My Brother’s Keeper

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“So, I imagine that you’re wondering why we asked you to come over this morning, Nick. Well, it’s kind of urgent, honestly. We… have a bit of a problem, to put it mildly. Look, I don’t know how to phrase this, but Scott and I have been having… intimacy issues. Serious ones, in fact, and we needed to deal with them as directly and practically as possible. Given that you’re Scott’s elder brother, well, we figured that the only way to really resolve these problems is to go back to the beginning… to the source. You didn’t mean to cause the issue, but you indirectly did. I think that I should let Scott explain the rest of it,” my brother’s girlfriend, Neda, elaborated a little.

Now, bear in mind that Neda wasn’t just my brother’s girlfriend. She was a woman straight out of several of my fantasies, a sexy Persian lady whose elegance and sophistication made me wonder if she was descended from Cyrus, Darius, Xerxes, or one of the Sassanid kings. How my little brother Scott ended up with a woman of this caliber, tall, leggy, with just enough of an olive complexion to be earthy, and highly educated, very worldly, I had no idea. I wasn’t much for deeming certain women to be out of certain men’s leagues, given the inherent elitism of such perspectives, but objectively, Neda was far and beyond out of Scott’s league… Scott’s idea of culture was a trip to the Salt Lake City Temple, the Brass Armadillo, or the local Asian fish market.

“Yes, Scott, by all means clear this up. I think that I need to know just how your intimacy issues with Neda are my problem. What do I have to do with this? Let’s clear the air and be frank about this. I want to know the relevance of this whole business. Granted, I have time, I’m divorced now, but still, let’s be upfront and cut to the chase here. You know that I don’t like hem-hawing around. I don’t even like phone calls that take longer than absolutely necessary. I got that honestly, from Dad, of course,” I confronted my kid brother, who was all of twenty now, not quite old enough to drink here in Phoenix, Arizona, but still old enough to smoke or sign a mortgage… or marry.

“Well, you know that I came back from my mission early… less than committed to the Church, and that I ended up… very attached to Neda here. We share a similar background, me being a disenchanted Mormon of late, her being a rather unconventional Muslim compared to her family. We met while I was out on the mission, in Dresden of all places, in which I was very much out of my depth, in awe of the place and far less interested in my mission work than in the place and its people. It might be old hat to you, but it was staggering to me, and Neda, being a very established expat from Iran, really showed me the ropes… , ” Scott stammered.

“Honey, I like how you feel grateful and appreciative of how we started, but right now, I think that Nick wants you to get to the point,” Neda gently nudged her boyfriend, my brother, sensing my impatience and frustration.

“Yeah, I kinda need you to cut this long story short, okay?” I reiterated Neda’s point, feeling grateful that she caught on, at least.

“Okay, well, here it goes… you know that I was a virgin until those incidents during the summer after graduation. I was a good Mormon boy, saving myself for marriage, keeping myself pure and all that jazz. Well, it turns out that I still have some baggage left from that, so that’s probably a factor. Anyway, I’ve discovered, at some point, when I followed you inside those women, it became… a crutch, if you will, a necessary part of my sexual activity or protocol or whatever. I… tried to get it on with Neda, more than once, on my own, but I… couldn’t get it up.

“She wondered if it was her, but I did some soul searching and realized that… I can’t… get hard enough for sex unless another man has already been inside the woman, and while I’m sure if that other man doesn’t have to be you, I am far more comfortable with it being you. I want to be able to make love to Neda, damn it, she’s my lover, but I… can’t without your help. I need… mersin escort I need you to precede me… inside her. I need to get your sloppy seconds,” Scott spoke again, visibly and audibly awkward and embarrassed.

“So, wait… in order for you… and Neda to get it on, in order for you to fuck your elegant, whip smart, cultured, drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend, you need me to… fuck her first? You don’t just want, but need, a buttered bun? You need the slimy feeling of my jizz to already be in her twat whenever you two make love or even have a quickie? How is this going to work when I can’t be… with you constantly? What about your wedding night, your honeymoon, day to day married sex, honey I almost cheated sex, make-up sex, etc.? I gather that Neda would be the kind of wife who wouldn’t deny you her body before or after tying the knot, and I know my baby brother enough to know that you’ll eventually want to put a ring on her left hand,” I observed, not imagining that Scott, or even Neda, had really thought this through in practical terms.

“Well, perhaps, eventually, we’ll move forward without you… perhaps not. With a little therapy, or maybe a lot, there’s always a chance that Scott won’t need you to fuck me first, but for now, you’d be doing both of us a huge, gigantic favor by having… regular, frequent sex with me. That’s right, this isn’t a one-off. Before you ask, I’d been completely faithful to Scott until recently, but the lack of physical intimacy… full intimacy, that is… it drove me wild, and this was a part of the soul-searching and learning.

“Scott caught me in bed with another man… and get this, he actually wanted me… and took me at last. We had our first ever sex right after I cheated on him! I failed to use protection, mostly because it was a crime of passion, wasn’t planned out, but that turned out for the best, because Scott was an animal in bed after that. The sex was amazing, but then we both realized what this meant, and he just flat out told me that if this were to work, it had to be with you. He felt far happier with sharing me with you than with men like Brian, who happened to be my boss.

“I don’t blame him. For one thing, you’re a trusted mentor and role model for him, the man who got him laid the first few times, the man who showed him the example of how to go his own way, apart from the strict Mormon teachings and other such bullshit, the man who already lapsed in the whole religion thing enough that you lost your temple recommend and don’t seem to give a shit about it. You’re a man of the world, sophisticated, educated, cultured… intellectual.

“And you’re his brother, so even if I get pregnant to you instead of him, the baby would have most of his genes… and you would be content to be the uncle, right? He respects you, feels safe with you, trusts that you won’t betray him in any way, won’t humiliate him, that sort of thing, if you will. And I know that… eventually, when he gains his confidence and is ready to get some strange of his own, which he doesn’t feel that he can do right now, due to his… issues…

“But I feel it is only right that he get some side action, too, well, so you’ll be ready to provide the… lube, to put it gently. I can’t believe that I’m getting nervous about this, too… but the idea of being shared by brothers, it’s a fantasy of mine that I never expected to get to fulfill,” Neda confessed at last, feeling very anxious about the whole thing now that her fantasy was so close.

“You mean that you’re okay with him having sex with other women, not just being shared by the men in your life… and that you’re okay with doing it, too, not that it’s really any of your business, or his, who I fuck, particularly if I’m helping him do this. You wouldn’t have been okay with it if he had been able to get it up with other women, though, and not with you, I presume, or with men, for that matter,” I commented.

“Well, if he could get hard with men and not with me, it would mean that he was gay and I’d have to ship him over to the friend zone, of course. Apparently, though, it’s not the issue, and you’re right, I’d have been jealous as fuck if another woman could get the goods on a man whom I loved and who claimed to love me… if I wasn’t able to enjoy those same rights myself. Why even be with me if you can’t get a boner and fuck me, right? As for you, well, I have no rights to your body… not yet. What you do with other women is your own affair, but if you would be nice enough to let Scott join you with them, well, that would help his self-confidence a lot!” Neda lit a joint as she admitted her feelings.

“You were reluctant to do monogamy and only agreed to it as a compromise for the moment due to Scott’s Mormon sex hang-ups, or am I wrong?” I directly asked Neda, who nodded.

“Precisely. I’d much rather go about things the European way, with mistresses, paramount, lovers, that sort of thing. Swinging, sharing, menage a trois, regular threesome, devil’s threesome, etc. But I have to admit there is something to the idea of regularly getting it on with two brothers. It’s so deliciously decadent, depraved, wanton, lascivious, you get the idea. So damn intimate, too, fluid-bonding with two brothers like that. Trust me, Nick… I would do whatever you wanted in bed, too, with the usual hard limits, of course. You want to sodomize me… I would love it, especially as it would get Scott to finally try that, too.

“Basically, you’d be kind of guiding our relationship and mentoring him in how to be a great boyfriend to me, as well as lubing me up for his cock with your own. We’d need you to move in with us, though, so that I can have regular access to your dick. Yes, you’d be inside me first on our wedding night, which isn’t that far off, and the same for the honeymoon, of course. Of course, I’d also want you to fuck the stripper the night before the wedding, because I have a funny feeling that it’s the only way to make sure that he got some strange by following you up. I think that anytime he sees you fuck a woman, he’ll have the impulse to fuck her as well. Lucky bitches will get two for the price of one. I know that he’s resistant to the idea of other women, but I’m not. Far from it, in fact,” Neda assured us both.

“Honey, that’s not necessary, You’re the only woman that I love. I just want this to happen so that we can be regularly intimate, so I can make love to you, baby,” Scott tried, unconvincingly, to discourage such ideas… but Neda put a finger to his lips to hush him and mouthed, “I want this.”

Part of him was excited at the prospect of strange pussy, but he felt guilty because of the Mormon baggage and the feeling of being a beta or inferior male due to needing this just to bang his own girlfriend. I chuckled, ruffled his hair a bit like a big brother should, and took the weed that Neda offered both of us. I noticed that Scott was a bit more hesitant to smoke any pot, but she managed to encourage him by raising her skirt, parting her thighs, and rubbing the joint against her twat until it smelled like her juices.

“To be truthful, I’ve wanted Nick to hump me from the first time we met. He gets me wet just being around him,” Neda confirmed this by hiking up her skirt again and sitting on my lap with her juicy cunt dripping on my jeans.

“Well, to be equally truthful, I’ve wanted to bone you for ages, but it wasn’t exactly something that I expected to do, given that you’re his girlfriend. And to think that I felt some envy, thinking that he was pounding that pussy from the outset, especially with the two of you shacking up like this,” I coughed, even as Neda unzipped my pants and climbed on top of me.

“I hoped to be riding him like this all along, of course, because he was one of the sweetest, sexiest men that I ever met… and now he still is, but so is his brother,” Neda announced, as she rode my cock for the sheer hell of it, “Come on, man… move in with us, spend the wedding night with us, go on the honeymoon with us… let us keep fucking, have fun with this, both of you guys with me… and with any other women that you fuck. After all, I’m not your girlfriend, so you have the right to fuck whomever you wish, and if my boyfriend needs to fuck every woman that you fuck, why should I mind, given that you’ll be sharing me? It’s not normal, but I’m not normal myself. If I were normal, in my culture, I’d be a good Muslim wife and mother by now, wouldn’t I?”

“And if I were normal, I wouldn’t need my lady to sleep with another man first, before she does it with me,” Scott blushed and shrugged.

“But you do… , ” I grunted, as Neda bounced eagerly and gracefully up and down on my cock, a couple of times making me fear that she’d break it.

“Yes, I do… great practice for our wedding vows, if she’ll marry me, that is,” Scott declared, his dick hardening at the sight of my prick ramming deep within his girlfriend.

“Try and stop me from marrying you, sweetie! You’re the most adorable man, you know that! My only problem with you was that I had needs, but now you’ll be able to satisfy them… with help from your brother, another fantastic… guy!” Neda moaned and groaned as she squeezed my hard cock with her amazing, slippery slit.

The more that Neda rocked her hips while she rode me with her delightfully wet snatch, the closer I came to my release, and the stiffer Scott became on each stroke. The more that I thrust inside Neda as I impaled her and played with her fantastic buns, the more that she became excited and aroused at having another piece of man meat inside her glorious Persian twat. Admittedly, part of what turned me on was the idea of spawning at least one baby on her that Scott would clearly have to raise. Now, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want to hurt Scott. I just figured that this was a sensible reward and token of gratitude from both of them for what I did for them… and for helping end his virginity, for me to be able to put a bun in her wonderful oven.

Finally, of course, Neda said the one thing that was sure to have the right impact, almost as if reading my mind, “Oh, damn… I forgot that I’m fertile today!”

Far from getting up so that I could stop, though, Neda actually squeezed me tighter, as if essentially trying to ensure that I knocked her up. I grunted and spurted one hot rope of my jizz after another into her juicy little slit, filling her up with my seed. It felt for a moment as if I couldn’t stop cumming, as it lasted for several more seconds of my release, my spunk shooting far up into her tight, hot, and wet gash. She let out what became an ear-piercing cry, followed by several curses in Farsi, or what sounded like curses at any rate, and then slid off me with a deep tongue kiss to assure me of her continued desire for me.

Neda being Neda, she then raced over to Scott with amazing haste, and planted her sweet, slippery, juicy twat on his dick, taking him inside her with one drop. With phenomenal lust, my brother’s girlfriend now attacked him with fierce, hungry kisses, eager to remind him that she was in love with him, simply in heat with me. She really was like a smitten schoolgirl with my brother, the degree to which she was sincere an utter shock, in fact. I didn’t see the appeal, despite my natural, brotherly bond with him, but, hey, to each their own. Besides, her love for him had landed me in her bed, so why should I object to something that benefited both of us?

They continued for quite a while, in fact, given the urgency of Scott’s desire for Neda, and she more than once climaxed with my brother just as she had with me. I suspected that she and I would bond over time, but for now and always, her first love would be Scott. I didn’t mind that, and it certainly made for some truly steamy sex, as she mounted my brother and slid eagerly up and down on his prick, insatiable for his body and his love. They impressed me with their restraint, but at last, it was too much, and for only the second time since they became lovers, Scott actually came inside Neda. He had his sloppy seconds. Now, perhaps, we could all relax, eat a bite, and discuss the future… was I really welcome to stay with them and share Neda… and soon other women, with Scott?

If so, my life had definitely taken a turn for the better, as apparently had theirs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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