My Best Friend’s Mom Ch. 02

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So the day before Monet came home, my friend Eugene came to the house and invited my parents and me for a small barbecue to welcome home his mom. I was really excited when I heard the news that Monet would be coming home so much so that I could not sleep that night. And when the big day came I was ready to burst with excitement.

When we got to Monet’s house we where met by my friend and he ushered us to their backyard where all the people where. Upon reaching the party at the back I immediately sought out my princess and to my delight she saw us first and waved to my parents to come to where she was. Oh how I was elated to see her again, she was dressed in just a white blouse and a white walking shorts that showed of her long slender legs and her full round ass. Just seeing her again gave me a throbbing hard on. After greeting us Monet ushered us into one of the tables and then sat there to chat with my parents. While she was I parents I could not take off my eyes away from her. So sensing that Monet was getting conscious of my staring at her I excused myself to go to the kitchen to get some beer from the fridge. So I stood up and went inside. While I was rummaging through the drinks inside the cooler I felt a soft hand cover my eyes

“Guess who?”

“Mrs. Towers?” I knew from her scent that she was.

Then she removed her hands from my eyes and I turned around. Then I kissed her passionately on the lips and my hands groped her body not knowing where to caress her in my excitement. Then I got her hand and then guided it to my throbbing member where she reached out and rubbed from the outside of my pants and then

“Oh did you miss me?” Monet asked me at the same time rubbing my hard on.

“Oh Yes Monet, I missed you so much!”

“Oh Joey, I really missed you too.”

“So can we do it here?” I asked her my hard on thinking for me now.

“No!” She giggled at my suggestion.

“Let’s go to the basement.” She countered.

So the two of us hurriedly went to the basement. The basement was small and it only contained a small table and a chair. After locking the door behind us we again were locked in a passionate embrace. Then after a few seconds I broke our kiss and then I slowly unbuttoned her blouse and then gently kissed both of her soft mounds, one after another. Then I reached behind her and then unhooked her bra, releasing hatay escort her full breasts. Then I lightly kissed her bare bosoms, licking her tense nipples sending her moaning in pleasure.

“Hhhhhuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmhhhhh…………………..I Love you Joey!” Monet moaned in absolute pleasure as I gently bit her nipples.

Then I knelt in front her and then undid her shorts and then let it fall to the floor. Then I pulled her panties down slender legs and then I lifted her on top of the table. Then as if by instinct Monet spread her legs wide apart exposing her wet pussy, so I sat on the chair and then passionately ate her pussy, licking her pussy lips and sucking her clitoris sending her quivering in delight.

“Hhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, hhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh…………….Joey you are the best baby!” Monet cried as she pushed my head deeper in to her vagina.

After a few minutes of eating her drenched pussy, Monet raised my head from her vagina and then told me

“Please put it in now, Joey”

I did not need any more encouragement, so I stood up and then guided my throbbing 10-inch member into her waiting pussy.

“Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Joey that feels really good!” Monet cooed as I slid my cock in and out of her drenched pussy.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhh Monet your pussy is really hot!” I moaned as the warmness of her vagina enveloped my cock.

“Haah, haaah,haaaaaa…………….. My hot pussy is just for you, baby, now fuck me hardeeeeeeeer!” Monet commanded me as I felt her vagina tightening up and milking my cock.

I did what I was ordered, so I brought her legs on my shoulders and then began to ram my cock violently in and out of her pussy.

“Oh Joey, oh Joey, oh Joeeeeeeeeeeeeeey……………………. I’m cumming!” Monet screamed as her body tensed up a sign of her experiencing an orgasm.

As she went down from her orgasm I kept on pounding my cock in to her spent vagina as I was nearing my orgasm.

“Haaaaah, haaaaaaah Mrs. Towers…………………………” I groaned as I pulled her body firmly in to mine and then flooded her vagina with my white sticky semen.

After coming furiously, the best that I had since she left, in to her I pulled my semi hard cock out of her drained pussy my semen dripping out of her vagina and down to her creamy white thighs. Then I pulled her up from the table and then she gave another burning kiss lasting about several minutes. When we broke our kiss Monet looked down at my cock, as it has grown erect again after our passionate embrace.

“Oh baby, we’ll have to take care of this later.” Monet giggled as she stroked my growing erection.

“But now we have to get back to the party, they might miss us there.” She told me as she buttoned up her blouse and put on her underwear and shorts.

“Oh Monet, I missed you, I love you.” I told her as I kissed her on the lips.

“I love you too, baby,” she countered as she returned my kisses and then broke it as she went upstairs to return to the party.

As I was watching my princess going up the stairs I was filled with excitement as she has now returned and I had plans for her and Mrs. Baker. I had yet to tell her what happened between her secretary and me while she was gone. But that can wait, for now I’m just happy to have her again. As the party wound up, me and my parents were getting ready to go home, Monet secretly handed me a note and gave me a seductive smile as we went out their front door. While in the car my parents kept on talking about the people at the party but all I could think of was Monet and how it felt good having her around again and being able to make love to her once more. When we got to the house I immediately went to my room and then opened the note Monet gave me.

Dear Joey;

I really missed you baby, I hope you can have time to see me tomorrow, say lunchtime at my office because we have a lot of catching up to do if you know what I mean? Love Monet

After reading the note I folded it again and then went to bed, I have an appointment with my princess tomorrow at lunch.

The next day I woke up early and did my household chores and then ran a few errands for my mom. I finished all my work at around 11 in the morning, which left me sometime to freshen up and to go to Mrs. Tower’s office. By 12 o’clock I was at Monet’s office and surely her secretary Mrs. Baker met me.

“Good Morning ma’am, is Mrs. Towers around?” I greeted Mrs. Baker acting as if she was just a mere acquaintance.

“Oh, she’s in a meeting right now. Would like to wait in her office?” Mrs. Baker answered my query and guided me to Monet’s office.

When we got to Monet’s office, Mrs. Baker then casually locked the door behind her. Then I sat on the chair in front of Monet’s desk and then Mrs. Baker closed the blinds on the windows and then walked up behind me. Then Mrs. Baker started to massage my shoulders giving me an instant hard on, and then she slowly unbuttoned my shirt and then ran her soft hands on my chest.

“Mrs. Baker! Monet might catch us!” I protested as I removed her hand from my chest.

“Oh, Joey don’t worry Mrs. Towers’ meeting will not be finished in a couple of hours, so we have time to do this, baby.” Etta reassured me as she got in front of me and then started to unbutton her blouse.

“Are you sure? Because she told me to come her lunch time.”

“Yes I’m sure, because the president of the bank just arrived.” She explained to me as she finished to unbutton her blouse.

“Now be a good boy and play with these.” Mrs. Baker instructed me as she offered her white, delicious bosoms to me.

Without saying a word I pulled her to me and then reached for the clasps of her bra and then gently unhooked her lace bra and then I slowly removed the lace fabric from her heaving breasts to reveal her voluptuous breast. Then I gently reached for one of her breast and then slowly ran my tongue on her nipple sending her to tremble in delight.

“Hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm………” Etta moaned as I sucked on her full tits.

As I passionately sucked and played with her bosom, Mrs. Baker’s hands wandered to my groin and then clumsily undid my pants. When she finally was finished with my pants my ten-inch cock sprang out of my jeans and as if on cue Mrs. Baker gently got hold of it and then slowly began to masturbate my aching cock.

“Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh………. Mrs. Bakeeeeeeeeer!” I pleasurably groaned as my mouth released her wonderful tits.

Then Mrs. Baker got on her knees and then positioned herself in between my spread legs and then started to lick the sides and the tip of my cock.

“Hhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm……… Mrs. Baker you are wonderful.”

Then Mrs. Baker slowly swallowed half of my cock and then began to suck the tip of my cock causing me to buck my hips wildly to follow her strokes.


As Mrs. Baker continued to suck my cock, I heard the knob of the door turn to open. And then without warning the door sprang open and lo and behold Monet was standing there and looking at her young lover getting sucked by her mature secretary.

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