my brothers join in 3

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I woke up between two hard male bodies. I couldn’t remember what I had happened the night before until one of the males started to shift. I had slept with my dad and my two older brothers. Not only that, but I had enjoyed it so much that I came too many times to count. As the sunlight I looked into the relaxed face of my older brother Jamal. He was snoring a little as he held me tight against him with his hand wrapped around my body cupping my ass. I looked down a little and noticed that there was a hand wrapped around my middle from behind me, cupping my breast. I tried to lift my body up a little so I could use the restroom, but there were two legs locking me in place on the bed. As I lay there debating what to do, I started to hear pots and pans rattling domn the hall in our kitchen. Soon after, I smelled the scents of a warm breakfast being made and I guessed my brother James had gotten up to cook. So that also meant that the man behind me was my dad.
My dad suddenly shifted a little and tightened his hold on me, bringing me closer to his chest and hardening dick. “Good morning, baby girl,” he said gruffly as he unwrapped his legs from around mine. He gripped my tit and began to play with my nipple until it was hard. He began to thrust his dick, softly moving it against the curve of my spine. My dad moaned in my ear as his hand began to travel down between my legs. “You already wet for daddy?” he whispered into my ear. His deep voice, roughened by sleep was turning me on even more as he strolled two fingers into my pussy. “Yea daddy,” I softly moaned as I began to rub my ass on his hard dick. He picked up my left leg and brought it back to rest on hip as he positioned his dick to enter my pussy. He entered slowly and moaned in my ear, “Ahhh yes baby girl. This sweet pussy is tight enough to suck my dick good, girl.” His thrusts were slow, but hard and deliberate. He grunted as he began to speed up, needing to cum. I gazed at my sexy brother just as his eyes fluttered open. Whereas myself, my dad and James are dark-skinned, Jamal was brown-skinned with hazel eyes like our mother. He stared at me for a moment and then began to smile a bit. “Y’all having fun without me?” he purred. “Damn right,” my dad grunted, “and don’t interrupt either. This pussy is mine right now.” My dad stuck a finger in his mouth and reached down to stroke my clit with his wet digit. My head fell back in ecstasy. I was almost there. “Aw don’t be so selfish pops,” Jamal said as he gripped one tit and sucked on the other. That sent me over the edge. My pussy gripped my dad’s dick tight as I came. My orgasm triggered my dad’s and he grunted his release. “That was nice baby girl,” he said as he removed his gaziantep swinger soft dick. He rolled off the bed and headed towards the kitchen to see about breakfast as Jamal kissed his way to my pussy, stopping to swirl his tongue in my bellybutton. I was turned on instantly. Jamal dove into my pussy, licking my lips and sucking the cum from my body. He grabbed my ass and plunged his tongue as far as he could into my pussy. He stroked my with his tongue and I grabbed his head with both hands, trying to get closer. “Ohhhh yea Jamal, eat this pussy.” He pulled his tongue out, but replaced it with three fingers as he sucked on my clit. “FUCK YESSSS!” I screamed as I came all over his face. He kept his tongue on me until he was sure I was finished, and then began his trail of kisses back up my body as I tried to catch my breath. “Damn your pussy good girl,” he smiled at me. I brought his head down to mine and kissed him passionately, swirling my tongue in his mouth. I tasted myself, and he was right. My pussy juice was good and sweet.
When we finally pulled away, I went to relieve myself in the bathroom and headed out to the kitchen. I found them seated in the dining room with dad and my brother Jamal making quick work of the two giant stacks of pancakes, bacon, and a heap of eggs James had prepared for breakfast and placed on platters in the center of the giant dining room tabled. I walked over to James to kiss him openly on the lips as he continued to fry the last two strips of bacon. “Well good morning to you too, Jazz” he said sexily as I pulled away. “Good morning,” I chirped and playfully slapped his bare ass. He was naked like the rest of us, except for the apron he donned to cook us a feast. I fixed my plate and grabbed a cup out of the cabinet then went over to take a seat by Jamal as he devoured his food. Our table was large enough to seat 20 people, so there were plenty of chairs for me to choose from, but I wanted to be close to my brother. I reached out to pour myself some orange juice from the carton in the middle of the table. James finished his bacon and sat across from me, next to our dad and began to dig in as well. I guessed everyone had worked up an appetite after last night.
“So, how long have you guys been eyeing me?” I asked seductively.
The guys grinned slyly as my dad said, “Well I have never really looked at you like that until you sashayed out the house last night in that tight ass dress and high heels. You came and bent over me to kiss me good-bye and I got a peek at that sexy bra you had on. Then you turned around to walk off and I saw that ass jiggle as you headed to the garage. I couldn’t help thinking how lucky that lil punk of a man, Brandon was.”
His reference to my now ex-boyfriend almost made me sad until I remembered seeing Tameeka sitting next to him as if she belonged there.
“Well we’ve always thought you were sexy. Ever since your tits came in.” James said.
“Yea,” Jamal agreed, “and I also loved to watch your ass in those little shorts you used to wear.”
All of a sudden three hungry gazes bored into me as I continued to eat my food. I glanced around the table to notice that they were all done eating and were now obviously thinking of something else. As I finished off my eggs, Jamal reached over to grab a tit in his hand. My fork fell out of my hand as he sucked on the tit closer to him into his hot mouth. As my dad and James rose to clear the table, Jamal’s hand reached down to stroke my pussy. As I started to get turned on, I moaned and my head fell back on my chair. James came up behind me and tongue kissed me, taking advantage of my parted lips. “Put her on the table,” my dad said. The boys stopped and Jamal lifted me easily unto the table. As I got situated on the table, I looked around at the three hard dicks I was about to enjoy and my pussy started to cream at the anticipation. Jamal got down beside me on the table and put me on top of him on my hands and knees above him in a 69. I took his dick into my mouth as I felt his tongue on my pussy. I looked up to see James licking Jamal’s asshole. His tongue would even snake around to the base of Jamal’s dick as I sucked on the head. James licked at Jamal’s tight rosebud and entered a finger. Jamal moaned against my pussy, “Yea lick my ass bro. Get it ready for that big dick of yours.” James entered another finger into Jamal’s ass, opening him up further. I felt my dad’s tongue in my pussy as Jamal sucked on my clit. I humped both of their faces as one of them entered a finger into me. I moaned as I took Jamal’s entire length into my throat just as James hopped up to put his dick head at Jamal’s ass. I felt my brother and my dad lick and suck on my pussy. They were starting to slob, lick and suck all over my lips and clit, around the two fingers working in and out of my pussy. I was about to come when the fingers were removed from me. I watched as James worked his dick into Jamal’s ass as my dad jumped up to slam his dick into my pussy. I pulled my head off of Jamal’s dick to moan. “Ahhhh,” I screamed as my dad worked his dick I threw my ass back to meet him, forcing his dick in deeper into my pussy. Jamal groaned beneath me and I looked down to see James buried to the hilt in Jamal’s ass. He slowly began to work his dick in and out of his tight ass. “Ohh FUCK bro this ass is tight……Mmmmmmm yea. It feels so good,” James said as he started to pick up speed. I ducked my head down to suck on his balls as I stroked his dick. My dad continued to pound into me. “Lick my fucking balls boy!” my dad grunted. “Ahh yea. That’s it,” he moaned when my brother latched on. I could feel my dad about to cum. James was now pounding into Jamal grunting and moaning with his head thrown back. “Fuck my ass good bro,” Jamal said. James gripped Jamal’s hips to get in deeper. He continued to slam into Jamal as my dad started to cum. “FUCK yesss,” he moaned as his seed shot into me. His release triggered mine. After I came, I put Jamal’s dick back into my mouth. I sucked hard on the head and pumped his shaft while James continued to fuck his ass. Dad had walked around to stand behind James. Jamal came hard into my mouth while he sucked our dad’s cum out of my pussy. Dad reached around to stroke James’s chest with one hand and the inside of his thigh with the other. “Tear that ass up boy,” he said into James’s ear. James tightened his grip on Jamal’s hips, and continued to fuck him hard. Just as James was about to cum, dad pulled James’s dick out of Jamal and started to pump it. I opened my mouth wide and my dad aimed James’s dick towards me. “Ahhhhhhhh!!” James sreamed as our dad pumped the cum out of his dick and squeezed his balls. A few cum shots landed in my mouth while others hit my tits and my face. There was so much, James’s cum dripped off of me and unto Jamal’s dick as he lay below on the table. “Ohh yeaa son. That was nice huh?” our dad said as he slowly stroked James’s dick and balls. James turned his head to kiss our dad on the lips as I bent to lick James’s cum off of Jamal’s soft dick. I looked up to see my dad and James tongue kissing, pink tongues swirling, as they groaned in pleasure. My dad pulled away first, breathing hard. “Well kids I think we all need to clean up before your mom and little brother make it home,” my dad caught his breath. He glanced at the clock and saw that it was 2 in the afternoon. “Your mom won’t be home for another 2 or 3 hours. How about we take a swim?” he suggested with a sly grin. I was all for it. My dad walked out of the room and down the hall to the back door. After climbing off the table, we turned to follow. I heard a loud splash and knew that my dad had jumped into our pool. I walked outside my brothers and they took off running towards the pool; pushing and shoving each other like little boys. They also jumped into the deep end with my dad. I walked over to the shallow end and walked gracefully down the steps into the 3 feet. Just as I was sure I was clean of all the cum on my body, I saw all three men swimming towards me. I grinned with anticipation. I had never fucked in a pool before, but there’s always a first time for everything.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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