too. It felt amazing. I was hoping it would stop before the elevator stopped but it didn’t. As I started to walk out I bumped right into the woman from the front desk and my bag went flying to the ground. I apologized and went to get it and she went down to get it first. The bag popped open and the strap-on was in plain view for her to see. I tried to scoop it up but she was already on the way down to get it. As she went for the bag I saw that she saw the toy and then she glanced up my dress and she had a look of complete look of lust on her face.

She said “I am so sorry for knocking your bag down but I am not gonna lie but I am glad that I did.”

“Oh is that so.”

She leaned into me and whispered in my ear and said “I am going to take out that strap-on later and fuck the shit out of you.”

Ok so that took me by complete surprise.

She then said “Your girlfriend called me and she let me in on what’s going on with you. She took a chance that I would be excited and she was right. I am not gonna take you back to your room yet. I want you to walk through town getting more and more aroused. By then you will be begging me to fuck you and I will. First I will take off your creamed panties and stuff your mouth with them while I consider what I want to start with.”

I just creamed all over my panties at that. Suddenly it all stopped again. I was shivering with excitement.

“I don’t know if I can wait until then.”

“Too bad you are going to have to. Be back here at 10:00 tonight.” she said as she walked canlı casino away and went back to the front desk.

It was only 1:00 now. I am in serious trouble but in a good way. I took one last look at her and she winked seductively as I walked out of the hotel. I had a couple of things that I put down as my must see things to do while in New York. I was only here for the weekend. The first I wanted to do is go up to the top of the Empire State building. I flagged down a cab and asked him to take me there. Just as we started to go everything was going all at once. The clit stim and the balls in my pussy were on the same vibration while the plug was on a separate vibration. Here was the unique part both the plug and balls were inflating slowly and not stopping. All of a sudden I received a text on my phone and it said “I am not going to stop the inflation until you tell me to stop.”

I was starting to lose myself to the rhythm of everything. I came all over myself and the cream was dripping down my legs. I feel so full and I don’t want to stop. I want to see how far I could push myself. I wanted to rip off my dress and lose myself completely. I couldn’t hide the fact that I was orgasming in the back of his cab. Another text came through “are you alright? I am taking this pretty high.”

I finally conceded and texted back “please stop it there.”

Everything stopped and they were deflating back to normal.

“Thanks. Now I know what extreme I can play with. Especially when Danielle is fucking you.”

“I am going to be a hot mess when that happens”

We arrived at the Empire States building. I went to pay the cabbie.

He said ” Mam, with the show you just gave me I don’t need payment. I just need to get home to my wife so I can tell her what just happened and I am guaranteed a good time after that.”

“Glad to help with that and thanks I appreciate the generosity.

I stepped out and looked up and thought this is going to be awesome. As I was about to go in my phone rang and it was my girlfriend. I have been going on and I forgot to tell you her name is Misty.

“So where are you at?” she asked.

“Outside of the Empire States Building.” I answered.

“Alright here is what I want you to do. Take a while and find the cutest girl that you see and hand the phone over to her.”

I said I would and I started looking around and tried to find the hottest girl I could. It didn’t take long. There was a beautiful blonde girl with an absolute amazing ass in a black little mini skirt that I had to have. I walked up to her and asked if she could take my phone. I told her someone wanted to talk to her. She took the phone and all I could hear was her saying something about almost absolutely anything. She started to turn red and handed the phone back to me.

“What did you say to her?

“Have fun” was all she said and she hung up.

I looked to the blonde girl and asked what she said.

She looked at me and said “I was told that I have the right to have you sexually please me anyway I see fit and that you can’t say no. She told me to have you text her before you start.”

She began to flag down a cab and asked him to go to Central Park. We were there in no time at all.

As we got out she grabbed me by the hand and said that she knew of a perfect spot where no one would bother us. It was a small bridge that was off the beaten path. I can’t believe this is happening. She had a look of lust about her. When we got there she asked me to take off the dress.

“I want you naked when you are pleasing me and don’t forget to text your girlfriend. I can’t wait to see what she is going to do to you while you are burying your face in my ass. This is my lucky day.”

“That it is” I replied while I sent the text. “I am naked in Central Park and about to get started.”

It didn’t take long for Misty to start the assault of the toys.

I turned to her and said “What do you want me to do? I am all yours.”

She pulled her panties down to her ankles and turned around and said “I want you to crawl over her and make love to my ass.”

I got down on my knees and crawled over to her. She bent over slightly and I pulled her ass cheeks apart and started to lick around her asshole but not touching it directly. I love making love to another girls asshole. Misty says it’s one of the reasons she loves me. As I was licking around her asshole I started to rub her clit. She was already soaked. I asked if I could slide my fingers in her and she moaned and said please. I then put 2 fingers in her and stopped teasing her ass and went for it. I was delving deep and she was loving it. Her legs were starting to shake and she was having a hard time staying up. I was looking for a relatively clean spot. I found it and asked if she would sit on my face.

“I want you to come on me while you are on top of me and have your ass smother me and your cream all over my face.” I said as I laid on the ground.

She kaçak casino immediately sat on top of me and said “Please make me cum.”

I told her I wanted her to finger herself while I am eating out her ass. She slid 2 fingers in and out of her pussy while I was going to town on her ass. I knew it wouldn’t take long and I was right. She squirted all over me. I couldn’t hold back any longer and I squirted so hard that the balls came out of my pussy. I saw her look down and saw the balls inflating and pulsating on the ground.

She asked “Could I have those inside of me. I have to see how that feels.”

Who am I to say no. “Reach into my bag and get the sanitizer to clean them off first.”

She went for my bag and then pulled out the strap-on and asked if she could be fucked in the ass while the balls were in her pussy. I couldn’t believe that I was going to get to do what the woman at the front desk was going to do to me later. I should also mention that the strap-on that I have is a beast. It is 10 inches long and about 2 inches thick. I walked over to her and asked her to hand them to me. She did. The balls almost felt alive. I told her to bendover straight legged so I could get at her real good. I placed the balls inside her. I then quickly texted Misty and told her to go to town on the balls. From the reaction of the blonde she listened. I could tell it wouldn’t take long for her to squirt again. I started to put the harness on and waited for her to cum again. I could tell she was about to squirt again so as soon as she did I pushed the strap-on into her ass slowly. I knew she was going to be full from the balls so I didn’t want to be too crazy. She looked back at me and asked to slam it in. I did as she asked. I buried it balls deep and kept it there. She squirted again and this time the balls flew out as they did me.

“Please slide it in and out. I want to be fucked hard.” She screamed.

I pulled it back and then slammed it in again and again until I got a good rhythm going. She was not able to speak coherently anymore. I think she came another 2 times. I lost count. I know I came about another 3 times while fucking her. I finally pulled out and as I did and I went down to her gape and licked around it until it closed around my tongue. I was wiggling it in there and she squirted so hard that she sank back into me as she couldn’t stay upright any longer. It was awesome. I was naked and cum soaked and loving it. I asked her if she wanted anymore and she wanted to say yes but I could tell she was spent.

“Holy shit that was amazing. I can’t believe this just happened and I want to thank you for some of the best orgasms of my life.”

“Happy to help”

I texted to Misty that we were done. All of the toys stopped immediately.

“Your girlfriend is one lucky person.” She said as she reached down to pick up the balls and handed them to me.

I grabbed them and put them back inside me and then put my panties back on. I grabbed the sundress and out it back on. I didn’t want to wipe myself off. It felt too good. I pulled her close and kissed her and then began to walk away. The rest of the day went by relatively quickly with random orgasm all throughout the day. I was so horny that it was beginning to get hard to think clearly. I looked at my phone and it was close to 10:00. I was close enough to the hotel so I decided just to walk the rest of the way. I looked at the desk and saw that the woman was not there. I was completely disappointed. I took the elevator up to my floor. I got out and went to my room. I was shocked and happy as hell at the same time. Inside was the woman at the desk and she was wearing a beautiful pair of black lacy crotchless panties and her nipples were poking out through a matching bra.

“Surprise” she stated rather sexily. “I know when last we spoke I wasn’t sure what I wanted to start with. Well I went shopping and decided that I wanted to be creative.”

All along the bed were various sizes of dildos, vibrators and light shackles. There was one that caught my eye as being rather large but creative. It was basically a super large anal dildo but it had three heads on it in place of a large bead. That one is going to do me in.

She walked up to me and pulled my panties down and pulled them to her face and began to lick some of the cream off of them. She looked over at me and said “I want you to text your girlfriend and tell her not to turn on the clit stim in the panties.”

I did as I was told and texted her not to turn on the clit stim. After I did that she stuffed them in my mouth and had me turn around. As I did She put a rather large ball gag in my mouth.

“I need you to be quiet so I can have fun all night with you. Get on your back on the bed. I am going to do things to you that you will most likely eventually pass out. Don’t worry if you do I’ll be here when you wake up to start again.”

The bed inside was a canopy bed. She grabbed each of my wrists and shackled each to the bed post. Then she went between my legs and lifted them up so they were spread-eagled but not too far behind me. Basically she strapped it to the top of the canopy behind me. This is going to be wild…….

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