My Claire Pt. 01

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It was soon becoming fall and as it turns out Claire decided to fly overseas to visit. As I waited, already fantasies about seeing Claire naked and making sweet love to her ran through my mind. My cock got rock hard and very noticeable. Just as I reached down to adjust in order to hide my erection, Claire taps me from behind.

“I’m here!”

“Heya, welcome to San Diego!”

I get up to hug her and she pulls me in hard and squeezes me tight. I tried to turn my body to keep my bulge from rubbing against her but it did anyway and I prayed she didn’t notice. Claire was more gorgeous than I thought. Her petite 5’3″ light brown skinned body was so soft. And her 34D tits pushing against my chest felt so nice I wanted to stay like this forever.

We got back to my house and got her settled in. We talked all the way through dinner and more afterwards on the living room sofa. The night wore on and I was getting harder by the minute so I had to porno end the conversation soon. So I told her that we had a big day ahead of us and we needed to be well rested for it. She gave me a big hug and said goodnight.

As I settled into bed, I couldn’t take it anymore. I got naked and pulled out my still throbbing cock. I took hold and started slowly stroking all the while remembering the feel of my cousin’s supple skin and big tits against my body. A few minutes later, as my fantasy grew more vivid I closed my eyes to fully immerse myself into wondering what it would be like to make love with Claire.

I was really getting into the fantasy and I started stroking faster, moving my hips up and down as if I was thrusting into Claire’s wet pussy. I guess I was so into the fantasy that I swore that I could smell her cucumber melon shampoo so I started stroking faster. That’s when I realized it. I opened my eyes to find Claire standing in the anime porno doorway, mouth open in astonishment, eyes glued to my hard 9″ cock.

“OMG, what the hell?!”

I turned away from her gaze in an attempt to hide my shame.

“Were you thinking about me?”

“*sigh* Yea, I was.” I said as I start pulling up my shorts, still avoiding her eyes.

“This is SO wrong.”

“Yea I know. Please don’t tell any…”

What she did next surprised me. She walks over to the bed, stops me from pulling my shorts with one hand while placing her other hand on the head of my cock. I couldn’t say anything. I was still in awe at the sight of my own cousin, slowly running her soft hands up and down the shaft and gently massaging my balls. As she rubbed she lowered her head to my cock and lightly flitted her tongue over the throbbing head. Then she parted her lips and slowly worked her mouth over my cock. She had gone arap porno down halfway when she pulled my cock out of her mouth, gasped for air and went down again.

She was amazing. As her mouth drove down my cock I could feel her tongue pressing and sliding down the side of my cock. I reached over to caress her ass as she was still standing, bending over to suck on my cock. She was wearing nothing but a t-shirt, no underwear. Sliding my hand under her shirt I found her already wet pussy. I slid my hand between her thighs, rubbing back and forth, massaging her clit with each pass. With my cock still in her mouth she slid her cute, round ass onto the bed and onto my face. I ran my tongue over swollen clit, making her moan. I slid two fingers from each hand into her pussy, spreading her lips and rubbing the inside of her pussy. I worked my tongue into her pussy, fucking her with it. She moaned and quickened the pace on my cock. I was ready to cum and cum hard. She felt it too and sucked even harder and faster. Then I thrust my cock up and shot my load hard into her mouth. At the same time her pussy quivered and she squirted her juice all over my face.

And that was just the beginning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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