My Beloved Ch. 02

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“Start the camera.” She was using The Voice and I had no choice. The camera was carefully set to include the bed and the wall behind it. We were making our second film for our website Sissy Slave. This film included both My Beloved and her lover Phineas. We stood in a line in front of the camera. Almost immediately, I heard the “ping” of new people entering the site to watch. My Beloved had been advertising this live event for a week now.

“Now look at the camera and undress.” I had learned not to hesitate. I turned to face the camera and reached for my belt buckle. My Beloved on one side and Phineas on the other. Dropping my trousers did not reveal my panties. They were a sexy dark purple with lace trim around the waist and leg openings. When I took off my shirt, however, I stood between My Beloved and Phineas wearing only these panties. I could see the counter now and saw it at 207.

Phineas asked My Beloved if he could touch my ass. He said he wanted to see if my ass felt any different from hers. Of course, My Beloved said yes. I still faced the camera and Phineas rubbed, palmed it and squeezed my ass. His touch enflamed and engorged me. The counter now went over eight hundred. Eight hundred people watched my humiliation as my cock surged erect, clearly visible behind the thin material of my panty.

“Oh, look Sissy Boy, you got hard, didn’t you? Huh? Did you like having Phineas rub your ass? Hummmm? Answer me.”

“Yes,” I murmured, blushing bright red. Phineas continued to run his hand over my ass and my hard on strained against my panty.

“What did you say? I couldn’t hear you.”


“Answer properly, Sissy Bitch.”

“My Beloved, yes, I enjoy having Mr. Phineas touch my ass.”

“Well then, why don’t you tell him? Why don’t you tell him that you like having him touch Escort Bayan you.” I just hung my head in shame. The counter continued to rise. “What’s the matter, Sissy Bitch? Don’t want to talk to Phineas? Don’t want to tell him how much you like having his hand on your ass?” I shook my head no. “But does what you want matter? Huummm? Answer me.”


“Properly. Bitch.”

“My Beloved, what I want does not matter.”

“What does matter?”

Phineas’ hand slipped between my legs and grazed the back of my balls. A spasm of precum appeared on my panty.

“My Beloved, only what you want matters.”

“That’s right. So, thank him. Properly.”

In front of over a thousand people now, I blushed and said “Mr. Phineas, thank you for touching my ass. It feels good when you touch it.” My Beloved laughed.

“Very good, Sissy Bitch,, Now undress me.”

She turned to face Phineas and I stood behind her, reaching around to the buttons of her blouse. Phineas stared and smiled as I removed each piece, carefully folding it and laying it in the chair. When I removed her bra, he began to caress her and kiss her. Fortunately, her skirt zipped at the back so it was easy to lower down. Her panties followed, and she stood naked before him. He stepped back to look. Without having to be told, I moved around behind Phineas and began to unbutton his shirt.. It was harder to unbuckle his trousers since he was pressed up against her again. I could feel the hardness of his erection as I lowered the zipper. When I slide his boxers down, his cock sprang up against My Beloved’s pussy. She laughed.

She made me lie down on the bed and then she straddled my face as though we were going to 69. She even touched my hard on, gently with her fingers but each touch was a jolt of pleasure. Bayan Escort Her pussy was directly over my mouth.

“Lick me, Sissy Bitch. Get me wet and wide for Phineas.”

I began to run my tongue along her pussy and flicked towards her clit, just as she had taught me to. Then, I felt the bed move as Phinease knelt behind My Beloved. Instead of entering her, he ran the tip of his cock along her pussy, which was also right across my face. I licked him too.

“Okay Sissy Bitch, guide him into me, using only your tongue.”

It took some fumbling, which My Beloved seemed to enjoy, before I got his cock aimed right. He slid into her easily, and soon I was watching him sliding and out, fucking My Beloved inches in front of my face.

“Keep licking, Bitch.”

My beloved began to pant and Phineas had started moving in and out faster and herder. His balls slapped against my chin. And then the heavens opened up and streamed pleasure down on me. My Beloved had pulled down my panty and slid me into her mouth. Huge waves of pleasure ripped through me. I flailed about and redoubled my efforts between her legs. Then as suddenly as it had begun, her mouth was gone and I’d been tucked back into my panty.

And then she slapped my nuts. Hard. I shouted. “Keep licking, Bitch.” And she slapped me again. What had so recently flooded my body with pleasure now radiated pain. I put my lips where my mouth touched both her clit and his cock. Phineas’ balls had pulled up into his body so I knew he was close. And she rubbed her palms across my cock and the pleasure was back. She stroked me while Phineas started ramming into her, with me still sucking and licking. As soon as Phineas began to come into her, she started slapping my balls again. Over and over, while Phineas poured his cum into her. Escort I thought I would go mad, shouting and licking.

She stopped slapping me while Phineas slid out of her, restng his cock across my face. I licked it again to taste their combined funk. Finally, he pulled away and got off the bed.

“I haven’t come yet, Sissy Bitch” and My Beloved lowered her full pussy down onto my mouth. I started to lick her clit again when the first of Phineas’s cum slipped out and into my mouth. My beloved began to moan again and trace her fingers over my hard on. It felt so good that I moaned myself. Then she slapped me again, in the nuts, over and over while my tongue slid against her clit. She screamed while she came, rubbing herself wildly across my face, and slapping my balls.

When she was done cumming, she rolled off me and stood up. Both she and Phineas looked down on me, lying on the bed. My face was covered with cum and my cock still arched against my panty, now somewhat askew. I slowly became aware of the pinging of the web site’s counter. The camera was still on.

“You’re not going to let him cum?”


He smiled and started rubbing her breasts. “This is one fine woman,” he said to me.

“Yes, I know.”

“Answer him properly, Sissy Bitch.”

“Mr. Phineas, I know that My Beloved is a fine woman.”

“But you don’t fuck her? Why don’t you?” My beloved snuggled up a little bit, making it easier for his hands to run all over her body, and smiled.

“She won’t let me.”

“Why not?”

“She says that I can’t satisfy her.”

“But I can.”

“Yes, I know.”

“Answer him properly, Bitch.” My shame, me desire, them touching, the sound of The Voice; all of it swirled in my mind and I began to cry.

“I’m sorry. Mr. Phineas, I know you can satisfy My Beloved better than I can.”

“Thank him, Sissy Bitch.”

With tears running down my face, I said “Mr. Phineas, thank you for pleasing My Beloved since I cannot give her pleasure.”

My Beloved laughed and told me to turn off the camera.

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