My Boyfriend Offers Me to His Bro

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Oh damn, I’d rather be at the club than here but my boyfriend, Jeremy, insisted. I love him so much. I’d do almost anything to make him happy. We’re seniors in high school and have been going out for the last six months. I had a crush on him for over a year and he finally noticed me once I turned eighteen and my body became more womanly. He’s a jock, a star on our football team. I know he doesn’t love me for my straight A grades and brain. But I’d don’t care. I just want to be with him. He was the first and only boy I’ve had sex with or ever wanted to. He has my heart forever. I can see an Amanda, Jeremy wedding in our future.

Here we are in Kyle’s parent’s rec room. He’s Jeremy’s best bro and the quarterback on our team. Most people think he’ll get a scholarship to some big university. Jeremy, idolizes him. It’s eleven o’clock at night and Kyle’s parents are out of town. Cindy, Kyle’s pretty cheerleader girlfriend is here too. We’re laughing, talking, drinking beer and smoking grass while listening to our kind of music.

Now Kyle has put on some slow sexy music and turned down the lights. He and Cindy begin an intimate slow dance and are soon necking passionately as their body’s press together swaying to the rhythm. It’s easy to tell where they’re heading.

Jeremy stands and offers me his hand to dance. I rise, kiss him and we begin. I can tell he’s hot and horny. I whisper in his ear, “Let’s go to your place and make out.”

He answers in a low firm voice, “No baby, this is good.”

Okay, I think, if that’s what you want. We kiss deeply. I look over at the other folks. Kyle’s hand is massaging Cindy’s bum through her short skirt. I can see his eyes in the semi-darkness looking at me as he kneads her bottom. He has an evil smile on his face that sends a worry through me. I look away and lean my cheek against Jeremy’s muscular shoulder. Soon, I feel my man’s hands slide to my bottom and caress my ass-cheek. It’s embarrassing to be intimate in front of others, but I’d never say anything, especially in front of Jeremy’s teammate. Luckily, I have my jeans on, not a skirt.

I hear a groan from the other couple and Kyle says in a deep voice loud enough for us to hear, “Yes, baby, feel my dick. Yes, just like that.”

Oh god, I get a panicky feeling and hold Jeremy tighter.

He whispers into my ear urgently, “Feel me.” I hesitate. He says quietly but firmly, “I said, feel me.”

I comply and cup his crotch. His penis is soft but soon thickens and lengthens.

He gives a manly grunt and says loudly, “That’s right Amanda, stroke my cock.” Oh god, how embarrassing.

We dance on and soon Jeremy’s hand slips below my jean waistband and down to the bare skin of my bum. This is all making me very horny. I peak over at the other two and Cindy’s skirt is hiked up at the back and Kyle’s hand is massage her ass under her red panties. Kyle is looking at me with a big shit-ass grin on his handsome face. He watches as Jeremy reaches up to my breast and cups it through my sweater. Having him watch me makes me feel like a slut but I close my eyes and feel the pleasure of my boyfriend’s touch. The beers and the marijuana we’ve been smoking reduce my inhibitions. This sensuous play all seems so natural and loving.

The music ends, and Kyle puts on another slow ballad.

My boyfriend asks, “Where’s the washroom Kyle?”

“It’s upstairs and down the hall on your right. Do you mind if I have a dance with your girlfriend?”

“No, go ahead.”

I surge of adrenaline goes through me. I can’t object. Jeremy disappears and Kyle opens his arms and I move into his embrace. He is tall and his body is rock hard. I lean my head on his chest and our bodies slowly rock intimately together. My body is a bit stiff as I’m confused. Kyle is so masculine, and his embrace feels instinctively great but enjoying it feels like a betrayal of my boyfriend.

He whispers in a manly voice, “Jeremy is so lucky to have such a hot girlfriend like you.”

I squeak out a nervous, “Thanks.”

“Yes, you have such a nice ass.” His hand goes to my bottom. My mind is in a panic. Do I make a scene? Do I do nothing? Fortunately, Jeremy comes back into the room. I’m saved.

Kyle shouts, “Hey, why don’t you dance with Cindy. Your girlfriend is a great dancer.”

Both his hands are massaging my ass in plain sight and I expect my boyfriend to say something.

I hear, “Sure Kyle. Good idea.”

Oh heavens. Maybe I’m just being a prude or something. We slowly sway to the beat of the music. I look over at Jeremy and Cindy as they’re both getting intimate. She is even kissing Jeremy around his neck and ear as he feels her body.

When my back is away from the others Kyle shoves his hand deep into the back of my jeans and under my panties. His index finger even slides down my crack. Thank god, Jeremy can’t see this.

He whispers into my ear, “Yes, I’ve been admiring your sweet body since you’ve been going out with my best friend.”

He moves gaziantep escortlar a hand to my breast and cups it.

“And such beautiful tits.”

I want to run over to Jeremy but know in my heart that would be wrong to come between the two men. His fingers tweak my nipple and my body betrays me as my nipples get almost painfully hard. I moan in pleasure instinctively.

He whispers, “That’s what I like, a horny girlie.”

His hand caressing my buttocks and the other massaging my sensitive breast overwhelm my senses and good judgment. With no thought from me, my lips kiss the top of his chest. I can feel my pussy start to throb and flow love juice. I can smell the distinctive feminine odor in the air. Or maybe that’s from the other girl.

Kyle steps back, “Hey guys, let’s smoke another joint. The party’s just getting started.”

He pulls me over to the long sofa and we sit. Jeremy and Cindy join us with her on the other side of Kyle and Jeremy beside me on my right. It’s a girl-boy-girl-boy with me sandwiched between two guys. My senses cool as we pass the joint. I feel a flash of good feelings wash over my mind and body from the weed. The joint is finished and Kyle embraces Cindy and Jeremy and I kiss passionately. Jeremy cups my breast and I feel his crotch. The air is filled with heavy breathing and moaning. My boyfriend hand goes under my sweater and slips under my bra to my bare breast. His masculine touch is crazy making.

From behind me I hear, “That’s right Cindy, take off your clothes.”

I look up at Jeremy’s face and I see his eyes staring over my shoulder at the scene behind me as I know the cheerleader is stripping naked. His eyes have a horny , hungry look. I can feel his erection get granite hard. Another adrenaline surge sweeps over me. Oh my god, the men will want me to strip too.

Jeremy looks down at me with a look that’s sending a clear signal to follow Cindy’s lead.

He whispers into my ear softly, “Only if you want to do it for me, my love.”

That seals it. I’d always said I’d do anything for him, so here goes. I stand up and pull my sweater over my head. Kyle is looking at me with that shit-ass grin again. With a burning, blushing face, I undo my bra and drop it to the floor.

Kyle, the horn-dog shouts in pure glee, “Way to go sexy girl.”

Next go the jeans which I take off by sitting back on the sofa. My panties were still on when I buried my face in Jeremy’s shoulder in shyness. Kyle gives me a stinging slap on the side of my butt with a big roar of laughter.

He shouts, “Now it’s the guy’s turn!” He stands up, Jeremy follows and they quickly strip totally nude. They have perfect young, athletic bodies and impressive male equipment. I can’t help looking at Kyle’s big, semi-hard penis.

Kyle goes over to the music equipment and puts on another slow dance. He casually and confidently walks back, totally nude and says to Jeremy, “Can I have this dance with your girlfriend?” Jeremy nods and Kyle offers his hand. I’m trapped. I lift my hand to his and he pulls me up to stand with him. The other two stay on the sofa and start kissing. I feel a twinge of jealousy but go with the flow. I know Jeremy loves me.

Kyle pulls me into his strong embrace. The sensation of skin on skin on his perfect body feels so illicit but so good. My breasts are pressed to his chest. I can feel my heart beating wildly. His half-hard penis is touching the Y of my crotch and our hips are in contact. I put my hands behind his neck in surrender giving total access to my body. Cindy, the little tart, is all over my boyfriend. I must be as sexy as her. Kyle kisses my ear and takes an ass cheek in each of his strong hands. An instictive loud moan comes from my throat. I bite my lip in embarrassment. Jeremy must have heard that.

My dance partner says, “Take off those panties baby. You won’t be needing them.” I take them off in a blink. My body is crying out to be touched in all my private areas. My breathing comes in shallow pants. I kiss his chest and nipples. I look over at my boyfriend and Cindy. She’s giving him oral sex on her knees between his legs as he sits back on the sofa watching me and Kyle. I feel another twinge of jealousy but that evaporates when Kyle puts a finger under my chin and lifts my lips to his. We kiss deeply and our tongues dance together. He’s such a great kisser. His hand goes to my crotch and dips under my cleanly shaven mons to my dripping wet pussy lips below. Holy fuck, does that feel fucking wonderful. I hide my face away from Jeremy and reach down to Kyle’s manhood. It’s hard but the skin is as soft as velvet and oh so perfect. I know I shouldn’t be doing it, but I stroke the shaft slowly.

Kyle pulls me to the sofa opposite the other couple. We sit side by side and he pulls my head to his crotch. “Suck my dick, sweetheart just like Cindy is doing Jeremy.”

After seeing Cindy suck Jeremy’s cock, I knew this would happen, but I’m embarrassed to do it in front of my true love. “Can we go up to your bedroom?”

“No way sweetie. I want your boyfriend seeing you suck my dick and guess what if he fucks Cindy, your getting this cock in that sweet pussy of yours.”

My fate has been sealed. I go to my knees on the carpet between his legs. I want my back to my boyfriend, so I don’t have to watch Cindy being intimate with him on the other sofa behind me. Kyle’s crotch is shaved clean of pubic hair. I grasp the shaft of his circumcised penis. It’s so long that it’s still three inches over my fist. The girth, thank goodness, is about the same as my boyfriend’s.

Behind I hear my man’s voice, “Fuck, Cindy, that feels great.” Oh well, I can’t feel too bad about being here with a new man with him having fun with another girl. I wrap my lips around the head of Jeremy’s cock and stroke it slowly just as my boyfriend likes it. I swirl my tongue around the head lodged in my mouth.

Jeremy purrs, “Wow, do you know how to suck cock baby. MMmmmm. Look up at me.”

I look up. He’s lying on his back with his head propped on the back of the sofa. He brushes my long hair to the side to see everything. His eyes are drilled into mine and his handsome face has a very horny look to it. My private parts are burning. His lips break into that shit-ass grin again. It’s like he can look deep into my primal brain. A giant blush burns my cheeks. His gaze is just too intense, and I look away. I want to move my free hand to my crotch for some needed relief but that would be too slutty.

“Lick my dick up and down. Sweetheart.” I take my fist away and place my palms on his rock-hard thighs. I lick his stiff erection from the base to the tip several times. “Cup my balls when you’re doing that.” His ball-sack is hanging low and the eggs inside roll away from my touch. Geez, I wish he wouldn’t talk so loudly. The others can hear his dirty talk and know the stuff I’m doing.

He grips my head with both hands and moves my lips to the tip of his weapon. It bumps against my lips and I open them. He pushes my head down so his member slides in over my tongue to the back of my mouth. I’m about to gag when he lifts my head, so my lips just circle the engorged head before dipping it again and again and again. My brain is befuddled. Jeremy grunts and pants like an animal. He stops suddenly and pulls my head high letting his penis fall from my mouth. It’s shiny from my saliva.

“Oh fuck, I almost came there. Way too soon for that. Come up here baby.” He pats the sofa beside him. I feel so tiny and girlish next to him. I snuggle in to his muscular torso while glancing over at the other sofa. Kyle and Cindy in a passionate embrace, kissing with their hands deep in the other’s crotch. Cindy’s legs are spread wide like a harlot. I have a bolt of jealousy shoot through me. But the scene is so erotic. I’ve see a lot of internet porn but never people making out in real life. It’s so very sexy.

Jeremy puts the tips of his fingers under my chin, lifts and turns my face to his. He pulls me to him and my breasts mash against his muscular chest. His arms are wrapped around me so tightly that air spills from my lungs. My arms are pinned to my sides. He is so strong. I kiss him on his neck below his jaw in total surrender. He loosens his hug and air fills my lungs again. Our bodies part as he pushes me back to look at my naked body. I can see his eyes eating up first my breasts and then down to my crotch. Without a conscious thought, my knees part to offer up a better view of my sex.

Kyle’s erection twitches and this catches my eye. I can’t help myself, I reach down and hold the shaft. Its like velvet over granite. My pussy is burning up. I’ll die if I don’t get some relief.

I move my lips close to his ear and as secretly as possible I whisper, “Please feel me down there.”

He responds loudly for all to hear, “Sure horny baby, whenever a girl asks me to stroke her hot pussy, I always oblige.”

I almost want to crawl under a rock knowing my boyfriend heard that. I’m such a slut. I bury my face into Jeremy’s neck. A hand squeezes my knee. My mind returns to my burning crotch. Maddingly, his hand stays on my knee. I spread my legs wide to show my welcome, neediness.

He says loudly, “If you want me to feel your pussy, your going to have to put my hand there. I don’t want to take advantage of anybody.”

My pussy is begging to be touched. I grip his wrist and pull his hand to my center. The nanosecond his hand touches my pussy an erotic, electric shock courses through my body. I press his hand to my sopping wet pussy and close my legs violently to pin it there. Through an erotic haze, I hear what must be my womanly, groan at the exquisite sensation. I’m frozen for who knows how long in a fog of lust. Gradually I come back to earth. My legs slowly part releasing his hand.

From the other sofa, I hear clapping, Cindy’s girly squeal and a voice sing out, “Wow, did you see her do THAT! And I thought I was horny.”

Jeremy’s fingers start stroking my pussy lips. I kiss his neck and face in complete abandonment. My nipples are almost painfully erect.

“Don’t forget to stroke my cock, love.” I immediately obey. Jeremey’s fingers running up and down my most sensitive private parts are making me crazy. I hump my crotch into his hand as he runs his middle finger up my slit to my ultra-sensitive clit. We stroke each other for several minutes. I’m in primal, erotic heaven. It’s just Jeremy and me. His hand and mine. I’m on a magic carpet ride of erotic sensations. My pussy is getting deliciously close to an orgasm. Oh no, he’s stopping. I close my knees to keep the heat in my flaming pussy and give the lips some friction. Oh fuck, I’m so fucking horny I can hardly breathe.

His big hand goes to my breast and covers it. That feels so right.

“I love, small girlie tits like yours. Very, very cute. Stroking my cock is great but for now just cup my balls, sweetheart. I don’t want to come to quickly.”

I can’t take my eyes off his incredible stiff erection. It’s like a magnet. Oh, sweet Jesus, I need it so bad. Oh, sweet Mary, I need it in me. I throw my leg over his legs facing him on the sofa with my knees on each side of his thighs and his cock against my stomach. I rise on my knees so my crotch is higher. Fuck, I need this cock in me. NOW. I reach down to guide the tip to my love opening. I drop my weight onto his lap.

In a fog of lust I can hear my screams of pleasure bouncing off the wall as his cock fills my center.

“AAAhhhhhh. Oh fuck. Ahhhhh. YES, YES, Yes.”

I’m panting as Kyle’s hands grip my hips and holds me completely impaled on his pleasure wand.

“Fuck, Jeremy did you see THAT. Your horny girlfriend just fucking straddled my cock like a bitch in heat.”

From behind me I hear Jeremy shout, “Fuck her bro.”

My primal, lusty brain is shameless. That go ahead is a clear road to ecstasy. I lean forward and place both hands on the back of the sofa, close my eyes and grind my flaming crotch into his. I can feel his balls against my ass. I’m losing my mind as waves of pure lust cloud my brain. That fucking cock feels so fucking perfect.

“Oh sweet Jesus, Jeremy your cock feels so great. Oh sweet fuck.” My hips swivel, rise and fall in an instinctive rhythm. I feel an adrenaline surge as I sense an orgasm coming, so powerful that I might die. I’m on a slippery slope towards an explosion of lust.

“Oh, FUCK. I’m going to cum. Geez, oh no. AAAAAAhhhhhhhhh. Oh sweet mercy. AAAAAAhhhhh. YES, YES. AAAAhhh. Yes. Oh, wow.” Waves of pleasure aftershocks course through me. I slump into Jeremy’s arms. My happy pussy is impaled on his stiff erection.

He whispers in my ear, “Now THAT’S an orgasm. Let me just let me enjoy your tight pussy before I fuck you good.” He reaches down to stroke my ass-cheeks as I feel his cock twitch inside my vagina. I hear moaning and the rhythmic slap of skin on skin behind me from the other sofa. I offer my nipple to Jeremy’s lips and he sucks it into his mouth deliciously. I grasp the back of his head and pull it towards me. I’m swimming in a sea of sexuality and can’t wait for a strong cock to be pounding into me.

Kyle says loudly, “Sweetheart, get on the floor on your back. I want to fuck you.”

A shot of joy shoots through me as I go to my back on the floor and reach my arms up to him to welcome his passion. With that big shit-ass grin again on his beautiful face he positions himself between my legs. I can’t take my eyes off his big stiff erection. He leans forward and crawls over my body until our hips are aligned. I place my right hand on his muscular butt-cheek and tighten my hold there. I don’t want him getting away. He lifts himself up on two straight arms with his hands on either side of my head and looks me in the eyes.

“You’re so pretty Amanda. I have been so wanting to fuck you since the first day I saw you with my best bro Jeremy. He and I share our girlfriends. Yes, you are so sweet. ” What he said swirls through my lust fogged brain. He bends down and kisses my lips softly. “Don’t say anything, Amanda. Just enjoy the great fuck I’m about to give you.” He looks down at our crotches, reaches and holds the shaft of his cock and inserts the tip into my vaginal opening. He looks back at me and says, “What do you think, sweetheart. Do you think it’s a good idea that we share our girlfriends? No need to say anything. Just put your other hand on my other ass-cheek. Then I’ll know your answer.”

The conceited fucker knows what my answer would be. I need his manhood so badly. I slip my hand to his ass and pull his hips forward. I know to my soul that now I’m his cock-slut whenever he wants me. But I didn’t care. I just need his perfect sex.

“Good, love. Very good. Now let me slip my stiff cock into your nice tight pussy to seal the deal.”

I bit my lip as his manhood slowly fills my juicy, love canal. My legs instinctively wrap around his thighs. I’m swept up into sex heaven. That cock feels so fucking wonderful. I close my eyes, throw my head back, open my mouth wide and let out a long, animal moan.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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