My Anal Questions Answered

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I want to relate my story directly to you, without dialog or drama. No names, just understand that I am a woman in my thirties who has had a valuable learning experience that I want to share with other women and any men that might be interested. I am open minded about sex, and I speak plainly about it. I hope that doesn’t offend anyone.

I am in a very good relationship with a man that has just improved even further.

In an intimate moment in bed one night my guy whispered that he wanted to ‘cornhole’ me. I had no idea what he meant and my silence must have led him to believe that I refused.

I talked to my best friend about this and she clued me in. She explained that it was a slang expression for anal sex. I had never had anal sex before but I was intrigued. I had some questions that she couldn’t answer. I think I embarrassed her by asking.

I wondered out loud if your anus would be stretched by anal sex, and if the stretching would be permanent. Then I wondered if that would allow the penis to slide in easier in subsequent episodes.

She just blushed and said she didn’t know. I mentioned that my guy has a large penis, maybe not porn size but larger than I had previously experienced. That caused her to blush even more. Too much information I guess.

In any case I was very interested, and I thought about it constantly for the next few days. I became aroused just imagining what it would be like, and I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

As I said, I had never experienced anal sex before, so that evening when I was masturbating I inserted my middle finger up my asshole. I finger-fucked myself as I rubbed kurtköy escort my clit, and I had a powerful orgasm.

The more I fantasized about it, the more I wanted to experience it. I decided to just do it, like the athletic shoe advertising.

The next night in bed, I went down and started to suck him off which he always enjoys. He just laid back and relaxed while I slid his cock in and out of my mouth. I know he expected me to finish him off but I surprised him.

I pulled his cock out of my mouth and quietly said “I think it is hard enough to go up my ass.”

The words went through him like electricity, and he quickly moved to help me turn over face-down. I left as much saliva on his cock as I could to hopefully help it go in.

I wanted him to feel welcome and to help him so I spread my butt cheeks open with both hands. I was so excited with anticipation for what was about to happen that I was trembling. I tried to relax my asshole and wait for it.

I felt the tip of his cock touch my asshole, and I tried to consciously make it open for him. That probably didn’t work but it didn’t matter, he pushed the head in to my virgin asshole and forced it open.

I let out a yelp and he paused, but I told him to not stop. He pushed a little farther into me, and I suddenly had a thought; what if I couldn’t take it all?

That was a fine time to think of that, it was too late to turn back now.

He continued to push and it continued to slide in, a little at a time. There was no pain, just a feeling of fullness and some pressure. I surrendered to it and thought if it becomes uncomfortable or it just won’t malatya escort go in any farther he will have to accept that and fuck me with that much of it.

Fortunately, that didn’t happen. He worked it into me deeper and deeper until his pubic bone came up against my butt. Miraculously, it was all the way in.

I could feel the head of his cock incredibly far up in my abdomen. I was in a state of total acquiescence, and I murmured to him to please fuck me until he cums.

He didn’t need directions, he began to slide it in and out of me, slowly and methodically. My asshole was so tight he couldn’t go fast, but the steady in and out was sending me into ecstasy.

Feeling his cock inside me so deep was more intimate than vaginal sex as he poked and probed at my insides. I have always been fascinated by the head of a cock, and I could feel every detail of his, and I thought about the tiny hole in the tip where the cum squirts out.

I wanted that to happen, but at the same time I did not want it to happen because I did not want this to ever end. I could not control that, of course, and I sensed him beginning to tense up.

He pushed every last fraction of an inch of his hard-on into me, and I felt it pulse and twitch as he grunted and groaned. With every twitch a spurt of cum squirted into me forcefully.

I do not have an orgasm every time I have sex, but I sure did this time. The sensation of his jizz gushing into me set me off. Nothing was touching or stimulating my clit but nevertheless I exploded in an intense orgasm.

He stayed in me and almost crushed me while we both breathed heavily and slowly recovered.

After kayseri escort a few minutes he pulled out of me, which took almost as long as it did to go into me. The head popped out and he flopped down on the bed beside me.

He thanked me for letting him ‘cornhole’ me, but I insisted it was I who should thank him for the best fuck of my life.

This became our regular way of having sex, and I loved it. On a few occasions one of us would want something different. I would ask him to fuck me in the cunt this time, or he would ask me to suck him off.

I enjoyed sucking his cock, and making him cum made me feel like I was in control for a change. Let’s face it, cum has an unpleasant taste, but I would eagerly swallow every mouthful he gave me. I developed a strong craving for his cum after he pumped so much of it up my asshole. I couldn’t get enough of it.

Our life together was wonderful. I walked around all day with his cum oozing out of my ass, and he seemed to be very happy.

I had coffee with my best friend one day, and I told her I had answered my questions. I told her that your asshole does get stretched out permanently by anal sex, and that after that happens the penis does slide into you easier. I told her how good it feels, especially when he shoots his load into you. She blushed with extreme embarrassment, but I could tell she was imagining what it would feel like. I bet she will talk her guy into doing it to her.

She is such a prim and proper little thing, it was amusing to picture her squirming and squealing as a big stiff cock disappeared up her asshole. Then I visualized her expression turning into bliss as she began to enjoy it.

I hope she does it, and I hope she tells me all about it. The fact that she told me what ‘cornhole’ meant had changed my life for the better. I hope I have changed hers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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