My Best Friends Wife Ch. 1

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I had an exciting experience of a lifetime a few years ago that I’d like to share with you erotic story readers. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, but it’s always been a fantasy of mine to have a threesome with another woman. For those of you that have read my previous “Double Stuffed” and “Beth and Friends” stories, that might sound stupid, but in all the years that I was swinging I never had been alone with just two women and myself fucking each other. My second wife Sue and I talked about it many times, but we just never found anyone either willing to do it, or that we felt comfortable asking. Well, that last great fantasy came true back then from a most unexpected source.

I’ll begin by describing my wife Sue and myself. Sue is about 5’4″ and 120 lbs., with straight shoulder length light red hair, a great set of almost C-cup tits that have a slight sag to them, with nipples that stand out about a half-inch from her tits, and a well shaped ass and legs. My name is Jack and I am 5’10”, around 200 lbs., with sandy blonde hair. I keep myself in pretty good shape, occasionally working out, and have had many women compliment me on my body. I have an average size cock, 6 inches in length, but it is very thick (about 4-5 inches around).

It all started on a Saturday afternoon when Linda, my best friend Paul’s wife, called and asked if Sue and I wanted to come over there to have some take-out Chinese food and watch a movie she had rented. It would just be the three of us as her husband Paul was on a business trip and wouldn’t be back home for a week. We didn’t have any plans so we quickly agreed.

Before I go any further, I’ll give you some background about Paul and Linda. They moved into our town about 6 years ago. We met at a church social and quickly became the best of friends. Paul is 35, about 6′ tall and weighs about 230 lbs. We are best buddies — we both like to play golf and party. We share a lot with each other including how sexy our wives are, and our sexual adventures from the past. He is one of the few people that knows about my swinging lifestyle with both Sue and Beth. From several prior incidents, I know that he would love to fuck Sue and, from Sue’s mouth, she feels the same way. I’ll describe the prior incident later on in this story. His wife, Linda, is drop-dead gorgeous and sexy with curly shoulder length light brown hair. She’s 39, about 5’5″ tall and 130lbs., with really firm small B-cup tits (she doesn’t wear a bra too often and doesn’t need to), a great ass and legs, beautiful blue eyes, and a mouth shaped perfectly for giving head.

Since we met, I too have wanted to fuck her in the worst way. From what Paul had told me she was really wild in bed and had almost no inhibitions about anything sexual. As I said before, we were the best of friends. Many times when we’d been together we’d joke about fucking the other’s partner or grabbed a feel now and then, but nothing more than that. Paul said that they’ve talked about swinging or being with other partners but neither said they’d be comfortable watching their partner with someone else. I’ve always had the feeling that Linda was interested in me sexually, by some of her comments and her quick feels of my cock occasionally — which she said was just joking around. I also have seen the same going on between Paul and Sue with quick feels and kisses. I never thought it would go any further than that though, but as you will see, it did.

Sue and I went over there about 6:00PM. We ordered our food, ate and talked. After we finished eating, we went downstairs to their family room, put on a sappy romantic comedy that I don’t even remember the name of, opened some wine, and watched the movie. It was pretty lousy, even Sue and Linda thought so. We were on our second bottle of wine, feeling pretty good, and Linda started channel surfing for something good to watch. They have a dish and Paul installed a channel descrambler to be able to watch some of the XXX channels.

We couldn’t find anything we wanted to watch until she switched to one of the XXX channels. The scene balıkesir escort they were showing at the time was two women taking turns sucking on this guy’s huge cock. None of us said anything, but it was obvious that the scene caught our attention and no one was interested in changing it. Linda put the remote down and we sat intently watching the action. The guy came all over the two women’s faces with it dripping down off their chins. The next scene was two guys and one woman, with one guy fucking this beautiful big-titted blonde doggy-style while she was blowing the other one.

As this scene went on for a while, I was definitely getting hot and could see a tent starting to form in my lap. I was sitting between Sue and Linda and, looking over at them, I could see both of their nipples showing on the front of their sweatshirts, and Sue even had a bra on. Sue loves to watch porno flicks and really gets turned on by them and, from the looks of it, so did Linda.

I felt Sue’s hand rubbing up and down my thigh getting closer and closer to my rock hard cock. For the first time in a long time I had an erection like I was in my 20’s and 30’s. I don’t know if it was the wine or the company, but I knew I wasn’t going to let this opportunity go to waste. I still wasn’t sure if it was going to include just Sue and me.

I looked over at Sue and saw that she had her hand down the front of her sweatpants, playing with herself, and she was breathing hard with her excitement. I then felt a hand on my thigh and knew that it was Linda’s since Sue had both of hers busy doing other things. Linda’s hand was also moving higher and was quickly getting to my cock. She started to rub it through my sweatpants. As I looked over at Linda, she had pulled up her sweatshirt to her neck with her other hand and was pulling her nipples hard away from her chest. Her tits were perfect and her nipples had to be at least an inch long as excited as she was. Sue also has very long nipples when she’s excited and, comparing, they were about the same length. I reached my arm around the back of Linda’s neck and started to play with her other tit, pulling and pinching her nipple like she was doing to the other one. I leaned over to Linda and kissed her. Shoving my tongue down her throat, she quickly returned the favor, dueling with my tongue. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her drop her hand from her tit to copy Sue putting it down the front of her sweatpants to play with herself. At this point, I was pretty sure my two women fantasy was about to come true. I was pretty sure that Sue would be fine with it, but I started to feel a little guilt about fucking my best friend’s wife. That lasted about 10 seconds as Linda continued to stroke my cock and I thought about the scene between Paul and Sue about a month before (I’ll describe that later).

I stopped kissing Linda for a second and looked over at Sue. She winked at me, which was our sign that everything is okay. Sue had pulled her sweatshirt and bra up exposing her gorgeous tits and started to take it off over her head. I think that Linda saw Sue removing her shirt so, as I turned back toward her, she was in the process of taking hers off. I immediately bent over and took one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked and lightly bit on it, which drove her wild. It seems like the harder I bit it the more excited she got.

She then spoke the words I never thought I would hear, “Please fuck me. I need your big cock in me.”

I gently lowered her down on her back still sucking her tit and, kneeling between her legs, started to pull her sweatpants and panties slowly off. I was really surprised as I exposed her cunt that it was completely shaven bare, something that really turns me on. Her cunt was also soaking wet. I could see her juices coming out from in between the lips and wetting the couch beneath her. I couldn’t resist going down on her before we fucked and buried my face in her sweet smelling crotch, sucking on her exposed clit, then tonguing her slit up and down. Linda was bucking her hips up toward my tongue trying to get more of it into her.

While this was going on Sue was slowly stroking my hard-on with one hand and was shoving two fingers up her cunt with the other. She also had taken off her sweatpants and panties and was completely naked. I could sense that Linda was getting close to cumming and so was I. I lifted Linda’s legs up, resting one on the back of the couch and the other on my shoulder, giving me wide access to her soaking wet pussy. Sue helped position my cock at the entrance to Linda’s cunt and rubbed it up and down over her clit a few times while Linda was begging me to put it in. Not wanting this to end quickly, and also not wanting to hurt her with my thick prick, I slowly started to work the head in with Sue’s help holding it. I was slowly moving it in and out letting her get used to the size.

After I had about 3 inches in, she begged me, “Ram it in and fuck me hard. I want to be fucked without mercy.”

Never one to turn a lady down, I shoved the rest of it in and started to piston it into her as fast as I could. I think I was hitting her G-spot as she was screaming for me to keep fucking her hard and fast and slamming back at me as hard as I was slamming. I knew I wouldn’t last very long like this so was happy when shortly thereafter she yelled out that she was cumming. With that I could feel my cum starting to build up and we both came together as I slammed into her as hard as I could and emptied my cum deep in her cunt. Linda was bucking and screaming as she almost bent in two, stiffened and came violently, bucking all over the couch. What a hot fuck she was!!!!!

I sat back catching my breath. Linda was lying there looking like she was dead, but had a little smile on her face. I knew I had done a good job fucking her!! Sue sat down beside me and kissed me saying that she really enjoyed watching us, but wanted to get off also feeling a little left out. I knew that it would be a while before I could get it up and, not wanting to disappoint her, I laid her down on the couch and dove into her soaking wet cunt, sucking her clit between my lips. I reached up and started playing with her tits, pulling on her long nipples and alternately pinching and twisting them. She was hot to trot and I knew it wouldn’t take long for her to cum. Sure enough, not more than five minutes of this, and she announced that she was cumming and exploded into a massive orgasm.

Although it had only been probably fifteen minutes or so since I came in Linda, I was starting to get another hard-on fucking Sue with my tongue. I sat back again and glanced over at Linda, who obviously must have been watching Sue, and I saw that she was playing with her tits and clit again. This was unbelievable as we both were starting to get hot for each other again. I knew from talking to Paul that Linda loved anal sex, and I hoped that this next round would include planting my cock into her great-looking ass. I pulled her up and she knew as I turned her around onto her hands and knees what I wanted to do, and she had no problem with it.

I reached under her and took her cunt juices and spread them onto her asshole and my cock and reached behind me to do the same with some of Sue’s cum. I told her I would go slowly as to not hurt her, but she was playing with herself again and I knew that the gentleness wouldn’t last long as she got more and more excited. Sure enough after putting about 2 inches into her ass she was begging me to ram it in all the way and pound her hard. Again, being the gentleman I am, I was more than glad to accommodate her, ramming it in to the hilt and fucking her ass fast and furious. Sue came around to the side of where we were fucking and started to suck on one of Linda’s swaying tits and playing with the other one with her hand. This seemed to intensify Linda’s efforts to cum as she continued to play with her clit as I pounded my dick into her pink rosebud. I noticed that Sue’s hand had moved down from her tit, and later found out that she was shoving two fingers up Linda’s cunt at the same time. After about five minutes we were ready to cum, and I rammed it home as hard as I could and emptied my load into her bowels. All three of us were exhausted by our efforts and laid back on each other almost ready to pass out.

After about 15 minutes, making no effort to put our clothes back on, we had another glass of wine and talked about how exciting the evening was. Sue and I got dressed shortly after as Linda walked us to the door still naked and kissed both of us goodnight. What a night!!! I didn’t know where this would lead if anywhere, but I sincerely hoped this wouldn’t be the last time I got to fuck Linda. They said that variety is the spice of life, and I believed it.

Anyway back to the scene about a month ago that I referred to earlier. One Friday night Paul and Linda had a big fight, he walked out and came over to our house, told us about what happened and we proceeded to have a few drinks together as he tried to cool off. After three or four Scotches we were all feeling no pain, especially Sue who doesn’t drink that much. As she went to the refrigerator to get more ice passing by Paul he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her down on his lap saying that she looked tense and started to give her a neck and back massage. She was obviously enjoying it and laid her head back on his shoulder giving in to the enjoyment of the massage.

From experience I knew that Sue really got turned on by this, and as I sat there in my chair I wondered just how far this would go. As I said earlier, Paul had told me how much he wanted to fuck Sue and I knew that Sue felt the same toward Paul. Paul also knew that I wouldn’t mind if that happened. I could see her nipples getting hard through her T-shirt. She doesn’t often do it, but she wasn’t wearing a bra that night. I think that Paul noticed it also, along with her breathing getting heavier. He started to suck on her neck and ears and had worked his hands under the back of her shirt and I could see he was working them around toward the front and her tits. She wasn’t stopping him and I sure wasn’t. I could see him cupping her tits and it looked like he was pinching both of her nipples with his hands. She released a low moan as he continued to play with them. After a minute or two of this he got more bold and lifted her shirt up toward her neck exposing her braless tits and at the same time started to kiss her passionately. Seeing no resistance he stopped playing with her tits, reached around her, and undid her belt and unbuttoned her jeans. He then, with her help, starting to slide them off her hips working them down past her knees to around her ankles.

I reached down and took them the rest of the way off. She still had her shirt bunched up by her neck, but that didn’t last long as Paul pulled it off over her head leaving her just with her French-cut black panties on. With one hand he started to play with her left tit again and with his right slid it down under her panties and started to play with her cunt and clit. I was sitting on the kitchen floor between her legs, rubbing up and down her thighs, taking in Paul’s seduction of my wife. I could see Sue rubbing Paul’s cock as he continued to kiss her and play with her tits and pussy. She was ready for action and abruptly stood up, grabbed us by our arms, and led us into the bedroom.

Paul and I were taking off our clothes as Sue laid back on our bed and was taking her panties off when, just at the wrong time, the doorbell rang. I quickly put my clothes back on, as did Paul, and Sue and I answered the door. It was Linda looking for Paul. I was about to tell her that we hadn’t seen him when he came out of the bathroom, and I realized that his car was in the driveway so Linda knew he was at our house anyway. He went in there to escape detection when we were interrupted. Anyway, they ended up making up and went home shortly thereafter.

After they left, Sue and I had a torrid 69 session to cool us off from the previous action. We both were disappointed that we didn’t get to finish what was started and Paul was as well I found out a few days later. At the time, I didn’t know where this would lead, but hoped all four of us would get together to satisfy our desires someday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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